Murder in Portland, Trump’s Civil Unrest Dream Becoming Reality

The Trump administration announced Donald Trump will be visiting Kenosha, Wisconsin on Tuesday, September 2nd, in response to the unrest following the shooting of Jacob Blake. Unrest which involved organized protests, vandalism, destruction, and the murder of 2 people and injuring of another by stupid kid, Kyle Rittenhouse, thinking he was doing the righteous work that Donald Trump and the alt-right requested.

Trump’s visit is *not* to examine the causes of unrest or seek a resolution. No. The visit is to commend the police force and survey any damage done by rioting. Donald Trump does not want an end to the violence. He wants more of the violence. It is most likely he will not directly address, or address at any meaningful length, either the murders, or the causes of unrest in Kenosha, but will instead endorse the “tremendous” use of federal and local authorities to quell dissension. I fully expect that later, in a more comfortable cult setting, Donny will voice tacit approval of militias and/or individual gun owners taking the law into their own hands. One way or another, he will do it. This will happen.

Why? Because it suits his goals.

Antifa is BLM. BLM is all protestors. All protestors are extreme lefties. The extreme left runs the Democratic Party, therefore, we cannot elect a Democrat as President. True fact. If it takes a civil war to protect Donny’s rightful position as President, well then, that’s what should happen.

I had written of my concern recently; my fear that this is where the past events were cumulatively leading us, and it seems after tonight, we may have arrived.

Alt-right knucklehead, Joey Gibson also showed up in Portland tonight with his Patriot Prayer mob and ended up getting chased into a gas station where he wisely hid.

And…well, someone got shot and killed in Portland tonight. This video is a little rough, in both quality and content. I want to say, it appears to me, the guy in the white shirt, casually crosses street, shot dead a random person, and ran away. I want to say that because that is sure what it looks like. The video is very odd. Everything about it is odd. From the seeming non reaction of the guy who just happened to be there to shoot the video, to the inexplicable casualness of the skateboarder who literally rolled right into a crime scene as it was happening.

I also want to say, this event appears to be so random, I cannot attribute it to either protestors or the Trump truck brigade, but the thing is, that doesn’t matter. It is the violence itself in association to the left-right divide that is all that matters. It serves to prove whichever point is made most forcefully and effectively. And those points will be made, I promise you. It is similar to Kyle Rittenhouse’s murders. We don’t have all the facts in that case yet, but that doesn’t matter. The course was set as soon as it happened.

It is not only acceptable for Trump followers to wade into protestors, armed and looking for trouble, it’s required. This is how things must be. Protestors must take the appropriate counter-measures. They might as well be armed too. Be ever vigilant.

Now, if it turns out that the man who was shot and killed in Portland tonight, was wearing a BLM tee-shirt, or is similarly associated with the movement, or if he’s a member of the Trump truck brigade or “Patriot” group, well then, it’s on. Let’s start a civil war.

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