Nothing Trumps a Trumpublican’s Feelings

There is nothing more important than a Trumpublican’s feelings. For them, and for you too. Their feelings weigh exactly the same as your facts. Equally applicable and equally valid. Trumpublican’s feelings are facts because they give rise to firmly held beliefs. If enough people have the same persistent, strong feeling, that represents an indisputable fact backed by the empirical evidence of a shared belief.

That’s why the 2020 presidential election results should have been overturned by either Congressional action or insurrection, because Trumpublicans have the feeling the results weren’t correct. They can’t be correct. Trumpublicans, in their unshakeable support of every post election legal action, will bounce from one state to another, from one case to another, and from one affidavit to another, because individual instances of “proof” don’t matter. They’re all equally utilizable until they aren’t. They are all representative of the groundswell of shared belief rooted in their feelings of dissatisfaction, hurt, and anger.

Ted Cruz will tell you, 39% of Americans believe the result was rigged. If that belief isn’t respected, that would be a “profound threat to democracy.”

We see the Trumpublican assertion that their feelings are of pre-eminent import in legislation and legal action and realize these moves are an extension of their fear of losing the “culture wars”. A war they created and perpetually lose.

In many states that have already passed nebulous anti-CRT legislation, the predicate for action is, how someone feels.

Texas‘ anti-CRT legislation: …any individual should feel discomfort, guilt, anguish, or any other form of psychological distress on account of his or her race or sex.

Tennessee’s anti-CRT legislation: An individual should feel discomfort, guilt, anguish, or another form of psychological distress solely because of the individual’s race or sex

Iowa’s anti-CRT legislation: That any individual should feel discomfort, guilt, anguish, or any other form of psychological distress on account of that individual’s race or sex.

Oklahoma’s anti-CRT legislation: any individual should feel discomfort, guilt, anguish or any other form of psychological distress on account of his or her race or sex.

How someone was made to feel.

Why is it presumed that children are incapable of feeling empathy? Why would one presume a child would identify with the oppressor and not the oppressed? Who is responsible for teaching a child the tools by which they construct their emotional being, a parent or a teacher? Who should be responsible for that?

Which parent is likely to use the predicate of their child’s feelings for action against a teacher and school district? Probably the parent that taught their children to feel hurtsies when oppression is discussed. Probably a parent that instructed their child against empathy and to be on guard for lessons in inclusion and justice. Probably a parent more than happy to punch themselves in the face in order to “own the libs”.

Almost every post-election court action taken by Trumpublicans are based on the fact-free legitimacy of their feelings. King v Whitmer, Case No. 20-cv-13134, has evolved into a sanction case against the cadre of Kraken Lawyers: Sidney Powell, the weeping boo-boo faced Julia Haller, Lin “I didn’t have anything to do with this” Wood, Et al. The judge (extremely, almost maddeningly, patient judge) picked apart the ridiculous affidavits upon which they based their case. The affidavits were speculative and fact free.

Read the whole court transcript. It’s funny and extremely irritating. You’ll have insight into the garbage the courts have been dealing with.

From King v Whitmer:

THE COURT: All right. I want to point everyone’s attention to the next affidavit, which is the Ciantar – certainly, I’m certain I botched this person’s name. I apologize. I will spell it. It is C-i-a-n-t-a-r, set forth at ECF Number 6-7 at Page ID 1312-14. There it is right there. And the amended complaint states that Mr. Ciantar, independent — “independently witnessed,” while walking his dog, a young couple deliver three to four large plastic clear bags that appeared to be, “express bags,” as reflected in photographs taken contemporaneously, to a U.S. postal vehicle waiting. The use of clear express bags is consistent with the — there’s a whistleblower complaint that’s been referenced in the context of this lawsuit. I have not ever seen any underlying documents, but it’s a whistleblower suit by a U.S. Postal Service worker, Jonathan Clark. Putting aside the fact that Plaintiffs have not provided any evidence, as I just stated, regarding the postal service whistleblower claim, here are a few excerpts from the Ciantar affidavit which are now on the screen.

“I witnessed a young couple pull into the parking lot
of post office and proceed to exit their van, had no markings,
and open up the back hatch and proceed to take three to four
very large clear plastic bags out and walk them over to a
running postal service vehicle that appeared as if it was
‘waiting’ for them.”

Let me go further. “There was no interaction between
the couple and any postal service employee, which I felt was
very odd. They did not walk inside the post office like a
normal customer to drop off mail. It was as if the postal
worker was told to meet and stand by until these large bags

“As you can see in the pictures,” the affidavit goes
on to say, “the bags were clear plastic with markings in black
on the bag, and on the inside of these clear bags was another
plastic bag that was not clear, could not see what was inside.
There were markings on the clear bag and what looked like a
black security zip tie on each bag, as if it were tamper
evident, as if it were a tamper type of device to secure the
bag. This looked odd. What I witnessed and considered that
what could be in those bags could be ballots
going to the TCF
Center or coming from the TCF Center.”

THE COURT: Now, this is quite a — I don’t — I don’t think I’ve really ever seen an affidavit that has made so many leaps. This is really fantastical. So my question to counsel here is: How can you, as officers of the Court, present this type of an affidavit? This is pure — is there anything in here that’s not speculative, other than the fact that the individual saw individuals with plastic bags? They don’t know what were in them, happened to be located at the post office, and then there’s a leap made there. Someone answer that question for the Court.

MS. HALLER: Yes, your Honor. The witness is stating or setting forth exactly what he observed and his information that he bases it on and he includes pictures.


MS. HALLER: He does not say more. He does not say less than what he knows to be true. It is a true affidavit. It is a person with some information, and he is setting forth that information. When we put the case together, we put forth a pattern of evidence that shows fraud. So it’s a pattern of evidence that comes together, and this is one piece of a pattern. He is testifying, in his sworn statement, as to what he knows to be true. He saw these plastic bags. He’s explaining what he saw, and he takes pictures of them.

THE COURT: Okay. (repeatedly judge ends discussion on individual affidavits with, “Okay, moving on…”)

MS. HALLER: I would submit, your Honor, that it’s not fantastical. It’s simply what he knew to be true.

This affidavit is the highest example of the Trumpublican thought process. It is the ultimate expression of feelings turned speculation. If something could be true— it must be, particularly (exclusively) if it aligns with a Trumpublican’s feelings.

The affidavit is a representation of what the observer felt to be true. He’s telling his truth. Surely this weighs something in a court of law. The judge repeatedly, over the course of hours, quizzed the Kraken lawyers, how does believing it, make it true or even reasonable? How is this representative of a theory to the case? Where is the due diligence?

Sidney Powell was probably the most intelligent Kraken lawyer in this case— because she said next to nothing the whole time, which was wise. But, she did defend the importance of the affidavits by stating:

The very fact that we attached 960 pages of affidavits reflect how seriously we took this matter, how concerned we were about the constitutional issues that we raised on behalf of electors, who are, themselves, mentioned in the Constitution.

In other words, it is the sheer, literal weight of the words that are self-validating. If enough people feel it, well…it only follows it is true. Judge answers this assertion:

THE COURT: All right. Well, let me say volume, certainly for this Court, doesn’t equate with legitimacy or veracity. So please understand that is certainly my position.


In the more recent, and equally insane election lawsuit in Colorado, brought against a massive, make-believe conspiracy of defendants on behalf of all American voters for $160 Billion in damages, the judge has dismissed the case for the same reasons as above case which resulted in seeking sanctions against the Plaintiff’s representation.

Judge Neureiter: This Court dismissed the entire case for lack of standing on April 28, 2021

Note to self: every time a Trumpublican says election lawsuits were dismissed merely for lack of standing as if that were an unjust technicality, that doesn’t reflect the nature of the dismissal. Courts are not obligated to hear what appears to be fact-free innuendo and speculation, even if they are predisposed to plaintiff’s bringing a case. And, when they did hear post election lawsuits, they often dismissed them on that very basis, as in this case and the one above. They did observe the affidavits. They were garbage. All of them. Every one.

I use the words “vast conspiracy” purposefully. The Complaint is one enormous conspiracy theory.

In short, this was no slip-and-fall at the local grocery store. Albeit disorganized and fantastical, the Complaint’s allegations are extraordinarily serious and, if accepted as true by large numbers of people, are the stuff of which violent insurrections are made.

But that’s the point. If enough people believe it, it must be true. If it’s true, than an insurrection is just. Obviously.

The personal affidavits Plaintiffs attached to the original Complaint recount the generalized fear and suspicion that the “system” is rigged, and a sense that American democracy no longer works. The affidavits are notable only in demonstrating no firsthand knowledge by any Plaintiff of any election fraud, misconduct, or malfeasance. Instead, Plaintiffs’ affidavits are replete with conclusory statements about what must have happened during the election and Plaintiffs’ “beliefs” that the election was corrupted, presumably based on rumors, innuendo, and unverified and questionable media reports.

This case too, shall find itself in sanctions against the plaintiff’s representation. This is a necessary action to teach Trumpublicans, your feelings are not facts. Hopefully this will dissuade future legal actions in 2022. We’ve arrived at our last lines of defense.

Who’s to Blame for Delta Spread? Trumpublicans Say Foreigners

Axios-Ipsos’ latest report from polling for opinions on the vaccine and spread of Covid19, did have some good news.

Those resistant to the idea of getting the jab are increasingly isolated into a separate, dwindling class. That’s good news. The “Very, Somewhat likely” have clearly transferred into the “Already vaccinated” class over time as well as some of the more unlikely. Of course these numbers don’t represent actual vaccinated numbers. It’s a poll.

What is perplexing about the data from this poll, is who is to blame for the recent surge, according to those whom took this ranked poll.

The “Vaccinated” class, overwhelmingly selects the unvaccinated as the cause of the recent spread of Covid19. Ding, ding, ding. Those that remain unvaccinated worldwide, are the variant incubators for the current, and possible forthcoming, spread of Covid19.

It is unfair to blame just Trumpublicans for the spread of the variant, however, the same people in this pool blame everyone other than themselves— foremost being foreigners and mainstream media, so I’m going to go ahead and make the correlation, as the idiocy is self-declaring. So for the sake of this pool, I find the “unvaccinated” and Trumpublicans to be mostly representative of the same class. To them, the largest class responsible for the spread of Covid19 are foreigners, and the least responsible are conservative media and the unvaccinated themselves. “Americans traveling abroad” are the second most responsible. Somehow, the “mainstream media” are the third most responsible for the current wave of Covid19.

There is a perverse logic to foreigners and American travelers being responsible for the spread of the Delta variant of Covid19, as it was first identified in India. Therefore, for it to spread, people had to travel. Right? It would then follow that those relying on this argument would be the same people demanding everyone get vaccinated and undertake social distancing and masking protocol. But that isn’t the case, as the unvaccinated are among the least responsible for the spread of the variant. In other words, there just needs to be someone else to blame but no action needs to follow.

Also in support of foreigners being responsible for the spread of Covid19, would be the latest fear-mongering story making the rounds, of immigrants at the southern border spreading the variant. Which one would think, again, implies that everyone should be vaccinated and follow social distancing protocol, but that isn’t the case. It is the mere existence and presence of foreigners that created the spread.

How the “mainstream media” is responsible for the spread of Covid19, I haven’t a clue. I guess maybe CNN and MSNBC reporting the topic nightly, made Trumpublicans dig their heals in further? According to Jeanine Pirro over at Fox, Biden is responsible, because of unvaccinated people at the border (Not responsible for the spread of the variant), and her logic is, we aren’t going to mask up and social distance to protect foreigners. HELL NO! ‘Murica! The same Judge Jeanine that refused to take the vaccine and called masks “dehumanizing” and frightening.

One would think, the spread of the variant would be particularly bad news for Trumpublican darling, Ron Desantis. Tim Miller points out in his excellent review of the above poll, that that is not likely the case. His take reaffirms what this poll says, to Trumpublicans, everyone other than themselves are responsible for Covid19’s spread.

In fact, I would propose the exact opposite: The worse things get in Florida, the better it is for DeSantis’s political future.

For a number of reasons:

  • Every time DeSantis is criticized by the media, it helps him.
  • Every additional death is evidence that he didn’t cave to “the lockdowns.”
  • The more people who die on his watch, the greater a testament it is to his fidelity to the cause of modern conservatism. It proves that he’s not some RINO cuck like Mike DeWine.
  • If people really believe that COVID is the fault of foreigners, then the bigger the death toll, the more aggrieved DeSantis can be by how these nefarious foreigners hurt his state.

Let me tell you, right now, what the line will be:

Nothing bad happened in Florida. It’s all just a bunch of lies from the liberal media who want to hurt Ron DeSantis. And if anything did happen, then DeSantis did what he did because he’s a patriot who believes in freedom and keeping the economy strong. And it wasn’t as bad as what Andrew Cuomo did. And it’s all the fault of foreigners.

Activision Blizzard Lawsuit

Usually, in this blog, I exclusively address political issues. In this case I will make an exception. I have a direct interest and limited expertise on the topic. I have been running a large, recognizable, international guild in the World of Warcraft universe of private servers, which is not retail Blizzard, but it is a concentration of the hardcore gamerboys that represent the strange culture of WoW consumers. That guild is called Logic, and we have existed in the private server world of WoW for something like 8 years. We are International— from all parts of the world, but centered in that stronghold of private WoW servers, Europe.

The lawsuit filed against Activision Blizzard Inc., isn’t a surprise to me at all, or to any of us. It outlines systemic issues in: sexual harassment, unequal workplace treatments, and an ongoing “Fratboy” atmosphere. The particulars outlined in the lawsuit…are beyond horrendous. Beyond horrendous.

This isn’t an ephemeral “Me too” moment. This isn’t simply a list of addressable wrongdoing. This isn’t an isolated boys-club business culture. It is a reflection of a subsection of young adults we are producing and have been for years. There’s a steady stream of internet-era produced young men that are: isolated, misogynistic, incel, cosplay, gamerboys that are literally incapable of supporting a healthy workplace, a healthy relationship, or even a healthy life for themselves.

In our guild, which has touched thousands of people over the years, we have been in constant battle with the endless onslaught of lowest common denominator “jokes”. Jokes about rape, molesting children, murder, gay-bashing, and racism every day, day after day, month after month, year after year. It never ends. It never stops and it’s generally well received by the international populace.

We are not surprised by this lawsuit.

The internal, company responses to the California suit from Blizzard president, J Allen Brack, and Activision president, Rob Kostich, are of the useless, mushy, generalized type, “We don’t accept this…,” and, “Doesn’t represent our values…,” blah blah blah one would expect. The response from Fran Townsend, Activision Blizzard’s Chief Compliance Officer, was of a different sort. It was deflection and denial. Not good.

Since the announcement of the suit, a subreddit was created to keep track of all of the corroborating allegations made by current and former Activision Blizzard employees. That subreddit has become so overwhelming, it isn’t even possible to keep track of all of the supporting claims made. It’s not a fucking joke.

Activision Blizzard employees will be striking tomorrow to demand a more assertive response from the top and immediate action taken concerning workplace conditions and inequality. Being mushy or defensive is not going to cut it. We can assume the long term implications of the suit for Activision Blizzard are going to be of great consequence. I suggest they settle, pay their fines, and get their shit together.

The WoW community’s unhappiness with Activision Blizzard is well documented and long-running. That is a separate but, as of this moment, not inseparable situation. I think I speak for most of us when I say: burn.

I want to make this very clear: this is not an isolated situation. We have a very large issue in our society to deal with above and beyond the shitty mismanagement of Activision Blizzard. This is the tip of an iceberg that has been accelerating in formation for over a decade and extends well into our future.

Understanding Texas’ Anti-CRT Legislation

There has been one bill passed in Texas which is considered their anti-CRT law, that would be HB3979 signed into law on June 16. The newer bill, SB3, seeks to amend HB3979 and has not been passed because their is no quorum in the House to pass it.

There has been a recent bit of noise in how SB3 would strike certain issues of racism, slavery, and inclusivity from being taught in Texas. Like this Huffpost piece and various other similar takes.

Texas Senate Bill Drops Teaching Requirement That Ku Klux Klan Is ‘Morally Wrong’

Eliminated requirements also include the writings of Martin Luther King Jr., United Farm Workers leader Cesar Chavez and suffragist Susan B. Anthony.

To understand how this story is not completely accurate, nor portraying the necessary facts, we have to go back and look at how HB3979 formed.

When it came to very specific topics that must be taught, according to this legislation, the statement in the original bill looked like this:

There wasn’t much in the way of specifics. By the time the bill was in its final form, it contained several dozen specifics. Almost all of which were blue lined out in SB3, to take HB3979 back to something more closely resembling its original form.

So, when these were struck down, the effect was not proclaiming that these things could no longer be taught, it was removing that language from legislation. The implication isn’t that all of these additions were already taught and are now being removed. Furthermore, some of these topics are in fact already taught and this legislation does not remove them from requirements.

Some already exist in Texas Administrative Code:

Keven Ellis, chair of the State Board of Education, told lawmakers that he did not believe the bill would ban anything in the curriculum standards adopted by the board, including for its courses on African American and Mexican American studies. But he suggested adding an amendment to clarify that.

It is important for people in Texas to understand this, because you go to the code to see what is being taught, not knee-jerk reactions in legislation.

Neither bill is anti-CRT legislation. They are touted as such, but neither mentions Critical Race Theory, CRT, or anything about limiting CRT. We could say these are anti-1619 project legislation. Both bills state 1619 may not be required, which is different from saying the 1619 project can’t be mentioned. The language is, “…may not…require an understanding of the 1619 project.”

That’s it. Regardless of the outcome, that’s the only language.

The concerning portions of these bills are language of how one is to approach teaching certain topics.

  1. (1)A teacher may not be compelled to discuss a
    particular current event or widely debated and currently
    controversial issue of public policy or social affairs;

(2)A teacher who chooses to discuss a topic described
by Subdivision (1) shall, to the best of the teacher ’s ability,
strive to explore that [the] topic from diverse and contending
perspectives without giving deference to any one perspective;

What is the result of this language? Teachers are to devise a “whataboutism” to counter a statement of fact? Without deference. The result is not critical thought, it’s Donny Trump style, “Nobody knows.” There are no sure things, it’s all a matter of mushy perspective. The “marketplace of ideas.” How does a teacher teach any current event without worrying about politics? What’s the countering narrative to BLM protests? Proudboy marches? Is that it?

Is the goal not to teach current events at all? When from the top of SB3 it is stated:

(A)A[(1)] the fundamental moral, political, and
intellectual foundations of the American experiment in

…as a theoretical? Is this dead language speaking to the dead? Do future adults have no place in that experiment, except as the morally vague and indifferent?

“How could a teacher possibly discuss slavery, the Holocaust or the mass shootings at the Walmart in El Paso or at the Sutherland Springs Church in my district without giving deference to any one perspective?” Sen. Judith Zaffirini, D-Laredo, asked.

2. School districts may not require, make part of a course, or reward credit for:

i)A lobbying for legislation at the
federal, state, or local level; or
(ii)A social policy advocacy or public
policy advocacy;
(B)A political activism, lobbying, or efforts to
persuade members of the legislative or executive branch at the
federal, state, or local level to take specific actions by direct
communication; or
(C)A[(B)]A participation in any internship,
practicum, or similar activity involving social policy advocacy or
public policy advocacy; and

This language doesn’t make clear that a teacher couldn’t encourage activity in social/justice reform, just that it may not be part of a curriculum or rewarded. However, coupled with the inability of a teacher to take a moral stance, I suspect the point is taken. No SJW’s allowed.

3. Now we get to the what I suppose is the concern about racism, slavery, or sexism being taught in school.

It’s impossible to teach about slavery or sexism without blaming someone! “The poor chillins will get their feelsies hurt!”

(ix)A[(x)] with respect to their
relationship to American values, slavery and racism are anything
other than deviations from, betrayals of, or failures to live up to,
the authentic founding principles of the United States, which
include liberty and equality; and

As in Desantis’ rule in Florida, the Declaration of Independence is the only true history of the US. Everything must be measured in that respect.

And how shall we judge a school district or teacher’s shortcomings in this regard?

vi)A[(vii)] an individual should feel
discomfort, guilt, anguish, or any other form of psychological
distress on account of the individual ’s race or sex;

By how someone feels. How they are made to feel.