Summer Zervos v Donald Trump

Judge Jennifer Schecter, in a State Court of New York, has made a profound decision regarding the supremacy clause, in the defamation suit filed by Summer Zervos against Donald Trump.  The implications of this decision are far reaching in general, but specifically for a crudball like Donald Trump, a potential floodgate of litigation has been opened due to his own systemic pattern of sexual dalliances, sexual abuse, and alleged coercion.

Stating precedence in the Paula Jones-Clinton case, Judge Schecter carves out the narrow scope of litigating cases involving “purely private acts,” as neither affecting nor interfering the President’s ability to carry out his federal duties.  Now I have to wonder, surely the judge weighed the potential for other forthcoming cases being filed, due to her reasoning, as in and of themselves, by their sheer number, as adversely affecting the Presidents ability to carry out his Federal duties.  She did later state that of course the Presidential schedule would be given priority, but what do you do when there’s say four such cases all in state courts simultaneously?

No other President past, or likely in the future, would have these potential circumstances.  Maybe the reprehensible nature of Trump makes his exception to the case, prove the rule.  Yes, the presidency under his “stewardship” may be adversely affected by the weight of multiple cases.  I don’t see how Trump’s particular circumstances can be used to overturn the ruling, but we may find out next year, if he’s still around.

I must admit, I do feel a bit uneasy with Judge Schecter’s ruling.  What if, for example, a future president-to-be in some role as a private citizen allegedly harmed an entire class of people through some misdeed, and their attempts at redress were not rolled up into one class-action case, but instead 20 different lawsuits in 5 different states?

Clearly any such person shouldn’t run for president until such a time as they had their affairs settled, but didn’t we just vote a complete asshole into office knowing full fucking well that he was exactly the type of person that would and has been involved in ongoing litigation for his entire fucking life?

All that aside, there is much more interesting information in this decision.

My presumption is that Trump’s team would use his already established, “yeah but I’m a fucking idiot that doesn’t need to know what he’s talking about” clause, as outlined in my post of their previously stated position here.  The main idea is, in the course of political speeches or in a rhetorical context, Trump can lie and make shit up, because it’s only talk.  It’s all talk.

But, guess what.  The judge in her statement that the case will proceed, has already outlined that any such foolishness will not be an acceptable defense, so don’t fucking bother.


Donny is really in trouble.  Not because it’s looking like he’s likely to lose the case, that doesn’t even matter.  He’s in trouble because of the discovery process.  This case may not just encourage other women to come forward merely because it is allowed to exist.  This case has the potential to open up other cases from what information is discovered.  Not to mention, the mere fact that discovery is going to tarnish whatever tiny, gold-plated veneer there remains on Trump.

From my October 15 post on the Zervos case:

“Since the suit is now on record, we can see the complainant is asking for (among many, many other documents): “all documents concerning any accusations that were made during Donald J. Trump’s election campaign for president, that he subjected any woman to unwanted sexual touching and/or sexually inappropriate behavior.”

Starting to see the synergy here, right?

Oh Donny, you’re in trouble.

Hope Hicks Resigns

Hope Hicks’ resignation is not a great loss to the Nation as she was one of many unqualified lumps of shit in the Trump Administration.  Her biggest claim to fame is being labeled  “best piece of tail,” by the twitterer-in-chief and fucking with at least 2 men in the Trump organization.  Congratulations and go to hell lady.

What this is going to mean to Donald Trump is anyone’s guess, but there’s a real real good chance it’s not going to be anything good for Donny.  Once outside Trump’s immediate orbit, Hicks is a freelancer able to speak as she wishes (not withstanding Presidential privilege) and feel no constraints in any testimony she may be giving.  Considering her track record so far, I’m gonna go ahead and guess this bitch cashes in.  I’m sure she’ll “do it the right way,” with all the decorum a righteous skank like her can muster.

It might be a year before we’re reading her book.  Give it a couple of years for the big screen version.   Her story is made for a slapstick comedy.  Being a dumb Ho can pay off big time.

People may try to paint her as an innocent, but don’t forget, this bitch is complicit in everything this ridiculous, out-of-control administration has done.  She served Donald Trump.  She did not serve the nation’s interests for a second.

Go to hell, Ho Hicks.