October 28, 2017


Trump laying low today.  He had nothing scheduled for today, per usual for weekend.

“President Donald Trump will be staying in-residence at the White House this weekend. There are no official public events on his schedule, but, weather permitting, he will be playing golf at Trump National Golf Club in Sterling, Virginia.”

He’s rather docile on twitter, only taking a jab at Michael Moore:

The show was scheduled for a limited 100 show 13 week run and ended on the scheduled date.  It is true, however, that the show wasn’t a barn burner in ticket sales and didn’t receive great reviews.  It did not close in response to either of these actual facts.


Trump’s reticence to mention anything about Clinton or the Mueller investigation today, speaks volumes about how serious this is.  So serious, that Trump’s people must have managed to talk him out of sharing his insight with the public.

How serious it might be, didn’t stop Roger Stone from absolutely losing his shit on Twitter last night.  I was just going to copy paste his hilarious tweets, but I found this instead:


He had used a ton of filthy language, of which I’m a connoisseur.  Lashing out at CNN mostly and individual newscasters, ranging in language from faggy-fag boi comments to liberal smatterings of fucking fucker fucks.  I should have copied that stuff last night.  Boo!  He was clearly drunk off his ass.

Hannity is tweeting about his little movie ad nauseam.

I’ve said before to never trust numbers.  Also, rule #2: never trust numbers from a serial liar.  This is an interesting way to manufacture excellence where none exists.



So…it’s a movie just released and everyone that watches Fox News went out to see it this week in a very limited release (373 screens to the #1’s 2941 screens).  The #11 movie just shot it’s load on the first day.  But to Hannity, If you count the number of people per screen in a small run, the numbers look pretty damn big.  Yeah…they’re not.


I guess we’re all concerned afraid interested in exactly how the Trump/Fox news propaganda machine is going to react to the first indictment from Mueller.  There’s speculation out there that they might react quite badly to something like a Manafort money laundering indictment as opposed to say…a Michael Flynn collusion charge.  The idea is that Mueller digging into finances is infinitely more frightening to Trump than what the actual, original scope of the investigation was.

This is just an opening salvo.  We’re all concerned what is about to unfold.  We’re concerned what kind of further damage could be done by this administration both near term and long term.  Let’s see what this first indictment is and go from there.


Meanwhile, please enjoy the sleepy eyed, fluffy headed, mother fracking Secretary of HUD, Ben Carson in front of Congress, mumbling his in-depth knowledge of the Department he’s running.

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