Trump’s 2021 Proposed Budget

Each year I have read through the Trump administration’s proposed budget and various proposals at reshaping the government to their desires. Every proposal by this administration has been more of an ideological device than sound, realistic policy. The proposed 2021 fiscal year budget is no exception.

The Trump administration continues to promote policies whose goals are to create a dumber, sicker, less secure populace; viewed more as a cog in an idealized, 50’s era, workforce deployment, that reflects an unquestioning, patriarchal society which could never again exist. We should be more beholden to private enterprise, and less concerned with social well-being. We should be vocationally trained, and less inquisitive or enriched by higher education. We are ideally represented by hard-hat wearing men without a social safety net; pulling ourselves up by our bootstraps. Our social needs are replaced with “synergies,” “cost savings,” and “less redundancies.”

We should work long, sweaty days in a resource based economy in which industry is unconstrained by regulation or social concern. Deregulation and privatization are the name of the game wherein the extraction of oil and gas on the backs of human labor, generates huge income for the dynastic family wealth already ensured in “tax reform.” The movers and shakers on Wall Street will smoke cigars in back rooms and make one-off deals with a handshake, as they ogle the young flesh for their entertainment.

We shall continue to be less concerned with the state of the world, except as it affects us. We don’t care for the causes of anything; we respond with well-funded threats. Population displacement-a wall, unbalanced trade- unilateral tariffs, political differences-how about a war? How does that sound.

As usual, there are cuts to everything except to the military, veterans, and the new and exciting space-force!

Unrealistic and not at all reflective of what will take place in Congress. I expect the usual horse trading of military for social programs as Congress will once again ignore the administration’s input.

Keep in mind, in 2016, ol’ Mitch baby held up the budget for the incoming “President.” This resulted in immediately highlighting what an inept administration the US had and how unprepared the GOP was to be the governing party instead of the obstructionist party as they could not come up with a budget the *entire* year in which they were already operating. The US survived on perpetual continuing resolutions.

Democrats could do the same thing if they wanted. Could use continuing resolutions for October, November, and December (Fiscal year starts Oct.1). I don’t think they will, because McConnell would probably not blink and force the Democrats to shut down the government before elections. Right? Right.