October 16, 2017

After a weekend of golfing and more grenade throwing, Trump schedules a cabinet meeting and a hastily arranged, “look, me and McConnell are chums!” mini press conference/rugby scrum in the Rose Garden.  By this point we’ve all already seen the rehashing of the: 1 part bold-faced lies, 1 part bizarre assertions, and 1 part tremendous superlative slobberfest.  The cabinet meeting statements were the usual blabber for the most part.  Wall street way up! narrative and the connection he’s making between corporate profits and the Federal deficit, as if those profits are being handed back to the IRS via unsolicited charity donations.    Trump mentions attacking drug companies for their profit-taking on prescription drugs and segues into Border wall shit and all the drugs just pouring in from Mexico.  Skirting around the Opioid crisis which seems implied in the unfortunate segue and thoughts of the actual cause of the crisis come to mind and the slight-of-hand shell game back at the drug dealing Mexican rapist hombres.



Somewhere in there, Trump seemed to indicate welfare reform will be his next hand grenade.  So let’s watch for that.  I’m sure it will be handled professionally by the country’s leading experts on the subject.  No doubt.

I checked in on CNN and MSNBC for their breakdown of all of the sounds that gurgled out of Trump’s piehole, and it was pretty much what I expected.  I switched over and checked Tucker Carlson and Hannity and that was pretty much what I expected too…mostly more stuff about how Hillary Clinton was virtually married to, and responsible for Harvey Weinstein and more golden butt nuggets concerning NFL players kneeling in unbridled joy for the murder of our police and war veterans, our first responders, your dog, probably your mom and simply everyone, EVERYONE is in moral outrage about it.  That kinda stuff.

Ho hum.  There is bias in all media for sure.


I read a little piece about what would be Trumps first big, actual test of leadership.  Like what would it be and what would he do.  some ideas were tossed around about a Russian confrontation or a North Korea cyber attack.  Very concerning stuff for sure.

I’m actually of the mind, that Trump’s first crisis and possibly his second, aren’t going to be his crisis alone, they’re going to be a National crisis.  I do believe it’s possible that our man Bob Mueller will come down with indictments that happen to fall right before midterms.  It is possible that several current and former associates of Trump’s get the hammer; but not Trump himself.  which would have the effect of dumping Trump on Congress to figure out what to do with him, if anything.  Some Congressional hearings during a midterm?  Could be.

The second crisis, I feel is almost built in to the system already, like this tic tic tic is already there.  Russia’s short term goal is the destabilization of the US political system.  We know they have facts not at our disposal concerning Trump…and I’m not even talking about the pee tape if that exists, although that would work just fine.  They have financial data about Trump’s dealings in Russia and former bloc nations that we simply don’t.  some of it may be incriminating in the US, but that wouldn’t even matter.  Merely the amounts of money and the people that were dealt with could be damning enough.  Hell, the Russians wouldn’t even mind if it made them look bad too, because they wouldn’t release it and they wouldn’t need Wikileaks (although wikileaks would be perfect for lots of reasons) to do the dirty work either.  They could just hand it to the NY Times through various agents and deny they had anything to do with it.

That information is of no particular use after 2020 I would think.  So…I’m just saying, would it be surprising if some new found and verifiable dirty information about Trump, miraculously appeared during the 2018 midterms or preceding the 2020 election?

Just a thought.  It’s better than trying to parse the garbage that came out of Trump’s mouth today.


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