October 31, 2017

8:30 am Expect a more focused approach today by the Trump/Fox News Propaganda Machine.  Fox News coverage yesterday was sparse, somber, and noncommittal.  The inexplicably limited coverage by Fox news was a serious miscalculation, that surely had people switching channels.  It’s like showing a basketball game while OJ is tooling down the road in his Bronco.  Even if everyone wants to pretend they’re not interested in OJ, they’re gonna watch it.

Schmuckaroo Tucker Carlson, had a really interesting angle that the rest of Fox should adopt.  He posited that the actual point of the Mueller Investigation, which is a real thing now (ho-hum), is Congressional malfeasance as proven by the inclusion of the lobbying firms Podesta Group and Mercury in Manafort’s indictment.  Fox could kick the whole mess down the road for at least 6 months using this tactic and still cover it wall to wall.  It fit’s into the whole “drain the swamp” narrative.

more later…

11am:  Kablam!


This is the absolute smart play.  It fit’s a previous narrative and Trump can say, “I’ve always said this, this is proof of what I’ve been saying.  Clearly, I’m vindicated!!!”  The endgame for this position is awful, as other indictments are certainly forthcoming that will in no way be connected to, or reinforce this story line.  But fuck it, who cares about that?  Can always come up with something different.

5pm: Whitehouse and Fox are continuing to use the scattershot approach to the recent indictments, by using the “yeah, but what about…” argument and straight out muddying the waters.  CNN reports some inside scoop on Fox news’ few actual journalists, being very upset with the state of affairs over on Fox.

I’ve worked in jobs where everything was so obviously going sideways and feeling like I couldn’t slap reality into my superiors, so I sympathize….start looking for a job that makes you happy.


It is now agreed that the Campaign official that okie dokied George Snuffleupagus’ trip to meet some Russian to get the dirt on Hillary was Sam Clovis.  This Sam Clovis:

“Sam Clovis was always a pretty suspect pick by President Trump to become the chief science adviser at the Agriculture Department — mostly because he’s not actually a scientist. His chief qualification for the job seems to be that he was national co-chairman of Trump’s 2016 campaign. Democrats have also spotlighted his past comments skeptical of climate change and suggesting that laws protecting LGBT rights could lead to the legalization of pedophilia.”


John Kelly, who was ostensibly the voice of reason and stabilization in the Administration, is proving to be anything but.  In his interview with the freshly minted Fox News shill, Laura Ingraham, he took up the previous Trump stance of protecting the legacy of Confederate rebel leader’s statues as a form of preserving history as well as revering their role in history as honorable, because they fought for their beliefs and in defense of their states.

I would argue this weak-minded, apologist stance would have us believe a statute for Osama bin Laden at ground zero would make as much sense as it fulfills the exact same requirements.  It’s part of our history that we shouldn’t forget, He fought for his beliefs, and he attacked our nation with a desire to unmake it.  That analogy is exactly the same.

Kelly also mentioned, that the civil war was a result of a failure to negotiate compromise and that there were, “…men and women of good faith on both sides.”  Sounds like a familiar argument, doesn’t it?   His implication is that to think otherwise is not to understand history in context.  It’s not a philosophical matter that  history is always re-examined or reinterpreted according to present-day context and thereby affirming what we have learned of our mistakes and triumphs and that this is necessarily reflected in how we view and disseminate history.  The facts of the when and where and how much has not changed but our reflection on the issues of morality has…as it should.  One could argue General Lee was an excellent strategist and leader of armed forces, they cannot effectively argue he was an honorable and just man of unquestionable moral principal if they chose to live in the here and now United States of America.  If anyone is arguing that, they are arguing for slavery.  The war was about slavery.  General Lee fought to keep slavery.  General Lee fought against the United States of America and thereby is a traitor and much worse.

Kelly has not studied history, nor have the naysayers that will have us believe that the Civil war was not fought because of slavery.  It was fought because of slavery and there are no deals to be made in regards to reconciling that fact.

Anyone that would like to rewrite history on those wrong-headed beliefs needs to read the state’s declarations of succession.  Here is the very top of Georgia’s declaration and all of the rest of them can be found here.

The people of Georgia having dissolved their political connection with the Government of the United States of America, present to their confederates and the world the causes which have led to the separation. For the last ten years we have had numerous and serious causes of complaint against our non-slave-holding confederate States with reference to the subject of African slavery. They have endeavored to weaken our security, to disturb our domestic peace and tranquility, and persistently refused to comply with their express constitutional obligations to us in reference to that property, and by the use of their power in the Federal Government have striven to deprive us of an equal enjoyment of the common Territories of the Republic.

This administration as a whole is so feeble-minded, that it is clear they think the mere presence of a counter-argument to the morally justifiable high ground is, in and of itself, verification as to the validity of the argument.  The fact that a counter argument can be fabricated to represent nothing that actually exists, is proof enough that “two sides” weigh the same amount.  “There were some fine people,” in Charlottesville, and there was, “Both sides.”  Regardless of the fact there were no fine people, the spectre of the possibility automatically balances out the scale to what must be two sided and equally valid and therefore weighed as such.

Conversely, when this stance isn’t workable as in a situation like the NFL protests, there are not two sides.  The inverse of an argument against police brutality or inequal justice should take the form of something like an apologetic stance for police brutality or some counter argument as to cause-effect for minorities and thier inequal justice.   Neither of which arguments would be taken up to any positive results.  Instead, the Trump/Fox news propaganda machine steals the cause from under the feet of the protestors.  “That’s not what you’re protesting.  It simply isn’t.  You’re dishonoring the flag and our armed services.  Case over, you lose.”  There’s not even the pretense of a counter argument, as in Trump’s mind, there’s nothing to be discussed.  This ugliness is re-stated daily by the person whom now must be called the Minister of Propaganda, Sarah Sanders.



At any rate, it is clear this administration can and will say or do anything they feel, because in the end, if nothing else, their stupidity serves as a distraction from their evil.


October 30, 2017

Strange thing, Don Lemon is discussing this whole indictments deal with a couple dudes on CNN, when a white house reporter broke in to tell him, and I’m paraphrasing here, but it’s pretty close:

“I’ve just been informed, as well as other White house reporters, that the President is very angry and out of control.  We’ve been told that Steve Bannon called Trump and he wants him to defund the investigation, slow down paperwork, and instruct Congress to follow suit in undermining this investigation.”

It almost sounded like she had been briefed these facts…not leaked, the way she said it, and she honestly seemed out of sorts.  It’s odd right, that Bannan called Trump and told him what he wants done.

At any rate, we all knew if the first volley was going to be around money, this was going to be trouble.  The Whitehouse response on the first day was lame, uncoordinated, and honestly pathetic.  Don’t expect tomorrow to be the same.

A good amount of House Republicans have shown an eager willingness to throw up smoke screens and landmines for some time now.  I think they would be seriously miscalculating if they take this up a notch to overt Congressional obstruction.  The Senate will lose their shit and House Republicans up for re-election ain’t gonna sign on for some insanity bullshit.

This George Papadopoulos fellow had been arrested July 27th and apparently working for Mueller since then as a “proactive cooperator.”  Everyone is guessing that he has been working as an informant, going so far as wearing a wire.  Could be.  He didn’t plead guilty to the case until October 5th, so that’s a whole mess of time there to be attempting to gather some inside information.  We all know, including even Trump, that these three indictments are just the first.  They are the edge of the storm.

We’ve been guessing that the Trump administration just found out today about George Snuffleupagus.  I’m thinking that it’s possible the Trump administration has known since the Oct 5th court date.

The night of Oct 5th was this night:

And the following day, Oct 6th, His schedule, by the folks that track it, looks like this:

“President Donald Trump has a schedule unusually packed into the middle of the day meaning that either he is holding meetings, late meetings that he doesn’t want to be publicized…”

and twitter from Trump for the 6th looks like this:


Not a single tweet for the first time ….like ever.

That “calm before the storm,” comment seems much more sinister now, doesn’t it?  : )

Secretary Zinke did push a big job to Whitefish before Puerto Rico

“The office of Zinke, chosen by President Donald Trump to run the Department of the Interior, told the Washington Post that the Secretary had nothing to do with the deal. The Post reports that Zinke’s son worked for a summer for Whitefish Energy as a flagger. The coincidence is being viewed as surprising in news reports.”


Whether or not Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke was involved in securing the Puerto Rico infrastructure job to the tiny company of Whitefish from his hometown in Montana, it’s clear he had pushed a big job to them before.  Whitefish Energy is run by Andy Techmanski.  The Brazilian Company Comtrafo, in the persons of Rafael Minato and Irineu Minato, had bought a controlling interest in Whitefish.  These three people are pictured above.

From this online work written by Richard Hanners, copyrighted June 15, 2017, comes the story: “From Superstar to Superfund, The history of a Northwest Montana aluminum smelter.”  This is the story of a Montana Smelting company that eventually became a Superfund site and was subsequently targeted by Whitefish as a site for a new enterprise to hopefully be supported by local government.

“If the company gains the financial support from utilities, banks and investors, Techmanski plans to make a pitch to the Governor’s Office of Economic Development with an eye on millions of dollars in cash grants, tax credits and financing guarantees. He plans to pitch his business as a template for a program that could be used to attract other businesses to Montana.” 


Ryan Zinke’s initial involvement with this site, quoting from Richard Hanners book:

Chapter 60 – Trust and stigma

The Environmental Protection Agency formally proposed placing the Columbia Falls aluminum plant on the Superfund’s National Priorities List in March 2015, kicking off a round of town hall meeting, letter writing and debate. Opponents to Superfund listing, including Rep. Ryan Zinke and the Flathead County Commissioners, were concerned that it was difficult to remove a site from the list, and having a Superfund site nearby could stigmatize a local community.

Ryan Zinke’s effort to push local government to work with Whitefish securing grants and tax breaks in their effort to acquire this site is quotable from two sources:

“TECHMANSKI AND the Minatos on Monday also met with Columbia Falls City Manager Susan Nicosia and Montana West Economic Development President Jerry Meerkatz; both will be essential to Techmanski succeeding in grant and loan programs.

“It went well,” Nicosia said. “Obviously it’s still a preliminary discussion.”

She said the aluminum plant is too far from the city to annex, but the property could be connected to city services. Nicosia also said the city would work with Montana’s congressional delegation, adding that U.S. Rep. Ryan Zinke’s office has already reached out to her about the project.

from: http://www.dailyinterlake.com/archive/article-476a16a2-c402-11e6-9e0d-d7bb58da643a.html

and  from Richard Hanners Book, Chapter 62:


October 29, 2017

If Trump’s babysitters were responsible for his silence about the Mueller Investigation yesterday, they certainly weren’t around this morning.  There were 6 tweets in a row concerning Clinton, the fake Russian collusion story and this particularly creepy tweet:

One has to wonder whom it is Trump is begging for help.  His base?  Congressional Republicans that are keen on taking a couple more futile stabs at Hillary Clinton?  I am often at a loss for words for how transparently and hopelessly stupid Donald Trump is.

Tom Steyer’s Ad for the impeachment of Trump had run during “Fox and Friends” over on Fox news on Friday.  Causing Trump cult members and Fox true believers to go out of their goddamn minds.  Steyer has to pay, Fox News has to pay, everyone should be boycotted, tar-and-feathered, and ran through the public square in shame.  The rabble has been roused!!! …at least for a day.  Fox and Friends watchers aren’t going to boycott Fox news, come on people don’t be ridiculous.  Where else ya gonna get yer drugs?

Freedom of expression and a true form of capitalistic expression are all fine and dandy, as long as it’s not on the Fox News channel!!!  Ok?   That shit put a serious kink in some people’s morning fix.  Probably had to hit the hard stuff to get their shit straight again.





Ahhhhh.  that’ll fix ya up.  actually that Alex Jones vid won’t fix anyone up, I just find it to be hilarious.  Walking around downtown Seattle trying to irritate people with his lunacy.  Seattle dudes, just minding their own business, but when confronted get right in his face and mock him for being the child he is.

Alex Jones says, “You got something to say, say it!”

Seattle dude says, “I did, I said fuck you.” and sticks his middle finger right in Alex’s big stupid face.  ha.  What part don’t ya get?  Good stuff.

I digress.

There are also generic television ads created by the American Action Network to promote upcoming “tax reform,” that are re-purposed depending on locale to either represent a local congressman or simply the overall idea of supporting the legislation.  As the actual legislation isn’t even written in either house as of yet, it’s quite a stretch to ask people to support it.

This is running on every major network.  haven’t heard anyone watching CNN losing their goddamn minds yet.

The ad refers to the 9 page “Unified Framework for Fixing our Broken Tax Code” pamphlet.  It’s replete with bullet points and pie-in-the-sky guidance for Congress people to throw in the bin when it gets to actually negotiating tax reform….and by negotiating, I mean republicans negotiating with other republicans and the lobbyists.  Because that’s what’s going on.  It seems the homebuilders lobby has already squeezed the House Republicans in regards to letting go the idea of not having home mortgages being deductible.

“Republicans warned that the Trump tax plan is entering a new and difficult phase as lobbyists ramp up pressure on lawmakers to spare their pet tax breaks. “When groups start rallying against things and they succeed, everything starts unraveling,” Senator Bob Corker, a leading Republican fiscal hawk, told CBS’ Face the Nation.”

I fully expect both House and Senate bills to be an utter mess by this Wednesday, and reconciling their different messes is going to be one heaping dog poo pile of a mess.  There’s every reason to believe that if they want this legislation passed, most attempts at sticking it to the middle class in order to get the rich boys richer is going to be cut, resulting in exactly the deficit dogpile-on-the-budget that the fantasyland budget was attempting to avoid in the first place.

Republicans are handling this with the same mindless urgency that led to the absolute garbage repeal and replace disaster.  Republicans built this mess, they own it.

October 28, 2017


Trump laying low today.  He had nothing scheduled for today, per usual for weekend.

“President Donald Trump will be staying in-residence at the White House this weekend. There are no official public events on his schedule, but, weather permitting, he will be playing golf at Trump National Golf Club in Sterling, Virginia.”

He’s rather docile on twitter, only taking a jab at Michael Moore:

The show was scheduled for a limited 100 show 13 week run and ended on the scheduled date.  It is true, however, that the show wasn’t a barn burner in ticket sales and didn’t receive great reviews.  It did not close in response to either of these actual facts.


Trump’s reticence to mention anything about Clinton or the Mueller investigation today, speaks volumes about how serious this is.  So serious, that Trump’s people must have managed to talk him out of sharing his insight with the public.

How serious it might be, didn’t stop Roger Stone from absolutely losing his shit on Twitter last night.  I was just going to copy paste his hilarious tweets, but I found this instead:


He had used a ton of filthy language, of which I’m a connoisseur.  Lashing out at CNN mostly and individual newscasters, ranging in language from faggy-fag boi comments to liberal smatterings of fucking fucker fucks.  I should have copied that stuff last night.  Boo!  He was clearly drunk off his ass.

Hannity is tweeting about his little movie ad nauseam.

I’ve said before to never trust numbers.  Also, rule #2: never trust numbers from a serial liar.  This is an interesting way to manufacture excellence where none exists.



So…it’s a movie just released and everyone that watches Fox News went out to see it this week in a very limited release (373 screens to the #1’s 2941 screens).  The #11 movie just shot it’s load on the first day.  But to Hannity, If you count the number of people per screen in a small run, the numbers look pretty damn big.  Yeah…they’re not.


I guess we’re all concerned afraid interested in exactly how the Trump/Fox news propaganda machine is going to react to the first indictment from Mueller.  There’s speculation out there that they might react quite badly to something like a Manafort money laundering indictment as opposed to say…a Michael Flynn collusion charge.  The idea is that Mueller digging into finances is infinitely more frightening to Trump than what the actual, original scope of the investigation was.

This is just an opening salvo.  We’re all concerned what is about to unfold.  We’re concerned what kind of further damage could be done by this administration both near term and long term.  Let’s see what this first indictment is and go from there.


Meanwhile, please enjoy the sleepy eyed, fluffy headed, mother fracking Secretary of HUD, Ben Carson in front of Congress, mumbling his in-depth knowledge of the Department he’s running.