Trump Ends Rally Speech with inciting Crowd to March to Capitol…and they did

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After angrily rehashing all the insane conspiracy theories, at end of Trump’s cult rally speech, Trump tells crowd he won’t be happy if Pence doesn’t do the “right” thing. He warns his crowd, they won’t have a country anymore if the election is allowed to stand.

This is what he says at end of speech:

“So, we’re going to walk down Pennsylvania Avenue, and we’re going to the Capitol, and we’re going to try to give our Republicans- the weak ones, because the strong ones don’t need any help, and try to give them the kind of pride and boldness that they need to take back our country. So let’s walk down Pennsylvania Avenue.”

Trump has incited this. The Capitol is now beginning to be overrun. It doesn’t look completely awful yet, but if they are allowed to continue to amass into the evening hours I guarentee you this doesn’t end well.

Trump did this. Purposefully.

-Go to 1:12 of this video to see Donny telling everyone they have to fight, and shortly after he directs them to march on the Capitol. US election: Trump tells protesters in DC “we will never give up, we will never concede” | FULL – YouTube

-This statement from Trump, isn’t to end this situation, it is to keep it going. I presume until he can make some kind of statement of demands or further grievances that must be addressed somehow.

Of great concern: Still Vigilant Grandma 🇺🇸🗽 on Twitter: “@SteveSchmidtSES Police opened gates and offered them in 😡” / Twitter

-Live stream from magidiot point of view on steps in front of entrance to Capitol.

-Bingo. Trump airs his grievances again in a short vid shot in front of WH, insists on his fantasy, “but…go home.” Fucking asshole. This was all his reality TV production, from which he plans on profiting in perpetuity.

Donald J. Trump on Twitter: “” / Twitter

-It’s 4:30pm now. Really need a plan to get these people out of the Capitol soon. This will be bad if not.

-Twitter has labeled Donny’s above piece of shit video as likely to incite further violence. Rightly so. Can’t be retweeted, liked or any of that. They are probably considering if they should permaban him from twitter, shouldn’t yet. I bet you they are moving on to considering prescreening anything he tries to tweet from here on out. I rate this as likely.

-As Maddow points out, exactly where are federal government representatives? I think if we’re hoping for an unusual enactment of the 25th amendment, which is entirely warranted at this point, it ain’t gonna happen.

I can’t believe I’d actually be happy to hear from Mike Pence, but I would. Someone needs to fill the void of lack of leadership.

I’m afraid many of the MAGA enablers and Trump talking heads probably aren’t going to jump off the Trump train. They will yet be, apologists for what Trump did today. They will say, well he didn’t say go be violent. He did. Just like a mob boss he implied it…repeatedly. Just like the phone call to Georgia demanding the finding of votes. If they didn’t do it, they would be charged with crimes and ran out of their jobs. It was implied…repeatedly.

The mash-up of police and National guard are not equal to this task. Or- they are not equal to the level of appropriate response. This isn’t the Seattle mob tug and pull with federal forces on a street corner (whom Federal forces, State police, and local police would have zero problem beating up). No. This is a storming of our US Capitol building. This is *not* “let’s just simmer it down, we’re all friends here,” this is an invading mob that needs to be expelled from the city. It is a really bad idea to turn this into a face to face showdown with no endgame.

-Apparently I was wrong about twitter pre-screening Trump tweets. Twitter. This really needs censoring. This is not good.

7:15pm. Ah, 3 hours later….Twitter is now considering taking action with Trump’s Twitter account.

Looks like twitter just deleted Donny’s last two tweets..could be he’s about to be canned.

What’s really funny and sad at the same time, is all of my twitter accounts got perma-banned yesterday. Yesterday. ha. Because I referred to a Fox newscaster as a “tard,” in response to one of *my own tweets* in someone else’s feed. Not even directly to him, but someone musta not liked that word so much, twitter definitely didn’t. Not my first account suspended, but I was surprised, I received an entire IP ban. Don’t know if I can get back on twitter again at this point.

Won’t see my crying, or yelling about being unfairly treated. I take my lumps.

Senate back up. Mike Pence using this opportunity to act presidential. This isn’t the speech we want. We want to know you have recognized the problem and are going to take action. That is presidential. The old “We will not be cowered” thing is ill-conceived, this is your America and your American citizens. You need to explain the situation to them. The real, actual situation they find themselves in. That would be presidential.

Mueller Finally Comes Down From the Mountain: the biblical version

When the people saw that Mueller was gone from them for so long, they came to Fox News and asked for a God they could worship. And Fox News said, ‘bring me your memes, half-truths, and conspiracies, and I shall fashion a belief system for you.”

And it came to pass, that when Mueller came down from the mountain, he had two volumes of testimony in his hands. In this testimony were ten points known to be moments of obstruction, written for the masses whom were lost or disillusioned.

Honestly, I didn’t think it any soothsaying to foresee how this was going to end up. From Dec. 1 2017:

“When I started this blog my presumption was that ultimately many people around Donald Trump would be charged with various crimes and that Trump would still be standing after the fact.  He would remain… tarnished, damaged and left to Congress to deal with or not; leading to a constitutional crisis.”

The only thing incorrect with my original assumptions long ago, is that I thought that Mueller would make a pronouncement that Donald Trump did in fact appear guilty of a particular crime and that he simply lacked the tools to handle the charges himself. Had Mueller been an independent special counsel, it is likely that would have come to pass. But, because Mueller has been a creature of the DOJ, he did not make any such pronouncement, and rightly so.

It’s actually really funny…it’s very funny when you think about it. Not only has Robert Mueller done everything absolutely perfectly, he has done so in a masterful fashion in legality and in a poetically just fashion.

What I presumed after reading Barr’s odd initial four page outline of the Mueller report is correct. The Mueller report was written for Congress.

“No my friends, this report is meant for one of the committees in the House of Representatives. It needs to arrive in it’s whole state; complete in both style and content. Not only is it meant for the House, it is written in the words of Robert Mueller speaking to the House.”

It’s funny because Mueller has left it to us angry and malformed children of narratives to govern ourselves. He has thrown the ten commandments at us and we shall divide ourselves into separate tribes and require untold years before we submit to the truth.

Mueller’s Report was Written for the House of Representatives

Attorney General William Barr’s brief report on “The Special Counsel’s report”:

“confidential report explaining the prosecution or declination…” is in parenthesis implying that either this paraphrasing of “Report on the Investigation into Russian Interference…” was offered by Mueller as a subtitle of the complete report, or that it is implicit as an interchangeable title. Is the Mueller report entirely about prosecutions and declinations?

I think the art-of-phrasing was intended to have us infer as much even though the regulations concerning Special Counsel’s report do indeed state: “He or she shall provide the Attorney General with a confidential report explaining the prosecution or declination decisions reached by the Special Counsel,” they do not state that the special counsel shall report exclusively these items. Further, the original Special Counsel regulations stated that the counsel shall report to the US House of Representatives: “any substantial and credible information … that may constitute grounds for an impeachment.”

It’s likely this statement, “confidential report explaining the prosecution or declination…,” which is in lowercase, was cherry-picked out of the document as an improper label for the whole of the document, even if in substance the whole of the document could casually adhere to that heading. I feel confident that this document was written fully believing it would end up in the hands of the House one way or the other and therefore is a larger document than merely itemized prosecutions and declinations.

This would be the second quotation from the Mueller report. If in fact this report is intended for the House, then there is a rift between the phrase that Barr attributes to the statement, “…did not find..,” and Mueller’s actual statement, “…did not establish.” To “establish” within Mueller’s mandate would mean to be capable of “proving beyond a reasonable doubt.” He is using this word for Congress, pointing to facts that wrongdoing exist, just not in a case Muller could justify. To “not find” implies the matter was already figuratively adjudicated. Realizing there is an issue beyond the court system in the word, “establish,” implies the underlying behavior is meant for a nonjudicial review. The House would not be leading a criminal prosecution. This leads me to believe this document was crafted for Congress.

“…but ultimately determined not to make a traditional prosecutorial judgment,” followed by the third actual quote from Mueller’s report, “…while this report does not conclude that the President committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him.” In the following paragraph AG Barr inserts the opinion that clearly Mueller intended for Barr to decide on the matter if Trump committed obstruction of justice. We’ve already come to the understanding that Mueller himself believes it cannot be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, so why would he ask Barr to come to the same conclusion? No.

Mueller offered positions of guilt and innocence so that it may be determined if Trump’s actions are unbecoming of a president, not to conclude he should or shouldn’t be tried for obstruction. Mueller opted to not make a traditional judgment, not with the intent of leaving it to someone else to make a traditional judgment. Duh. This is meant for the House to examine.

It is clear that AG Barr has a very limited view of what information is pertinent for the public’s understanding, or more likely, what he wants us to understand. Barr has reduced this to that which only could possibly directly affect Donald Trump’s legal standing and inserted the ultimate decision that there is no case to be made against Donald Trump either by Mueller’s own words or the “just” decision that Barr himself has made. End of case, as far as Barr is concerned.

Barr goes on to describe how he shall eventually create a report suitable for public consumption after much redacting. He makes no mention of Congress and how a unredacted version could and should be submitted to a House committee…where it belongs.

No my friends, this report is meant for one of the committees in the House of Representatives. It needs to arrive in it’s whole state; complete in both style and content. Not only is it meant for the House, it is written in the words of Robert Mueller speaking to the House.

March 14, 2018

The US House of Representatives, in response to recent mass shootings, passes the “STOP school violence act of 2018.”  It was passed overwhelmingly in the House 407-10 and was applauded by the NRA as a great step…a great step to not reducing the ready availability of guns and it potentially sets-up the groundwork for new acts to arming school staff, thereby increasing gun sales.

“The measure would not allow any of the funding to be used for arming teachers or other school personnel. The White House said the bill would be improved by lifting that restriction.”

It is not clear if and when the Senate will look at the House’s legislation as they are currently working on their own version.

If you were expecting the House of Reps to roll up their sleeves and get down to some serious legislating, you’re going to be terribly disappointed.  They didn’t actually even write any legislation.  the “STOP school violence act of 2018” isn’t new legislation at all.  It’s four thin pages of incredibly tiny amendments of the 1968 “Crime Control and Safe Streets Act,” a real piece of legislation that is 193 pages long.

All this legislation does is change the name of 1968 act and amend verbiage in like 10 places to include really crucial shit like this:


The one single substantive change was amending the portion where the government would set aside matching funds for all states up to $50 million per year total, instead of the original $30 million written into the 1968 bill.  That portion appeared to have expired in 2009 after many other amendments had been made to this bill through the years.

In other words, the House of Representatives did nothing.  Nothing.  Nothing except encourage the NRA that there is space for further legislation that will really sweeten the pot for them.


My submission for a Newsweek headline:

March Comes in Like a Lying Trump, and Goes Out Like a Lamb!

Conor Lamb Wins in Congressional District PA 18!

Pretty good, huh?

What did I learn?

  1. Don’t send Trump to do his cult pep-rally shtick.  He’s not going to help Republican hopefuls.  The only relevant thing he said in over an hour of babbling, was a couple lines purposefully inserted to cover his own ass later on:
    “I won this district by 20 points.””Look at all of those red hats Rick.””This guy should win easily.”
  2. Republicans would do well to tout the make-believe, positive economic effects of Republican tax reform and hammer home that improved wages are right around the corner.  In the same fashion, stay on economics and the whole “fighting for the blue collar worker” narrative.  Stay away from toxic Trump issues and highlight working with Congress and any reasonable policies that might come out of the White House.
  3. There ain’t nothing wrong with running a first-timer with no political record to argue against.  Lamb was often noncommittal and wishy-washy and that worked great.
  4. There’s no reason to be on the anti-Pelosi train unless you actually mean it.  Personally, I’d like all of the old times out of Congress.  ALL OF ‘EM.  That being said, if no one is going to actually deal with the real problem, which they won’t, it really doesn’t do Democrats any good to shit on their best inside operative.  Until big money and lobbyists are removed from the process, the interests of congresspeople are always going to be at odds with the populace they are supposedly representing.
  5. Let’s call the anti-Pelosi narrative what it actually is, “The new bitch to replace the old bitch- Hillary Clinton,” narrative.  It’s ridiculous to me how easily the Democrats have ceded the right to Republicans to place that moniker on Pelosi.


December 19, 2017

It looks as if Congressional Republicans and their billionaire donors shall have their dream come true.  The Senate will vote to finalize their Tax Reform bill tonight or tomorrow and the House will re-vote tomorrow after a ridiculous ruh-roh of having violated the rules of the simple majority vote, by voting on the inclusion of some terms that are violations of the chamber’s rules.  I mean, come on, how are they supposed to know what’s in there if no one, except lobbyists, are reading it???  Come on!  What’s in it doesn’t matter so long as the donors are happy, and Congresspeople themselves are coincidental benefactors.  Time is of the essence!

The many times I have written about this legislation…from the beginning, I had highlighted the untenable position into which the Republicans have placed themselves.  There was no way out except to either just say “fuck it” and vote on a bill that fiscally makes no sense or do nothing.  Doing nothing wasn’t an option.  They have convinced themselves that doing something awful, is preferable to the alternative.

I have no doubt there are a core of Republicans who believe in the spirit of this bill either at face value or, more sinisterly, in the likelihood that the apathy and low-fact nature of a portion of our electorate will see a few more dollars in their paychecks come February and be all like, “hey okay, this is working,”  and therefore their actions as congresspeople is just and correctly applied.

It is true I believe, that as a whole, Americans don’t begrudge rich people their piles of cash.  We don’t.  We admire it, especially if it seems abstract and distant or if the wealthy individual is a known quantity that is socially active and agreeable.

I also do not doubt that a minority of the republicans voted for Tax Reform because they were told to by McConnell and Ryan.  A still smaller minority voted for it because it was explained how they themselves would benefit.  In the specific case of Susan Collins she was promised passage of future bills that would fix up the damage that the majority of Republicans would like to do to the ACA.  My take is, somehow she is dumb enough to think this is a get out of jail free card for 2020 re-election campaign.  I don’t believe she is dumb enough to take McConnell at his word, everyone knows it’s not going to happen.  In the case of Bob Corker, it’s hard to walk away from the concept that he is seeing $ signs because he isn’t going to run again anyway and by his own admission, he didn’t even read the damn thing, so what else could it be?

So what’s the play?  I’m going with- the Republicans incorrectly banking on the belief that Americans seeing a few extra bucks in their paychecks will mollify them long enough to be able to successfully kick the can down the road to that time when it’s suddenly necessary, in  the name of fiscal responsibility, to slash all social programs.  Even if Americans don’t begrudge the rich their dollars, they don’t dig being lied to and they certainly aren’t going to go along with the reduction of their “entitlements.”

So, we’ll go ahead and offer some neato cash repatriation terms to large international corporations and over the next couple of years, those moneys will leave US treasury notes, where so much of it is sitting now, and head into the hands of shareholders.  The Chinese can buy up more of our debt (the extra debt that this reform just created and in response to the siphoning off of corporate owned t-notes) and merrily continue the trade imbalance.  There’s no reason to repatriate the actual business activities of US corporations themselves.

There is very little unused capacity in US business to invest in.  There would have been if we worked on an infrastructure bill instead of tax reform.  There is no measurable amount of the unemployment rate to spend money on either.  All things being equal, we’re set-up for some massive inflation and the Fed battling it by rapidly increasing the lending rate.  The thing is, we won’t see that in 2018, we’ll see it in the middle of 2019 when Democrats control both houses.

Here is the other sinister play of the Republicans.  They think they’ll  be able to get their “entitlement” cuts in before they lose both houses, allow Democrats to take control and blame them for everything that’s going wrong in 2019.  Run on that for 2020.

Only choice Democrats would have in that case, is bite the bullet and attempt to fix everything the Republicans have wrought in a very short period of time.  Ugly.  it would be extremely hard to do that unless they took the exact same approach that the Republicans have: no committee meetings, no expert witnesses, no 2/3 majorities…just shove it down yer throat, simple majority clusterfucks.