Making Sense OF Barr’s Directive to Investigate the Election and Pilger’s Resignation

Today, William Barr issued a memo stating the DOJ may investigate allegations of vote and voting tabulation irregularities, seemingly on behalf of Donny Trump’s interests. Inserting the DOJ into what is primarily the arena of states. This move is well beyond the normally accepted role of the DOJ in possible election fraud, which would normally investigate after election certifications as an arm of the federal government.

Although the memo does point out, this should not be for frivolous reasons, there was something within the memo that caused the head of the DOJ Elections Crime Unit, Richard Pilger, to immediately resign.

Stronger legal minds than mine, have pointed out the wording, which is specific as to guidance of what type of allegation a US prosecutor should investigate:

The problem with the memo, is it doesn’t designate exactly who in the DOJ should investigate what, so that’s any of 93 US attorneys, and I suppose anyone within the DOJ whom Barr directs to investigate. Also, even though the wording describes what type of allegation should be investigated, the wording is subjective and at Barr’s or any Attorney’s discretion. So, one could start an investigation on any type of allegation at all, and then decide it was, in the exact language of the memo: specious or far-fetched …or not.

Futhermore, and I suspect this is the reason why Pilger quit, it allows for this investigation to take place outside of the DOJ Election Crime Unit’s purview. So it would not be bound by their oversight or guidance.

This section is standard Willy Barr wishy-washiness that allows a new standard to be made on-the-fly.

I don’t view this as pleasantly as McFaul does. We don’t know what conversations occurred between Pilger and Barr. It could potentially be that Barr sought Pilger’s buy-in. It could be that Barr told Pilger, he wants him to approve whatever kind of nonsense was dug up and rubberstamp it for further investigation that could potentially come close to State’s certification. They might not have spoken at all.

In conjunction with Defense Secretary Esper’s firing today, and the reports that the Director of the CIA and FBI are next, I’m not feeling great.

We knew Donny was going to go scorched earth, we didn’t really think he’d try to go full on dictator. He isn’t, yet. But this would be how you get there.

Get rid of whatever stability in government you can. Line up the controlling party’s support, arrange for the million of followers total buy-in. Then, the second to last piece, is multiple investigations grinding through court, like the fishing expedition above and from Donny’s private henchmen, to push up against Dec. 14 States Election Certification deadline, and then have State assemblies pick the President on the electorate’s behalf.

This is super far-fetched, but I mean..the steps taken so far are how you go there.


Here we go.

The Proud Boys have planned another one of their “free speech” rallies for Saturday 9/26. The latest installment of a Proud Boys “free speech” rally in Portland, in which all they are doing is promoting free speech, not looking for a confrontation…

Of course they are looking for a confrontation, that’s the whole damn point. They are looking for a confrontation, and they’ll find a confrontation as they do every time the Proud Boys have a “free speech” rally in Portland. This has been going on for years now.

It looks the same every time. 25 guys dressed in black with sticks and shields, walk down the streets of Portland, expressing their “free speech” attempting to irritate the onlookers into a fight. And there’s always more than enough people willing to give them exactly the fistfight they were looking for. There’s 500 guys *also* dressed in black with sticks and shields that arrived just for the fun of the inevitable confrontation.

I don’t know if you’ve ever seen one of these “events” but they are just fucking stupid.

There is no “point” successfully transmitted in these brawls. Honestly, there’s no difference in any of the participants. They are all fucking knuckleheads that want to enjoy a little fistfight action. No “point” has ever been proven, but the Proud Boys will keep trying until one is made.

However, this time, the stakes are quite a bit higher. Supposedly the number coming to “support” this Proud Boys “free speech” rally will be in the thousands. How many of those will recognize as armed militia? Similarly, it is certain the counter-protestors will be in the thousands, and how many of those will be armed?

This is exactly the set-up our “law and order” President hoped for, and I can guarantee AG Barr is rubbing his hands together in glee. It is easy to assume there will be several people shot. If the Portland authorities and state police, who have been gathering information on these events for years, have a worst-case scenario, crowd control plan, this right here is the time to enact it.

I will also assume that AG Barr has people closely watching this event, whether in person or by other means. One of Barr’s holy grails is to prove “Antifa” is a real thing, that is: It is organized nationally, funded, and directed to commit crimes. He will be in luck, because this time, there will actually be persons who identify, or have identifed as “Antifa”, whatever that means to them, that are present and involved in hostilities.

Barr will be watching, and praying one or more of these people will become physical with the Proud Boys, and had previously crossed state lines, communicated across state lines, or in any other way committed a connected, chargeable federal offense that he can attach to their counter-protest activity. Barr will then solemnly announce he has launched a federal investigation into the Antifa Terrorist Organization, and that all of the information he has gathered (probably an email like: “Dude, do you want to go to Portland?”), is truly stunning in scale.

We can also assume that Acting Deputy Secretary Ken Cuccinelli’s favorite propaganda source, Andy Ngo, will be reporting activity from Portland. Everywhere he looks, everyone is going to be an Antifa/BLM terrorist, representing that well organized national group that does not exist. If Andy actually shows up in person, which is highly, highly doubtful, he will for sure get his ass kicked and grimly videotape the humiliation he has suffered at the hands of the socialist, communist, Antifa/BLM, looting, rioting, anarchist mob.

In all seriousness, this is not going to be good. Many people will be hurt and possibly, very badly. I pray to God Portland has some kind of master plan.

Quick update: since the time I typed this, supposedly only several 100 Proud Boys/their supporters showed up. They quickly marched, broke assembly, and left. I’m watching the steams right now. Everyone is relieved. I hope this is it, and that I entirely misjudged the probable results. I’ll pop back on if I catch anything new.

The Massive Federal Mercenary Force Conspiracy

OMG, DHS’s federal forces in Portland are actually mercenary forces hired from Erik Prince!

True fact.


^This one was also retweeted by Seth Abramson….before eventually walking it back and then, deleting his ultra-excited thread altogether.

Look, I know it’s way more exciting to stitch together a kooky narrative that fits exactly what we want to believe. I’m also glad more people are picking up something I am concerned about. How many, *if any*, of “Protecting American Communities Task Force” (PACT), are private contractors?

In the case of Former Sec. of Homeland Security as “quoted” in the first tweet, Jeh Johnson, actually said on Rachel Maddow, and I’m positive would have repeated this exact form of information on any other show (also outlined in my second post on the subject):

“Forces of DHS, that have been deployed to the scene, are first, the Federal Protection Service, which is the component of DHS that reports directly to the Sec. and it’s core mission is the protection of civilian federal buildings across the country. Interestingly, most members of FPS are actually private contractors. Then he went on to list other components of the PACT force.

He stated- one of the components of the drawn agencies for PACT are majority private contractors. He *did not* say, or even imply, that those private forces are the ones in PACT. He certainly didn’t, and wouldn’t, say anything about Erik Prince.

Throughout the internet, the Erik-Prince-mercenaries-to-Trump-conspiracy-theory, is really gaining some momentum. Included in both of the above threads.

Unsupported conspiracy theories are the province of the cult. We don’t do this. We refer to facts and use critical thinking to arrive at reasonable conclusions. That’s what we do. These tweets, are not that.

1. We are not even close to that stage of dictatorship…yet.

2. The first apprehensions and injuries to civilians were only 21 days after Trump’s EO. There is zero possibility a new, outside force was hired, integrated, and deployed within any range of that time.

3. Erik Prince hasn’t been involved in Blackwater in over 10 years, even though he seems to represent he still has some type of forces at his control. Blackwater was bought twice since their founding, and is absorbed in Constellis. Exactly what he is currently doing is unclear aside from being a one-stop shop for political operative, arms dealer, and provocateur. His talents are best used in the Middle East, Russia, Turkey, or any firmly established dictatorship. Is he still tangentially involved with Trump? Probably. But there is no way he is involved in PACT.

Russell’s above thread was picked up by Seth Abramson, and in true Seth fashion, he just went to town fanning the flames before he realized…

It is ZT1 on that badge, not ZTI. They are call letters to identify the wearer. IT’S NOT THE COMPANY ZTI. Thankfully, instead of continuing to try to walk it back, or justify the post, which Seth was doing, he just took the whole mess down, as it was heading into a frothy mouthed, vomit-fest of Erik Prince stories that just had to be true.


Let’s concentrate on facts and critical analysis. Let’s NOT create appealing conspiracy theories.

If there are private contractors in the deployed DHS force, they are coming from already existing contracts, probably within Federal Protective Services (FPS) or maybe Bureau of Prisons (BOP). So, the private companies most likely represented would be: GEO Group, Core Civic, or MTC.

What the possible inclusion of private contractors in PACT forces signals to us is… exactly what we already know about this administration. They suck at planning anything. They do not operate with foresight, ever. If there are private contractors in PACT forces, it is purely because THERE WAS NO PLAN and they had no choice but to utilize those already existing private contracts. Don’t we know this yet?

If this did in fact happen, then it would be necessary for all the personnel to remain anonymous for as long as possible so that no one could suss out their origins. To utilize two different arms of governement- The DOJ and DHS, which organize two different forces (PACT, Operation Legend) out of many different components of agencies, into an indistinguishable mishmash of personnel, gives this whole undertaking the longest life possible. A life which is not particularly long at all, whether there are private contractors mixed in there or not.

The reason I questioned in an earlier post, why are PACT forces from DHS, going to be involved in the DOJ’s Operation Legend, and how many of them exactly, is not because I think there is some well-conceived nefarious plan, it’s because I know this is the result of having no plan at all. They would have no choice, because it’s not as if the FBI, DEA, and ATF have extra employees just sitting around waiting to be deployed as shock troops in US cities. It’s not as if any of these agencies would even want to do that, and the truth is, they would probably slow walk any direction to free up personnel for this propaganda exercise.

The reason why there may be private contractors in PACT is because the administration failed to plan for the personnel need and had no choice. Following these assumptions, the big question is, the real concern is- private contractors are not legitimate officers of the law and therefore cannot operate as such. That is the primary issue.

The Surge

On June 26th, Trump announced via Executive Order: Executive Order on Protecting American Monuments, Memorials, and Statues and Combating Recent Criminal Violence.

On July 1st, DHS announced the creation of a “task force” to that end: PACT.

On July 8th, William Barr’s DOJ announced their own special task force to that end: Operation Legend.

Whereas the DOJ’s operation seemed to indicate they would be concentrating on investigating criminal activity, as the component law enforcement agencies of this operation always do: FBI, DEA, ATF; the DHS’s task force was clearly going to be a mobilized police force to ‘protect’ America’s monuments, memorials, federal property, so on and so forth. Oddly, the DHS’s component forces have zero experience or training in the field of crowd management, riot control, or the applicable state laws under which they are operating as their main components are: The Federal Protective Service (FPS) and Customs and Border Protection (CBP). They also, apparently, don’t know how to use soap and water to clean off those defaced federal buildings in Portland, that were supposedly the primary reason for their mission. However, they do know how to pay for contractors to come out and erect fences around the federal property for protestors to interact with tonight. The props are set and the marionettes are coming out to dance.

lights. camera. action.

Today we learned the DOJ’s task force would be undertaking the same vague mission as it’s DHS counterpart and include some unknown parts of DHS’s PACT. Heading immediately to Chicago, and clearly other locales are already on the checklist.

“The Dept of Justice will immediately surge law enforcement to the city of Chicago.”

From Barr’s DOJ announcement of “Operation Legend”:

“Operation Legend will combine federal and local resources to combat the disturbing uptick in violence by surging federal agents and other federal assets into cities like Kansas City.”

From Chad Wolf’s DHS declaration of the creation of PACT:

“This may involve potential surge activity to ensure the continuing protection of critical locations.”

Isn’t it odd, this choice of words? Doesn’t appear to be a coincidence, does it. It’s as if the legal justification is bound in the action implied, which extends beyond statutes trampled along the way. The self-declared super power is an explanation for super-judicial actions in the ‘theater of war’. It’s a telegraphed blitzkrieg coming to a city near you.

Now, I’d like to revisit the inclusion of some unknown, unnamed components of DHS being involved with DOJ’s Operation Legend. How many? Whom? Are they going to wear FBI or DEA vests as if they have been deputized to act as such? is Operation Legend actually PACT in sheep’s clothes?

As I posted earlier, we have no way of knowing if PACT is partially or predominantly private contractors. They could be. They might not be at all, but we have no way of knowing that, do we. There is no identification or badge or documents handed out to those whom PACT encounter.

I think that William Barr is masterminding all of this. He knows that there will be court injunctions coming, so he figured out how to get as much mileage out of the incitement to violence he is creating for propaganda purposes. Two separate forces under different Govt departments that are a mishmash of a whole list of federal agencies. Making untangling- who is doing what, who can legally do what, who is where exactly, who the fuck are these people, into a giant legal mess.

If the forces rolling out in Chicago all appear in FBI, DEA, and ATF gear, the jig is up. They are lying. We know “who are these people” is the temporary strength and Achilles heal of Barr’s plan. If they all appear as another nondescript band of mercenaries, well that’s more of the same with supposedly additional characters.

Untangling this web boils down to the apparent issue: Who are these people. We need to identify these people and their direct reports. Not just their agency, but how they came to be employed with that agency. Not just their current status in the field, but how they came to be selected for that status.

Mueller Finally Comes Down From the Mountain: the biblical version

When the people saw that Mueller was gone from them for so long, they came to Fox News and asked for a God they could worship. And Fox News said, ‘bring me your memes, half-truths, and conspiracies, and I shall fashion a belief system for you.”

And it came to pass, that when Mueller came down from the mountain, he had two volumes of testimony in his hands. In this testimony were ten points known to be moments of obstruction, written for the masses whom were lost or disillusioned.

Honestly, I didn’t think it any soothsaying to foresee how this was going to end up. From Dec. 1 2017:

“When I started this blog my presumption was that ultimately many people around Donald Trump would be charged with various crimes and that Trump would still be standing after the fact.  He would remain… tarnished, damaged and left to Congress to deal with or not; leading to a constitutional crisis.”

The only thing incorrect with my original assumptions long ago, is that I thought that Mueller would make a pronouncement that Donald Trump did in fact appear guilty of a particular crime and that he simply lacked the tools to handle the charges himself. Had Mueller been an independent special counsel, it is likely that would have come to pass. But, because Mueller has been a creature of the DOJ, he did not make any such pronouncement, and rightly so.

It’s actually really funny…it’s very funny when you think about it. Not only has Robert Mueller done everything absolutely perfectly, he has done so in a masterful fashion in legality and in a poetically just fashion.

What I presumed after reading Barr’s odd initial four page outline of the Mueller report is correct. The Mueller report was written for Congress.

“No my friends, this report is meant for one of the committees in the House of Representatives. It needs to arrive in it’s whole state; complete in both style and content. Not only is it meant for the House, it is written in the words of Robert Mueller speaking to the House.”

It’s funny because Mueller has left it to us angry and malformed children of narratives to govern ourselves. He has thrown the ten commandments at us and we shall divide ourselves into separate tribes and require untold years before we submit to the truth.