Hope Hicks Resigns

Hope Hicks’ resignation is not a great loss to the Nation as she was one of many unqualified lumps of shit in the Trump Administration.  Her biggest claim to fame is being labeled  “best piece of tail,” by the twitterer-in-chief and fucking with at least 2 men in the Trump organization.  Congratulations and go to hell lady.

What this is going to mean to Donald Trump is anyone’s guess, but there’s a real real good chance it’s not going to be anything good for Donny.  Once outside Trump’s immediate orbit, Hicks is a freelancer able to speak as she wishes (not withstanding Presidential privilege) and feel no constraints in any testimony she may be giving.  Considering her track record so far, I’m gonna go ahead and guess this bitch cashes in.  I’m sure she’ll “do it the right way,” with all the decorum a righteous skank like her can muster.

It might be a year before we’re reading her book.  Give it a couple of years for the big screen version.   Her story is made for a slapstick comedy.  Being a dumb Ho can pay off big time.

People may try to paint her as an innocent, but don’t forget, this bitch is complicit in everything this ridiculous, out-of-control administration has done.  She served Donald Trump.  She did not serve the nation’s interests for a second.

Go to hell, Ho Hicks.