What’s Going to Happen?

I had blogged long ago, I thought Putin would wait until the 2020 election to disseminate information the Russians had stolen from the RNC (when they had also successfully stolen DNC data in 2016) if it appeared that Trump would lose. Well, it appears Trump will lose, but there is no upside to releasing that information. No peepee tapes either. It remains ideal to let Donny run amok across the country, in government or out of government.

I think it is important to point out, 19% of the entire US population actively supported (voted for) Trump in 2016. We can assume the Trump train has lost some of those people, but also encouraged some that did not vote in 2016, to vote this time, through their messaging of fear. Therefore, for sake of argument, let’s assume this number is close to the same. 20%. Not half of the country. Half of the country is not crazy, neither is this entire 20%. Okay? I would suggest that 20% is not equally distributed, but instead, more concentrated and facing a larger number than Clinton had won. He will lose the popular vote and the electoral college.

Trump’s only option was to create the boogieman of tampered/illegal mail in ballots, so those could be discarded through court action, the problem with this gambit is, not everyone that would prefer to vote for Trump is crazy, so with the Covid19 infection rate closing in on 100,000 per day, this ploy will result in some people deciding to not vote on election day. A quick look at the weather map indicates virtually smooth sailing, so weather will probably not influence the vote.

I do not believe we will see widespread violence at polling sites. Probably small, isolated incidents of no great effect. The great majority of people just want to cast their vote, and/or watch the process from home, much like a sporting event.

What we do know is that the Trump Campaign, the RNC, and state run GOP groups across the country are losing case after case to suppress voting and discard votes already cast. We also know, immediately after the polls close, these parties will recommit to court actions to discount legitimate votes. That’s the only way Trump can stay in power. Trump’s hardcore base has now been trained to expect this. They know that the GOP plans on stealing this election, but have swallowed whole the tortured reasoning and rationalization as to how this is acceptable for this election or our democracy.

Therefore, if we are to be concerned about violence, that will manifest itself in the days following the election, when Donny will signal whom the offending party is. The Governor of Pennsylvania, or the Governor of Michigan. The division of elections of Florida. The cities of Houston, Dallas, Austin, or San Antonio. Particular lawyers in particular courthouses. “The media.” Even if he clearly has overwhelmingly lost, he will pick out enemies.

He will no doubt make generalized statements about the “rigged” election, and how unfair and fraudulent everything is, but we’re used to that aren’t we? So are his followers. It’s the particular declarations for which we need to look out. He will let his followers know which parties need to have justice visited upon them, and we shall have to wait and see if a small minority of that 20% heed the call. He’ll do the usual “people are saying…,” and “if you take a look at…”

If he does not overwhelmingly lose, we can expect protracted unrest. Any case he is allowed to win by his own selected jurors, we can expect the left to take to the streets in DC. The re-erection of a third wall around the White House, does not inspire confidence that Donny will not manufacture as much dissent as possible. Not only does he not care about the well being of any of his followers, or any US citizen, he clearly delights in anarchy. I am not certain the new fence around the WH is entirely Donny’s idea, but may be SS and staff deciding, for sure, Donny is going to make this worse, let’s put up that fence so we all don’t die.

So I am presenting 2 “ifs”:

If he is allowed to steal a state, or,

If his followers decide to heed the call.

No matter what form the election takes, it is clear Donny has already begun sabotaging the federal government for the incoming administration. If and when he loses, he will insist on no federal plan for the virus and ramp up a “going out of business sale” of corruption and influence peddling we never imagined.

He won’t go out pretty. We know that. He is going to leave as much anguish and anarchy in his wake as possible. Just like all of his business disasters.

He will already be planning his next ego-feeding business of Trump TV or some weird WWE/Trump co-platform. Selling their rage, destruction, and vanquishing of imaginary adversaries which is packaged for the created disaffected mob; the mindless, slack-jawed followers, keen on “owning the libs” by punching themselves in the face. He will immediately file to run for 2024 and continue his cult pep rallies that never ended. Donny will create enmity with every town he stiffs, thinking he is still protected by the weight of the Federal government. Eventually Donny will find the end of the road in the open doors of courthouses, awaiting his final show.

That city whose justice he has evaded for decades, will finally have their day.


What do you think is going to happen?

RNC Party Platform 2020: The RNC is Super Enthusiastic

What a strange document. It’s one page. The RNC 2020 Party Platform is only one page. The RNC 2016 Platform was 66 pages and fairly specific in it’s direction. Some complained at the time, it was too specific as in: In the weeds. The 2020 Platform suffers no such digressions.

It’s one page.

The RNC attributes the lack of an actual platform, to limitations caused by Covid-19, whereas the DNC had no trouble compiling an 80 page document, because, you know- computers, telecommunications, and the internet are a real thing. The RNC would like to state, however, that their failure to formulate a plan is in fact a reflection of the shortcomings of “the media” and Obama, and whatever you do, do not question the RNC’s unwavering support for Donny Trump.

To which facts of policy should the media be referring, when reporting in an unbiased fashion? The facts of the 2016 RNC Platform which the RNC hasn’t even bothered to state? Or, the facts of the moment, when Donny opens his mouth or sends off a tweet? Are those the appropriate facts? Or, is it possible, that there is no such thing as facts, but merely beliefs, which by their nature, are unerringly true to the one stating them?

There is truly only one point to the RNC 2020 Platform. That is, the RNC is Donald Trump. Donald Trump is the RNC. This is not to be questioned. What is resolved in this platform, is that the RNC enthusiastically supports Donald Trump. No actual platform will be offered until 2024. Whatever was written in the 2016 platform, that’s what the platform is. Oddly, the only stated intent of the party platform outside of enthusiasm and inaction, is a directive for how the media shall cover the RNC’s enthusiastic support of Donald Trump. How fucking odd.

What type of governing principle is the observation of how others cover one’s own level of enthusiasm? Now, is this actually a call for commitment from “the media” to properly cover each member of the RNC’s level of enthusiasm, or a restatement and warning to RNC members that they ought to be very, very enthusiastic?

No, the RNC need not formulate anything new, or delineate that which they state they adhere to in the 2016 platform. There is no need to revisit that document, or amend its points, or update their accomplishments, or in fact state there exists any platform because:

Putting words to paper is fluffery. It is “political rhetoric.” They shall abide by their “policy priorities” as they are stated, at any given point in time, from the gaping maw of the “royal we” of the RNC: Donny Trump. “I would like you to do us a favor though,” is a policy …just now.

Should the RNC care to revisit their supposed governing principles from 2016, I would hope they clean up sections like this one:


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