October 15, 2017

I had thought…I had had a feeling, that after Bob Corker’s rather open statements regarding Trump’s childishness and instability early last week, that we had crossed the precipice and there would be more people speaking out.  It hasn’t happened really.  There’s been no piling on as of yet…outside of the normal grumbling.

Perhaps now, that Trump has made Congress utterly miserable and there’s nothing immediate for him to mess with until they get back to him in response to the multiple disasters he hath wrought, perhaps now would be a good time to start another mess.  You know, to keep the ball of chaos merrily rolling along.

Perhaps something regarding voters rights and the states ability to hinder them as they see fit.  Jeff “segregationist” Sessions would love to do some more work on that, no doubt.  Maybe there’s some other LBGT eyeballs that need to be poked somewhere.  Whatever there is that needs to be dismantled or fucked up, I’m sure Donny will find something new right quick.

I can tell you what, or whom, Trump won’t directly mess around with any time soon.  Women.  Isn’t it odd how little he said about Weinstein?  Weren’t ya just expecting him to pontificate about the horrors of Hollywood and the dastardly abusers that inhabit that den of inequity.  He didn’t though did he.  Nope.

Remember shortly after the Access Hollywood tape was released, when about 16 women came forward to state, well yes, this is all true.  Trump is in fact a pussy grabber of the unsolicited sort.  Trump’s response was, “You’re all liars and I’ll sue you all! rabble rabble rabble!”  He didn’t and everyone knows why, because then he’d go to court and the discovery process would open up an untold wealth of information about Trump and his carrying on, both financially and non-romantically.

If you’ll remember, one of those sixteen, did take offense to being called a liar and through her attorney stated: we’ll see you in court for libel then Donny.

They actually did file in court in January, we just hadn’t noticed because the court hadn’t reported the filing until recently. Trump’s lawyers have had no success getting it tossed out on the grounds that Trump is a sitting President therefore can’t face a civil suit, wrong (re:Clinton), or on the grounds that it is politically motivated.  That might have had some bearing if Trump wasn’t the one stating that she was a liar and then threatened to sue her on television.  What a damn idiot.

Since the suit is now on record, we can see the complainant is asking for (amongst many many other documents): “all documents concerning any accusations that were made during Donald J. Trump’s election campaign for president, that he subjected any woman to unwanted sexual touching and/or sexually inappropriate behavior.”

We can see this original filing now, because it was refiled when the defendant states these specific terms above are too broad.  In other words they are conceding this case is moving forward but nitpicking as to these conditions.  Trump’s lawyers have until Oct. 31 to respond to complainant’s demands all terms are not over reaching and are necessary to the case.

Trump hasn’t had much difficulty disenfranchising women as a generic group through executive order, but man… it has to be ripping him up inside that he can’t call a specific woman a pig, slob, or any other denigrating term or moniker.  We haven’t heard much about this suit, but he’s had this on his plate since January and I bet it’s eating a hole in his black heart.

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