Trump’s America: Civil Unrest

I was beginning to close out my evening, last night, with this worry around the edges. Running through scenarios in my mind, drawn from a collage of unrelated scenes of atypical violent actions during protests.


-“Umbrella Man” pretends to be a BLM protestor, vandalizes a store in Minneapolis in order to incite further violence and strong reactions from police.

-The nightly Portland protests occasionally feature over-aggression that is declared a riot in an attempt to quell a snowball affect of total civil unrest. Last night, during Portland protests, Garrick Fernbaugh, an ex CIA special ops and Navy SEAL trainer wearing night vision apparently chucked no-frag pipe bombs at police and protesters in Portland, in an attempt to force confrontation to the next level. This is super creepy:

-Yesterday, during an organized march in support of police in Fort Collins, Utah, some counter-protestors were forced backwards by an overwhelming gang of rednecks, and beaten to a pulp in a goddamn ditch. This report has the stream of the event on it. It would have been an otherwise peaceful march, that seemed to have some good conversations between protestors and counter protestors, but this gang of motorcycle rednecks had a different idea about how this should go down.

There appears to be a growing ecosystem of paramilitary vigilantes creating all manner of nonsensical propaganda about the left…which targets folks already hopped-up on their daily Fox News diet about the coming end-days if Democrats win the White House and Senate.

Unconstrained Analytics.

American Contingency with garbage like this; the need to “help” police protect our American way:

-When I originally saw this black militia group, heavily armed and marching at Stone Mountain, Georgia, I was….disturbed. Personally, I don’t like guns at all. I don’t like to see people marching with guns on the streets of America. I don’t like any guns, period- so there’s that. But, the culmination of this march ending with one of their leaders daring any white-nationalist militia to come out and have a confrontation with them, is far beyond what I can accept. It’s neither thoughtful nor likely to solve any problems. As a matter of fact, it would be the opposite of a solution.

Now…I just finished watching about 5 hours straight of the out of control riots in Chicago.

I’m so tired, I should have gone to bed a long time ago, but I wanted to write this now.

I’m really concerned.

This wanton looting and destruction of Chicago is a nightmare. A nightmare of the first order. We’re not talking about protestors; we aren’t even talking about the downtrodden, crushed under Donald Trump’s version of America. Donald Trump led our country to this, but these thousands of looters did not need to follow.

I’ve just watched hours of streams, and I can accurately report to you, these are not protestors. They are not BLM, hell, they aren’t even pretend Antifa. These are opportunists getting some free stuff while they break, vandalize, and destroy everything in their paths, and it’s one big fucking laugh-riot party to them.


If you like, watch this sad stream from a guy riding around on his bike, documenting the insanity.

I saw several streams the looters themselves were streaming. How fucking stupid do you have to be? This twitter dude capped from a Facebook stream (I don’t mind typing the name of the original streamer, because I was watching that one, she’s the idiot that streamed it on Facebook -Taeshia Rochon).

Every stream I saw, everyone was super casual about the mayhem they were either witnessing or participating in.

Did I say that I was really concerned?

I am concerned this is going to snowball. This is exactly…exactly what Trump wants.

Do we need the National Guard in Chicago now? Is this what we are going to do? Are we in an endless series of escalation met with further escalation? Maybe now citizen activists participating, in either covert operations or overt militias, is really starting to make sense, to not just the alt-right, but maybe the left too?

Maybe this is too much connect-the-dots, but I have a bad feeling. Even with voter suppression, Russian help, and undermining the the postal system, I am still confident Donald Trump cannot win re-election, but what if he doesn’t have to win it to succeed? This madness is the ultimate expression of Donald Trump’s America. It’s his masterpiece of failed businesses.


Update: This is why I give liberals a hard time for over-reacting to initial claims/feelings. I take this tweet with a grain of salt too, but it does illustrate how emotions get the better of liberals too often. Of course the looters weren’t concerned with facts one way or the other. To them, this was merely cover.

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