October 30, 2017

Strange thing, Don Lemon is discussing this whole indictments deal with a couple dudes on CNN, when a white house reporter broke in to tell him, and I’m paraphrasing here, but it’s pretty close:

“I’ve just been informed, as well as other White house reporters, that the President is very angry and out of control.  We’ve been told that Steve Bannon called Trump and he wants him to defund the investigation, slow down paperwork, and instruct Congress to follow suit in undermining this investigation.”

It almost sounded like she had been briefed these facts…not leaked, the way she said it, and she honestly seemed out of sorts.  It’s odd right, that Bannan called Trump and told him what he wants done.

At any rate, we all knew if the first volley was going to be around money, this was going to be trouble.  The Whitehouse response on the first day was lame, uncoordinated, and honestly pathetic.  Don’t expect tomorrow to be the same.

A good amount of House Republicans have shown an eager willingness to throw up smoke screens and landmines for some time now.  I think they would be seriously miscalculating if they take this up a notch to overt Congressional obstruction.  The Senate will lose their shit and House Republicans up for re-election ain’t gonna sign on for some insanity bullshit.

This George Papadopoulos fellow had been arrested July 27th and apparently working for Mueller since then as a “proactive cooperator.”  Everyone is guessing that he has been working as an informant, going so far as wearing a wire.  Could be.  He didn’t plead guilty to the case until October 5th, so that’s a whole mess of time there to be attempting to gather some inside information.  We all know, including even Trump, that these three indictments are just the first.  They are the edge of the storm.

We’ve been guessing that the Trump administration just found out today about George Snuffleupagus.  I’m thinking that it’s possible the Trump administration has known since the Oct 5th court date.

The night of Oct 5th was this night:

And the following day, Oct 6th, His schedule, by the folks that track it, looks like this:

“President Donald Trump has a schedule unusually packed into the middle of the day meaning that either he is holding meetings, late meetings that he doesn’t want to be publicized…”

and twitter from Trump for the 6th looks like this:


Not a single tweet for the first time ….like ever.

That “calm before the storm,” comment seems much more sinister now, doesn’t it?  : )

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