Of Servers and Sycophants

We are not amused.

How often have we bemoaned the fact that no one in the Trump administration would do a solid for the entire country and come forward with clear evidence of Donald Trump’s ineptitude and corruption? How often?

It’s not as if we presumed our heart’s secret black desires to be true, no. We presumed that Donald Trump would continue to be exactly whom he was before he was elected and had no evidence that anything to the contrary would occur.

We presume that what we have learned from the whistleblower, is exactly what has been going on all along and we are angered that no one…no one within this administration has thought it worthwhile to make these things known and stop this lunacy for the sake of country.

We are angered.

We know this is not the first time the administration has sought to hide the truth. Of course not. What we don’t know is: how many, how bad, how often, what details… What is the sum total of the evil? We don’t know. We presume this is the tip of the shitberg floating in a toilet of ineptitude and corruption.

We can presume that those in the administration, both current and banished, are beginning to recalculate their positions; self interest being their driving force. We know no matter how much propaganda is being pushed out from all corners now, in a concerted effort to try to create distractions and counter-narratives, that those directly involved in this administration’s corruption realize the endgame is at hand.

What will they do? I can only guess a handful will be forced into testifying before Congress and begrudgingly support what little we know of the whole picture.

Of greater import- I believe Congress will eventually get around to subpoenaing for access to the server on which the original information regarding the whistleblower’s complaint is located, and that will start the giant armageddon-shitstorm upon which the tide of public opinion and Donny’s successful impeachment will hinge.

No doubt, there’s much more on that server which will astonish and disgust us. No doubt it will take months to access, after all the stonewalling, litigation, and institutional redactions, we will wonder what has been disappeared or altered. Won’t we.

Worse still will be the WWE style, battle-royale of “whataboutisms” from both sides as we try to grapple with fucking stories about fucking Hillary Clinton and her private server all fucking over again.

The Trump cult counter-narrative is already being researched and fashioned by the administration. The Trump administration’s greatest, and most important counter-narrative to date, is going to be about Hillary Clinton. Fuck me.