Sarah Sanders, Cunt Extraordinaire

Following a long standing tradition of outlining what a cunt Sarah Sanders is, here is her latest serving of cuntiness for our disapproval.

No matter whether you believe Jim Acosta was overly rude or merely “doing his job,” Sarah Sanders, the Minister of Propaganda, has proven again what an abysmal, disgusting, lying cunt she is.

The Trump administration’s response to Jim Acosta refusing to let Trump sidestep legitimate questions is to remove his press credentials.  The justification for this action is that Jim Acosta “placed his hands” on a White House intern.

As proof of this action, the cunt has offered footage of Acosta’s assault on this poor young woman.  (honestly I feel really bad for this girl, what an awful position to be in.)

The source of this video proof, is NOT from the original CSPAN video.  No.  This video clip comes from Infowars.  Why on earth would the White House need to use an Infowars clip as proof of this egregious action?

The video is edited.

How else is the Minister of Propaganda supposed to prove the legitimacy of an illegitimate action?



This is not the first time the White House has edited facts to suit their purposes.  That is the definition of propaganda my friends.

Sarah Sanders, you are a cunt.  You are paid by us, not by Dear Leader.  There is nothing noble about your perpetual lies, obfuscation, and faux Christianity.  You serve no higher calling.  You serve evil intent and are thus labeled cunt, cunt, and cunt.



The Inexplicable 2018 Omnibus Spending Package, large excerpts

Ok. I’m reading the 2232 fucking page long, Fiscal Year 2018 Omnibus spending package that was written to support the 2018 Budget.  I have to say, right up front, I for one am sick of the disorganized, haphazard, sloppy work of the US Government.  I don’t want to see another fucking bill slapped together with no rhyme, reason, or semblance of order.

Removing the donor-class, lobbyist-driven legislation that government shits out should be job 1.  Without that, all the rest of our worrying and hand-wringing over the current state of affairs is meaningless.  Right now, I’d say that job #2 is passing legislation to force the legislative branches to write goddamn legislation that is organized, thoughtful, and thoroughly rationalized.

I understand this is the golden opportunity for everyone…and I mean everyone including lobbyists, to insert their own little piece of pork barrel, anonymously…yes, anonymously, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be compiled with order, reason, and justification.  That being said, let’s just go ahead and serve up some of the nuggets from this incredible work with example #1 of what this inane process produces:

page 1042: Ruh-roh Donny. According to 2018 Omnibus Spending Package, Trump can no longer lie.


Fake news is no longer acceptable!!!!  WOOO HOOOOOO.  This little clause is just sitting all alone.  Not in relation or as reference to anything else.  It doesn’t say how “deliberately false or misleading,” is to be determined or by whom.  It doesn’t say how redress is sought or point to any other law or legislation.

Does that include any work by any federally paid employee in any venue?  Surely it covers federally issued electronic and communication devices.  Surely it covers any and all forms of federally disseminated information such as speeches, webpages, or physical documentation.  Right?


I can’t help but think someone inserted this at 2am in the morning as a fucking joke.

page 1042: This is just above the preceding clause.

Now why is this so much more specific and delineated? Why is it just for those in a scientific advisory committee?  Why wouldn’t this extend to everyone?  Exactly what federal employee is political affiliation a necessary qualification?  At least these guys are covered.  I mean, this administration hates all scientists as a rule anyway.  Fact-based truths that don’t match up with the administrations ideology is the disqualifier anyway.


page 596: GOP makes sure to increase the flow of dark money into their coffers.

page 491: related to above.

The problem with this provision is best described in this story about the hidden, dark money additions in this spending bill:

“Another provision, first implemented in a 2014 spending bill, prevents the IRS from issuing guidance or changing rules related to how the agency decides whether a non-profit group spending money on politics is a “social welfare” 501(c)(4) group under the U.S. tax code. 501(c)(4) groups are not required to disclose their donors and are allowed to engage in political activities so long as politics is not its “primary activity,” a murky standard that the IRS tried to clarify before it was prevented from doing so by spending bill riders.”

Page 617-618: Pruitt and Zinke, this ones for you!

Go ahead and read that again.  If a company or organization made campaign contributions to a federal employee, whom might have occasion, to oversee whether that company or organization receives a federal contract, no one can ask of the company or organization to provide information that the federal employee is unduly influenced by said contribution.  This fits in very nicely with the Administration desire to sell off or lease public lands to the fossil fuels industries for some righteous raping.

Page 1519: interesting insertion here.

Page 619:  Oh no Donny!  Going to have to pay for this one yourself.

Page 2199: very interesting.

Removing Section 9013 is removing the effective date of all of the serious-as-a-heart-attack laws regarding campaign finance.  Each individual section of this code has it’s own effective date, pretty much.  So I’m not sure if removing the effective date for the entire chapter throws the laws into limbo, or what the fuck it does.  I don’t understand why this is selected for removal and why there’s no further explanation or justification.

What kind of stuff is covered in this chapter?  This-


January 18, 2018

I’m laying here in bed, reading the House Intel Committee Fusion GPS testimony, pretty jazzed about the idea of having two testimonies on the same subject; taken at different times with questions from different people.  It’s possible to learn new, exciting information from comparative analysis.  I like that kind of thing.  I have the TV on and Rachel Maddow is talking about the same testimony and I’m trying not to listen, because I don’t want her to blow my high.  She does…a little.

In here somewhere I’ll read the possible connection between the NRA and Russian interests and possibly, that all ties together with how Russian money was funneled into the Trump campaign….and the knowledge doesn’t even phase me.

We’ve heard how it is an accepted fact that Trump has paid off a porn star for her silence about a long standing extramarital affair and that the National Enquirer bought and quashed a similar playmate story and that Fox news had a story and sat on it…and it all doesn’t really seem to matter.

Trump made a racist remark at a meeting with congresspeople and we all know it, but that didn’t stop two congresspeople and a cabinet member bold-faced lying about it anyway.  Despite the fact that a leading congressperson in Lindsey Graham, is letting us all know Trump said it and he’s letting the liars know that he knows they are lying…but it doesn’t matter.  It doesn’t matter the “President” is a racist and it doesn’t matter that our elected leaders are lying right to our face.

It also doesn’t matter that Trump knows zero about the legislation before Congress or that he continually sabotages their effort with his ignorance (3 times this week!).  That’s all shrugged off and sometimes, sometimes Congresspeople bother to serve up a half baked lie to explain away Trump’s stupidity; sometimes not.  It doesn’t really matter.

We all knew that ultimately DACA and CHIP were going to be used as ultimate pawns.  We knew it…saw it coming, but so what?  So what?  It’s being used just the same and presented to the public in bite size pieces; bumper-sticker catch phrases, that people as stupid as us can understand.  Because what we think doesn’t really matter, at least not until midterms, then we’ll be reminded of what we should remember.  The Pavlov’s dog in us should remember.

Trump had someone shit on a GOP website his little idea about “fake news.”  It was mostly just a mish-mash of items that reporters got wrong somewhere along the way.  Maybe some of it was corrected, maybe some of it was misrepresented.  Could be.  It doesn’t really matter.  It doesn’t matter that was an official GOP website.  GOP doesn’t care.  Who cares? Meh.


Trump hightails it out of town to go to a cult pep-rally.  Because, you know, that’s all he is actually interested in.  The adulation.  That’s important.  Maybe later, when he gets back, maybe he’ll think about that DACA thing.  It never was important, unless…unless it could be used to give his cult a giant slab of bloody meat in the form of a big beautiful wall.  Well, that would matter.  That would be important.  Yeah.  Congress will figure something out about all those niggling details…the details of whatever it is they are doing.

I’m trying to remember what’s important.

What is important is the details of everything we are losing.  You know the scene from “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,” Where Jim Carrey watches all of his memories disappearing…that’s where it feels like we are.  We don’t even know the memories we no longer have.  It’s getting quashed.

I guess what I should do is get back to reading these second transcripts.  So that I can preserve another piece here.  Something I can refer to.

The other thing I feel I should do, is examine this feeling I have about the nature of this perpetually upward plateauing insanity.  There’s a pattern here and it has to be an unsustainable one.  By it’s very nature, it has to be.

It really isn’t that everything is becoming unimportant, it’s that we’re being trained to forget what is.  Losing sight a little each day.

The big picture, which we’ve handed down to ourselves and shared as the American experience, was always too big for any one of us to know…but we sensed it in our national community and preserved our own little knowledge which we’ve share in kind with each other.  We’ve opened our gates to many and brought in new knowledge to enfold into our cumulative experience and prospered mightily by that reasonable tenant.  We’ve been industrious and fierce and sometimes really fucking lucky (I’m looking at you G. Washington in New York!), but we’ve never had to be the sole librarian of all of our truths.  We’ve never been forced into self-reliance, but I feel like that’s where we are.

I feel like, in living in Trump’s insanity, what we are losing is our national, societal fabric.  We are rend apart -divided- losing the connective tissue of our shared knowledge as we peel off to the battle that is important, right now.  This battle right here, is my personal line and…and I can’t see you anymore.  I can’t see my neighbor anymore.


Holy hell…I went off…I’m getting back to these transcripts.