April 18, 2018


Trump sends off another ideological, low fact, executive order. “The Executive Order Reducing Poverty in America by Promoting Opportunity and Economic Mobility.”  Another in a long series of orders, directing other people and their agencies to figure out exactly what the hell it is that Donny wants.  Let’s be clear from the start, this order is not about reducing poverty through intelligent use of our welfare systems, it’s about reducing Fed payouts.  there are a few suggestions in this document on how to handle citizens in need of support, like:  “get married” and “empower churches to take care of poor people,” but mostly the thrust of this document is we should reduce and privatize where we can and simultaneously remove our government from these types of social activities where ever possible.

Paul Ryan is set to leave as the Speaker of the House but has made it clear he wants to try and take a couple more stabs at “Entitlements” before he leaves.  I mean come on, there’s no sense in handing out piles of cash to the already crazy rich and destroying any sense of fiscal responsibility in the latest budget, if he’s not also gonna try to take more from the poor and the elderly and destroy healthcare too.  Where some people benefit, surely there must be some people handy to pay.  Someone has to suffer, right?

Never mind that those “entitlements” are ours.  We paid for them, we continue to pay for them.  That 2.9 trillion dollar surplus sitting in Social Security is our money.  Ours.  That shouldn’t stop a balanced budget agreement from passing…but it did, because there are still enough people in Congress that are neither deranged ideologues nor incapable of understanding how a budget works.

“In order to balance the budget every year, Congress would be forced to make draconian cuts to Medicare Part B, Medicaid and other programs that seniors depend upon. Medicare and Medicaid cannot sustain cuts (other than common sense cost-saving measures) without hurting beneficiaries. Period. At a time when seniors’ out of pocket health care costs are rising, the BBA puts the health and financial security of Medicare’s 58.5 million beneficiaries and Medicaid’s 72.3 million at risk.

Equally serious is the BBA’s potential impact on Social Security. Under the BBA, if federal expenditures exceed revenues, the government would be forbidden from paying benefits from the Social Security trust fund reserves – even though the trust fund is self-financed by workers’ payroll contributions and unrelated to general revenues. Ditto for reserves in the Medicare Part A trust fund. Benefits would then have to be slashed in order to keep the federal budget in balance, something seniors on fixed incomes could ill afford.”


If the people like the Koch Brother have their way, we’ll just have ourselves a little Constitutional Convention, ostensibly to write a balanced budget framework into the constitution.  But, we know how Constitutional Conventions work because we had one, once before.  In 1787 when our delegates met to “fix up” the Articles of Confederation.   When that was over, they rewrote the rules of the Constitutional Convention, threw away the Articles of Confederation, and gave us something truly spectacular instead.  The US Constitution.

Those were some hardcore dudes.  Using every ounce of their formidable intellect to come up with the most important document in, well..probably the history of forever.  There was a lot of argument and consideration between the federalists and anti-federalists and they came up with some ideal compromises.  We have to think, when the compromises for slavery were considered, they had to know, in the back of their minds…we might be compromising here, but maybe we’re dead wrong altogether.  This might not go well.

The delegates that penned the Constitution, were dudes like this:


Our current delegates, look like this:


There’s nothing to stop a run-away convention once it has started.  You want to trust these clowns to have a stab at our Constitution and fix ‘er up real good?

There are currently 28 States who have sided for a Constitutional Convention.  Only six more total are needed.  There are four States set to vote on the issue now.   If it happens, there is no going back.  Maybe we could have some cool anti-immigration amendments or a removal of the separation of church and state or an amendment to make abortion illegal.  Anything could happen.




Sarah Sanders…continues to be a cunt

Late-breaking, EXPLOSIVE news.  Sarah Sanders…continues to be a cunt.

It was noted earlier this year that Sarah sanders was in fact, a cunt.  Some time later, I reported that she still was a cunt.  Now, in this latest development, it is clear that Sarah sanders continues to be a cunt, despite all hopes to the contrary.

Sarah Sanders, as White House Press Secretary, continues to use her position as a Minister of Propaganda and not as a conduit of outreach and explanation for the Administration’s reasoning for it’s bat-shit-crazy, manic-depressive, knee-jerk-reaction policies and statements.  She continues to berate and harass the collective news agencies for having the audacity to question the administration on anything, for not working as state run media apologists, and generally for even showing up in the first place.

Here the Minister of propaganda gleefully goes off on a absolute tirade against James Comey, and man…she’s reading off of notes.  She had this shit cocked and loaded.  Whether anyone likes Comey or not, this is prepared propaganda my friends.

This administration has no interest in serving the Country.  None whatsoever.  They are interested in self preservation only.  That is all.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, you are a cunt.

UPDATE: Sarah Sanders inexplicable slightly less cunty.

April 13, 2018

Resignation.  Not Trump’s.  Our resignation to an unstoppable constitutional crisis.

Trump pardons Scooter Libby for his part in the Bush Administration’s smear campaign against anyone who dare stand between them and their holy war against Iraq.  The Trump administration paints the special counsel who had charged Libby as being “out of control.”  Never mind an “out of control” special counsel would have fought to get the true source of the smear campaign, Dick Cheney, as the architect of the outing of Valerie Plame; this sudden need to pardon Libby is a message to both the FBI and potential witnesses against Trump, that he’s going to “fix” everything.

This administration is in as disgusting a situation as the Bush Administration was and fighting with equal passion to preserve their perverse desires with the pretense they are serving the nation’s interests.  Neither administration was, and both suffer from the obvious truth of their motivations.  In the current case, we have at least the potential to right the wrongs before they happen, instead of wringing our hands after the fact.

The idiot battlefield is set as nearly all parties involved prefer to head to a constitutional crisis as the ideal way to string along a battle between the administration’s self interests and the Country’s needs.  Mitch McConnell has not signaled he is interested as of yet, in protecting the Mueller investigation, and even if the bipartisan bill to protect Mueller gets to the floor of the Senate, it would never pass the gauntlet of the cult members in the House.  Mueller himself is constrained by what he may or may not do and what little time he has left in which to do it.  The FBI will have it’s own legal battles with the administration’s efforts to suppress information gathered in the warrants served on Michael Cohen.

There’s nothing much left, but to wait for the first domino now.  It’s all ridiculous and we saw this day coming from a long time ago.  It speaks to the ideological weakness of the GOP that they are so easily manipulated by their selfish interests for power; it does so now as it did in Bush’s tenure.  Were it not for the Supreme Court weighing in with their idiot ruling on the Florida recounts of Bush v Gore, we’d be living in a different world right now.  Were it not (probably) for idiot Comey deciding it was his duty to throw a monkey wrench in the Clinton v Trump election, again…we’d be living in a different world.

I’m not going to pretend a Clinton presidency wouldn’t be one Congressional investigation after another (because it would have been), but at least we’d have a fully functioning and non-batshit crazy administration and all arms of government working as they should.  The economy would have been in exactly the same place and the world wouldn’t be sick of us.  Tax reform could have still passed in Clinton’s second year, but sans the free corporate handjob.  The ACA would have been fixed.  The DACA situation wouldn’t exist.  TPP probably would have been revisited, but it would have been with a plan.  Oh hell we could go on forever about what would be.

This is where we are.  Everyone is just waiting for the first domino.  We all want utter destruction now.  Just go ahead and fucking do it.  Let’s take our fucking cues and get out on the idiot stage.  Everyone that should have power to do anything is feigning powerlessness.  So let’s go.

The midterms can’t come fast enough.  Let’s just hope the Twitterer-in-Chief doesn’t kill us all before then.

April 10, 2018

We had learned in January of 2018, that Trump had considered firing Bob Mueller by directing White House attorney McGahn to pressure the DOJ into carrying out this action.  Today, the NY Times reports that Trump, again in December, wanted to close down the investigation in response to Mueller’s subpoenas for banking information from Deutsche Bank.

As you’ll recall in the middle of December, various Congresspeople were concerned Trump would do just that during Christmas recess due to information they were gathering from probably the same people that are leaking this information today.  I don’t think it’s any coincidence that these people are publicly leaking this information today.  Don McGahn again?  Probably.

The Trump administration has made it quite clear that, as far as they are concerned, they have the right to end this investigation and Trump has hinted that he has the desire to do so.

There are currently two pieces of legislation already in existence that could be passed to protect the Mueller investigation.


Already written up and ready for a vote.

Why on earth is the GOP insisting on doing nothing?  Why?  What could be the harm in taking a vote?

  1. They don’t want to be an active party to preemptive legislation that would be an affront to the cult members.
  2. They see little difference to their re-election odds whether in the midst of the turmoil of a constitutional crisis or the ongoing pressure of the Mueller investigation.
  3.  A constitutional crisis is actually preferable to the slow grind of the Mueller investigation in that they believe all pressure will be off of them as previously tacitly approving participants in the Trump insanity.
  4. Derailing the Mueller investigation will push back any re-establishment of the investigation until sometime after the midterms.
  5. They honestly believe, all along, it’s just Donny talking smack.
  6. They wouldn’t mind letting Donny get himself in a jam and then react by drawing up articles of impeachment.  (Very unlikely.)

Protect the Mueller Investigation.

UPDATE: Republican Sens. Thom Tillis of North Carolina and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and Democratic Sens. Chris Coons of Delaware and Cory Booker of New Jersey plan to introduce legislation Wednesday that would give any special counsel a 10-day window in which he or she could seek expedited judicial review of a firing, according to two people familiar with the legislation.

So the idea is, if Mueller is fired, he could appeal to the courts for a review of the grounds on which he was fired.  Although this is an interesting approach, and seems to me, really reasonable as it should satisfy all sides, it is very unlikely that such legislation will pass through the House where all of the rabid Trumpites reside.  That is, if McConnell even allows this to get on the floor of the Senate for a vote, which definitely isn’t a sure thing. I appreciate Tills and Graham’s efforts though.  Good on you guys.   Unfortunately this may also have the unintended consequence of hurrying Trump long.

April 9, 2018

The FBI raids the Offices of Trump’s personal lawyer and Trump Organization executive, Michael Cohen.  Cohen’s emails, documents, and tax records were seized.

“Today the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York executed a series of search warrants and seized the privileged communications between my client, Michael Cohen, and his clients,” said Stephen Ryan, his (Cohen’s) lawyer. “I have been advised by federal prosecutors that the New York action is, in part, a referral by the Office of Special Counsel, Robert Mueller.”

I don’t believe Cohen’s lawyer includes the information concerning Mueller by accident.  This is some red meat for Trump’s people and Fox news.  I also don’t believe that the FBI just drops this information to Cohen’s lawyer, unless the warrants or a warrant is directly from the Mueller investigation.  So either some of these warrants were served for the Mueller investigation or that information was not passed on to Cohen’s lawyer, but merely presumed.

This could be a bundle of warrants for multiple investigations.  There’s no reason to speculate as to the entire scope now.  It is possible that Cohen’s lawyer will leak more information regarding specifics of the warrants.  Take any information he passes on with a grain of salt.

It is worth noting, that attorney-client privileges are revoked if their communications furthered criminal activity.

UPDATE: This shit might get real serious real fast.  Let’s keep an eye on it.



An interesting story coming out of Panama that highlights the Trump organization’s intermingling with the Trump “Presidency.”  In regards to the Trump organizations loss of management over the Trump waterfront hotel in Panama City:

“U.S. President Donald Trump’s company appealed directly to Panama’s president to intervene in its fight over control of a luxury hotel, even invoking a treaty between the two countries, in what ethics experts say was a blatant mingling of Trump’s business and government interests.”

“While never mentioning Trump or his role as president, the letter says lawyers representing the Trump Organization were aware of “the separation of powers” in Panama but essentially asks the country’s president to intervene in the judicial process anyway. It goes on to say that the eviction violates an investment treaty signed by the two countries and suggests that the Panamanian government, not the hotel’s new management team, could be blamed for any wrongdoing.”

“We appreciate your influence in order to avoid that these damages are attributed not to the other party, but to the Panamanian government,” said the letter, which was copied to Panamanian Cabinet officials, as well as the presidents of the Supreme Court and National Assembly.”

In essence, the Trump Organization is asking for Panamanian Presidential influence in this matter.  There is very little difference between this suggested action and similar activity a crime organization would be inclined to take.