The Wall- Tax Reform 2.0

The “wall” debate is similar to the tax reform fiasco, which in no way was a debate, because the GOP steamrolled that shit through congress, but they are similar in that they imply the identification of a problem:

low wages on bottom income scales,”

systemic immigration dysfunction,”

and ascribe a tangentially related topic as solution to the issue:

vast decrease in corporate taxation and more money for the super wealthy

border wall

I use the word “imply” because in neither case is or was the ultimate issue identified, they were merely arrived at in later debate, as in: “exactly what issue are we addressing here?” This results in follow up questions, “So, tax reform would exist to help improve wages for the lower classes?” “So, the border wall is to address the measurable results of systemic immigration dysfunction?”

In neither case does the proposed solution address the “arrived at” issue. The solution exists before the exact problem is identified. The problem is discovered to support the solution. Both of the solutions have an entirely clear source for their original necessity to exist, which has nothing whatsoever to do with the identified “problem”.

Tax reform= So that the rich could be richer. (in support of the donor/dividend class)

The wall=because Mexicans are rapist drug dealer. (in support of anti-immigrant sentiment, racism.)

In both cases, it is supremely important to drive propaganda to induce the average American to believe these actions are for their own well-being.

If the rich are richer, you will become richer.

If immigrants are kept out, you will be safer and richer as they compete for your jobs and drain away your income.

There is no supporting data for either claim. They are awkwardly supported through- “common sense”, non-related examples, voodoo economics, and improper analogies.

There are absolute certainties in the enactment of both solutions:

Tax reform will make the rich, richer. (and in no way guarantee or even remotely address the actual problem and only exacerbates wealth distribution inequality)

A border wall would possibly funnel more people to ports of entry. (where all of the actual southern border problems already exist and do nothing to address the actual overall stated problems)

Neither of these certainties address the agreed upon issue. What kind of law making is that?

But the Democrats supported the Secure Fence Act of 2006! Yes. This was a comprehensive approach to particular issues on the southern border. It included absolutely delineated areas (exact, specific, identified areas) where a multitude of different barrier types would be used in conjunction with extra manpower and modern technologies to assist border control and is mostly successful, but in no way implies by extension, that forcing even more of it is effective, reasonable, or even fucking possible.

This bill was arrived at with proper congressional order, expert witnesses, floor debate, and amendments and as well as supported by multiple studies including by the DHS to:

This act was later amended in a 2008 consolidation act. Less actual border devices were installed than was originally granted as not feasible or necessary. Which brings us to the point: If any more border constructions are necessary at this time, let’s go ahead and use regular fucking order to determine: when, where, how much is needed in conjunction with the previously combined modern technologies to implement what is deemed necessary and helpful change as opposed to creating legislation via idiotic election slogans. How about that? Let us also separate what is necessary to make real change, in this small sliver of immigration reform, from what we want because of our ill-formed beliefs.

The border wall =/= immigration reform and it is the sticking point between what the Democrats would agree to in such an off-hand, half-assed fashion, and what is actually needed to address systemic immigration dysfunction.

If DHS has any real, actual, studied, quantified needs for any type of border wall construction, let’s please see that. Okay? How about fucking submitting some real, documented needs to Congress and let regular order prevail? If DHS does not have such info, then lets commission that with appropriate impact and environmental studies in current legislation. That’s how we ought to compose legislation, right? It will take years and years, as it should as opposed to Tax Reform that came with some crumbs of, “…what we think will happen is…” and what we got was job growth rate exactly similar to what we had nationally and was a clear global trend in modern nations. What we certainly got was a massive federal debt and a stock market on steroids poised for an even bigger fall oh and, by the way, the rich seemed to have gotten richer. A lot richer.

Let’s not pretend for a second what is about to happen is, in any way, going to resemble that proper use of regular order. What we shall have is the GOP’s list of demands generated in part from idiotic campaign promises, without any studies, scientific or otherwise, and insist on a “give and take” compromise to split the difference between insanity and sanity.

Let us not pretend that this administration is not entirely anti-immigrant and employs propaganda at every possible moment to sway public opinion to that way of thinking. Let us not pretend this administration would not desire to have all immigration, legal or otherwise, to approach the more agreeable number of exactly zero as once again visible in the methodical undermining of all immigration by the inclusion of well hidden provisions in their latest kind offer on the subject.

In this regard “Immigration Reform” is “Tax Reform” 2.0- having America buy into legislation whose nefarious origins have nothing to do with the stated purpose and the outcome of which may not address the stated purpose in the least. Legislation that is founded in ideology, disconnected from a democracy, and not fully read, nor understood, nor truly defensible in detail by anyone whom enacts it.

Whereas tax reform handed the gift of more cash to a corporate system and its benefactors, that were already sitting on motherfucking record piles of cash when they enacted it, immigration reform in it’s real, current form, seeks to hand to this anti-immigration administration the “win” of their symbolic hate for the coloring of America.

Trump’s Company: America LLC

If we attempt to divine what is the most likely outcome of our dysfunctional government’s impasse over the focal point of border security in the larger issue of the federal budget, from Donald Trump’s “bargaining” position, it is no great difficulty to discern likely outcomes. It’s not a tea leaf reading, it’s an examination of Trump’s well documented history in his business endeavors. Even a cursory examination will suffice. Thankfully, the budget difficulties will most likely not be resolved by solely Trump, nor will he be allowed to follow his zero-fact whims.

It remains perplexing as to why anyone would have voted for Donald Trump, aside from the triad of voter-types whose ideals are well represented in Trump and his cadre of miscreants. Those three voter-type groups, I have written about recently: racists, Evangelicals, and the donor/dividend class. The remaining, and to this point, mostly unwavering, supporters of Trump, are a group impossible for me to quantify, but I would believe they are a crucially significant number of the electorate for whom it is absolutely necessary to get outside of the propaganda bubble and do some goddamn reading. Those who just wanted to “try something different” despite the readily available data that Trump was not only going to be “something different,” he was going to be something horrendously destructive, and those whom wanted Donny to “hurt the right people,” and finding themselves hurt instead; need to stand back and examine the carnage and realize all of this was foretold in Donny’s past. These groups of the electorate need to critically examine the present sources of misdirection in the propaganda they are currently consuming. Although it is a discussion for another day, it is the very politically beliefs, whose demonization are a daily sermon on Fox News, that would best suit their needs: social democracy. And the political beliefs that which they are pleaded with to champion- unfettered capitalism, that is the primary source of their displeasure and displacement; not immigrants or food stamp recipients or queers.

We all need to understand, Donny would be totally fine with an indefinite governmental shut down. He doesn’t care what he has to do to win. He has no emotional or sympathetic connection to you, unless your name is Trump…and even then, meh. He is not moored to facts or any recognizable version of reality. There is only Donny, there is only the fight, there is only winning, and in the event he does not win, he will walk away from the carnage and declare he has won just the same.

Donny was always an awful businessman and he never cared about you. Get it?

How do we know this? Because Trump’s lack of business acumen, awful deal-making, oblivious ignorance, and complete lack of concern for consequences, has played out over and over and over again.

What has seemingly been successful for Trump, at least financially speaking, is Trump’s franchising of his name on some real estate development properties. Some agreements never come to fruition and generate dueling lawsuits, and some Donny makes money off of, even if they never happen. Due to complete lack of transparency in all of his shell LLC companies, it is impossible to be certain, however there is strong evidence that some of the franchised sites as well as some of the directly owned sites are being used to launder money. It is also, of course, worthy of investigation as to exactly how many of Trump’s current, directly owned properties are subject to violations of the emoluments clause.

Some early real estate development directly managed by Trump were successful, notably Grand Central Terminal (loan from Daddy) and early on, Trump Plaza. Trump Tower was less well received due to Donald’s direction to destroy the art-deco, architectural gems of the previous location’s Bonwit Teller store as well as the use of several hundred undocumented Polish immigrants at slave wages for 12 hour days.

Perhaps none of Donald Trump’s many business failures are more emblematic of how he mishandles the country’s affairs, than his complete destruction of the USFL. Every one of his flaws and foibles were on full display in the way he manufactured the start-up football league’s demise. Lying, braggadocio, arrogance, ignorance, and cataclysmic, self-defeating need to find a fight which he could “win”, all wrapped up in a uniquely incompetent person; incapable of managing any enterprise, great or small.

From Sports Illustrated excellent story concerning Donny’s time in the USFL:

“The interview itself wasn’t always as impressive. Sportswriters found that Trump spoke in generalities and made grand statements and would barely answer their questions. If they asked Trump about football, “he sort of went blank,” said George Vecsey, a longtime columnist and sportswriter for the Times. “We all knew more about football than him.”

“After a while the writers covering the team started wondering how straight Trump was being with them. The cheerleaders claimed that Trump lied to them, too. During their first season, eleven of the 30 cheerleaders staged a walkout, saying Trump had not delivered on promises to arrange acting jobs, modeling gigs and television appearances for them to supplement their modest pay. Instead, they said they were forced to wear skimpy outfits and entertain drunks at local bars. They felt unsafe. Actress Lisa Edelstein, who’d been one of the younger cheerleaders, told the Huffington Post last year Trump treated them “like hookers.”

The short-lived league’s existence ended in a court battle, in which Trump’s ultimate goal was to create a fight with the NFL, as wielders of monopolistic power, forcing them to settle with the USFL, thereby fund the USFL’s competition into the NFL’s prime-time space in the fall and winter and ultimately force the NFL to merge the USFL into the their league, at which point Donny could cash out. A spectacular failure, outlined in this excellent description of the court proceedings. The defense attorney’s main strategy was to just allow Donny to testify and show what an ignorant, lying, unlikable piece of shit he was. It worked. It is worth noting, Donny’s employment of lying about, and misrepresentation of, meetings between himself and subjects of interest, in exactly the same fashion he does currently as “President”.

USFL, New Jersey Generals, 1983-1986. Ending in a anti-trust settlement for which Donald Trump won $3 from the NFL and ended the USFL’s existence. Donny walked away from the wreckage, calling it, “Small potatoes.”

Trump’s Atlantic City Casino Fiasco, 1984-2005 (depending on how one counts the various bankruptcy incarnations). What can be said about this dumpster fire? Financing created through issuance of junk-bonds, of which the devaluation to zero caused the loss of many untold retirements plans. In initial bankruptcies, Donny wrapped up his own personal financial losses in the casinos restructuring, thereby assuring he had no personal losses and also gave himself an annual salary to draw from the shipwreck. Directly competed with himself in the casinos. Countless subcontractors never paid or paid pennies on the dollar, which is standard operating procedure for Donny. Thousands of people lost their jobs. The destruction of Atlantic City, all for Donny’s bottomless ego, is the blueprint for Donald Trump’s destruction of America.

Trump Shuttle, 1989-1992. Donny purchases Twenty planes, that are twenty years old, attempts to upgrade them by adding weighty, gaudy, Trump-style decorations (weight/fuel being the biggest cost), and cut costs by suggesting only two pilots be onboard instead of the three that are required to fucking fly the things. In Trump fashion, attempted to battle with the rival airline, creating facts (lying) of how “unsafe” it was, to the horror of his own employees. Awful lies to tell considering: 1. to suggest an airline is unsafe, is to suggest that any airline could be unsafe. 2. airlines worked together to keep air traffic moving to everyone’s benefit, therefore, making an enemy of your closest competition is utterly idiotic. Donny had no idea what he was doing per usual; completely out of his depth. Bankers took over ownership, as often is the case with Trump businesses that aren’t irretrievably destroyed.

Trump Model Management, 1999-. Oh irony of ironies. Multiple lawsuits and accusations that it broke federal visa laws. The suit alleges that the agency recruits foreign models with promises of wages that never materialize and defrauds the U.S. government on visa applications.

The Apprentice, 2004-2015 A great success for Donny and perhaps the single source of his successful presidential run due to his high profile for low-attention span America. The greatest challenge for producers was editing production to make Donny appear to be coherent.

“He wouldn’t read a script — he stumbled over the words and got the enunciation all wrong,” Walker said. “But off the cuff he delivered the kind of zesty banter that is the lifeblood of reality television.”

Trump University, 2005-2010. A for-profit “learning” center, not accredited. Complete scam. Multiple lawsuits, Attorneys general inquiries. Settled two class action lawsuits, and NY State case for $25 mil. Part of the settlement was the inclusion of the provision that Trump didn’t have to admit any wrong-doing. Approximately 6000 fraud victims.

Trump Mortgage, 2006-2007. Opened at the worst time possible, when real estate was cresting and collapsing. “I think it’s a great time to start a mortgage company,” Trump boasted nonetheless. “The real estate market is going to be very strong for a long time to come.” Was not a lender, but a middleman taking a cut between banks and mortgage seekers. Complete idiocy.

The Trump Network, 2009-2011. A vitamin selling, pyramid scheme.
“They weren’t being able to pay [the lab]. They weren’t paying vendors. They weren’t paying us.” In early 2012, just over two years after it started, the Trump Network was sold to network-marketing company Bioceutica .”  “The Trump Network’s losers were not Donald Trump, but mainly the more than 21,000 people who invested in the company as recruiters, hoping to make it big, swayed entirely by Donald Trump’s promises. “

Donald J. Trump Foundation-charity, 1988-2018. A virtual slush fund of other people’s money for Donny to raid. “Our petition detailed a shocking pattern of illegality involving the Trump Foundation — including unlawful coordination with the Trump presidential campaign, repeated and willful self-dealing, and much more,” Underwood said in a statement. “This amounted to the Trump Foundation functioning as little more than a checkbook to serve Mr. Trump’s business and political interests.”

Trump Golf Courses. These are the vanity projects, much like the wall. And hey, that’s totally cool. If someone is a self-made kabillionaire, go ahead and build a monument to yourself as golf courses are notorious holes in the ground one throws money into. Very hard to run, so how could someone as inept as Donny possibly do it? Without seeing statements and tax returns, we don’t know. It is true that his European courses are seeing an uptick in revenue, what is unclear is if any of them are profitable. What is also unclear is exactly where the $200 mil came from to purchase and upgrade Turnberry? Or where other influxes of cash are originating.

“We know very little about how money flowed into and out of these projects. All of these projects involved specially designated limited-liability companies that are opaque to outside review. We do know that, in the past decade, wealthy oligarchs in the former Soviet Union and elsewhere have seen real-estate investment as a primary vehicle through which to launder money. The problem is especially egregious in the United Kingdom, where some have called the U.K. luxury real-estate industry “a money laundering machine.” Golf has been a particular focus of money laundering. Although the U.K. has strict transparency rules for financial activity within the country, its regulators have been remarkably incurious about the sources of funds coming from firms based abroad. All we know is that the money that went into Turnberry, for example, came from the Trump Organization in the U.S. We—and the British authorities—have no way of knowing where the Trump Organization got that money.” and Trump Magazine, two businesses whose primary purpose was tho promote Trump brands: failed. Trump Ice, Trump Steaks, Trump Vodka– all rebranding of existing products sold at ridiculous prices: failed, failed, failed.


Schwoooo this ended up being kinda long.

Here is a history of Donald Trump’s business career, it’s not all of it, but it’s the core components. It should be clear, Donald Trump has no idea how to run a business. Any business. There is no means by which he will not try to “win”- illegal, immoral or otherwise. he does not care who is destroyed, how many are destroyed, or what the nature of the destruction is.

He sleeps totally fine at night, every night. He is a sociopath, a complete fucking idiot, and he doesn’t care about you.

Dystopian America

Previously I had written about this administration’s various attempts to curb all forms of immigration and the coinciding desires of the Trump administration’s core supporters (racists, the donor/dividend class, and Evangelicals) to discourage immigration due to the inevitable coloring of America and the inability of the current, predominately white population, to reproduce itself.

In this blog post I am going to outline companion legislative attempts to: curb women’s reproductive rights, retard mobility (both geographical and financial mobility), and stifle all forms of education; particularly higher education. This coupled with the above mentioned posts gives shape to the Trump GOP’s ideas about what America should look like.

I am not fond of connect-the-dot conspiracy theories, but I find it difficult to examine the totality of the Trump GOP’s legislative endeavors, and not come to the conclusion that they seek a dystopian America in which the super wealthy get wealthier and the remainder of us are: dumber, poorer, less healthy, and hopefully more white via more pregnancies. This is an ideological America where women are less welcome in the workplace and more welcome in the kitchen, where men are blue collar workers with limited ambitions, and children are conveyor belt commodities feeding the cycle of supporting the weight of an oligarchy couched in nationalistic fervor. A nation poised on the “greatness” of devolving through ever decreasing global relevance and imposed destructive ideology to a back-water fiefdom where family dynasties make one-off deals in the back rooms of gold plated restaurants on fifth avenue.

The Trump administration has long attempted to whitewash or obscure the transmission of generally accepted language of fact, reason, and liberal inclusivity, and they have been largely successful. Here is an extensive list of that which this administration is quietly “disappearing” regarding accessible information and our rights, particularly concerning women and minority rights.

The administration’s position on women’s productive health rights have been well documented since before the Trump regime slithered into office. Their attacks are constant, ongoing, and are formed of the ideology of Trump’s Evangelical base and a general hate/fear of women. Women must be the resposible party and must carry children to term.

Many states are lining up, waiting for the day Roe v Wade is overturned, if that day ever comes. In Alabama, a new “personhood” law was passed as an amendment to their constitution, that may very well make abortion a criminal offense. If this trigger law is ever put in place by a Roe v Wade overturn, you must, by law, have children if pregnant.

The Trump administration, revoked workplace protections for women and the move was passed by GOP congress. They reversed protection guidelines on campus sexual assault. Disbanded the White House Council for Women and Girls. Halted the installation of an Obama Era effort, the Equal Pay Rule, to track workplace pay disparity.

There should not be any confusion regarding Trump’s personal views of women. There has not been one single reported sexual assault or abuse of a woman where Donny did not stand up for the alleged perpetrator whether he actually knew anything about the abuse or not. Women deserve a good pussy grab. That wasn’t locker room talk, that’s a universal truth for Donny. We could write a novel of Donny’s lifetime achievements of objectifying women. I would not pretend that Trump is ideologically aligned with the coalition of miscreants in his base (he is incapable of understanding or adopting in practice any ideology), he simply doesn’t give a fuck as long as he is properly worshiped.

Now, understanding this administration’s sometimes direct and sometimes subtle attempts at enactments to reform the American workplace and culture around their desire for a supportive serfdom capable of sustaining white reproduction, is a little more connect-the-dots and theoretical, but nonetheless, well worth observing for what has been attempted and what is already in place.

The clearest, all-encompassing example of what this administration yearns for, is found in their proposed restructuring of the federal government:
Delivering Government Solutions in the 21st Century: Reform Plan and Reorganization Recommendations.” An idiotic, ill-conceived mess which would have a profound and inestimable effect on our government and every day life, were it to be undertaken. It didn’t receive much coverage, but I did write about it here. I think it’s worth a read. What I would like to extract from my review for this post, is this:

Merge the Dept of Labor with the Dept of Education.


At first blush, this seems entirely insane, and guess what?  It is.  The main concept here is a conveyor belt from k-12 to immediate placement in the workforce, as if that is the singular and only important action of education.  Here, education is viewed as the vehicle by which the “product” is most effectively delivered to it’s end goal: immediate employment and that product is tracked along the way.  Special attention to be paid to “career and technical training”.

Here are some buried tidbits the Trump administration would like to go about quashing involvement with higher education through “efficiencies” in this document:


Consolidation, elimination.  Less complex programs first.

Tax reform: Whereas the purchase of a private jet is now fully deductible, itemizing your state and local taxes, the primary vehicle by which you pay for your public schools, is now greatly limited, which will create downward pressure on your local school’s budgeting. With tax reform, the creation of dynastic family wealth is now in the hands of the crazy rich, but if you want to move because you found a job which might afford you a living wage, the act of moving itself is no longer deductible, so maybe you should stay put. Pass-through businesses, like Donny’s real estate LLC’s, have lower top rates and greater deductions which means the most that any of the crazy rich will pay in these categories is 29.6% total, which is a hella lot less than the 37% people making 500k (600k joint filing) or more have to pay.

The selling point to the average joe in tax reform is how easy it is. You won’t take itemized deductions because now, after you do the math, you realize itemizing is going to lose you money. You won’t be making any itemized deductions for gifts or donations to non profit schools…so you won’t be making any gifts or donations to non profit schools. An estimated 40 million individuals will no longer be taking itemized deductions. Charitable giving is a large part of nonprofit education and these schools are forecasting some serious budget shortfalls.

What simpler tax code endorses, is that in many cases it’s good to have kids, at least until they are 17 when the credit disappears. Maybe you should consider for your kids, 2 year vocational/technical training like they’d receive at a shitty for-profit schools as outlined in this administrations idea about what exactly “higher education” should be. With tuition rates that rise every year, the squeeze “tax reform” will place on nonprofits schools, and with perhaps mom not being entirely welcome in the workforce, maybe, financially, that’s a good idea? Trump likes that idea. So does Education Secretary DeVos.

It is very much worth noting that tax reform also opened 529 College Savings Plans to be used at any point from k-higher learning. So, you know, if your local public schools start to tank, due to budget cuts and lack of public funding via donations, you could always send your kids to a for-profit, private school. I can’t help but to see the nefarious side to what seems a reasonable boon. What if all of those funds have been spent on private, for profit schools, that DeVos greatly favors, before your child reaches 17?


“College tuition continues to soar to record highs, having grown 5% annually for the past ten years. Today a degree from a four-year public college costs approximately $65,000, and $150,000 at a private one, according to the Department of Education.

Just 21% of Americans believe that college is affordable, according to Gallup. That’s a serious threat to Americans’ economic welfare considering that 65% of all jobs in the U.S. economy can be expected to require some college or a degree by 2020, according to the Georgetown Public Policy Institute.

A college education is already a major economic differentiator: the median income of Americans who haven’t gone to college is $36,000, while that of those with a degree is approximately $60,000: 67% higher, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Current Population Survey.”

Coupled with this administration desire for less education and less quality education, is a counter-intuitive wish to keep us less safe and less healthy. This administration constantly attempts to undermine and destabilize the ACA with no apparent replacement is well documented. They also work to make our environment less safe and our well-being worth risking for immediate corporate profits. Perhaps they wish the serfs to be continually concerned for their children’s daily existence as opposed to over-arching concerns about governance. Perhaps, they full realize their ideological America cannot practically exist in the form they imagine, until such a time as an actual oligarchy is installed with a Trump-like candidate as it’s idiot figurehead.

It is for that reason that I would suggest it is better to have in office what may become a congressionally clipped-wing Trump for two years rather than allow a scary theocrat like Pence to ascend to the throne.

What Trump’s Backers Need From You: Have More White Babies

Let’s go ahead and separate out of the equation the disaffected that voted for Trump with their hands thrown up in there air. They wanted to “Try something different,” and “Trump promised we would get…,” and they believed it.

Let’s keep an eye on the easily manipulated and troubling members of the Trump cult that voted for Trump merely because they enjoy “liberal tears” and clearly believe that they are winning so long as others are losing, even if they are losing too. They love seeing asylum seekers terrorized. Love it. These are the frightened sheep lead along by propagandists so easily into racism, sexism, fascism and all the isms we find abhorrent.

We remove the truly politically conservative from any group because they currently exist in no relevant or effectively represented form. That leaves us with three distinct ideological branches of Trump supporters; the ones that control the direction and propaganda of what is now the Trump GOP.

Racists/nationalists, the donor/dividend class, and Evangelicals. They work behind the scenes and in front of the spotlight. They are the propagandists, the financiers, the puller-of-strings, twister-of-arms, and headline news grabbing, creepy ideologues that cause rational people fits of concern.

Sometimes these groups overlap and it is possible for any one person to be a member of all three groups. Sometimes they have nothing to do with each other at all but are merely happy bedfellows. In one area, there is an overlapping vital interest: US population shift- the coloring of America.

What they need from you is simple: have more white babies. Lots and lots of white babies. Is that so hard?

What they don’t need is any migration to the US from a non-white ethnicity, particularly the massive shift at the southern border from migrating single men seeking seasonal employment, to young women/couples with children seeking eventual citizenship via asylum. Nope. No. That’s the antithesis of what they desire. So, you see the “border crisis”, as far as they are concerned, is a real-life, motherfucking crisis of epic proportions.

We know the majority of illegal aliens are actually visa-overstay of which the largest group is Canadians, but until such a time as the GOP donors have their lawyers figure out a way to cordon off the Canadians from everyone else in that group, visa-overstays will never be addressed. Because…you know, that’s white folk right there.

The US has a population problem, even though it continues to grow. Were it not for immigration, we will soon be unable to replace ourselves. At current trends, immigration will be the prime driver of population growth somewhere between 2027 and 2038. That’s in less than ten years. Native born US citizens are approaching a median age of 38 yrs, which is pushing the edge of the ability to replace ourselves.

Here’s a mind-blowing quote from the Pew Charitable Trust’s study on US population shift: “Immigrants are already disproportionately represented in the labor force with a share of about 16%, while they make up about 13% of the overall population. The Pew Research Center has determined that if current immigration trends and birthrates continue, by 2050 virtually all (93%) of the nation’s working age population growth will come from immigrants and their US born children.”

Keep this in mind-migrants have tended to settle in coastal, liberal regions and Texas up until around 25 years ago when they began spreading through all regions of the US. Everywhere. And, well, we need them everywhere considering the above mentioned trends, right? So whats the problem?

The problem for our triad of Trump backers is, where the greatest difficulty for the native born population to reproduce itself is geographically located:

Here is the density of where migrants are settling. See how it is spread out and the center of the nation isn’t quite as scary as it may once have been?

Some bullet points you should read from PCT:

Let’s look at a couple other maps.

Consistency of voting in the last 4 presidential elections which give a firm idea as to ongoing party affiliation.

You see what I’m getting at, right? If immigration tends liberal, and knocks only 3 states out of the middle of the map somewhere between 2027-2050, there goes the electoral college imbalance and the wildly disproportionate amount of power the low-pop states wield for the GOP. No amount of current gerrymandering, voter disenfranchisement, or election rigging is going to save the GOP. None.

If that goes, there goes the GOP backed legislation that makes the donor/dividend class insanely rich and you can bet addressing inequity of wealth distribution is going to be heralded by the Democrats and also a unifying national interest. The donor/dividend class will not be able to erect a new version of the Trump GOP, which they have enjoyed and profited from immensely, because there will not be popular, national support for their candidates right down to the state level.

Racists/nationalists, being what they are, require no further explanation.

How about Evangelicals? Let’s start by saying that all organized religions in the US are bleeding members. Since 1990, Americans that identify with organized religion has almost tripled from 8% to 22%, so there’s that. Congratulations to those that gave up their Space-Santa!

Evangelicals are 76% white and 84% 3rd generation or higher, native born. They vote overwhelming conservative. Although the “conservative” moniker doesn’t matter as much as single-issue voting for Evangelicals. They are greatly concerned with controlling women and their bodies. While voting Trump seems to have paid off handsomely with their viewpoints on abortion taking center stage and Court appointees that would potentially vote to represent their beliefs, more importantly, voting Trump places Evangelicals above “liberal ideals” in what they perceive as a threatening culture war. They despised Obama. Hated.

The culture war is for them, a fight for their “traditional” beliefs in the face of the seemingly all-inclusive, anything goes, liberal viewpoint of society. To that end, Evangelicals sold their make-believe souls to Trumpism. All of Trump’s inadequacies are forgiven and receive a bottomless, jesus-style mulligan, as religion’s gods are created in the form of man.

So long as the fertile women can replace the flock, anti-immigration is totally fine. Native born, non-white ethnicities are already a nonstarter for rebuilding the congregation, as they tend liberal and would not support Evangelical block voting. Immigrants represent a threat to Evangelicals as well because they also tend to lean liberal in voting, and have their own, very strong, religious denominations that would be difficult to absorb. They also happen to be settling in some of the Evangelicals states of highest density and the states where the native born cannot replace themselves.

Evangelicals by state density-

I wouldn’t propose that all Evangelicals are overt racists, but I would argue their full-throated support and subservience to the Trump administration’s evil and exclusionary policies makes all of them tacit supporters of each word of each policy. Their desire to control women and reshape our nation’s “culture” via legislation and the judiciary is anathema to honest “christian” values and their cement-headed decisions will only hasten their rate of contraction. Truly and utterly stupid.

It is for all of these reasons that Trump feeds his followers and backers with the enactments and Presidential decrees they most desire: hate for people of color represented in immigration. This is why the Trump administration has sought to thoroughly destroy immigration to the US as outlined in my recent list of the administration’s ongoing attacks on immigration.

There is also an equally disturbing trend in legislation passed and recommended by Trump’s GOP that clearly is attempting to push the populace to: more pregnancies, less education, and less mobility. Will write about soon.

Trump Admin: We Hate Immigrants (unless they are white)

Every Trump twitterstorm and every new, ill-informed policy initiative from the Trump administration, appears to be a smokescreen to distract from whatever fucked-up thing this administration did on the preceding day. Everything is a shiny bauble created to keep us focused on the devious, magical hands of the carnival barker Trump. Everything.

This includes the sudden, overwhelming need for a border wall, whose construction is needed right now to halt the advancing horde of drug-dealing rapists at the border. If we stay focused on this, perhaps the Democrat controlled House will not be able to advance any meaningful legislation and everyone’s gonna go ahead and forget all about the Mueller investigation. Right? Right.

Let’s not fool ourselves into thinking this administration’s apparent hate of non-whites is a smokescreen. That shit is for real. It’s really happening.

If Donny had his way, every emigre to the US would be a Norwegian scientist (or a Swedish bikini model with an Einstein visa). Sadly, immigration from Europe has been on the decline since the fall of the Russian curtain. But Donny would be happy to know that at one time (1870-1910), Norway sent an astounding 1/4 of it’s working-age population to the US. Donny might not be happy to know they were among Norway’s poorest, least educated and didn’t speak a lick of English.

Currently, Norweigians are most likely to reply to Trump’s extended hand with a solid- thanks, but no thanks.

Donny and his crew would have us believe that they love all immigrants, so long as their immigration is obtained through proper procedure. All are welcome! It is also a desire of the Trump administration to offer further immigration possibilities via a “merit-based” program.

In truth, the Trump administration has done everything possible to obstruct non-whites from obtaining any form of access to the United States. The Muslim ban. Attempts to unravel family migration by limiting to the less family oriented (European) and excluding extended families (more likely African). The desire to end lottery visas, which are by definition diversity visas. The nonsense on the southern border. Even punishing well-educated Indians by making spouses of the super brainy H1-B visas unable to work themselves (despite their high education!) And the idea of merit-based visas are clearly Anglocentric visas by this administration’s guidelines.

Who are the largest portion of illegal immigrants in the US? Visa overstays. Who is the largest population of visa overstay? Canadians. Don’t see any sudden need from the Trump administration to fix that.

The administration’s desire is to forestall the coloring of America. To that end, they must draw down immigration of all forms as quickly and effectively as possible as the vast majority of people seeking entry into the US are non white.

For your reading pleasure, here is every activity I could recall that the Trump administration has enacted or proposed, to keep America white concerning immigration/visa issues. Some of these enactments are not specifically issues of color, but they all are intended to strike fear into the hearts of anyone seeking entry into the US. >

Ongoing. Rapidly chiseling down the amount of people allowed into the country via refugee status, to the smallest numbers possible. Currently, there is no refugee crisis in Europe.

  • Fiscal Year 2017 (Obama mandated numbers): 110,000 allotted, 53,701 accepted by Trump admin.
  • Fiscal Year 2018 (Trump numbers): 45,000 allotted, 22,491 accepted.
  • Fiscal Year 2019 guideline: 30,000 allotted. Now how many do you think are going to be accepted? Ya wanna guess around 20-15k? Me too. What do you think the 2020’s guideline is going to be?
  • The 2019 guideline is broken down by these regions: Africa 11,000; East Asia, 4000; Europe and Central Asia, 3000; Latin America and Caribbean 3,000; Near East and South Asia, 9,000.

This is supported by the Trump administration’s perpetual monkey-wrenching of the process of application for asylum via executive order, which, regardless of any future re-instatements, so disrupts the system that some parts are irrevocably broken. Outlined in my post on Trump’s executive orders.

Ongoing. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) denied 37% more of all forms of immigration (travel documents, work permits, green cards, worker petitions, etc.) in 2018 to the previous year.

Enacted. The Muslim Travel Ban and all of it’s various incarnations.

Proposed by the Trump Administration: The “Public Charge” disqualifier- deny any path to citizenship for anyone whom has received benefits from any government assistance program including the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, or food stamps); Medicaid, Section 8 (housing); Medicare Part D; Women, Infants, and Children (WIC); and Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). This radical shift in policy could affect some 18 million non-citizens and 9 million children who are U.S. citizens.

Currently in court. H-4 visas disallow spouses of H1-B high tech visas from working. Overwhelmingly Indian women- majority professional degrees. No economic justification for this move. These types of arbitrary decisions are entirely created to punish immigrant families and could force high tech companies to move some operations overseas. Approximately 100,000 affected.

Enacted. Removal of Visas for same sex spouses of UN Diplomatic workers. On the grounds they are not legally married, when they cannot, in fact, get married in their country of origin because same sex marriages are not recognized. 105 families.

Enacted. Ending Temporary Protection Status granted primarily to 6 nations. These aren’t recognized refugees, they are people determined to be in danger if returned to their nation of origin. If you’ve ever worked in the restaurant industry, you are fully aware of who these people are as you’ve seen their work permits and had a goddamn heart attack once or twice a year waiting to see if their TPS is renewed. Hardest working people I know. 740,000 people estimated affected. Deportations underway. Current numbers-

Ongoing. Complete disruption of the asylum process from the Southern border. Whereas this administration states that they are full supporters of people legally entering the country, their actions with the asylum application process shows exactly the opposite desire in no uncertain terms. Bullet points on their efforts to dismantle the process for seeking asylum are so vast, that I need to make another page just to list them all.

This includes the administration’s efforts to forcibly backlog and clusterfuck legal ports of entry and attempt to declare any otherwise illegal entry as an immediate revocation of the ability to ever apply for asylum, thereby banning asylum claims entirely. Don’t fucking tell me that was not part and parcel of a manufactured crisis.

Proposed. Deportation of any Vietnamese non-citizen convicted of committing any crime. This of course was already a possibility but now it is to include those that came before 1995. Those Vietnamese were here before normalized relationships between US-Vietnam and would include those whom would be viewed as enemies of the state of Vietnam and treated as such despite a previous accord between the US and Vietnam that no such deportation would occur.

Ongoing. The administration’s threats or failed enactments whose goals are to instill fear, disrupt or break the processes of obtaining visas or various paths to citizenship, and terrorize individuals and communities:

  1. Threat to alter the 14th amendment regarding birthright citizenship.
  2. Allowing Military Accessions Vital to National Interest (MAVNI) fast track to citizenship to lapse creating uncertainty. 500 enlisted military removed form the US.
  3. Creation of a U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) task force to reexamine all previous greencard applications in search of any discrepancies with the intent of pursuing denaturalization for certain cases and stripping naturalized citizens of their status.
  4. Repeated threats to end family-based migration (referred to as chain migration.)
  5. repeated threats to end the visa lottery.
  6. Executive Orders monkey-wrenching all processes and procedures regardless of which or how people are re-instated or when order is restored.
  7. Fear and uncertainty in DACA status.
  8. Child separation at the border for the sole purpose of absolutely terrifying would be asylum seekers.
  9. Backing up, metering, and just generally clusterfucking legal ports of entry with the sole purpose of manufacturing a crisis with the hope that violence breaks out. I wrote about this here-
  10. Attempts to rig the 2020 census to both instill fear in all immigrants, legal or otherwise, and create ways in which to under-fund and under-represent states with more progressive immigration policies.
  11. Multiple enactments by the DOJ to speed-up, set quotas for, limit continuances, and rapidly discharge immigration court judge’s dockets for hearing all applications at the expense of due process.
  12. Use of ICE as stormtroopers to terrorize the immigrant populace (legal or otherwise) and their friends, communities, and those that house or employ them.
  13. Stripping Hispanic Americans of their US passports that were born near the US-Mexico border-
  14. Donny Trump’s continual demonization of immigrants as drug-dealing, rapist, gang members from his position as “president”.