Nothing Trumps a Trumpublican’s Feelings

There is nothing more important than a Trumpublican’s feelings. For them, and for you too. Their feelings weigh exactly the same as your facts. Equally applicable and equally valid. Trumpublican’s feelings are facts because they give rise to firmly held beliefs. If enough people have the same persistent, strong feeling, that represents an indisputable fact backed by the empirical evidence of a shared belief.

That’s why the 2020 presidential election results should have been overturned by either Congressional action or insurrection, because Trumpublicans have the feeling the results weren’t correct. They can’t be correct. Trumpublicans, in their unshakeable support of every post election legal action, will bounce from one state to another, from one case to another, and from one affidavit to another, because individual instances of “proof” don’t matter. They’re all equally utilizable until they aren’t. They are all representative of the groundswell of shared belief rooted in their feelings of dissatisfaction, hurt, and anger.

Ted Cruz will tell you, 39% of Americans believe the result was rigged. If that belief isn’t respected, that would be a “profound threat to democracy.”

We see the Trumpublican assertion that their feelings are of pre-eminent import in legislation and legal action and realize these moves are an extension of their fear of losing the “culture wars”. A war they created and perpetually lose.

In many states that have already passed nebulous anti-CRT legislation, the predicate for action is, how someone feels.

Texas‘ anti-CRT legislation: …any individual should feel discomfort, guilt, anguish, or any other form of psychological distress on account of his or her race or sex.

Tennessee’s anti-CRT legislation: An individual should feel discomfort, guilt, anguish, or another form of psychological distress solely because of the individual’s race or sex

Iowa’s anti-CRT legislation: That any individual should feel discomfort, guilt, anguish, or any other form of psychological distress on account of that individual’s race or sex.

Oklahoma’s anti-CRT legislation: any individual should feel discomfort, guilt, anguish or any other form of psychological distress on account of his or her race or sex.

How someone was made to feel.

Why is it presumed that children are incapable of feeling empathy? Why would one presume a child would identify with the oppressor and not the oppressed? Who is responsible for teaching a child the tools by which they construct their emotional being, a parent or a teacher? Who should be responsible for that?

Which parent is likely to use the predicate of their child’s feelings for action against a teacher and school district? Probably the parent that taught their children to feel hurtsies when oppression is discussed. Probably a parent that instructed their child against empathy and to be on guard for lessons in inclusion and justice. Probably a parent more than happy to punch themselves in the face in order to “own the libs”.

Almost every post-election court action taken by Trumpublicans are based on the fact-free legitimacy of their feelings. King v Whitmer, Case No. 20-cv-13134, has evolved into a sanction case against the cadre of Kraken Lawyers: Sidney Powell, the weeping boo-boo faced Julia Haller, Lin “I didn’t have anything to do with this” Wood, Et al. The judge (extremely, almost maddeningly, patient judge) picked apart the ridiculous affidavits upon which they based their case. The affidavits were speculative and fact free.

Read the whole court transcript. It’s funny and extremely irritating. You’ll have insight into the garbage the courts have been dealing with.

From King v Whitmer:

THE COURT: All right. I want to point everyone’s attention to the next affidavit, which is the Ciantar – certainly, I’m certain I botched this person’s name. I apologize. I will spell it. It is C-i-a-n-t-a-r, set forth at ECF Number 6-7 at Page ID 1312-14. There it is right there. And the amended complaint states that Mr. Ciantar, independent — “independently witnessed,” while walking his dog, a young couple deliver three to four large plastic clear bags that appeared to be, “express bags,” as reflected in photographs taken contemporaneously, to a U.S. postal vehicle waiting. The use of clear express bags is consistent with the — there’s a whistleblower complaint that’s been referenced in the context of this lawsuit. I have not ever seen any underlying documents, but it’s a whistleblower suit by a U.S. Postal Service worker, Jonathan Clark. Putting aside the fact that Plaintiffs have not provided any evidence, as I just stated, regarding the postal service whistleblower claim, here are a few excerpts from the Ciantar affidavit which are now on the screen.

“I witnessed a young couple pull into the parking lot
of post office and proceed to exit their van, had no markings,
and open up the back hatch and proceed to take three to four
very large clear plastic bags out and walk them over to a
running postal service vehicle that appeared as if it was
‘waiting’ for them.”

Let me go further. “There was no interaction between
the couple and any postal service employee, which I felt was
very odd. They did not walk inside the post office like a
normal customer to drop off mail. It was as if the postal
worker was told to meet and stand by until these large bags

“As you can see in the pictures,” the affidavit goes
on to say, “the bags were clear plastic with markings in black
on the bag, and on the inside of these clear bags was another
plastic bag that was not clear, could not see what was inside.
There were markings on the clear bag and what looked like a
black security zip tie on each bag, as if it were tamper
evident, as if it were a tamper type of device to secure the
bag. This looked odd. What I witnessed and considered that
what could be in those bags could be ballots
going to the TCF
Center or coming from the TCF Center.”

THE COURT: Now, this is quite a — I don’t — I don’t think I’ve really ever seen an affidavit that has made so many leaps. This is really fantastical. So my question to counsel here is: How can you, as officers of the Court, present this type of an affidavit? This is pure — is there anything in here that’s not speculative, other than the fact that the individual saw individuals with plastic bags? They don’t know what were in them, happened to be located at the post office, and then there’s a leap made there. Someone answer that question for the Court.

MS. HALLER: Yes, your Honor. The witness is stating or setting forth exactly what he observed and his information that he bases it on and he includes pictures.


MS. HALLER: He does not say more. He does not say less than what he knows to be true. It is a true affidavit. It is a person with some information, and he is setting forth that information. When we put the case together, we put forth a pattern of evidence that shows fraud. So it’s a pattern of evidence that comes together, and this is one piece of a pattern. He is testifying, in his sworn statement, as to what he knows to be true. He saw these plastic bags. He’s explaining what he saw, and he takes pictures of them.

THE COURT: Okay. (repeatedly judge ends discussion on individual affidavits with, “Okay, moving on…”)

MS. HALLER: I would submit, your Honor, that it’s not fantastical. It’s simply what he knew to be true.

This affidavit is the highest example of the Trumpublican thought process. It is the ultimate expression of feelings turned speculation. If something could be true— it must be, particularly (exclusively) if it aligns with a Trumpublican’s feelings.

The affidavit is a representation of what the observer felt to be true. He’s telling his truth. Surely this weighs something in a court of law. The judge repeatedly, over the course of hours, quizzed the Kraken lawyers, how does believing it, make it true or even reasonable? How is this representative of a theory to the case? Where is the due diligence?

Sidney Powell was probably the most intelligent Kraken lawyer in this case— because she said next to nothing the whole time, which was wise. But, she did defend the importance of the affidavits by stating:

The very fact that we attached 960 pages of affidavits reflect how seriously we took this matter, how concerned we were about the constitutional issues that we raised on behalf of electors, who are, themselves, mentioned in the Constitution.

In other words, it is the sheer, literal weight of the words that are self-validating. If enough people feel it, well…it only follows it is true. Judge answers this assertion:

THE COURT: All right. Well, let me say volume, certainly for this Court, doesn’t equate with legitimacy or veracity. So please understand that is certainly my position.


In the more recent, and equally insane election lawsuit in Colorado, brought against a massive, make-believe conspiracy of defendants on behalf of all American voters for $160 Billion in damages, the judge has dismissed the case for the same reasons as above case which resulted in seeking sanctions against the Plaintiff’s representation.

Judge Neureiter: This Court dismissed the entire case for lack of standing on April 28, 2021

Note to self: every time a Trumpublican says election lawsuits were dismissed merely for lack of standing as if that were an unjust technicality, that doesn’t reflect the nature of the dismissal. Courts are not obligated to hear what appears to be fact-free innuendo and speculation, even if they are predisposed to plaintiff’s bringing a case. And, when they did hear post election lawsuits, they often dismissed them on that very basis, as in this case and the one above. They did observe the affidavits. They were garbage. All of them. Every one.

I use the words “vast conspiracy” purposefully. The Complaint is one enormous conspiracy theory.

In short, this was no slip-and-fall at the local grocery store. Albeit disorganized and fantastical, the Complaint’s allegations are extraordinarily serious and, if accepted as true by large numbers of people, are the stuff of which violent insurrections are made.

But that’s the point. If enough people believe it, it must be true. If it’s true, than an insurrection is just. Obviously.

The personal affidavits Plaintiffs attached to the original Complaint recount the generalized fear and suspicion that the “system” is rigged, and a sense that American democracy no longer works. The affidavits are notable only in demonstrating no firsthand knowledge by any Plaintiff of any election fraud, misconduct, or malfeasance. Instead, Plaintiffs’ affidavits are replete with conclusory statements about what must have happened during the election and Plaintiffs’ “beliefs” that the election was corrupted, presumably based on rumors, innuendo, and unverified and questionable media reports.

This case too, shall find itself in sanctions against the plaintiff’s representation. This is a necessary action to teach Trumpublicans, your feelings are not facts. Hopefully this will dissuade future legal actions in 2022. We’ve arrived at our last lines of defense.

Texas, You’re Disappointing Pennsylvania….a lot

Shortly after the 2020 Election, Texas Lt. Gov Dan Patrick, offered a reward of up to $1 million for information leading to an arrest and conviction for voter fraud in that election. Just one of several trolling-for-allegation schemes that the GOP enacted in a desperate effort to find someone willing to attest to what they felt, deep in their hearts, was true, despite no evidence of it. The feeling that, there had been massive voter fraud that had affected the results of the election.

In response, Pennsylvania Lt. Governor John Fetterman, came up with the proof they needed. PA did secure convictions on these cases. Three PA residents had committed voter fraud in the 2020 election. THREE. 1 million each, that’s a cool 3 million bucks for John. Of course they all voted for Trump, but that shouldn’t make a difference.

I have to stop here and say, Fetterman will be running to fill the soon to be vacated Senate seat of Pat Toomey(R). I can’t tell you how much I love this dude. He’s extremely practical. Doesn’t care much for politicking, calls bullshit, bullshit, he’s imposing- but is soft spoken, he has a solid, rational set of policies. Plus, the dude is just plain likeable, no matter your political leanings. You know he is never going to play you. He’s honest. His family is just adorable.

If you don’t like Liberal policies, you won’t like his, but you’ll like him because he isn’t going to bullshit you.

His wife is the real deal, I’d vote for her. She makes fun of herself and her husband all the time. She ugly-cries when her feelings get hurt. Gisele is sweet, gentle, and kind. It’s impossible not to fall in love with her and her family. She’s out in the community every week donating her time, not as a political ploy. She loves her community, and her community loves her back very much. Also….she’s beautiful.

But man, is John ugly. And that’s totally cool.

I digress. Texas owes Pennsylvania Lt. Governor John Fetterman 3 million dollars. We are not pleased, Texas.

Let’s not forgot, Texas also had their AG Paxton file suit in federal court, to overturn the election results in 4 states that selected Joe Biden as president, including Pennsylvania. Why just the ones that selected Biden? Most states dramatically changed laws to address the epidemic. The charge was that the election laws had so changed in reaction to Covid19, that the results could not be certifiably accurate. No proof of the allegation, just the mere fact that Pennsylvania sought solution for *more* people to vote in a crisis, must mean more people voted illegally or the systems were flawed, and there’s no need to validate or invalidate that assumption. It just stands on its own.

Aside from the fact Texas has no standing in Pennsylvania in regards to election laws (No state does), as in all things in Trump land, an allegation doesn’t require a remedy. Just saying it, doesn’t make it so. I think we may have forgotten or overlooked the remedy Texas Republican AG Paxton sought. Do you recall?

To remedy the results of our lawful and well run 2020 election in PA (despite all of the GOP attempts to fuck it up), what Texas GOP AG sought was, to nullify the results of the election in PA, and to empower the PA GOP run state legislature to place a new board of electors and have them pick the “correct” President on behalf of the citizens of PA. What he sought was exactly what we fear the GOP wants to do. To nullify the electorate and have the right people pick the right president.

We haven’t forgotten this Texas, and we are not amused.

The most recent harm Texas has done to my great state of Pennsylvania, is the importation of a Texas flashmob on Independence day. I don’t mean, hey-a-cute-choreographed-dance-just-happened, let’s take photos flashmob. No. This was a flashmob of a different sort. The Patriot Front quickly formed during Independence day celebrations in center city to chant “Reclaim America,” and, “The election was stolen.”

The Patriot Front is a Texas-based, Neo-fascist group that desires an authoritarian government to protect Eurocentric identity. I realize we can’t blame the state of Texas for this, but we can blame Trumpublicans whom run that state and those nationwide, for breathing life into, and cementing the push for authoritarian rule.

A flashmob is a decent idea. It clearly got the attention they wanted. Of course they almost got their asses kicked, in a matter of minutes. Only a hit-and-run can work in a place like Philly. This isn’t like a Portland-style, planned-well-in-advance, Proudboys vs. Antifa Cosplay, where they all dress up like Darth Vader and and push back and forth for an hour. No. This is Philly. It only took a handful of Philly natives to chase the 200 or so Patriot Front to their rented Penske trucks. Other people are going to see it, and they are going to come. In Philly, we aren’t going to stop to argue with you or chant slogans. PF knows that, we know that. Violence isn’t right, but if you show up in Philly with that shit, you’ve come specifically for the violence and you won’t be disappointed.

“They started engaging with citizens of Philadelphia, who were none too happy about what they were saying. These males felt threatened, and, at one point, somebody in their crowd threw a type of smoke bomb to cover their retreat, and they literally ran away from the people of Philadelphia,” said Philadelphia Police Officer Michael Crum.

Texas, you’re disappointing Pennsylvania…a lot.

Trump’s Call to Georgia: It’s as bad as you think.

Donald Trump’s party call to Georgia on January 2nd as reported by the Washington Post: a partial transcript.

Some people say this was leaked to WP from someone inside the Trump Administration. To me, when I first heard it, I thought it was recorded on the Georgia side. Makes more sense to me, but I don’t really care which party it was. It’s incriminating to Trump, and security for Raffensperger. Raffensperger played it straight and offered very little.

Trying to transcribe this is a mess because Trump speaks in a complete, jumbled mess. I mostly went verbatim, but cleaned up a little.

I skipped large chunks of it. There’s much more of the same throughout the hour plus recording, I just focused on the more continuous sections.

Trump speaks for probably 90% of the call. The first 15 minutes are an endless cult conspiracy theory rehash by Donny.

I want to say, these kind of phone calls, are probably what Donny has been doing for the past 2 months when he isn’t golfing. He clearly could just bullshit on the phone all day long, every day. In this particular instance, he is very comfortable playing the mob boss, handing out “suggestions” with accompanying veiled threats if those suggestions are not followed. He is honestly quite good at this.

In his own madman style, he does quite well in not finishing sentences or scattered thoughts that imply the type of action he wants, or the type of consequence that will follow if those actions are not met, while simultaneously not directly connecting the two. I will highlight those sentence/thought fragments.

It is worse than his Ukraine call. Much worse. Trump more clearly states he wants fraud to be committed on his behalf in order to win an election. Even if not as a legal matter, that this conversation happened at all, is not acceptable. I do not doubt that a similar conversation was had with other state(s).

Parties: Trump, Mark Meadows, and Trump lawyer Cleta Mitchell: Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, Sec. State Legal Counsel Ryan Germany.


Trump: By the way, a little information, I think you’re going to find that they are shredding ballots, because they have to get rid of the ballots. ‘Cause the ballots are unsigned, because the ballots are corrupt, and they’re brand new and they don’t have seals and there’s a whole thing with the ballots. But, the ballots are corrupt and you’re going to find that they are…which is totally illegal, it’s more illegal for you then it is for them because you know what they did and you’re not reporting it. That’s a criminal offense. You know, you can’t let that happen. That’s a big risk to you and to Ryan, your lawyer. That’s a big risk. But, they are shredding ballots, in my opinion, based on what I’ve heard and they are removing machinery, and they’re moving it as fast as they can. Both of which are criminal fines and you can’t let it happen and you are letting it happen, I mean, I’m notifying you that you are letting it happen.

So…look, all I want to do is this. I just want to find 11,780 votes, which is one more than we have. Because we won the state and flipping the state is a great testament to our country, because you know, it’s a testament that they can admit to a mistake, or, whatever you want to call it. If it was a mistake, I don’t know. A lot of people think it wasn’t a mistake it was much more criminal than that. But, it’s a big problem in Georgia and it’s not a problem that’s going away. Not a problem that’s going away…

Ryan Germany: This is Ryan, we are looking at every one of those things that you mentioned…and our investigators…

Trump: Good, but if you find them, you got to say it.


Germany: Let me tell you what we are seeing. What we are seeing is *not at all what you’re describing* <with emphasis>. These are investigators from our office, these are investigators from GBI. And they’re looking, and they’re good, and that’s not what they’re seeing, and we’ll keep looking, we’ll keep looking at all these things…

Trump: Well you better check on the ballots, ’cause they are shredding ballots, I’m just telling you Ryan. they’re shredding ballots and you should look at that very carefully, because that’s so illegal. You may not even believe it, cause it’s so bad. But, they’re shredding ballots because they think we’ll eventually get there, because we’ll eventually get into Fulton. In my opinion it’s never too late.

So, um that’s the story. Look, we need only 11,000 votes, we have far more than that as it stands now.


In speaking on Military/overseas ballots-

Trump: A large batch came in, and it was, quote, 100% for Biden and that is criminal, you know, that’s criminal. Okay, that’s another criminal. That’s another of the many criminal events. Many criminal events here.

Um. I don’t know, look Brad, I have to get, I have to find 12,000 votes and I have them, times a lot. And, therefore, I won the state. That’s before we go to the next step, which is in the process of, right now, you know.

I watched you this morning and you said, ah, there was no criminality, but I mean all of this stuff is very dangerous stuff, when you talk about no criminality. I think it’s very dangerous for you to say that. I just don’t know why you don’t want to have the votes counted as they are.

So what are we going to do here, folks? I only need 11,000 votes. Fellas, I need 11,000 votes, give me a break. We have that in spades already.

So tell me, Brad, what are we going to do? We won the election, and it’s not fair to take it away from us like this. And it’s going to be very costly, in many ways, and I think you have to say you’re going to re-examine it and you can re-examine it. But re-examine it with people who want to find answers, not people that don’t want to hear answers.


There is one particular election employee Trump is stuck on, that is beeped out of the recording. He insists every vote she scanned went for Biden. Raffensperger says: that is not correct. Trump won’t let it go. Trump restates Raffensperger’s position as:

“He (Raffensperger) made that statement with surety [sic], but now I think he’s less sure, because the answer is: they all went to Biden, and that alone wins us the election by a lot.

Raffensperger: Mr. President, you have people that submit information and we have our people that submit information, and then it comes before the court, and then the court makes a determination. We have to stand by our numbers. We believe our numbers are right.

Trump: Why do you say that though? Sure we can play this game with the courts.

***We have to stop there to highlight how messed up this exchange is. What Raffensperger is making clear is that to challenge the state’s finding, puts these two parties on opposite sides of a legal battle. What Trump is making clear, is that he is fully aware that every legal challenge is failing because it has no merit, but he’s bluffing that, sure we could do that if you wanted to. I want to subvert the rightful place of the courts with our own little agreement. Throughout this conversation, I’m letting you know, you better just do what I say, and make a deal that I won the state, or there will be personal legal consequences and/or future election consequences for you.***

Trump: Hey Brad, why wouldn’t you want to check out (beeped out election lady’s name) and why wouldn’t you want to say, hey, if in fact, President Trump is right about that, then he wins the state of Georgia. Just that one incident alone, without going through hundreds of thousands of dropped ballots. You just say, you stick by… I mean I’ve been watching you for…you don’t care about anything. Your numbers are right. But your numbers aren’t right. They’re really wrong and they’re really wrong Brad, and I know this phone call is going nowhere, but ultimately…

Look ultimately I win, okay? because you guys are so wrong and you’ve treated the population of Georgia so badly. Between you and your governor who was down 21 points, and like a schmuck, I endorsed him, and he got elected. But, I will tell you, he’s a disaster, and he will never…I can’t imagine. The people are so angry in Georgia, I can’t imagine he’s ever getting elected right now.

But why wouldn’t you want to find the right answer, Brad? Instead of keeping saying the numbers are right, because those numbers are so wrong.


Mark Meadows jumps in with the idea, both sides just need to meet really soon and agree there’s some actual big issues that need to be examined and the Federal government wants access to Georgia voter data.

Trump then threatens if they don’t settle what Trump wants, the upcoming runoff won’t go to the republicans. Raffensperger says, you can meet with the lawyers and they’ll tell you why your beliefs are wrong. He is not going to have an official meeting with them, as if any of their fever dreams are true. Raffensperger won’t allow them access to Georgia state election data. He is putting the ball in their court to go to court if they want.

Throughout this conversation, Trump highlights how Stacey Abrams is making a fool out of Georgia GOP. Everyone hates the Georgia Governor and Raffensperger.

Trump: Brad, we just want the truth, it’s simple. And ah, and everyone’s going to look very good if the truth comes out. It’s ok, it might take a little while. But, let the truth come out. And the real truth is I won by 400,000 votes, at least. That’s the real truth. But, we don’t need 400,000 votes, we need less than 2000 votes.


Added 1/4

I’d like to add, now that it seems more evident that this leak to WP came from the Georgia side and not the Trump admin, this makes more sense to what I originally posited.

Also, it is now reported this was the 18th attempt by Donny to get Raffensperger on the phone. 18. So my original assessment that this is how Donny has likely spent the last two months in office, aside from golfing, is closer to being accurate.

GOP Wins Destruction of Faith in Elections

Generally speaking a plurality, if not a majority, of the US electorate have shown a level of distrust in the results of the US systems of election, this has been so for years. This chart below is not broken down to party, but it does indicate a fairly consistent level of distrust as a whole.

Although both major parties and independents have levels of distrust in the system, they are for entirely different reasons.

Democrats indicate distrust in accurate representative results (not systems) of elections due to the actual, real, documented regional efforts of voter suppression/disenfranchisement that is enacted, cycle after cycle, by their counterparts. They also, of late, have shown concern in the effect of foreign interference, which is not quantifiable in the actual, proven fact of disinformation, and not proven in any way at all in actual voting interference (machines, software, balloting).

By contrast, Republicans are more concerned in the systemic accuracy of elections as affected by propagandized, never-proven voter fraud, which generally has been focused around the fantasy of illegal immigrants voting or dead people voting. Although there are very rare instances of this having happened, the numbers are less than negligible.

These tendencies existed before Donald Trump, but, like every other US institution Trump was keen on destroying, the specter of voter fraud has been a powerful weapon for Trump to wield to undermine what has been the bedrock of US governance, our imperfect yet reliable: Election system(s).

From the 2016 election, “I will totally accept the results of this great and historic election…IF I WIN!”

-Which was a total prick thing to say, but as in all things, Donny is not kidding (I wish his sycophants would stop saying that). He’s never kidding. He doesn’t have a sense of humor. Even when he, himself thinks he might be kidding (when he’s talking about his hair or appearance, he is telling his truth).

After having won the 2016 Presidential election, Trump formed the “Advisory Commission on Election Integrity: ostensibly to prove that not only had Trump won the presidency via the electoral collage, but he had also won the popular vote and was robbed of that title by 3-5 million illegal aliens voting. An absolutely batshit-crazy concept created to soothe his fragile ego. The members of that commission had other ideas about the organization’s ultimate use, in that they saw this as a way to enact systems by which to control voting nationwide, and thereby more effectively disenfranchise minorities for the benefit of the GOP. This Commission was disbanded after having found no voter fraud, and amidst the controversy of its actual intent and overbearing attempts to demand access to state’s voter data.

In the next Nationwide election, the midterms of 2018, Trump once again inserted himself into the fact-free voter-fraud narrative, concerning races in Florida, Georgia, and Arizona, tweeting a series of unfounded claims, aimed at sowing doubt about the election results if Democrats ultimately prevailed.

In a series of tweets Friday, the president alleged without evidence that Democrats and election officials in the state were conspiring to steal the election and commit “fraud.” Speaking to reporters at the White House as he prepared to leave for Europe, Trump said Florida was “all of the sudden” finding “votes out of nowhere,” which Trump called a “disgrace.”

Sound familiar?

Following, would be Trump’s well-documented, months long attempt to cast the 2020 elections as similarly fraudulent before the fact, and frivolous, juvenile court actions incapable of proving those allegation, after the fact.

For some time the GOP has been committed to voter disenfranchisement and suppression as available and reliable tools to keep themselves in some form of minority power. It has been necessary to keep their constituents in lockstep with the righteousness of these efforts through whichever manufactured narrative necessary. To the point where, as I blogged earlier, even a little authoritarianism to that end is acceptable. Despite the fact there is no such thing as a little.

The GOP is perpetually aggrieved at the injustice visited upon them by the nonexistent boogeymen. The non-fact that there exists voter fraud that robs them of their minority representation, is in there DNA. It just is. What we also must understand, is acting en masse and protesting against these perceived threats, is also now in their DNA, tracing back to the most famous incarnation, in the 2000 Bush Gore presidential election, through the pivotal, and completely fabricated, “Brooks Brothers Riot“. They successfully halted recounting of votes, long enough for the Supreme Court action to legally end what would have most likely been an accurate Al Gore presidential victory.

If it works, it must be just.

The GOP thought leaders and politicians have successfully brainwashed their followers with the fable of voter fraud. Unfortunately we have reached such high levels of distrust in the system, with no fucking actual proof at all(!!!), that there is no clear endgame for the GOP. Where do they go from here? 61% now have heightened or complete levels of distrust.

If voter-ID laws are the endgame, they won’t get them in the states in which they’d like them enforced. And I have to admit, I doubt enacting any new laws would sate their hunger, until all elections were 100%-0% for whomever their figurehead might be at that time.

How un-fucking-believable is it, that in the latest Reuters poll, 52% of Republicans believe Trump “rightfully” won this 2020 election, because it was stolen from him by widespread voter fraud. !!! Not only did he not lose to widespread voter fraud, there was practically no voter fraud. Despite the difficulties of new mail in voting systems in many states, a fucking pandemic, and an initial shortage of poll workers, the US may have just pulled off its cleanest presidential election in recent history. Yet, 52% of Republicans are convinced of the opposite, with ZERO evidence to support the conclusion. Zero.

They just believe it.

Making Sense OF Barr’s Directive to Investigate the Election and Pilger’s Resignation

Today, William Barr issued a memo stating the DOJ may investigate allegations of vote and voting tabulation irregularities, seemingly on behalf of Donny Trump’s interests. Inserting the DOJ into what is primarily the arena of states. This move is well beyond the normally accepted role of the DOJ in possible election fraud, which would normally investigate after election certifications as an arm of the federal government.

Although the memo does point out, this should not be for frivolous reasons, there was something within the memo that caused the head of the DOJ Elections Crime Unit, Richard Pilger, to immediately resign.

Stronger legal minds than mine, have pointed out the wording, which is specific as to guidance of what type of allegation a US prosecutor should investigate:

The problem with the memo, is it doesn’t designate exactly who in the DOJ should investigate what, so that’s any of 93 US attorneys, and I suppose anyone within the DOJ whom Barr directs to investigate. Also, even though the wording describes what type of allegation should be investigated, the wording is subjective and at Barr’s or any Attorney’s discretion. So, one could start an investigation on any type of allegation at all, and then decide it was, in the exact language of the memo: specious or far-fetched …or not.

Futhermore, and I suspect this is the reason why Pilger quit, it allows for this investigation to take place outside of the DOJ Election Crime Unit’s purview. So it would not be bound by their oversight or guidance.

This section is standard Willy Barr wishy-washiness that allows a new standard to be made on-the-fly.

I don’t view this as pleasantly as McFaul does. We don’t know what conversations occurred between Pilger and Barr. It could potentially be that Barr sought Pilger’s buy-in. It could be that Barr told Pilger, he wants him to approve whatever kind of nonsense was dug up and rubberstamp it for further investigation that could potentially come close to State’s certification. They might not have spoken at all.

In conjunction with Defense Secretary Esper’s firing today, and the reports that the Director of the CIA and FBI are next, I’m not feeling great.

We knew Donny was going to go scorched earth, we didn’t really think he’d try to go full on dictator. He isn’t, yet. But this would be how you get there.

Get rid of whatever stability in government you can. Line up the controlling party’s support, arrange for the million of followers total buy-in. Then, the second to last piece, is multiple investigations grinding through court, like the fishing expedition above and from Donny’s private henchmen, to push up against Dec. 14 States Election Certification deadline, and then have State assemblies pick the President on the electorate’s behalf.

This is super far-fetched, but I mean..the steps taken so far are how you go there.