Democrats Are Passing Meaningful Legislation (it just dies in the Senate)

Similar to the GOP pledge to block, obstruct and slow down every effort by the Obama Administration to enact initiatives, The current Mitch McConnell led Senate will not even allow the great majority of laws passed by the Democrat led House to see a vote in the Senate. The same Senate which occupies most of it’s time installing underqualified “conservative” judges or approving of Trump appointees if it does anything at all.

In the Senate, barely a dozen roll-call votes have been held this year on bills, amendments and legislation, and around 20 bills have been signed into law since January. Senator Christopher S. Murphy, Democrat of Connecticut, vented that Mr. McConnell had “effectively turned the United States Senate into a very expensive lunch club that occasionally votes on a judge or two.”

Here is Mitch baby letting us all know any of the “socialist” bills that come out of the House, will not be allowed a vote by the self declared “grim reaper.”

Mitch isn’t stopping “socialist” bills from reaching the floor of the Senate, he’s stopping nearly every bill from reaching the floor despite the fact that most of them are wildly popular with both conservatives and liberals. Mitch’s plan is purely a political one, as all of his plans are. The plan is: to not allow Democrats to pass any meaningful legislation despite how popular they may be, and to not force GOP Senators to have to vote on legislation they find ideologically unpalatable before an election year. Because when you think about it, nothing is more important for our elected officials than keeping their jobs. What could be more important than that?

So despite the cries from all of the cult talking heads that, “Democrats aren’t doing anything but trying to impeach Trump,” the fact is, House Democrats are churning out very meaningful legislation to which Mitch McConnell’s Senate merely refuses to grant attention.

It is true that the first term of the previous GOP controlled House will most likely end up having more legislation passed…

Then the current first term of the Dem controlled House at about the halfway point…

but it won’t be a great margin, and it won’t be due to lack of bills being considered, of which the Dem controlled House is handling, what will most likely be, a much larger portfolio of bills then the previous first term GOP controlled House. The truth is, the House always has a ton of bills to consider every session and this House is no exception to that trend. So when someone yells, “Dems don’t do anything!” you tell them to go fuck themselves and copy/paste the above chart.

What is worth noting is the sweeping changes the House bills propose. Changes which are, by and large, perennially popular with the electorate, but somehow never manage to be crafted into law.

Below are some of the highlights of the bills that died in the Senate this year:

Two nationally popular gun control bills that would increase the time for background checks to ten days and expand background checks as a necessity to loophole sales such as gun shows, were passed at the end of February. There still are no scheduled votes in the Senate.

On January 5th, McConnell blocks two House bills to reopen the government that had been shutdown by Trump’s temper tantrum over his idiot wall. McConnell had also blocked Senate Democrats move to reopen the government on the 10th.

On January 6th, McConnell gets enough support to vote down the passage of a bill disapproving of the Treasury’s actions to lift sanctions on Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska. A bill which 136 GOP House members joined Democrats in drafting and which initially had enough GOP support in the Senate to pass, but was ultimately turned back by just enough GOP Senators as directed by McConnell. Not coincidentally, Deripaska firm, Rusal, announced in May that it would be spending over $2oo Million in investment in McConnell’s home state of Kentucky.

Despite all of the bells, whistles, alarms, and air-raid sirens going off, Mitch McConnell will not allow bipartisan bills to protect the 2020 elections to receive a vote.

HR1: McConnell states he will not allow the expansive and necessary election reform bill to see the light of day. HR1 is a massive anti-corruption, single bill package of individual bills to: bring clarity to the effects of dark money in elections, remove gerrymandering, require tax filings of the President and Vice President be made public, enforce stricter lobbying requirements, make election day a national holiday, and address the many voter fraud/suppression issues of the last election cycle. McConnell stated he will not allow a vote on this bill, “because I get to decide what we vote on.”

ACA (Obamacare): The House creates a bill to protect the ACA and lower costs even as the Trump administration seeks to overturn the bill with nothing to replace it. There will be no vote on this bill in the Senate.

McConnell blocks a vote on the release of the Mueller report twice in the same week.

The House passes the “Equality Act” to extend federal anti-discriminatory protection to LBGQT Americans. Despite the fear mongering from House GOP that it would, of course, mean that women’s sports would be invaded by transgendered women through this protection. No scheduled vote in the Senate…nor shall there be.

According to McConnell, the Senate will “probably not,” vote on the house “Dreamers” bill to create a path to citizenship for them.

Mueller Finally Comes Down From the Mountain: the biblical version

When the people saw that Mueller was gone from them for so long, they came to Fox News and asked for a God they could worship. And Fox News said, ‘bring me your memes, half-truths, and conspiracies, and I shall fashion a belief system for you.”

And it came to pass, that when Mueller came down from the mountain, he had two volumes of testimony in his hands. In this testimony were ten points known to be moments of obstruction, written for the masses whom were lost or disillusioned.

Honestly, I didn’t think it any soothsaying to foresee how this was going to end up. From Dec. 1 2017:

“When I started this blog my presumption was that ultimately many people around Donald Trump would be charged with various crimes and that Trump would still be standing after the fact.  He would remain… tarnished, damaged and left to Congress to deal with or not; leading to a constitutional crisis.”

The only thing incorrect with my original assumptions long ago, is that I thought that Mueller would make a pronouncement that Donald Trump did in fact appear guilty of a particular crime and that he simply lacked the tools to handle the charges himself. Had Mueller been an independent special counsel, it is likely that would have come to pass. But, because Mueller has been a creature of the DOJ, he did not make any such pronouncement, and rightly so.

It’s actually really funny…it’s very funny when you think about it. Not only has Robert Mueller done everything absolutely perfectly, he has done so in a masterful fashion in legality and in a poetically just fashion.

What I presumed after reading Barr’s odd initial four page outline of the Mueller report is correct. The Mueller report was written for Congress.

“No my friends, this report is meant for one of the committees in the House of Representatives. It needs to arrive in it’s whole state; complete in both style and content. Not only is it meant for the House, it is written in the words of Robert Mueller speaking to the House.”

It’s funny because Mueller has left it to us angry and malformed children of narratives to govern ourselves. He has thrown the ten commandments at us and we shall divide ourselves into separate tribes and require untold years before we submit to the truth.

81 Subpoenas, Because Donny Won the Election!

The only person fixated on the 2016 election at this point, is Donald Trump. Democrat House Judiciary Chairman Jerrold Nadler, is interested in resurrecting the House Intel Committee’s probe into Russian interference in the 2016 election that was obstructed and unceremoniously dumped by the GOP in March of 2018. What Nadler did was issue “information requests” not subpoenas. He did mention any request denied would certainly be backed up with a forthcoming subpoena.

(My review of the GOP’s concerted efforts to destroy every Committee’s oversight role in regards to the Trump administration and Russian interference at the time it was occurring.)

The information requests are not a fishing expedition and are not borne out of any malice caused by the loss of the 2016 election. Oversight was denied for two years under GOP control and it is now being sought. Whether or not any or all of those requested submit to the request is another matter. How long it takes to gather and analyze the data, is beyond our ability to estimate.

Below is explanation for all 81 information requests, three of which, caused me concern, although there may be good reason for the requests which are not immediately apparent. A large portion of the requests result directly from the GOP’s obstruction of the original investigation.

For your reference:

24 were specifically named, on March 13, 2018, in the Democratic Minority Report following the House Intelligence Committee closing of their investigation of Russian Interference in the 2016 Election. 12 more are associated to these 24, as either the business related to these individuals, individuals related to the business, or are agencies or federal institutions with specific information about the 24 listed.

These individuals, businesses and entities were listed by Democrat minority as the GOP refusing to call to a hearing, refusing to subpoena if the party declined, or refusing to push for specifically pertinent information/documents regarding Russian interference.

Named: Alan Garten, Allen Weisselberg, Cambridge Analytica, Corey Lewandowski, Donald Trump Jr., Erik Prince, Federal Bureau of Investigation, George Nader, Hope Hicks, Jared Kushner, Jeff Sessions, John Szobocsan, K.T. McFarland, Mark Corallo, NRA, Paul Erickson, Peter Smith (Estate), Randy Credico, Reince Priebus, Sam Nunberg, Sean Spicer, Stephen Bannon, The White House, Trump campaign.

Associated: Alexander Nix, Brittany Kaiser, Julian Wheatland, Department of Justice, General Services Administration, SCL Group Limited, Trump Foundation, Trump Organization, Trump transition, 58th Presidential Inaugural Committee, Frontier Services Group, Kushner Cos.

There are three people whose absence from the original minority list, that are included in the 81 information requests, that cause some concern. Eric Trump, should have been on this list as reasonable at that time, for proximity if nothing else. His inclusion now, with no particular reason I can think of, is questionable as fishing. To include Jason Maloni, Manafort’s spokesman, now is also questionable. He should have been on the original Minority list. There is one more figure whose presence on the information request list that has no connection to the tangled web of Russian Interference or the related Trump campaing/administration’s related conspiracies- Tom Bossert. No idea why he is included.

Rhona Graff, as the Trump gatekeeper also should have been on the original list, no idea why she wasn’t. Her inclusion in Nadler’s new list of 81, is entirely reasonable.

So of the 81, three could be argued to be questionable- Maloni, Bossert, and Eric Trump. One could also argue, the rolling up the effort to effect the result of the election by suppressing information related extramarital affairs, does not belong in this group of information requests. That’s a fair argument.

There are another six characters so fundamentally intertwined in Russian interference, whom are, for the most part, either indicted, convicted, or so thoroughly vetted that no further mention need be made of them…other than- they are on the list. Felix Sater, Carter Page, George Papadopoulos, Paul Manafort, Roger Stone, and Richard Gates.

The remainder are listed below by date for anything that may have transpired between the time of the final Minority report on the Senate Intel committee’s closing of the Russian investigation, and the time the requests for information were issued. It should be noted, some of these individuals/entities have a long, documented history of relation to the investigation that went through many of it’s own permutations and new findings from the opening of the original House Intel Committee’s probe until this day.

3/19/2018 Brad Parscale

3/30/2018 Ted Malloch.

4/6/2018 Keith Davidson

4/10/2018 Tom Bossert

5/12/2018 Andrew Intrater, Columbus Nova, Viktor Vekselberg.

6/13/2018 Tom Barrack

7/25/2018 Matt Tait

8/4/2018 J.D. Gordon

8/5/2018 Jay Sekulow.

9/12/2018 Anatoli Samochornov, Rinat Akhmetshin, Rob Goldstone, Irakly Kaveladze.

11/27/2018 Concord Management and Consulting

11/29/2018 Jerome Corsi, Julian Assange, Wikileaks

12/17/2018 Flynn Intel Group, Michael Flynn, Michael Flynn Jr.

1/10/2019 Tony Fabrizio

1/29/2019 Christopher Bancroft Burnham

*The Intelligence Committee did not exist before January 30th. GOP finally announces members for the Intelligence Committee after slow walking it as long as possible.*

*2/8/2019 Cohen testifies before House Intel Committee in closed meeting.*

2/16/2019 Sheri Dillon, Stefan Passantino.

2/26/2019 Annie Donaldson, Don McGahn.

2/27/2019 Donald J. Trump Revocable Trust

2/28/2018 Matthew Calamari, Ronald Lieberman.

*3/3/2019 House Issues 81 information requests*

Mueller announces new indictments

Mueller’s grand jury hands down indictments for 15 Russian individuals and entities.  Indictment is here.  All of the organizations are being charged with conspiracy, fraud, and related offenses in regard to their interference in US elections.

News organizations are pointing out that it is highly unlikely that any of these individuals will ever see a day in court.  Such indictments will certainly affect the ability to freely move about in the world for fear of extradition.

What we are overlooking is the absolutely powerful statement these indictments make and their effects on any future narrative about Russian interference in our election.  No longer can any arguments be made that:

  1. There is no proof of a Russian organized attempt to undermine our election.
  2. The Mueller investigation is a witch hunt.
  3. The Mueller investigation is a complete waste of time.

Take note Fox news and all of the talking heads.  It’s real.  It’ always been real.  Mueller is not wasting our time and money.  It’s not a witch hunt.  THE FUCKING INVESTIGATION HAS ALWAYS BEEN ABOUT RUSSIAN INTERFERENCE IN OUR FUCKING ELECTIONS.

I don’t believe Mueller is playing politics in announcing these indictments at this time.  He appears to be methodical and plodding.  These indictments came down at exactly the time they were ready.  That being said, I couldn’t be happier about their existence at this time.  Perhaps Congress will feel the fire at their feet.

Take note Congress.  If anyone is wasting our time and money, it is you.  You’ve done exactly jack-shit to protect our upcoming elections.  You’ve done exactly jack-shit to shed light on what the Russians did in 2016 with or without the help of the current administration.

Sure, probably nothing will ever come of these indictments.  That’s not the point.  The point is Mueller is doing exactly the job he was assigned.  The overview of the entire investigation is about protecting our country and Mueller is making honest and measurable advances to just that end.