October 29, 2017

If Trump’s babysitters were responsible for his silence about the Mueller Investigation yesterday, they certainly weren’t around this morning.  There were 6 tweets in a row concerning Clinton, the fake Russian collusion story and this particularly creepy tweet:

One has to wonder whom it is Trump is begging for help.  His base?  Congressional Republicans that are keen on taking a couple more futile stabs at Hillary Clinton?  I am often at a loss for words for how transparently and hopelessly stupid Donald Trump is.

Tom Steyer’s Ad for the impeachment of Trump had run during “Fox and Friends” over on Fox news on Friday.  Causing Trump cult members and Fox true believers to go out of their goddamn minds.  Steyer has to pay, Fox News has to pay, everyone should be boycotted, tar-and-feathered, and ran through the public square in shame.  The rabble has been roused!!! …at least for a day.  Fox and Friends watchers aren’t going to boycott Fox news, come on people don’t be ridiculous.  Where else ya gonna get yer drugs?

Freedom of expression and a true form of capitalistic expression are all fine and dandy, as long as it’s not on the Fox News channel!!!  Ok?   That shit put a serious kink in some people’s morning fix.  Probably had to hit the hard stuff to get their shit straight again.





Ahhhhh.  that’ll fix ya up.  actually that Alex Jones vid won’t fix anyone up, I just find it to be hilarious.  Walking around downtown Seattle trying to irritate people with his lunacy.  Seattle dudes, just minding their own business, but when confronted get right in his face and mock him for being the child he is.

Alex Jones says, “You got something to say, say it!”

Seattle dude says, “I did, I said fuck you.” and sticks his middle finger right in Alex’s big stupid face.  ha.  What part don’t ya get?  Good stuff.

I digress.

There are also generic television ads created by the American Action Network to promote upcoming “tax reform,” that are re-purposed depending on locale to either represent a local congressman or simply the overall idea of supporting the legislation.  As the actual legislation isn’t even written in either house as of yet, it’s quite a stretch to ask people to support it.

This is running on every major network.  haven’t heard anyone watching CNN losing their goddamn minds yet.

The ad refers to the 9 page “Unified Framework for Fixing our Broken Tax Code” pamphlet.  It’s replete with bullet points and pie-in-the-sky guidance for Congress people to throw in the bin when it gets to actually negotiating tax reform….and by negotiating, I mean republicans negotiating with other republicans and the lobbyists.  Because that’s what’s going on.  It seems the homebuilders lobby has already squeezed the House Republicans in regards to letting go the idea of not having home mortgages being deductible.

“Republicans warned that the Trump tax plan is entering a new and difficult phase as lobbyists ramp up pressure on lawmakers to spare their pet tax breaks. “When groups start rallying against things and they succeed, everything starts unraveling,” Senator Bob Corker, a leading Republican fiscal hawk, told CBS’ Face the Nation.”

I fully expect both House and Senate bills to be an utter mess by this Wednesday, and reconciling their different messes is going to be one heaping dog poo pile of a mess.  There’s every reason to believe that if they want this legislation passed, most attempts at sticking it to the middle class in order to get the rich boys richer is going to be cut, resulting in exactly the deficit dogpile-on-the-budget that the fantasyland budget was attempting to avoid in the first place.

Republicans are handling this with the same mindless urgency that led to the absolute garbage repeal and replace disaster.  Republicans built this mess, they own it.

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