The Storm is Coming?

Some interesting conspiracy theories floating around the twitterverse today following Trump’s ditching of a scheduled visit to WWI War memorial due to “rain”and his subsequent late arrival to a World Leader dinner hosted by Macron, while simultaneously being silent on twitter.  In total something like 5-6 hours of missing time from scheduled events of no small import has lead some people to wonder…

…that maybe Mueller indictments have arrived.   One inside person is even wondering if the Fox News silence on Twitter has to do with a gag order as the twitter silence strangely coincides with a Rupert Murdoch meeting with  Mitch McConnell in an otherwise empty capitol.

Which is really interesting and fun!  But come on, Fox social media wouldn’t go entirely dark.  They might be directed not to post on particular topics.  I would understand that.  The “retribution for the treatment of poor old Tucker,” I posted yesterday, is the most plausible story, but that has not been confirmed by Fox.

I don’t know if we’ll ever know why Murdoch is visiting McConnell at such an unusual time after the elections and while Congress is out of session.  What I would postulate with very limited knowledge, is perhaps conspiracy theory #2 could actually be correct.

With Flake making his intentions known about protecting special counsel, and with Susan Collins making a similar statement:

Perhaps it’s time for Mitch to let Murdoch know, maybe you want to get in front of this over on the propaganda channel so you don’t look like a bunch of fools for what is about to happen.

Could some indictments have come down?  Maybe.

What seems more likely is maybe the GOP is getting closer to stabbing the goose that laid the golden Tax Reform.  Maybe it’s time to start reining in the crazy man.  It could be.

In Trump’s world, whatever the hell just happened over at the Justice Dept. is a long gone memory.  That shit already happened, who cares.  If Trump doesn’t see something in front of his bloodshot eyes, it doesn’t exist.  Unfortunately for him, there are people capable of reason and capable of concern back in Washington and maybe those people gave Trump a call over in France while he was trying to enjoy his military parades and meeting with the world’s most accomplished dictators, and those people let him know, “We’re going to have to change things around a bit when you come back Donny.”

We may never know what happened to Trump’s missing time, why Mitch met Rupert at such a strange time, or why Fox went silent on twitter.  All three answers could be benign.  I do like the idea of GOP Senators pulling an Et tu Brute on the twitterer-in-chief.  It’s a lovely image.

Of course protecting Mueller wouldn’t be a giant fracture in the subservience of Congress to Trump, but it would drive him crazy.  Let’s see what they do when Congress is back in session.


Fox News Gives Twitter the Silent Treatment

Fox News hasn’t posted to twitter for around a day and a half.  Many of the sub accounts, like business, Fox and Friends, and individuals do continue to post to twitter.  Supposedly, this is some type of silent protest from the parent account, to Twitter’s handling of some pretty nasty tweets concerning Tucker Carlson after his house had a late night visit by some folks with a bullhorn.  Several tweets included Carlson’s home address and Fox alerted twitter of this, but apparently those tweets have not been removed.

I have no idea if all of this story is correct because it hasn’t been verified by Fox News itself, but…

Look.  I don’t think this kind of stuff is a “matter of opinion,” no more than dealing with the insanity of the Trump administration is an “interesting political debate.”  I support giving public figures a hard time in public spaces, sans anything physical.  That’s as far as I’d go.  A large group of people showing up at someones home with a bullhorn at night when there’s likely kids inside, yelling “We know where you live,” nah man.  That ain’t okay.

Some people are pointing out Christine Ford is basically on the run and can’t report to work because of all the crazies chasing her and threatening her life.  Therefore, Carlson has it coming too because he demonized her.  No.  That’s not how it works.  We don’t stand for either situation.  We don’t allow either.  It’s not a matter of degrees where one isn’t nearly as bad as the other.  They are both bad.  We reject this.

I fucking hate Tucker Carlson.  Real, honest-to-goodness hate.  I hate that he profits off of the hate that he spews, but we cannot allow this to be the norm.  There’s no end to allowing this.  To do so makes no more sense than the “Good guy with a gun/bad guy with a gun” argument.  They’re all shooting guns with the intent to kill someone.  It’s all bad.

January 29, 2018

UPDATE: GOP votes to release their own distorted memo.  They separately voted to not release the minority’s memo outlining how the facts have been distorted.  They separately voted to not allow the FBI or DOJ to view and address the GOP memo.  Trump just needs to sign off on this now.  Schiff is currently announcing this and describing how an infected presidency has passed it’s disease to Congress.  Schiff has also said that his GOP led committee is opening up investigations into both the DOJ and FBI.  Obviously a further attempt to thwart the ongoing investigation by all means necessary even if it means the undermining of our governmental institutions.

Truly a sad day for our Democracy.  GOP has crossed a line that is regrettable.  Saving this disgusting, unqualified, idiot president is all that matters to the GOP to the detriment of everything else.

UPDATE: at around the same time this vote was going down, White House announced they decided they are not imposing the sanctions against the Russian that were overwhelmingly passed last year-


With Trump’s State of the Union Address imminent, the relative silence on his twitter feed speaks volumes, particularly considering his incredibly light schedule for today:


He’s always scheduled for ridiculously short days which usually lead to lots and lots of TV time and early morning and evening twatterings…not lately.  I’m going to go ahead and assume that the nativist, unqualified Trump administration “brain trust,” is working on a whammy or two for the address.

They could be crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s on an updated immigration policy that Trump will allude to, but I think it’s more likely they are going to throw a hand grenade on the floor of Congress with the outline for a proposed infrastructure bill.  Could be.

My general feeling is they are cooking up something to keep Congress and the public disoriented as that is this White House’s preferred tool for cover of whatever nefarious deeds they are up to administratively.

Will Trump make a gaff in his address?  Probably not, but does it matter anyway?  He’s already a certified fool.  Will he describe how he wants to build bridges and work in a bipartisan fashion going forward?  Of course, mostly because he has to ….and does that really matter either?

The GOP’s characterization that Democrats are being obstructionists is a flimsy tool.  Equating “Vote on exactly what we want or nothing,” with obstruction is ridiculous and not nearly as effective as Bush’s, “Vote on this war or you are not a patriot.”  Saying the Administration and the GOP want to work in a bipartisan fashion means nothing because if they can get away with not doing so, they will.  If they have to work on bipartisan legislation, their initial approach will be “our way or the highway.”

Supposedly Congress is taking a vote right now on whether or not to release D-bag Nunes’ crafted document in regards to the FBI’s use of FISA warrants and the Steele Dossier.  Again, does it matter?  At best it will start a firestorm that will burn out in a week.  Long term, what Nunes, the White House, and some of the GOP are doing is irreparable damage to our institutions and standing in the world.

This is what it looks like when we put a party that has truly been nothing but obstructionists in power.  They haven’t the ability to govern, but are advanced in the powers of destruction.