October 18, 2017

For the past two weeks, Trump has seriously curtailed his direct quoting/transcribing of what he sees on “Fox and Friends” as the gospel truth and foundation of his cobbled together beliefs or platforms via twitter.  Sad!  He is instead, sticking to a handful of already established soundbites and hammering away at those.

The latest entry into the Trump created madness is the whole, “Trump is the biggest and bestest person that ever called Goldstar families,” insane narration.  That he was caught being a heartless twat in his latest attempt to act human is hardly surprising and kudos to the news networks for steam-rolling over this side tracking stupidity, that is entirely of Trump’s own making, reporting on it, and moving on to all the crazy shit Trump is doing to our government and the world.  This is no different then Trump tossing out a casual, “have fun!” to people suffering in the aftermath of the Hurricane in Puerto Rico.  He’s incapable of empathy, we all know it, let’s move on and leave him to wallow in whatever twitterstorm he wants to create to justify his inhumanity.

Looking at Trump’s “schedule” today, which is always thin on focused, national activity (heavier on scheduled golf outings and political/party-centric pep rallies), there’s a big ol’ hole in the middle of the day where nothing is scheduled.  I have a feeling he’ll come out of his self involved twitter den, midday, to either stir up some bullshit with how he is being unfairly attacked, unfair! or…or, a couple days have gone by without lobbing a hand grenade at congress, so why not announce some initiative to rewrite the welfare system?  That would be super cool.  I expect him to stir something up for sure.


I’ve been looking through Donny’s lawsuits, both ongoing and completed.  There’s a lot.  A lot.  Of course I keep checking on the Summer Zervos thing to see if Trump’s lawyers responded to the latest motion..and I know this is going to go on forever.  The judge could ultimately decide to stay this libel suit until after Trump’s presidency is over…however we arrive at such a time. : )

If you ever come into a couple hundred million dollars, here are some lessons to learn from Trump’s prolific legal battles.

  1. Pay your taxes.  or you’ll be opening up subpoenas for the rest of your life.
  2. Pay your contractors too.
  3. For the love of God, real estate development is a great sector to be in..real estate ownership or management, not so much.
  4. Don’t consider “lying” a standard business practice.
  5. Don’t grab pussies.
  6. Don’t purposefully make yourself a public figure, all publicity isn’t good publicity.  Some crazy dude will sue you for $900,000,000,000,000.01.


Screenshot-2017-10-18 C_PDF.png


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