Trump Ends Rally Speech with inciting Crowd to March to Capitol…and they did

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After angrily rehashing all the insane conspiracy theories, at end of Trump’s cult rally speech, Trump tells crowd he won’t be happy if Pence doesn’t do the “right” thing. He warns his crowd, they won’t have a country anymore if the election is allowed to stand.

This is what he says at end of speech:

“So, we’re going to walk down Pennsylvania Avenue, and we’re going to the Capitol, and we’re going to try to give our Republicans- the weak ones, because the strong ones don’t need any help, and try to give them the kind of pride and boldness that they need to take back our country. So let’s walk down Pennsylvania Avenue.”

Trump has incited this. The Capitol is now beginning to be overrun. It doesn’t look completely awful yet, but if they are allowed to continue to amass into the evening hours I guarentee you this doesn’t end well.

Trump did this. Purposefully.

-Go to 1:12 of this video to see Donny telling everyone they have to fight, and shortly after he directs them to march on the Capitol. US election: Trump tells protesters in DC “we will never give up, we will never concede” | FULL – YouTube

-This statement from Trump, isn’t to end this situation, it is to keep it going. I presume until he can make some kind of statement of demands or further grievances that must be addressed somehow.

Of great concern: Still Vigilant Grandma πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ—½ on Twitter: “@SteveSchmidtSES Police opened gates and offered them in 😑” / Twitter

-Live stream from magidiot point of view on steps in front of entrance to Capitol.

-Bingo. Trump airs his grievances again in a short vid shot in front of WH, insists on his fantasy, “but…go home.” Fucking asshole. This was all his reality TV production, from which he plans on profiting in perpetuity.

Donald J. Trump on Twitter: “” / Twitter

-It’s 4:30pm now. Really need a plan to get these people out of the Capitol soon. This will be bad if not.

-Twitter has labeled Donny’s above piece of shit video as likely to incite further violence. Rightly so. Can’t be retweeted, liked or any of that. They are probably considering if they should permaban him from twitter, shouldn’t yet. I bet you they are moving on to considering prescreening anything he tries to tweet from here on out. I rate this as likely.

-As Maddow points out, exactly where are federal government representatives? I think if we’re hoping for an unusual enactment of the 25th amendment, which is entirely warranted at this point, it ain’t gonna happen.

I can’t believe I’d actually be happy to hear from Mike Pence, but I would. Someone needs to fill the void of lack of leadership.

I’m afraid many of the MAGA enablers and Trump talking heads probably aren’t going to jump off the Trump train. They will yet be, apologists for what Trump did today. They will say, well he didn’t say go be violent. He did. Just like a mob boss he implied it…repeatedly. Just like the phone call to Georgia demanding the finding of votes. If they didn’t do it, they would be charged with crimes and ran out of their jobs. It was implied…repeatedly.

The mash-up of police and National guard are not equal to this task. Or- they are not equal to the level of appropriate response. This isn’t the Seattle mob tug and pull with federal forces on a street corner (whom Federal forces, State police, and local police would have zero problem beating up). No. This is a storming of our US Capitol building. This is *not* “let’s just simmer it down, we’re all friends here,” this is an invading mob that needs to be expelled from the city. It is a really bad idea to turn this into a face to face showdown with no endgame.

-Apparently I was wrong about twitter pre-screening Trump tweets. Twitter. This really needs censoring. This is not good.

7:15pm. Ah, 3 hours later….Twitter is now considering taking action with Trump’s Twitter account.

Looks like twitter just deleted Donny’s last two tweets..could be he’s about to be canned.

What’s really funny and sad at the same time, is all of my twitter accounts got perma-banned yesterday. Yesterday. ha. Because I referred to a Fox newscaster as a “tard,” in response to one of *my own tweets* in someone else’s feed. Not even directly to him, but someone musta not liked that word so much, twitter definitely didn’t. Not my first account suspended, but I was surprised, I received an entire IP ban. Don’t know if I can get back on twitter again at this point.

Won’t see my crying, or yelling about being unfairly treated. I take my lumps.

Senate back up. Mike Pence using this opportunity to act presidential. This isn’t the speech we want. We want to know you have recognized the problem and are going to take action. That is presidential. The old “We will not be cowered” thing is ill-conceived, this is your America and your American citizens. You need to explain the situation to them. The real, actual situation they find themselves in. That would be presidential.