Donny’s Corona Battle: Let the (Dis)information Wars Begin, running thread

Yeah, this is the reason I scribbled down “What we know so far to be true” yesterday. Because, for sure, new information and disinformation would be added to that codex.

-Chris Christie has now tested possible for the virus. He had helped Trump prepare for the Presidential debate earlier in the week. Exactly where Christie’s prep time lines up with the Rose Garden Event on 9/26 is not yet apparent.

-Senator Ron Johnson(R) is also positive for the virus. That now makes 3 GOP members of the Senate Judiciary Committee stricken with the virus.

And…we’re off

Walter Reed medical staff held the long await primer on Trump’s condition, and straight away contradicting information became apparent as to the timeline, which now indicated Donny knew he had the virus on WEDNESDAY. That information was immediately countermanded by the White House as a “misstatement.”

Chris Hayes rightly points out in later tweets, there is no reason to believe the White House. Distrust in their statements is something the White House has been cultivating from Day 1 of this administration.

Blow up of that subtweet:

How could the above contending timeline information battle be made worse? This is the Trump White House, hold the beer.

Donny Has The ‘Rona

What is going on anyway? We really don’t know, do we. Transparency is not the strong suit the Trump administration. Neither is telling the truth.

So let’s just note what we currently know to be true and consider this post is for later reference, because if we know anything about this administration, we know there are facts missing; purposefully obscured, that will later become apparent.

Here is the current list of those recently infected:

Donny Trump

Melania Trump, Wifey

Senator Mike Lee (R)

Senator Thom Tillis (R)

Hope Hicks, Senior advisor

Ronna McDaniel, RNC party Chairwoman

Kellyanne Conway, Former Senior Advisor

*added- Bill Stepien, Campaign Manager

Also, Notre Dame University president Father John Jenkins whom was present at the event below.

It appears the particular super-spreader event responsible for this cluster was 9/26 Rose Garden, virtually mask-free, event for Supreme Court Nominee, Amy Coney Barrett. Which is ironic, in that it is this nominee the GOP hope will help finally overturn the ACA, the very health insurance legislation that many US citizens rely on, particularly in the face of a pandemic. Also ironically, Both Senators Lee and Tillis are members of the Senate Judiciary Committee that would hold hearings on Barrett’s nomination.

This event was followed three days later, 9/29, by the disastrous Biden/Trump debate in which the entire GOP contingent was asked to wear masks as mandated, and the entire contingent refused. The GOP group was exactly 1/2 of those gathered. The other half, Biden’s Democratic contingent, all wore their masks. This event could be related but that is not known at this time. It is noteworthy how Trump mocked Biden, during the debate, for wearing masks often.

Hope Hicks was made aware of her condition 10/1, Thursday morning. Despite this, Trump attended an indoor fundraiser in NJ at 1pm the same day. It is unclear if we would even have found out about Hope Hicks positive results had it not been for Bloomberg News reporting on the scoop. The initial information did not come from the White House. The White House still does not appear to be doing contact tracing from the 9/26 event, as public health officials scramble to trace where the Trump campaign has recently visited. The White House has been reportedly lax on testing people entering the White House as well as maintaining a largely mask-free environment because of the political statement that needs to be re-enforced for Donny’s pleasure.

Three White House reporters tested positive for Covid19 Friday morning, following testing because of the revelation of the outbreak.

Five Secret Service Agents recently diagnosed with Covid19, due to the constant cult rally events.

Eleven Secret Service Agents test positive in August at their training facility. I point this out, not in relation to the recent outbreak, but because of the clear ongoing stress to the system.

Trump did make a short, extremely awkward video statement before leaving for Walter Reed Hospital:

Trump has received an experimental treatment. It isn’t hydroxychloroquine, or bleach, or sunlight…yet.

There is, of course, conspiracy theories on all sides, which there are no current reasons to entertain. That Donny has rapidly moved from: no official announcement, to yes, Hope Hicks has it, to yes, Donny has it, to yes, he’s receiving experimental treatment, does cause concern. Nonetheless, there is no firm ground from which to generate a solid hypothesis as to exactly what the fuck is going on.

On social media, GOP members/talking heads are generally waging their fingers daring anyone to mock the poor president or wish him ill. Of course this is the Democrat’s fault if they point out…all the fucking obvious things that could be pointed out about this utter trainwreck of an administration in their mismanagement, their history of downplaying the virus, mocking reasonable procedures, and all the Trump followers that gleefully enable misinformation concerning the virus. All of which has led to subsequent long-term health issues and deaths in the populace.

Don’t mock Donny!

Most incredible, All-Galaxy level self-own, attempting to masquerade as a Q conspiracy theory:

Hope Hicks Resigns

Hope Hicks’ resignation is not a great loss to the Nation as she was one of many unqualified lumps of shit in the Trump Administration.  Her biggest claim to fame is being labeled  “best piece of tail,” by the twitterer-in-chief and fucking with at least 2 men in the Trump organization.  Congratulations and go to hell lady.

What this is going to mean to Donald Trump is anyone’s guess, but there’s a real real good chance it’s not going to be anything good for Donny.  Once outside Trump’s immediate orbit, Hicks is a freelancer able to speak as she wishes (not withstanding Presidential privilege) and feel no constraints in any testimony she may be giving.  Considering her track record so far, I’m gonna go ahead and guess this bitch cashes in.  I’m sure she’ll “do it the right way,” with all the decorum a righteous skank like her can muster.

It might be a year before we’re reading her book.  Give it a couple of years for the big screen version.   Her story is made for a slapstick comedy.  Being a dumb Ho can pay off big time.

People may try to paint her as an innocent, but don’t forget, this bitch is complicit in everything this ridiculous, out-of-control administration has done.  She served Donald Trump.  She did not serve the nation’s interests for a second.

Go to hell, Ho Hicks.

February 8, 2018

CNN and MSNBC aren’t doing themselves any favors with running all the narratives regarding Rob Porter, the White House’s propensity to shied racists and abusers, and the faux concern for Hope Hicks.  Our moral outrage has made no difference so far, why should it now?  Do we suddenly think the White House is going to care?  Aren’t there about 10 other stories more important right now?  Is the fact that this story is a convergence of our outrage at an immoral administration with the “Me too,” movement that makes it so unavoidable, appealing, and lucrative?

It’s sensationalism and it will be meaningless in a day or two.  When the conservatives say, “Liberals are unhinged,” this is what they are talking about.  Everyone has the idea that Rob Porter is a dick.  We get it.  Screaming, gnashing our teeth, and stomping our feet isn’t going to alter or extend our understanding any further.  It certainly isn’t going to make the White House give two fucks or change any of their policies.

Why should I care about Hope Hicks’ relationships?  I don’t care.  I don’t know her.  All I know about her is she’s a former model that did some work for Ivanka Trump and a couple years later ended up being the communications director in Trump’s White House.  All I know is she’s found herself in a couple relationships with the scumbags in the White House.  She’s a big girl, that’s her choice and truth be told, she’s a part of the insanity machine poisoning our country, so I care less than not at all.

The White House doesn’t care what we think; to them this is just a temporary PR issue.  John Kelly doesn’t care what we think.  Congress has a ton of problems on their hands and they don’t have the time to care.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t voice concern about what is wrong with this administration and society in general.  Let’s just go ahead and put this in the endless list of everything that is wrong with this administration.  Our nation’s current issues aren’t hinged on a goddamn talk show piece that’s going to be wrapped up by the next commercial break.  The stories today about this Amarosa creature are just adding to my frustration at how we are being played by all of the media today when there’s important shit going down.

We’re getting distracted again and again.

We have another shut down looming.  Senate goofball and ultimate hypocrite, Rand Paul, is lecturing everyone about their hypocrisy.

Daca has not been solved.

We still are not any closer to securing our 2018 midterm elections against Russian interference.

This Administration is slowly destroying our social fabric.