GOP: A Little Authoritarianism is Okay

Republicans are generally supportive of the ideals of democracy in the abstract, and easily state they will fight to the end to protect that democracy as outlined in the Constitution. However, in the real world, daily application of democratic principals, becomes fuzzy around the edges.

I would like to paraphrase what I had heard from a long time GOP operative, “We always thought racism in the party was an outlier, something that could be discounted. We discovered it was actually a central tenet of our party, and we had been fooling ourselves all along.” In principal, the concepts of our collective liberties as defined in our democracy are agreeable to a Republican, but in practice, the application of the ideals erode out of necessity. A little Authoritarianism is A OK. Bending the rules just a little is fine, so long as it meets our party’s goals.

The GOP’s collective beliefs shouldn’t be carelessly attributable to a lack of education, they’re formed in the GOP’s leadership and talking-head gate keepers whom bypass necessary critical thought in complicated problems and reduce those problems to simple solutions. Easily digested, magic solutions, that relieve the followers of navigating difficult, large social solutions to large societal difficulties.

“Pull yourself up by your bootstraps.”

“Welfare queen.”

“Antifa/BLM terrorists should all be in jail.”

The concept of government of, by, and for the people only extends to a theoretical, simple, small government to service state’s needs, which are also, only applicable when aligning with an idealized, Jeffersonian-like version of America that never existed. The fact is, we love our social programs. because they are ours, collectively formed and maintained by us in our government of, for, and by the people. We love them because we find them useful for ourselves and our society. As a society, we continually push towards a more fair, equitable, just, and inclusive society because that is our nature and this government was wisely formed to facilitate exactly that. It is common sense to our industrious, human selves. We imagine and see the fruits of those commendable goals.

The government is ours. It literally is us. It is not against us, except how we may be against ourselves, and how we may vote against our own best interests as directed by the promised magicky simple answers to complex issues. This is why the current GOP is ill-equipped to govern a democratic society. This GOP is more perfect as the perpetually aggrieved minority party in minority rule. To rule vicariously through the judiciary, in a war of cultural morality, without the responsibility of management, suits their limited abilities and limited concerns just fine. If however, they can manage to be the minority party in rule, well then, some things are going to have to change in accord with the unassailable power they inelegantly wield. We aren’t at all sure how to do this, but we are certain which parties must rightfully suffer to obtain our own “more perfect union.”

A little Authoritarianism is okay.

I type this because, this is why Donald Trump perfectly suits the GOP at this point in that party’s existence. The GOP didn’t succumb to the power of Donald Trump. Donald Trump is the GOP. He is in fact, their true god. The RNC platform for this election cycle, stated exactly that.

I also type this as a prelude to some truly dreadful polling numbers gathered by PNAS. Numbers used to formulate some frightening theories by political scientist Larry Bartels which you can read here. This paper is titled:

Ethnic antagonism erodes Republicans’ commitment to democracy

These are, of course, theories based on polled data, still needs peer review, but the polling itself is serious cause for concern.

A little over 50% of GOP polled believe the “traditional” way of American life is disappearing, and force may have to be used to save it. Now listen, this may just be a theory at this point, but a concept like this is not…is not naturally occurring to anyone. My human self knows this to be true.

A plurality believe the law will have to be taken into the hands of the GOP true believers.

A plurality believe a strong leader has to bend the rules on occasion in order to ensure the proper results. So we are all aware, are you listening….Donald Trump can never make bad decisions. He literally cannot do wrong because there will always, ultimately, be a higher calling. Okay?

74 fucking percent believe it is hard to trust the results of an election because it is perceived some of the electorate will receive a handout.


How to Make Every Vote Not Count

The Trump campaign, the RNC, and individual state GOP organizations have created a nation-wide, legal effort to challenge any law created to respond to the needs of the people in voting access in general, and particularly within the confines of a pandemic. Currently, there are 41 nationally organized suits in 19 states.

This national effort, in function, is no different from the too-numerous-to-number actions by the GOP to limit voting. This organized effort is different in its ultimate goal. Whereas limiting the ability to vote is fine and dandy in its own right for any successful suit, the final destination is to instill enough delays, uncertainty, further generated lawsuits, and confused clusterfuckery to land the decision of “who is the elected president” into the loving arms of the Supreme Court. And that is the most outrageous, and yet possible, voter disenfranchisement scheme of all times. Generally speaking, the GOP’s goal has been to limit voting to only the right people. This scheme will negate the votes of all people.

My home state of Pennsylvania is a favorite of GOP organized legal battles and legislative manipulation to hinder or negate mail in balloting.

The Trump Campaign is suing to remove all drop boxes that were installed and successfully utilized in the 2020 primary in PA. In this case, the Trump campaign alleges it will increase voter fraud. The judge had, some weeks ago, required proof of this allegation, to which the Trump Campaign had responded in some form. This information is not available, and the Trump Campaign has not offered their “proof” to any outlet. So, no idea what their allegation is supported by. Considering all of these drop boxes were just successfully used, I can’t imagine how any manufactured proof could have weight.

Is potential fraud the issue in PA? Or is it the fact that Democratic organizers in PA have outpaced sign-ups for mail-in balloting 2 to 1 over GOP? Is the issue potential fraud, or the fact that the larger the number of people granted easy access to voting, the more likely the GOP loses as a rule.

If successful, the GOP may succeed into funneling most PA mail ballots into the USPS system. This, in conjunction with the recent PA Supreme court decision to allow for the discarding of naked ballots, will create delays, as well as further lawsuits, once the counting begins. Considering,the 2-1 democratic lead on mail in voting, and that Trump won PA by only 44,000 in 2016, tossing naked ballots in Philadelphia alone, could re-win him the state.

  • “Pennsylvania is so important that our model gives Trump an 84 percent chance of winning the presidency if he carries the state — and it gives Biden a 96 percent chance of winning if Pennsylvania goes blue,” FiveThirtyEight’s Nathaniel Rakich noted in a recent analysis.
  • If tens of thousands of “naked ballots” are rejected by election officials, it could be enough to swing the result in a tipping-point state.

In Ohio, the GOP governor, Frank LaRose, decided it would clearly be optimal “to avoid lawsuits” by eliminating drop boxes for mail in voting to 1 per district. ONE. That leaves Cleveland 1 drop box for 864,000 people. which kinda makes every individual mailbox transform into a personal drop box, doesn’t it. A personal drop box funneled into the USPS dismantling of service in Cleveland.

It’s not clear what’s going on here?

Oh, and fucking Florida.

“In hotly contested Florida, Democrats in Miami-Dade County, the state’s largest, are seeking to remove some procedural hurdles to make it easier for voters to use drop boxes.

Unlike other counties in the state, Miami-Dade voters must provide election officials with valid identification when dropping off a ballot at a drop box. Election workers also manually record a 14-digit number printed on the voter’s envelope into a log.”

Aren’t we all excited to see fucking Florida voting results in the courts yet again?

At the same time, Trump campaign has undertaken robocalling to these exact same states of Florida, PA, and Ohio to the tune of 77 million calls to encourage people to absentee vote! The calls attempt to make a distinction between absentee voting and the commie liberal leftist push for universal mail in balloting. A distinction that means exactly zero when you are looking at a vote by mail form. Clearly the Trump campaign is telling you to vote by mail, but rest assured, you’re doing it the right way, anyone on the left is doing it the wrong way, even if they are using the exact same forms.

Just do it. We need to get the system clogged up with issues and off to the Supreme Court we go.

It has always been necessary for Democrats to not only vote in greater numbers, but to overwhelmingly out-vote GOP just to approach proportional representation. In 2020, even historical out-voting may not suffice.


Here we go.

The Proud Boys have planned another one of their “free speech” rallies for Saturday 9/26. The latest installment of a Proud Boys “free speech” rally in Portland, in which all they are doing is promoting free speech, not looking for a confrontation…

Of course they are looking for a confrontation, that’s the whole damn point. They are looking for a confrontation, and they’ll find a confrontation as they do every time the Proud Boys have a “free speech” rally in Portland. This has been going on for years now.

It looks the same every time. 25 guys dressed in black with sticks and shields, walk down the streets of Portland, expressing their “free speech” attempting to irritate the onlookers into a fight. And there’s always more than enough people willing to give them exactly the fistfight they were looking for. There’s 500 guys *also* dressed in black with sticks and shields that arrived just for the fun of the inevitable confrontation.

I don’t know if you’ve ever seen one of these “events” but they are just fucking stupid.

There is no “point” successfully transmitted in these brawls. Honestly, there’s no difference in any of the participants. They are all fucking knuckleheads that want to enjoy a little fistfight action. No “point” has ever been proven, but the Proud Boys will keep trying until one is made.

However, this time, the stakes are quite a bit higher. Supposedly the number coming to “support” this Proud Boys “free speech” rally will be in the thousands. How many of those will recognize as armed militia? Similarly, it is certain the counter-protestors will be in the thousands, and how many of those will be armed?

This is exactly the set-up our “law and order” President hoped for, and I can guarantee AG Barr is rubbing his hands together in glee. It is easy to assume there will be several people shot. If the Portland authorities and state police, who have been gathering information on these events for years, have a worst-case scenario, crowd control plan, this right here is the time to enact it.

I will also assume that AG Barr has people closely watching this event, whether in person or by other means. One of Barr’s holy grails is to prove “Antifa” is a real thing, that is: It is organized nationally, funded, and directed to commit crimes. He will be in luck, because this time, there will actually be persons who identify, or have identifed as “Antifa”, whatever that means to them, that are present and involved in hostilities.

Barr will be watching, and praying one or more of these people will become physical with the Proud Boys, and had previously crossed state lines, communicated across state lines, or in any other way committed a connected, chargeable federal offense that he can attach to their counter-protest activity. Barr will then solemnly announce he has launched a federal investigation into the Antifa Terrorist Organization, and that all of the information he has gathered (probably an email like: “Dude, do you want to go to Portland?”), is truly stunning in scale.

We can also assume that Acting Deputy Secretary Ken Cuccinelli’s favorite propaganda source, Andy Ngo, will be reporting activity from Portland. Everywhere he looks, everyone is going to be an Antifa/BLM terrorist, representing that well organized national group that does not exist. If Andy actually shows up in person, which is highly, highly doubtful, he will for sure get his ass kicked and grimly videotape the humiliation he has suffered at the hands of the socialist, communist, Antifa/BLM, looting, rioting, anarchist mob.

In all seriousness, this is not going to be good. Many people will be hurt and possibly, very badly. I pray to God Portland has some kind of master plan.

Quick update: since the time I typed this, supposedly only several 100 Proud Boys/their supporters showed up. They quickly marched, broke assembly, and left. I’m watching the steams right now. Everyone is relieved. I hope this is it, and that I entirely misjudged the probable results. I’ll pop back on if I catch anything new.