GOP’s Failure with Covid19 Will Accelerate the “Browning” of America, or else

I had written a post, almost 2 years ago now: “What Trump’s Backers Need From You: Have More White Babies”, outlining one certain, basic, unspoken tenant shared by Trump’s key, disparate coalition of supporters. I had recognized three particular groups forming this coalition:

Racists/nationalists, the donor/dividend class, and Evangelicals. They work behind the scenes and in front of the spotlight. They are the propagandists, the financiers, the puller-of-strings, twister-of-arms, and headline news grabbing, creepy ideologues that cause rational people fits of concern.

Sometimes these groups overlap and it is possible for any one person to be a member of all three groups. Sometimes they have nothing to do with each other at all but are merely happy bedfellows. In one area, there is an overlapping vital interest: US population shift- the coloring of America.

What they need from you is simple: have more white babies. Lots and lots of white babies. Is that so hard?

We do not know the long term effects of Covid19. How could we? We’re in the middle of it. It will take years to authoritatively state its many long term consequences, from health issues to economic impact. There is an interesting projection made by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) that will concern greatly the above three groups, and frankly, should concern all of us.

That is a difference of 10 million people.

I want to restate what I had pointed out in my Have More White Babies post: the area already having the largest difficulty repopulating itself, is the red wall in the middle of the country. When this falls to intraregional migration and immigration, which it must, so shall the ideological divide powerfully wielded in the electoral college fall.

Repopulation chart before covid19:

Also from the Have More White Babies post:

Here’s a mind-blowing quote from the Pew Charitable Trust’s study on US population shift: “Immigrants are already disproportionately represented in the labor force with a share of about 16%, while they make up about 13% of the overall population. The Pew Research Center has determined that if current immigration trends and birthrates continue, by 2050 virtually all (93%) of the nation’s working age population growth will come from immigrants and their US born children.”

New, restrictive abortion laws aren’t going to save those states. Too little, too late. It would take herculean gerrymandering and voter disenfranchisement to put a dent in the inexorable tendency towards our natural state of a true liberal democracy and an inclusive government of the people, by the people, for the people.

We will become more brown, or else.

We’ve always needed immigrants. We’ve always wanted immigrants. Now, we have no choice.

The GOP needs to do a 180 on immigration, with a well considered indoctrination campaign. Something super far reaching, much like their 10 year plan to legislate their minority rule from the courts. This would require an overt effort, similar to the scope of actual governance. The GOP is not capable of that.

This CBO report is full of bleak forecasts.

These forecasts are not something a President Biden “fixes”. He shall seek to mitigate the worst impact and hopefully set a course for future presidents to wholly, unequivocally reshape the nation.

We are in a time where drastic change is unavoidable.

The Strange Case of John Paul Mac Isaac: Hour Long Interview

John Paul Mac Isaac, is the computer repair store owner in Delaware, whom is the source of the New York Post’s story on the secret Hunter Biden emails which alleges corruption in the Biden family and their dealings in Ukraine with the company Burisma. Grats to the Daily Beast for tracking this dude down and getting an hour long interview on tape.

Conclusion in advance: Mac Isaac contacted Giuliani to help generate the story of secret Biden emails. He does not want to answer the many questions of which party made the initial contact. It’s clear he doesn’t want to self-incriminate. He says, several times, “I’m screwed anyway.” Whether an actual Biden laptop even exists is a question, as deduced through Mac Isaac’s nonsensical statements about its condition and delivery. Any FBI involvement is unclear outside of the NY post’s inclusion of subpoena for somebody for something, which they state is for the store owner for the Biden laptop. I’m not certain there is any FBI involvement at all, as far as an investigation into Hunter Biden (could be an entirely different investigation). The FBI’s involvement is clearly *not* as big as Mac Isaac’s ever-increasing stated contacts, which are created merely to answer questions with something seemingly plausible.

Mac Isaac’s muddled explanations in the justifying compulsion for this entire mess of “needing to be safe,” makes zero sense. It’s not clear who or how he felt threatened at any point, and he never explicitly says. He had been safe, except for now, this day, when he has played a central part in his own targeting as an object of scrutiny.

No sense.

The Daily Beast did a shitty job in sending in 4 reporters. Should have been two at most; preferably one. They interrupt each other’s line of questioning. They halt what would have been very important answers when a pause becomes too long. Not good.


It is clear this interview is in Mac Isaac’s Mac shop. The phone is constantly ringing. It feels as if the walls are close. Listening to the interview. There are one, then two, three, four people asking Mac Isaac questions. It is easy to visualize a demoralized, frightened dude sitting behind a small counter with four people standing over him.

He begins with “no comment,” then there are long……..long……long uncomfortable pauses after questions. I can sense that he wants to talk but he is also calculating the probabilities that once he starts answering questions, he is very likely to mess up, but he does it anyway. There are 4 reporters asking him questions and most of the questions are asked in a lawyerly “box in” kind of fashion, or a street cop, leading, “positioning,” fashion. This guy clearly isn’t dumb, but he does it anyway.

In reference to the materials on this laptop, Mac Isaac states, he was afraid, afraid of repercussions, and he “Just wanted it to go away.” He states, the FBI approached him about the laptop. Later he says, that is because he asked friends to contact the FBI that he was in possession of a laptop. “I was afraid, I reached out to some people I trusted, that could get me in contact with the FBI.” This quickly morphs into one friend. One friend, the identity of which, the reporters constantly try to nail him down, unsuccessfully.

There was “personal information” on the laptop, that lead him to believe it was Hunter Biden’s computer. A minute later, he says, he realized it was Hunter Biden’s computer when Hunter originally filed out the paperwork to hand in the computer in person. The two of them- Biden and Mac Isaac.

When asked, why would Hunter Biden bring his laptop into a Mac repair shop in Delaware, when we have reason to believe he didn’t live in this state at that time? Long, long pause…..story is now, this “customer”, actually brought in 3 Macbooks that were all water damaged. Mac Isaac successfully avoids answering the original question with this super-spicy, entirely fabricated red herring. Nicely done.

Now things start to get hairy.

“Have you ever in the past, seen content on a device you were repairing and contacted the authorities?”

“Absolutely.” Mac Isaac goes on to describe an incident in which he turned on someone’s laptop, and since the owner left images of child pornography up on the desktop, Mac Isaac saw the images and contacted police. He did not dig into the computer and find the image(s). He implied, in regards to the child porn, the only reason he found the porn, is because it was open on the desktop when he booted it up, he didn’t pry into the contents to find that.

So why didn’t you call the police about Biden’s computer. “I didn’t see child porn.”

“I thought if people knew what I knew, that my life would be endangered.”

“If people knew what you knew…’people’ as in Biden? I mean because now people know what you knew.” There’s the rub, isn’t it.

Then the conversation devolves into exactly who Mac Isaac is afraid ‘of’ and who he is afraid ‘for’. It makes no sense. There are “hitmen” and the possibility that others might think Mac Isaac is trying to extort someone. He wants everyone protected, and to do that he needed to contact the FBI and then Giuliani.

Next he goes on to describe the standard procedure for unclaimed items, is to disassemble them and use the parts. Which begs the questions: why wasn’t that the case this time? If he doesn’t pry into content, why did he this time? If the content discovered caused him such concern in his own safety, why did he do the opposite of what would keep him “safe”?

Reporters make several mistakes in a row next. One asks him, in so many words, if safety was your concern, why would you make yourself less safe? Mac Isaac begins to stew, and the answer would have come out, but other reporter asks him a different question.

Reporter asks him, paraphrasing- so did you think this was important information people needed to know before the election? Mac Isaac is going to answer this question, which blows out of the water all previous comments about concerns for safety, Mac Isaas says, “everything was fine up until the impeachment…” Then reporter interrupts him, for chrissake, and is all worried about the timeline, along the lines of: “well the impeachment was after you turned it into the FBI, so that doesn’t make sense,” and they go on to discuss what the timeline was. Dude was going to admit to ulterior motive. Thread lost entirely; new question asked. Shitty job guys.

“How did you find the emails?”

“No comment.”

“No comment.”

“Did Rudy Giuliani reach out to you, or did you reach out to him?”

“No comment.”

“Why do you think you’re in trouble, what trouble do you think you are in?”

“They told me that nothing ever happens to people that don’t talk.”

“Who told you that?”

“The FBI.”

“You’re now alleging there’s an FBI coverup. That’s what you had indicated earlier.”

“Yeah that’s how I feel about it. Aw shit. No comment.”

It is entirely unclear what involvement the FBI has in this. The guy is lying about every question asked regarding the FBI. And there are tons of questions. Mac Isaac states multiple times that FBI calls him for technical advice on the laptop, a laptop that is supposedly repaired. The FBI called him to ask him what cable to buy to use to power up the laptop. The FBI is from Baltimore, or Wilmington, or he’s not sure. It’s all nonsense.

“I thought the FBI was going to help me, and then I got the sense they weren’t going to help me, and so I needed to do something else.” Help him what? This makes no sense. All of the being afraid stuff, okay, so he handed it over to the FBI, end of story. What further issue does he need help with? It’s really unclear if his story is that the FBI is out to get him, or the Bidens are out to get him. But, oddly, he has, “No opinion on the matter” that Giuliani gave the story to the Post who published it for all to see.

“So you have no problem with Joe Biden being President.”

“As long as he doesn’t have a vendetta.” There wouldn’t be any cause for a ‘vendetta’ except for the one he created. FFS.

“I just wanted it out of my store, I wanted some level of safety and security.” Then why did he keep a copy of the hard drive?

“But why wasn’t that level of safety and security achieved after you went to the FBI, why did you go to Giuliani?” long long pause.

“I don’t feel comfortable explaining the details of what transpired between Dec 9th and the beginning of September.” End of recording.

After listening to this twice, and taking notes:

It is not believable that anyone legitimately delivered a Hunter Biden owned laptop to Mac Isaac’s shop.

It is not certain he has ever possessed a Hunter Biden laptop legitimately, but possible.

It is not certain he has ever possessed the alleged Biden emails by any legitimate means.

There is no way of knowing exactly what the FBI’s involvement is at this time.

Mac Isaac was prepared to voice a motive for his involvement beyond ‘safety’.

Whereas it is possible that the emails did originated with Hunter Biden, in part or whole, It is 100% certain that Mac Isaac is aware this entire scheme with Giuliani is about to unravel and Mac Isaac shall be the patsy.

It is very clear, that the truth will emerge, and the GOP’s interest in running this as political interference/propaganda distraction has largely been thwarted by Facebook and Twitter. The Party of Trump was always prepared to deal with the fallout after the election.

It is clear the Party of Trump must now, and will, shift the distraction propaganda to attacking Facebook and Twitter through their mangled interpretations of First amendment rights.

GOP Dropboxes: If You Can’t Beat Them, Join Them

California GOP began to enact a campaign to install their own “official” dropboxes in Orange County to collect ballots on behalf of the electorate. It is not clear how far they got in this process, outside of one location: A Baptist Church. Of course.

It is not illegal to “harvest” ballots in CA, with the very important caveat that voters are aware and have consented to a third party collecting their ballots. So, collecting ballots without this clarity, would in fact be illegal. The mere use of the word “official” brings the entire enterprise into question, as these are clearly not official dropboxes, and that, in and of itself, is prohibited.

This tweet from California GOP (CAGOP) regional director, Jason Tygh, promotes the dropboxes, which appear to be some kind of file cabinet with a laminated sign taped on it.

I captured this image last night, it has since been removed by twitter or OP. Take note, there are at least 2 more created “official” dropboxes in the background. This is the same type of box which found its way to Freedom’s Way Baptist Church in Castaic CA.

The inclusion of, “DM me for convenient locations to drop your ballot off at[sic],” makes this really questionable. If you wanted people to know dropbox locations, simply link the official list. If you want to direct people to just your unofficial “official” dropboxes, you do that in private communications.

Jerry Cook is indeed the pastor of the church. What his involvement is, and what the parishioners understanding of the dropbox is, I have no idea.

An Official dropbox in Orange County, would look like this:

See. It’s not a gray file cabinet with some shit taped to the front.

There is no reason, as of yet, to believe this is a concerted nationwide GOP undertaking. I don’t believe any national Republican organization is aware of, or endorsed this. What it is, is incredibly stupid. Ya know what district this is? CA-48. That is Dana Rohrabacher’s old district, which currently has a tight battle between incumbent Harley Rouda(D) and Michelle Steel (R). This had been targeted by the GOP as a seat they could win back, because clearly CA-48 must have a boatload of batshit crazy people if they elect Rohrabacher to 15 consecutive terms.

With the GOP and Trump campaign losing its very recent court battles to limit dropboxes, in PA, Ohio, and Texas, you have to admit, the GOP adding dropboxes makes this extra hilarious.

Did they plan on altering any votes? When the GOP plants the dropbox at a Baptist church, of all places, it certainly raises the prospect. I think it more likely, that CAGOP is simply run by idiots. Check it:

“I can’t impress on you enough, my name is Steve. Swear to God. My name is Steve and I’m a Democrat.” This stinks of the make-believe “Walkaway” movement, which is supposedly a movement of former Democrats that joined the GOP, but is actually a movement of former GOP voters that joined a cult.

I mean, this dude looks an awful lot like the above GOP regional director Jordan Tygh sitting next to the dropboxes and the same guy from his facebook pics below, doesn’t it?


I had been wanting to write some ideas I had about dropboxes, but can’t come up with a pleasant way to present my thoughts. This above disaster provides a nice segue though.

I’m going to dance around this without explicitly saying anything.

It seems probable that dropboxes will receive some extra attention before ballots are collected. The word and associated object are now in our collective awareness. A flashpoint. It may occur to some people that it would be ideal to have an affect on a local dropbox, because they hate what it represents. One needn’t add or remove a dropbox to make a statement; to make the process untenable or in question, no. One need merely make the process difficult, interrupted, or poisonous.

That’s my concern.

* Small update, CNN reporter just said she contacted the RNC about the CA dropbox situation. The reporter said the RNC did not condone the action, but (and this is one motherfucking hilarious *but*), but…the use of these dropboxes (which is not legal) is to combat democrats harvesting ballots.


They attempted to illegally harvest ballots to defend against the Democrats harvesting ballots. Quote: “We are not going to let them have an artificial advantage at places where it is legal.”


Buy your own, official CA ballot dropbox at Amazon.

Donny’s Corona Battle: Let the (Dis)information Wars Begin, running thread

Yeah, this is the reason I scribbled down “What we know so far to be true” yesterday. Because, for sure, new information and disinformation would be added to that codex.

-Chris Christie has now tested possible for the virus. He had helped Trump prepare for the Presidential debate earlier in the week. Exactly where Christie’s prep time lines up with the Rose Garden Event on 9/26 is not yet apparent.

-Senator Ron Johnson(R) is also positive for the virus. That now makes 3 GOP members of the Senate Judiciary Committee stricken with the virus.

And…we’re off

Walter Reed medical staff held the long await primer on Trump’s condition, and straight away contradicting information became apparent as to the timeline, which now indicated Donny knew he had the virus on WEDNESDAY. That information was immediately countermanded by the White House as a “misstatement.”

Chris Hayes rightly points out in later tweets, there is no reason to believe the White House. Distrust in their statements is something the White House has been cultivating from Day 1 of this administration.

Blow up of that subtweet:

How could the above contending timeline information battle be made worse? This is the Trump White House, hold the beer.

Donny Has The ‘Rona

What is going on anyway? We really don’t know, do we. Transparency is not the strong suit the Trump administration. Neither is telling the truth.

So let’s just note what we currently know to be true and consider this post is for later reference, because if we know anything about this administration, we know there are facts missing; purposefully obscured, that will later become apparent.

Here is the current list of those recently infected:

Donny Trump

Melania Trump, Wifey

Senator Mike Lee (R)

Senator Thom Tillis (R)

Hope Hicks, Senior advisor

Ronna McDaniel, RNC party Chairwoman

Kellyanne Conway, Former Senior Advisor

*added- Bill Stepien, Campaign Manager

Also, Notre Dame University president Father John Jenkins whom was present at the event below.

It appears the particular super-spreader event responsible for this cluster was 9/26 Rose Garden, virtually mask-free, event for Supreme Court Nominee, Amy Coney Barrett. Which is ironic, in that it is this nominee the GOP hope will help finally overturn the ACA, the very health insurance legislation that many US citizens rely on, particularly in the face of a pandemic. Also ironically, Both Senators Lee and Tillis are members of the Senate Judiciary Committee that would hold hearings on Barrett’s nomination.

This event was followed three days later, 9/29, by the disastrous Biden/Trump debate in which the entire GOP contingent was asked to wear masks as mandated, and the entire contingent refused. The GOP group was exactly 1/2 of those gathered. The other half, Biden’s Democratic contingent, all wore their masks. This event could be related but that is not known at this time. It is noteworthy how Trump mocked Biden, during the debate, for wearing masks often.

Hope Hicks was made aware of her condition 10/1, Thursday morning. Despite this, Trump attended an indoor fundraiser in NJ at 1pm the same day. It is unclear if we would even have found out about Hope Hicks positive results had it not been for Bloomberg News reporting on the scoop. The initial information did not come from the White House. The White House still does not appear to be doing contact tracing from the 9/26 event, as public health officials scramble to trace where the Trump campaign has recently visited. The White House has been reportedly lax on testing people entering the White House as well as maintaining a largely mask-free environment because of the political statement that needs to be re-enforced for Donny’s pleasure.

Three White House reporters tested positive for Covid19 Friday morning, following testing because of the revelation of the outbreak.

Five Secret Service Agents recently diagnosed with Covid19, due to the constant cult rally events.

Eleven Secret Service Agents test positive in August at their training facility. I point this out, not in relation to the recent outbreak, but because of the clear ongoing stress to the system.

Trump did make a short, extremely awkward video statement before leaving for Walter Reed Hospital:

Trump has received an experimental treatment. It isn’t hydroxychloroquine, or bleach, or sunlight…yet.

There is, of course, conspiracy theories on all sides, which there are no current reasons to entertain. That Donny has rapidly moved from: no official announcement, to yes, Hope Hicks has it, to yes, Donny has it, to yes, he’s receiving experimental treatment, does cause concern. Nonetheless, there is no firm ground from which to generate a solid hypothesis as to exactly what the fuck is going on.

On social media, GOP members/talking heads are generally waging their fingers daring anyone to mock the poor president or wish him ill. Of course this is the Democrat’s fault if they point out…all the fucking obvious things that could be pointed out about this utter trainwreck of an administration in their mismanagement, their history of downplaying the virus, mocking reasonable procedures, and all the Trump followers that gleefully enable misinformation concerning the virus. All of which has led to subsequent long-term health issues and deaths in the populace.

Don’t mock Donny!

Most incredible, All-Galaxy level self-own, attempting to masquerade as a Q conspiracy theory: