Murder in Portland, Trump’s Civil Unrest Dream Becoming Reality

The Trump administration announced Donald Trump will be visiting Kenosha, Wisconsin on Tuesday, September 2nd, in response to the unrest following the shooting of Jacob Blake. Unrest which involved organized protests, vandalism, destruction, and the murder of 2 people and injuring of another by stupid kid, Kyle Rittenhouse, thinking he was doing the righteous work that Donald Trump and the alt-right requested.

Trump’s visit is *not* to examine the causes of unrest or seek a resolution. No. The visit is to commend the police force and survey any damage done by rioting. Donald Trump does not want an end to the violence. He wants more of the violence. It is most likely he will not directly address, or address at any meaningful length, either the murders, or the causes of unrest in Kenosha, but will instead endorse the “tremendous” use of federal and local authorities to quell dissension. I fully expect that later, in a more comfortable cult setting, Donny will voice tacit approval of militias and/or individual gun owners taking the law into their own hands. One way or another, he will do it. This will happen.

Why? Because it suits his goals.

Antifa is BLM. BLM is all protestors. All protestors are extreme lefties. The extreme left runs the Democratic Party, therefore, we cannot elect a Democrat as President. True fact. If it takes a civil war to protect Donny’s rightful position as President, well then, that’s what should happen.

I had written of my concern recently; my fear that this is where the past events were cumulatively leading us, and it seems after tonight, we may have arrived.

Alt-right knucklehead, Joey Gibson also showed up in Portland tonight with his Patriot Prayer mob and ended up getting chased into a gas station where he wisely hid.

And…well, someone got shot and killed in Portland tonight. This video is a little rough, in both quality and content. I want to say, it appears to me, the guy in the white shirt, casually crosses street, shot dead a random person, and ran away. I want to say that because that is sure what it looks like. The video is very odd. Everything about it is odd. From the seeming non reaction of the guy who just happened to be there to shoot the video, to the inexplicable casualness of the skateboarder who literally rolled right into a crime scene as it was happening.

I also want to say, this event appears to be so random, I cannot attribute it to either protestors or the Trump truck brigade, but the thing is, that doesn’t matter. It is the violence itself in association to the left-right divide that is all that matters. It serves to prove whichever point is made most forcefully and effectively. And those points will be made, I promise you. It is similar to Kyle Rittenhouse’s murders. We don’t have all the facts in that case yet, but that doesn’t matter. The course was set as soon as it happened.

It is not only acceptable for Trump followers to wade into protestors, armed and looking for trouble, it’s required. This is how things must be. Protestors must take the appropriate counter-measures. They might as well be armed too. Be ever vigilant.

Now, if it turns out that the man who was shot and killed in Portland tonight, was wearing a BLM tee-shirt, or is similarly associated with the movement, or if he’s a member of the Trump truck brigade or “Patriot” group, well then, it’s on. Let’s start a civil war.

RNC Party Platform 2020: The RNC is Super Enthusiastic

What a strange document. It’s one page. The RNC 2020 Party Platform is only one page. The RNC 2016 Platform was 66 pages and fairly specific in it’s direction. Some complained at the time, it was too specific as in: In the weeds. The 2020 Platform suffers no such digressions.

It’s one page.

The RNC attributes the lack of an actual platform, to limitations caused by Covid-19, whereas the DNC had no trouble compiling an 80 page document, because, you know- computers, telecommunications, and the internet are a real thing. The RNC would like to state, however, that their failure to formulate a plan is in fact a reflection of the shortcomings of “the media” and Obama, and whatever you do, do not question the RNC’s unwavering support for Donny Trump.

To which facts of policy should the media be referring, when reporting in an unbiased fashion? The facts of the 2016 RNC Platform which the RNC hasn’t even bothered to state? Or, the facts of the moment, when Donny opens his mouth or sends off a tweet? Are those the appropriate facts? Or, is it possible, that there is no such thing as facts, but merely beliefs, which by their nature, are unerringly true to the one stating them?

There is truly only one point to the RNC 2020 Platform. That is, the RNC is Donald Trump. Donald Trump is the RNC. This is not to be questioned. What is resolved in this platform, is that the RNC enthusiastically supports Donald Trump. No actual platform will be offered until 2024. Whatever was written in the 2016 platform, that’s what the platform is. Oddly, the only stated intent of the party platform outside of enthusiasm and inaction, is a directive for how the media shall cover the RNC’s enthusiastic support of Donald Trump. How fucking odd.

What type of governing principle is the observation of how others cover one’s own level of enthusiasm? Now, is this actually a call for commitment from “the media” to properly cover each member of the RNC’s level of enthusiasm, or a restatement and warning to RNC members that they ought to be very, very enthusiastic?

No, the RNC need not formulate anything new, or delineate that which they state they adhere to in the 2016 platform. There is no need to revisit that document, or amend its points, or update their accomplishments, or in fact state there exists any platform because:

Putting words to paper is fluffery. It is “political rhetoric.” They shall abide by their “policy priorities” as they are stated, at any given point in time, from the gaping maw of the “royal we” of the RNC: Donny Trump. “I would like you to do us a favor though,” is a policy …just now.

Should the RNC care to revisit their supposed governing principles from 2016, I would hope they clean up sections like this one:


Full Document:

Trump’s America: Civil Unrest

I was beginning to close out my evening, last night, with this worry around the edges. Running through scenarios in my mind, drawn from a collage of unrelated scenes of atypical violent actions during protests.


-“Umbrella Man” pretends to be a BLM protestor, vandalizes a store in Minneapolis in order to incite further violence and strong reactions from police.

-The nightly Portland protests occasionally feature over-aggression that is declared a riot in an attempt to quell a snowball affect of total civil unrest. Last night, during Portland protests, Garrick Fernbaugh, an ex CIA special ops and Navy SEAL trainer wearing night vision apparently chucked no-frag pipe bombs at police and protesters in Portland, in an attempt to force confrontation to the next level. This is super creepy:

-Yesterday, during an organized march in support of police in Fort Collins, Utah, some counter-protestors were forced backwards by an overwhelming gang of rednecks, and beaten to a pulp in a goddamn ditch. This report has the stream of the event on it. It would have been an otherwise peaceful march, that seemed to have some good conversations between protestors and counter protestors, but this gang of motorcycle rednecks had a different idea about how this should go down.

There appears to be a growing ecosystem of paramilitary vigilantes creating all manner of nonsensical propaganda about the left…which targets folks already hopped-up on their daily Fox News diet about the coming end-days if Democrats win the White House and Senate.

Unconstrained Analytics.

American Contingency with garbage like this; the need to “help” police protect our American way:

-When I originally saw this black militia group, heavily armed and marching at Stone Mountain, Georgia, I was….disturbed. Personally, I don’t like guns at all. I don’t like to see people marching with guns on the streets of America. I don’t like any guns, period- so there’s that. But, the culmination of this march ending with one of their leaders daring any white-nationalist militia to come out and have a confrontation with them, is far beyond what I can accept. It’s neither thoughtful nor likely to solve any problems. As a matter of fact, it would be the opposite of a solution.

Now…I just finished watching about 5 hours straight of the out of control riots in Chicago.

I’m so tired, I should have gone to bed a long time ago, but I wanted to write this now.

I’m really concerned.

This wanton looting and destruction of Chicago is a nightmare. A nightmare of the first order. We’re not talking about protestors; we aren’t even talking about the downtrodden, crushed under Donald Trump’s version of America. Donald Trump led our country to this, but these thousands of looters did not need to follow.

I’ve just watched hours of streams, and I can accurately report to you, these are not protestors. They are not BLM, hell, they aren’t even pretend Antifa. These are opportunists getting some free stuff while they break, vandalize, and destroy everything in their paths, and it’s one big fucking laugh-riot party to them.


If you like, watch this sad stream from a guy riding around on his bike, documenting the insanity.

I saw several streams the looters themselves were streaming. How fucking stupid do you have to be? This twitter dude capped from a Facebook stream (I don’t mind typing the name of the original streamer, because I was watching that one, she’s the idiot that streamed it on Facebook -Taeshia Rochon).

Every stream I saw, everyone was super casual about the mayhem they were either witnessing or participating in.

Did I say that I was really concerned?

I am concerned this is going to snowball. This is exactly…exactly what Trump wants.

Do we need the National Guard in Chicago now? Is this what we are going to do? Are we in an endless series of escalation met with further escalation? Maybe now citizen activists participating, in either covert operations or overt militias, is really starting to make sense, to not just the alt-right, but maybe the left too?

Maybe this is too much connect-the-dots, but I have a bad feeling. Even with voter suppression, Russian help, and undermining the the postal system, I am still confident Donald Trump cannot win re-election, but what if he doesn’t have to win it to succeed? This madness is the ultimate expression of Donald Trump’s America. It’s his masterpiece of failed businesses.


Update: This is why I give liberals a hard time for over-reacting to initial claims/feelings. I take this tweet with a grain of salt too, but it does illustrate how emotions get the better of liberals too often. Of course the looters weren’t concerned with facts one way or the other. To them, this was merely cover.

Trump Wins in Portland

What happened was, the federal forces stopped interacting with protestors. That’s what happened at the Federal Courthouse. Whatever stormtroopers still remain, are the FPS employees that already had jobs at the courthouse before the rollout, and the unknown, unseen amount of PACT forces that stay holed-up at the Edith Green – Wendell Wyatt Federal Building the next block up.

What happened was, the State troopers, whom were supposed to take-up the arduous task of battling with the violent anarchists, haven’t been spotted in front of the courthouse in the 5 days since the Feds left…because there is nothing for them to police. Unless, you count the badass game of pickup basketball in front of the Courthouse last night.

The protests have reverted to what they were, which was small peaceful protest. Most of the action now, is with the local police over at the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office, the original organization that was the focus of the Portland protest’s ire.

As a refresher, the protests in front of the Justice Center, which is next to the Federal Courthouse, were practically nonexistent when the stormtroopers rolled in. The actions of those federal forces is what drew attention to the Federal Courthouse. No one cared about the Federal Courthouse prior to their arrival, as detailed in this post.

What “Trump won” wasn’t in Portland. It was a small piece of a national narrative he created along with his DHS political operative and campaign employees, Acting Secretary Chad Wolf and Acting Deputy Secretary Ken Cuccinelli. That is, the nonsensical belief that the the BLM movement is synonymous with the shadowy organization Antifa, as outlined in this post.

Similarly, what has also been semi-successful as a narrative, is that BLM is a large, national, Marxist organization, with the stated beliefs in violent confrontation, removing all symbols of national “heritage”, and disintegration of all police forces. Which will of course lead to loss of “our” identity, and total anarchy.

Whereas the founders of the BlackLivesMatter hashtag, may in fact have had some Marxist beliefs, they don’t run a national organization. They created a loose network with some chapters, which are run entirely independent with basic, similar ideologies, but no comparable statements or tenants. Of the 13 listed US chapters:

1. 2+the founders organization, list defund the police (which is not abolish police).

2. 5 chapters haven’t update their sites in forever: DC-2018, Denver-2015, Nashville-2016, Philly-2018. Southbend-2019. I’m going to guess they aren’t particularly active.

3. Only 2 list a series of specific goals/demands: Chicago’s are all exclusively about local Chicago issues (housing, funding, policing, etc), and LA’s list is exclusively in response to local Covid-19 issues.

4. Memphis, State of Michigan, and NYC are just Facebook pages.

Somewhere between 15 million and 26 million people took part in Black Lives Matter movement protests since the death of George Floyd. These would be the largest protests in the history of the United States. How many of those people could guess at the existence of an actual, legal, entity called Black Lives Matter Global Foundation, Inc., would probably be an incredibly small fraction. How many of those have any affiliation with any of its chapters would also be incredibly small and few could even guess chapters exist.

The closest the vast majority of people come to an organization, is a generalized understanding of the hashtag and the “movement”. They know literally nothing about any organization. Only a few could profess to champion whatever beliefs, code, or list of demands a chapter might have, if any. The protestors no more represent a national organization than the creators of the hashtag are familiar with any random person who is protesting.

To ascribe whatever actions a protestor or group of protestors might take “in the name of a BLM movement’s march”, to a national organization (that doesn’t exist), is as ridiculous and logic-defying as scolding an anti-abortionist with, “I can’t believe the Roman Catholic Church, via the Illuminati, stands behind firebombing abortion clinics. The shame! I HATE THE POPE!”

It makes no sense.

Hopefully, the current marches result in some police reform at the local level, if nothing else. This may prove to be fruitful. It would be sad if the majority of the impact is merely removal of statues, which although important, is not the overarching goal of the BLM movement as we understand it, or as outlined by any chapter of the loose coalition, or original entity BLM.

The BLM movement, in the form of recent protests, wanted important local and serious national reform. Reform that seemed, for a moment, obtainable in the House passed HR7120. A bill which Debbie Lesko (R. Arizona), the Roseanne Barr of the House, could only respond to with “All lives matter,” and a bill which the Senate promises to never pick up. Even the Senate’s watered-down bill appears to be DOA.

So you see, what Trump did win, was the GOP goal the whole time. The death of any progressive advancement in the issue, similar to every single progressive bill that dies to Senate indifference, competing narratives, confusion, and decay caused by the passing of time.

Donald Trump said: “If nothing happens with it, it’s one of those things. We have different philosophies.”

Promise of the Portland Protests

It was inevitable that the deployment of Federal forces in Portland, as an avenue by which to generate propaganda for the Trump campaign, was unsustainable. Unsustainable in both the requirement for Federal forces to address constitutional and Oregon statute constraints, and the inertia created by unavoidable lawsuits and restraining orders generated from them.


Furthermore, what has already transpired is not gone. ACLU’s won restraining order against the Federal Government in regard to treatment of press and legal observers, does not disappear from having been issued in the time it did cover, even when that temporary order ceases. ACLU may still revisit that order and bring new suit for the Fed braking that order within the temporary time limit.

The facts are not undone.

Also, the new ACLU case I mentioned at the bottom of this blog post, regarding Portland’s unconstitutional use of surveillance, was as easily to decide as I surmised, resulting in another restraining order. Which dovetails nicely into the predicament the Federal government is likely to find itself in for similar activity. That is a very large story.

Let us not forgot Acting Deputy Secretary (and clearly- full-time campaign aide), Ken Cuccinelli’s interest in the Portland surveillance issue, as he had a vested interest in using that feed to gather information himself.

His (lack of) understanding of how First Amendment rights are applied in the case is frightening.

The current situation at the Federal Courthouse in Portland is this: The federal forces have not come out since it was declared to be up to the State to police the area. It is argued as to whether the PACT forces are still inside the building or at another location in Portland. Of course, components of PACT are still within the courthouse in regards to FPS still having their primary duties to serve.

Neither have the State Police shown themselves. Or Portland police, except during the day. There has been no policing of the protest area except by the protestors themselves. This has manifested occasionally in putting out a fire someone else attempts to start or a more aggressive, over-the-bullhorn, “Knock that shit the fuck off!”

I can not overstate how important this organic, unplanned commandeering of the fence as a prop is in the battle for local and national narrative. I’m afraid the protestors are unaware of the effect of this.

The use of the fence as their own personal backdrop is not only a declaration of victory, it is bold statement of finality and indifference to a presence they were assured to defeat. It softens the ugliness of what is left behind and draws distinction to the graffiti and mess on the other side of the fence that the Stromtroopers never had any intention of protecting or returning to its original form.

Tonight and tomorrow night will be the big challenge. The pivotal nights. This is it. I pray to God the protestors understand what it is they have already done and continue this pattern, times infinity.

Adorn that fence with your declarations, tokens, trinkets, squeaky pigs, and flowers. It is nothing more than a backdrop and a vehicle for your message. Co-opt their propaganda symbol, as the right so often does to you in co-opting your messaging. Make it your own and turn your backs to the building behind you.

This will not only strengthen your newly formed ownership of the symbol, it will serve to remind your fellow demonstrators that your focus is on the demonstration, not the building.

If Trump, DHS, and DOJ do indeed attempt to deploy their Stormtroopers somewhere else, the nation will now have a game-plan for how to defeat it and turn its ugliness on itself.