What Firing Sessions Means

I’m not going to point out pertinent facts in this post; I’m not going to work over all of the information that is about to be massaged to death by every news outlet and blogger in the universe.  What I am going to do, is step back and look at this event from the devious viewpoint of Donny and Bill Shine, Donny’s Communications Director and a former top executive of Fox News.

I believe this is an ultimate form of the staging of this reality TV presidency and most likely masterminded by Bill Shine from exactly that position.  This isn’t a rush to end the Mueller probe.  This is not the cliffhanger ending to season 2 of the Trump reality presidency.  Nope.  I believe this is the segue into season 3: The Grind.

What will happen in the House of Representatives when the new assembly is in session is clear.  The Trump administration’s counter-narrative to any House investigation is already established: it’s a waste of time, it’s a waste of money, and the House isn’t spending any time legislating at all.  It’s a witch hunt.

We get it.

I believe this is an attempt to force Mueller’s hand to diffuse his investigation.  Spin off some pieces of his investigation to the states and immediately present some cases for indictment that Mueller would not have otherwise, because they do not follow a clear progression of cases that would have been more beneficial to the overall investigation.

Mueller and Rosenstein were certainly prepared for this eventuality.  We all know that.  Being prepared is not the same as creating the most desirable outcomes.  Being ready for this eventuality is a reaction to foreseen circumstances that elicits the best possible outcome in a negative environment.  It’s the best we can do.

There are multiple benefits for Donny from this play.  The diffusion of the investigation allows Donny to play piecemeal whack-a-mole with each negative headline, one at a time.  Each story that will emerge will have a created counter-narrative based, as usual, around “witch hunt,” “waste of time,” “waste of money,” “nothing is being done to further the needs of America.”

There is no loss by hurrying this ahead of the House investigations.  None.  It will all be seen to be threads of the same fabric.  Each piece worthy of our disdain as an attempt to tarnish Trump’s make-america-great-again.

Any undermining of Rosenstein, or even firing of Rosenstein will, again, not be seen as materially different from firing Sessions.  It’s one and the same.  All attempts to slow down or partially defund the investigation will now be similarly alarming to reasonable people, and no different to Congressional GOP.   Sure it’s just as bad as firing Sessions, but it ain’t the end of the world.  The Senate will not act.

I do not believe the Trump administration will seek to quash the investigation entirely.  The goal here was diffusion.  The ultimate goal is to string the investigations along for 2 years with the constant counter-narratives outlined above.  This is entirely palatable to the cult.

Trump and Shine believe they can win a re-election based around these circumstances and the unwavering support of the cult base.  They believe the House will be strung along for 2 years unable to come to their ultimate goal quickly, due to a slow-paced, reactionary fear of the counter-narratives.  Trump and Shine believe they can capitalize on their counter-narratives and retake the House and hold a majority in the Senate, thereby ensuring 4 years of unobstructed authoritarian rule.

What we do not know, is just how powerful any sure to come indictment from Bob Mueller is going to be.  We do not know whom his current #1 target is, but we may be about to find out and that’s fine with Trump as long as it isn’t him.  And I’m sure it isn’t.  It’s totally fine whoever it is, even if it is Donny’s own son.

Trump’s reality TV presidency has just entered season 3, and Donny and Shine already have the next several seasons roughly sketched out.

Sessions fires Andrew McCabe

Jeffrey Beauregard “Southern Belle” Sessions III fires Andrew McCabe after the FBI and DOJ Inspector General suggest such action.  10pm on a Friday night and 2 days before his upcoming retirement is apparently the time to do this kind of thing.

The administration is working hard to make this appear to not be politically motivated.

“The report by the Department of Justice Inspector General, while not yet finished, found evidence that McCabe had questionable contact with a reporter and was not fully forthcoming when asked about it about an investigation concerning the Clinton Foundation. Those familiar with McCabe’s side of the story say he was authorized to talk to reporters.”

This is really really a pretty fucking thin reason to exact retribution on McCabe who has been a target of Trump and the Republican Congressional sychophants for quite some time.  Was what he did wrong?  Yeah, a little bit as far as we know.  There’s an Inspector General’s report somewhere that indicates he wasn’t entirely truthful…don’t think anyone has seen this report though…so who the fuck knows?

Andrew McCabe, has just made a small statement that this is an attempt to discredit McCabe in the ongoing Mueller investigation.

The good news?  Well now we have one person that’s finally… finally going to talk about what’s really going on.  He may be somewhat hampered in reacting publicly because he probably has some actions to take to legally battle for full retirement benefits.  I’m looking forward to hearing what McCabe has to say.

Just hearing on MSNBC, that simultaneously during this firing, Trump is attempting to move the Stormy Daniels case to a federal court where he has appointed the judge.

All of this fucking mess is definitely going to be a much larger story tomorrow and the coming week.  This administration is a dumpster fire.  They’re nearly all-in on this game now.  This meting out of justice is little different than Putin putting hits out on anyone who has crossed him.

ADDED: Andrew McCabe’s written response to firing:

I have been an FBI Special Agent for over 21 years. I spent half of that time investigating Russian Organized Crime as a street agent and Supervisor in New York City. I have spent the second half of my career focusing on national security issues and protecting this country from terrorism. I served in some of the most challenging, demanding investigative and leadership roles in the FBI. And I was privileged to serve as Deputy Director during a particularly tough time.

For the last year and a half, my family and I have been the targets of an unrelenting assault on our reputation and my service to this country. Articles too numerous to count have leveled every sort of false, defamatory and degrading allegation against us. The President’s tweets have amplified and exacerbated it all. He called for my firing. He called for me to be stripped of my pension after more than 20 years of service. And all along we have said nothing, never wanting to distract from the mission of the FBI by addressing the lies told and repeated about us.

No more.

The investigation by the Justice Department’s Office of Inspector General (01G) has to be understood in the context of the attacks on my credibility. The investigation flows from my attempt to explain the FBI’s involvement and my supervision of investigations involving Hillary Clinton. I was being portrayed in the media over and over as a political partisan, accused of closing down investigations under political pressure. The FBI was portrayed as caving under that pressure, and making decisions for political rather than law enforcement purposes. Nothing was further from the truth. In fact, this entire investigation stems from my efforts, fully authorized under FBI rules, to set the record straight on behalf of the Bureau, and to make clear that we were continuing an investigation that people in DOJ opposed.

The 01G investigation has focused on information I chose to share with a reporter through my public affairs officer and a legal counselor. As Deputy Director, I was one of only a few people who had the authority to do that. It was not a secret, it took place over several days, and others, including the Director, were aware of the interaction with the reporter. It was the type of exchange with the media that the Deputy Director oversees several times per week. In fact, it was the same type of work that I continued to do under Director Wray, at his request. The investigation subsequently focused on who I talked to, when I talked to them, and so forth. During these inquiries, I answered questions truthfully and as accurately as I could amidst the chaos that surrounded me. And when I thought my answers were misunderstood, I contacted investigators to correct them.

But looking at that in isolation completely misses the big picture. The big picture is a tale of what can happen when law enforcement is politicized, public servants are attacked, and people who are supposed to cherish and protect our institutions become instruments for damaging those institutions and people.

Here is the reality: I am being singled out and treated this way because of the role I played, the actions I took, and the events I witnessed in the aftermath of the firing of James Comey. The release of this report was accelerated only after my testimony to the House Intelligence Committee revealed that I would corroborate former Director Comey’s accounts of his discussions with the President. The OIG’s focus on me and this report became a part of an unprecedented effort by the Administration, driven by the President himself, to remove me from my position, destroy my reputation, and possibly strip me of a pension that I worked 21 years to earn. The accelerated release of the report, and the punitive actions taken in response, make sense only when viewed through this lens. Thursday’s comments from the White House are just the latest example of this.

This attack on my credibility is one part of a larger effort not just to slander me personally, but to taint the FBI, law enforcement, and intelligence professionals more generally. It is part of this Administration’s ongoing war on the FBI and the efforts of the Special Counsel investigation, which continue to this day. Their persistence in this campaign only highlights the importance of the Special Counsel’s work.

I have always prided myself on serving my country with distinction and integrity, and I always encouraged those around me to do the same. Just ask them. To have my career end in this way, and to be accused of lacking candor when at worst I was distracted in the midst of chaotic events, is incredibly disappointing and unfair. But it will not erase the important work I was privileged to be a part of, the results of which will in the end be revealed for the country to see.

I have unfailing faith in the men and women of the FBI and I am confident that their efforts to seek justice will not be deterred.

February 28, 2018

Trump once again attacks Jeffrey Beauregard “Southern Belle” Sessions III on twitter:


Why Trump, whom is supposedly the “President,” takes his grievances to twitter instead of acting like the “President,” is clearly because he still has no idea how to be a “President.”  He doesn’t understand that the Inspector General has the authority to investigate and recommend charges, he doesn’t understand that the DOJ is not a firing line acting as judge and jury, and, as always, he would rather create a public narrative than actually do anything a “President” might be inclined to do.

Sessions responded in the court of public opinion:


While he may be a detestable human being, Sessions isn’t an idiot:  “So fire me.”  Trump isn’t going to fire Sessions.  The only action we can certainly count on in this administration is doing nothing.  Sometimes, less than nothing.

The public continues to be wound up over the goings on in the White House.  A couple weeks ago it was the abusers; this week it’s the security clearance issues.  The administration is going to do nothing about it.  Nothing.  They’ll just coast to the next scandal and we’ll forget all about it.  We’re all keen on making this a John Kelly soap opera.  Dude’s not going to do anything.  Kushner isn’t going to do anything.  Trump isn’t going to do anything.   Once the drama is on the back burner, the administration will keep acting in exactly the way they are.

What few things have been done by this administration, lies in what they have un-done.  How we are not safer.  How we are not united.  How we are not world leaders.  How we are no longer taken seriously.  We are made into the buffoons of Trump’s creation.  Hopeless, hapless, and incredibly stupid.

Today Trump had a round-table with congressional leaders discussing what can be done about our mass murder epidemic.  Trump was as clueless and vacuously stupid as ever with all the same one liners that he uses regardless of situation.  We’ll create legislation that few would ever believe to be possible in such a short period of time.  It’s going to be tremendous and fabulous and….



If you were listening closely to the Congressional leaders, you would have heard what shall be done to address the situation.


The clear GOP position was- more guns.  “The only thing that will stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.”  You can write that down right now, stick it in a fucking envelope, and address it to “the next victim, Anywhere USA,” because if anything...anything, that’s all we’re getting.

You know how long the NRA has been championing the “good guy with a gun” mantra?


Wayne LaPierre, executive vice president and CEO of the National Rifle Association, on Friday called on school officials to immediately come up with a plan to place armed security in every school in America.

“The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. Would you rather have your 911 call bring a good guy with a gun from a mile away or a minute away?” he asked.

One week ago, 26 people were gunned down – 20 of them children – when 20-year-old Adam Lanza went on a shooting spree inside Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. Then, he took his own life.

Despite the FBI’s own report in 2014 that “the good guy” thing isn’t true at all.

“U.S. companies have manufactured more than 70 million firearms since 2008, rapidly escalating the production of pistols and the types of rifles used in recent mass shootings, government and industry data show.

In 2016, the latest year for which data is available, production spiked as firearms companies built roughly 11 million guns, in part due to a belief that Democrats would win elections that year and curb access to semiautomatic weapons such as the AR-15 rifle.


Despite the fact that States with more guns see more accidental deaths from firearms, and children ages 5 to 14 are 11 times more likely to be killed with a gun in the US compared to other developed countries, where gun ownership is much less common.

How is it that the NRA decides ANY of our national policies for us.  How is it possible that Congresspeople will tell you right up front, “Nah, the NRA won’t agree to that”?  WTF is this?

Who benefits from more guns being sold?


More guns equals greater probability of someone getting shot…even from a teacher’s gun.  Today:


January 4, 2018

The New York Times drops yet another bomb on Donald Trump.

“President Trump gave firm instructions in March to the White House’s top lawyer: stop the attorney general, Jeff Sessions, from recusing himself in the Justice Department’s investigation into whether Mr. Trump’s associates had helped a Russian campaign to disrupt the 2016 election.”

It would appear to be White House Lawyer Don McGhan that was the NY Times main source for this piece.  It would seem to be him because the Times state as a matter of fact, what it is Mueller knows about these details, so that had to come from McGhan himself.   Don Mcghan, had already met with Mueller.

“Mr. McGahn was unsuccessful, and the president erupted in anger in front of numerous White House officials, saying he needed his attorney general to protect him. Mr. Trump said he had expected his top law enforcement official to safeguard him the way he believed Robert F. Kennedy, as attorney general, had done for his brother John F. Kennedy and Eric H. Holder Jr. had for Barack Obama.”


“Among the other episodes, Mr. Trump described the Russia investigation as “fabricated and politically motivated” in a letter that he intended to send to the F.B.I. director at the time, James B. Comey, but that White House aides stopped him from sending. Mr. Mueller has also substantiated claims that Mr. Comey made in a series of memos describing troubling interactions with the president before he was fired in May.

The New York Times has also learned that four days before Mr. Comey was fired, one of Mr. Sessions’s aides asked a congressional staff member whether he had damaging information about Mr. Comey, part of an apparent effort to undermine the F.B.I. director. It was not clear whether Mr. Mueller’s investigators knew about this incident.

Mr. Mueller has also been examining a false statement that the president dictated on Air Force One in July in response to an article in The Times about a meeting that Trump campaign officials had with Russians in 2016. A new book, “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House,” by Michael Wolff, says that the president’s lawyers believed that the statement was “an explicit attempt to throw sand into the investigation’s gears,” and that it led one of Mr. Trump’s spokesmen to quit because he believed it was obstruction of justice.”

If I were Trump, I’d be deeply concerned.  In the beginning, I was thinking it unlikely that Trump would be charged with anything when Mueller’s investigation was done with the investigation phase…now…I’m leaning a little more to obstruction of justice.  We’re not all the way there yet, but it’s closer.  If I were Sessions, I’d start to be concerned as well, as he is slowly being drawn into the fray.

There wasn’t anything substantive in the excerpts of Michael Wolff’s book, “Fire and Fury” insofar as anything legally provable, or anything that Mueller doesn’t already know.  What that book has done though, is shifted the ground for the battle of public opinion.  The book is so scathing and over-the-top it makes Fox News and the GOP henchmen in Congress have to change battle fronts.  They can’t be entirely on the offensive with the fabricated undermining of Muller with this addition to the battlefield.  The book is a new rook on the field.

Right around the time this article hit the internet, those aforementioned GOP henchmen did try a new attack:

“Two of Congress’s most ardent Trump defenders, Reps. Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Mark Meadows (R-NC) of the House’s ultra-conservative Freedom Caucus, are calling for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to resign.

Why? The Russia investigation is becoming too big a distraction from President Trump’s victories, from the stock market’s “surge” to the GOP’s overhaul of the nation’s tax code, the Congress members write in an op-ed in the Washington Examiner.

They say that by recusing himself from the FBI’s investigation into Russia’s alleged interference in the United States election, Sessions has lost “control,” allowing for a leaky and unnecessarily overdrawn, partisan investigation:

The alarming number of FBI agents and DOJ officials sharing information with reporters is in clear violation of the investigative standards that Americans expect and should demand. How would New York Times reporters know any of this information when the FBI and DOJ are prohibited from talking about ongoing investigations? How many FBI agents and DOJ officials have illegally discussed aspects of an ongoing investigation with reporters? When will it stop?”


Silly stuff, but they’ll try it.  Hell, they’ll try anything.  Considering that most of the leaks we know about come from the administration itself.  “Fire and Fury,” for example was written right in the goddamn White House with everyone chipping in to make it possible.  This NY Times piece most likely came from the White House lawyer himself.

Let’s see if  those D-bags Meadows and Jordan stick with this new tact or switch back to attempting to undermine Mueller.  God, those guys are assholes.