RNC Party Platform 2020: The RNC is Super Enthusiastic

What a strange document. It’s one page. The RNC 2020 Party Platform is only one page. The RNC 2016 Platform was 66 pages and fairly specific in it’s direction. Some complained at the time, it was too specific as in: In the weeds. The 2020 Platform suffers no such digressions.

It’s one page.

The RNC attributes the lack of an actual platform, to limitations caused by Covid-19, whereas the DNC had no trouble compiling an 80 page document, because, you know- computers, telecommunications, and the internet are a real thing. The RNC would like to state, however, that their failure to formulate a plan is in fact a reflection of the shortcomings of “the media” and Obama, and whatever you do, do not question the RNC’s unwavering support for Donny Trump.

To which facts of policy should the media be referring, when reporting in an unbiased fashion? The facts of the 2016 RNC Platform which the RNC hasn’t even bothered to state? Or, the facts of the moment, when Donny opens his mouth or sends off a tweet? Are those the appropriate facts? Or, is it possible, that there is no such thing as facts, but merely beliefs, which by their nature, are unerringly true to the one stating them?

There is truly only one point to the RNC 2020 Platform. That is, the RNC is Donald Trump. Donald Trump is the RNC. This is not to be questioned. What is resolved in this platform, is that the RNC enthusiastically supports Donald Trump. No actual platform will be offered until 2024. Whatever was written in the 2016 platform, that’s what the platform is. Oddly, the only stated intent of the party platform outside of enthusiasm and inaction, is a directive for how the media shall cover the RNC’s enthusiastic support of Donald Trump. How fucking odd.

What type of governing principle is the observation of how others cover one’s own level of enthusiasm? Now, is this actually a call for commitment from “the media” to properly cover each member of the RNC’s level of enthusiasm, or a restatement and warning to RNC members that they ought to be very, very enthusiastic?

No, the RNC need not formulate anything new, or delineate that which they state they adhere to in the 2016 platform. There is no need to revisit that document, or amend its points, or update their accomplishments, or in fact state there exists any platform because:

Putting words to paper is fluffery. It is “political rhetoric.” They shall abide by their “policy priorities” as they are stated, at any given point in time, from the gaping maw of the “royal we” of the RNC: Donny Trump. “I would like you to do us a favor though,” is a policy …just now.

Should the RNC care to revisit their supposed governing principles from 2016, I would hope they clean up sections like this one:


Full Document:

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