Hope Hicks Resigns

Hope Hicks’ resignation is not a great loss to the Nation as she was one of many unqualified lumps of shit in the Trump Administration.  Her biggest claim to fame is being labeled  “best piece of tail,” by the twitterer-in-chief and fucking with at least 2 men in the Trump organization.  Congratulations and go to hell lady.

What this is going to mean to Donald Trump is anyone’s guess, but there’s a real real good chance it’s not going to be anything good for Donny.  Once outside Trump’s immediate orbit, Hicks is a freelancer able to speak as she wishes (not withstanding Presidential privilege) and feel no constraints in any testimony she may be giving.  Considering her track record so far, I’m gonna go ahead and guess this bitch cashes in.  I’m sure she’ll “do it the right way,” with all the decorum a righteous skank like her can muster.

It might be a year before we’re reading her book.  Give it a couple of years for the big screen version.   Her story is made for a slapstick comedy.  Being a dumb Ho can pay off big time.

People may try to paint her as an innocent, but don’t forget, this bitch is complicit in everything this ridiculous, out-of-control administration has done.  She served Donald Trump.  She did not serve the nation’s interests for a second.

Go to hell, Ho Hicks.

February 28, 2018

Trump once again attacks Jeffrey Beauregard “Southern Belle” Sessions III on twitter:


Why Trump, whom is supposedly the “President,” takes his grievances to twitter instead of acting like the “President,” is clearly because he still has no idea how to be a “President.”  He doesn’t understand that the Inspector General has the authority to investigate and recommend charges, he doesn’t understand that the DOJ is not a firing line acting as judge and jury, and, as always, he would rather create a public narrative than actually do anything a “President” might be inclined to do.

Sessions responded in the court of public opinion:


While he may be a detestable human being, Sessions isn’t an idiot:  “So fire me.”  Trump isn’t going to fire Sessions.  The only action we can certainly count on in this administration is doing nothing.  Sometimes, less than nothing.

The public continues to be wound up over the goings on in the White House.  A couple weeks ago it was the abusers; this week it’s the security clearance issues.  The administration is going to do nothing about it.  Nothing.  They’ll just coast to the next scandal and we’ll forget all about it.  We’re all keen on making this a John Kelly soap opera.  Dude’s not going to do anything.  Kushner isn’t going to do anything.  Trump isn’t going to do anything.   Once the drama is on the back burner, the administration will keep acting in exactly the way they are.

What few things have been done by this administration, lies in what they have un-done.  How we are not safer.  How we are not united.  How we are not world leaders.  How we are no longer taken seriously.  We are made into the buffoons of Trump’s creation.  Hopeless, hapless, and incredibly stupid.

Today Trump had a round-table with congressional leaders discussing what can be done about our mass murder epidemic.  Trump was as clueless and vacuously stupid as ever with all the same one liners that he uses regardless of situation.  We’ll create legislation that few would ever believe to be possible in such a short period of time.  It’s going to be tremendous and fabulous and….



If you were listening closely to the Congressional leaders, you would have heard what shall be done to address the situation.


The clear GOP position was- more guns.  “The only thing that will stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.”  You can write that down right now, stick it in a fucking envelope, and address it to “the next victim, Anywhere USA,” because if anything...anything, that’s all we’re getting.

You know how long the NRA has been championing the “good guy with a gun” mantra?


Wayne LaPierre, executive vice president and CEO of the National Rifle Association, on Friday called on school officials to immediately come up with a plan to place armed security in every school in America.

“The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. Would you rather have your 911 call bring a good guy with a gun from a mile away or a minute away?” he asked.

One week ago, 26 people were gunned down – 20 of them children – when 20-year-old Adam Lanza went on a shooting spree inside Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. Then, he took his own life.

Despite the FBI’s own report in 2014 that “the good guy” thing isn’t true at all.

“U.S. companies have manufactured more than 70 million firearms since 2008, rapidly escalating the production of pistols and the types of rifles used in recent mass shootings, government and industry data show.

In 2016, the latest year for which data is available, production spiked as firearms companies built roughly 11 million guns, in part due to a belief that Democrats would win elections that year and curb access to semiautomatic weapons such as the AR-15 rifle.


Despite the fact that States with more guns see more accidental deaths from firearms, and children ages 5 to 14 are 11 times more likely to be killed with a gun in the US compared to other developed countries, where gun ownership is much less common.

How is it that the NRA decides ANY of our national policies for us.  How is it possible that Congresspeople will tell you right up front, “Nah, the NRA won’t agree to that”?  WTF is this?

Who benefits from more guns being sold?


More guns equals greater probability of someone getting shot…even from a teacher’s gun.  Today:


Trump’s GOP Have Lost Their Goddamn Minds

Georgia’s Lt. Governor, Casey Cagle, publicly threatens extortion against Delta Airlines unless they resume their preferential arrangement with the NRA.


Cagle apparently takes Delta’s recent business decision as an “attack against conservatives”.  The well funded, GOP front-runner to win the governorship of Georgia, really used twitter to make his public decree of extortion.  Have Republicans lost their goddamn minds?

They have.  The recent CPAC cult pep-rally proves the GOP has lost their damn minds.

We’ve all seen by now the video of conservative Mona Caren taking some boos and cries of “NOT TRUE,” when she dares to tell the truth in front of the Trump faithful.  Here’s a fucking fabulous quote:

“There is nothing more freeing than telling the truth,” Charen wrote. “And it must be done, again and again, by those of us who refuse to be absorbed into this brainless, sinister, clownish thing called Trumpism, by those of us who refuse to overlook the fools, frauds and fascists attempting to glide along in his slipstream into respectability.”

Another CPAC highlight was CPAC Coms Director Ian Walter maligning former GOP Party leader, Michael Steele, with the choice quote, “We elected Mike Steele to be the RNC chair, because he’s a black guy; that’s the wrong thing to do.”


Let’s face it folks, this is the deranged party of Donald Trump.  They don’t care what you think, so long as they can hold on to 35-38%, they don’t care what you think.

I’ve been hearing a lot lately, the current guiding light of the GOP is any and every action in which they can stick a finger in the eye of liberals.  It doesn’t matter how that is achieved.  It doesn’t matter if it serves no good to anyone.  Hell, it doesn’t even matter if it’s illegal.

They suffered through 8 years of a progressive liberal black man and now everyone has to pay.  The party of obstruction has transformed into the party of directionless hate.


February 24, 2018

The Democratic rebuttal memo to the Nunes memo is released.  “Correcting the Record- The Russia Investigation” comes out to little fanfare.

Not much mention anywhere as this was old news before it’s release and a counter to the Nunes story which had already been dismantled of it’s own accord.  What little is left to spin, would be something along the lines of, “Yeah but, the last submission for the FISA warrant on Carter Page didn’t fully and completely spell out that the dossier was ultimately being funded for political reasons.”  Psh.  Hannity might get a day out of it.    This juvenile attempt at a “fruit of the poisonous tree” defense doesn’t even make sense and that’s why this never took any reasonable or legal route in the first place.  It’s a narrative.  Nothing more.

It is interesting to note the redactions.  What is cleaned up, appears to be names, dates, and places that could be used to triangulate information.  Clearly some of the names redacted are Russian entities.  We have to wonder if those are publicly known quantities or not.  I presume they are.  Also what is redacted is a reference to what had been already ongoing investigations into a specific number of Trump connected persons.  The number and list of names are redacted.


Aside from Carter Page, I believe this is a list of six people.  They should have been a bit more clever in the black spot next to “into”.  In context,  that is the character space for only the written word “six,” and the blacked out list area roughly conforms to that number of names.  Papadopoulus is already mentioned by name in this memo, so it’s unlikely his is one of the names.  Something to think about.

The bigger picture is this: the GOP trumpites have succeeding in severely damaging our intelligence community with this little game.  In conjunction with their other continual attacks on the FBI and DOJ, we as a nation, may suffer from this insanity for many many years to come.  This is the poisonous tree.

It’s not a joke or conjecture.  The world’s intelligence communities will think twice about sharing information with the US.  An ally must think: Will our spy’s names end up in a congressional document?  Will you politicize our methods and sources if you find the information contrary to your political ambitions?  Will you go so far as to try to press outrageous charges on persons in our intelligence network for having the gall to try to save you from yourselves?

…and your own President cannot be trusted with secret information.

…and what of these people with shady connections all over the world within the administration, that cannot get a clear pass to secret information but have it just the same?  what of those?

…and what are we to make of the dismantling of your state department?

Exactly when can the United States be trusted?  Treaties don’t appear to be worth their weight in ink.

There’s literally very little that this administration isn’t destroying.

Now this newly created destruction of trust and faith within the world’s intelligence communities…this situation, we’re really going to regret this.

Trump at CPAC

Trump in the loving arms of the delusional cult members of the GOP, revisits and relives all of his greatest hits from the campaign trail over a year ago as well as some of the newer hit singles developed while tweeting from the White House.

  1. Lock her up.
  2. Crooked Hillary.
  3. Lying, fake-news media.
  4. Build the wall.
  5. Beautiful, clean coal.
  6. Job-killing Paris climate accord.
  7. Companies are pouring back into this country.
  8. Proudly stand for the National Anthem (USA USA USA!)
  9. Make schools a hardened target.
  10. Arm teachers.  MORE GUNS!


What can you say?  What is this?  How does it even make sense to go back to the “Crooked Hillary” thing when the guy that started the whole fucking chant for the Trump campaign plead guilty to lying to the FBI…when people involved in Trump’s campaign at that time have plead guilty or are facing multiple charges?  How does that rationally even make sense?

The cult is EATING. THIS. SHIT. UP.  All of these lies, misrepresentations, and distortions are the best thing ever.  Never heard such a joyous crowd as they chant “LOCK HER UP” “BUILD THE WALL.”  WTF is going on?  What is going on.

The dude is literally standing on national television spinning the fact that an armed guard was not able or willing to defend children at a highschool, therefore “talented” teachers that love their children would be better emotionally equipped and properly invested to have a shootout with a deranged killer in the school hallways.  He really said that.  I’m not making that shit up.  That’s exactly what he said.

“And the teacher would have shot the hell out of him before he knew it.”


The reason an armed kook was able to shoot and kill multiple people on a fucking military base was because the active military couldn’t get all of their weapons quickly enough.

Ya think the NRA worked over talking points with the twitterer-in-chief?

Trump used his little snake poem once again.  Last time he used it during the campaign to malign Hillary Clinton, this time he read it again to imply immigrants are venomous, devious serpents.


Pathetic.  Awful.