Trump Cult Rage- Where’s the Next Battle?

As Donny’s cult followers rewrite recent history for the benefit of their feelsies, we wonder, where shall their cumulative rage next be directed?

We easily imagine a poll on this topic would return numbers like this. We are not surprised. However, the underlying poll data itself, is more revealing…more interesting. Morning Consult’s process was to measure the participants leaning towards Right Wing Authoritarianism (RWA) first, and then weigh that against similar trends in other countries. After which, the numbers were redistributed into self-declared political identification in the US.

Here, that topline 25.60% is a measure of those highly aligned with RWA. That is a super-creepy outlier. To elicit responses that would identify someone as highly aligned with RWA, Morning Consult used very specific, highly suggestive language like:

*Our country will be destroyed someday if we do not smash the perversions eating away at our moral fiber and traditional beliefs.

*What our country really needs is a strong, determined leader who will crush evil, and take us back to our true path.

If anyone rated a series of these types of questions as, “Very Strongly Agree,” They would be RWA. In their categorization, Low RWA is the inversion, the exact opposite, *Not* the same thing to a lesser degree. So:

You see here the 4% Left-leaning High RWA, highlights the circular political scale, where the far right meets the far left. From my ridiculous amount of hours watching and analyzing the Seattle protests, I can throw in my anecdotal evidence, it’s for sure true. These were the over-performing anarchists. Literally, Cosplay Gamerboys reveling in confrontation. I’ve come to very much dislike them. I think they would as easily self-identify as Incels as they would Antifa, but they were mindless, children anarchists. These are not the looting opportunists that followed the wake of protestors. Those were criminals of no particular sort.

Now, I dug even further and this poll was drawn from older poll data, which was online (never particularly good data) and even suggested with the analysis from the book, for which this data was generated to serve, that these numbers should not be extrapolated to the whole of the populace. So, useless numbers? You could say that. But does it really matter at this point?

I have an older post where I was examining similar findings from a poll. For all I know it might be the same data, no idea. let’s see. Oops. Different source, same kind of data, I think this actually published a study that was under peer review, but…does it matter?

Do we need to quantify “How much” at this point? We are well aware there exists more than a sufficient amount of damaged souls out there to find our twitter guy’s statement up above of, “institutionalized political delusionism” worrisome.

We knew from the day Donny came down the escalator we had a big problem. The “movement” had all the signs of authoritarianism from the beginning. Simple solutions to complex problems, scapegoating, a desire to “hurt the right people,” and a promise of strong central power in the hands of one man. The Federalist largely pointed this out before the election. The Federalist! -before it was sucked into the Borg.

Currently, our problem is shaped differently, and in a sense, appears much more dangerous. Where is the leadership of that one man? As I surmised on election day 2020, all that which largely came true, was almost entirely predicated by what directions Donny gave, and how far the true believers were willing to follow. (I was certainly incorrect that he would file immediately for 2024 and that he would quickly begin the grievance parade, when that has actually just begun.)

Donny does not currently lead his followers in any meaningful way. Instead, it is the decentralized works of State politicians, some squishy, elected federal employees (none of which qualify as leader material), and political operatives who command most of the cult’s attention. Does the cult care about national concerns of voter laws? Not really, I mean they’ll tow the line but they aren’t particularly jazzed about the issue. Do they care that State lawmakers are seeking “voter integrity” in new legislation? Meh, that’s pretty boring and seems a bit too complex of a solution. What they do care about is furthering the conspiracies. Now THAT is important, it’s all-consuming. If we could just name the people that need to be punished. Critical Race Theory is pretty good, not just because it’s a mindless conspiracy, but because it affords the cult- some organizations as potential targets of rage.

Where can nationally organized rage be directed? There’s really no one leading the charge. State politicians are convinced their endgame of disenfranchising voters is sufficient for the needs of the mob. It isn’t. That’s elitist and lawyerly. No one is visibly punished. No one is properly hurt.

Signing legislation isn’t an end. Do you think state politicians realize this? State laws do not address the cult’s needs, even a little. Do these local politicians realize that their particular rage-inducing exercise doesn’t end there, but that that is just the new beginning? Do they think things settle down pleasantly when their own interests are meet? An utterly foolish game.

January 6 is the necessary feel-good moment. That’s cathartic. The Portland protests also crystalize the essential. The battlefield. The lines drawn. The forces of Good v Evil. That’s the stuff. When the federal forces purposefully antagonized and lead protests to the Federal Building, they were positioning themselves for control of the narrative. It was heroic. Where the federal forces were cognizant of the symbolism of the battle and the control of the narrative, the disparate, ragtag collection of protestors were only subconsciously aware of the import. They sought to be “in the right” in a confrontation, while the presence and goal of the federal forces was to seek to be righteous in the conflict.

What about now? Where is the rage to go? Schoolboards? Township meetings? What about when the Fraudit states it’s conclusions, where is the anger supposed to go? Who is going to get hurt? Impossible to organize a national movement around that, you know. They need a direct enemy upon which to mete out justice.

Without Donny, we don’t know where the cult are going, or what they will do. They don’t either. We can only presume they will discover their ultimate target(s) of rage organically. A groundswell, which has no name as of yet…and that’s the scary part. Not knowing.

Will there be a civil war? There’s no reason to believe we are anywhere near that yet. There are a multitude of reasons to be concerned. We are desperately in need of thoughtful federal action to avert catastrophe.

In response to our twitter guy’s concern above I had replied below. He deleted it for some reason. Not sure why.

State Dept. Hacked?

So much shit going on all at once. Would not surprise me if this is not just an error, but indeed a hack. State Department content gone from Donald J Trump bio. Says Trump’s presidency ends 7 hours from now, or that could be a local time to where it was hacked from? I don’t know.

I guess it could be someone inside the State Dept? I mean, that wouldn’t be surprising now would it? After the diplomats issued a strong dissent to the government. I don’t know.

It keeps timing out. Check yourself: 504 Gateway Time-out (

Ok this shit is real. Server is timed out because it’s being utilized. Something else is going in there I guess.

File411 on Twitter: “If you’re getting a gateway time out – that means the inbound State Dept traffic server is maxed out but this is in fact real. My guess is hackers – TBD if it’s a state sponsored hack” / Twitter

File411, who is the total dude when it comes to this kinda stuff, is pointing back to the devastating Solarwinds breach.

File411 on Twitter: “To be CLEAR I am NOT saying this is linked but what I am saying is the @StateDept @SecPompeo defacing on Trump’s bio is in UTC <—that should tell you a thing or 4” / Twitter

And…I suppose this is now the end of the story:

Christopher Miller on Twitter: “UPDATE: Sources tell @BuzzFeedNews a “disgruntled staffer” is behind the State Department site’s change of Trump and Pence’s biographies. More TK.” / Twitter

GOP Wins Destruction of Faith in Elections

Generally speaking a plurality, if not a majority, of the US electorate have shown a level of distrust in the results of the US systems of election, this has been so for years. This chart below is not broken down to party, but it does indicate a fairly consistent level of distrust as a whole.

Although both major parties and independents have levels of distrust in the system, they are for entirely different reasons.

Democrats indicate distrust in accurate representative results (not systems) of elections due to the actual, real, documented regional efforts of voter suppression/disenfranchisement that is enacted, cycle after cycle, by their counterparts. They also, of late, have shown concern in the effect of foreign interference, which is not quantifiable in the actual, proven fact of disinformation, and not proven in any way at all in actual voting interference (machines, software, balloting).

By contrast, Republicans are more concerned in the systemic accuracy of elections as affected by propagandized, never-proven voter fraud, which generally has been focused around the fantasy of illegal immigrants voting or dead people voting. Although there are very rare instances of this having happened, the numbers are less than negligible.

These tendencies existed before Donald Trump, but, like every other US institution Trump was keen on destroying, the specter of voter fraud has been a powerful weapon for Trump to wield to undermine what has been the bedrock of US governance, our imperfect yet reliable: Election system(s).

From the 2016 election, “I will totally accept the results of this great and historic election…IF I WIN!”

-Which was a total prick thing to say, but as in all things, Donny is not kidding (I wish his sycophants would stop saying that). He’s never kidding. He doesn’t have a sense of humor. Even when he, himself thinks he might be kidding (when he’s talking about his hair or appearance, he is telling his truth).

After having won the 2016 Presidential election, Trump formed the “Advisory Commission on Election Integrity: ostensibly to prove that not only had Trump won the presidency via the electoral collage, but he had also won the popular vote and was robbed of that title by 3-5 million illegal aliens voting. An absolutely batshit-crazy concept created to soothe his fragile ego. The members of that commission had other ideas about the organization’s ultimate use, in that they saw this as a way to enact systems by which to control voting nationwide, and thereby more effectively disenfranchise minorities for the benefit of the GOP. This Commission was disbanded after having found no voter fraud, and amidst the controversy of its actual intent and overbearing attempts to demand access to state’s voter data.

In the next Nationwide election, the midterms of 2018, Trump once again inserted himself into the fact-free voter-fraud narrative, concerning races in Florida, Georgia, and Arizona, tweeting a series of unfounded claims, aimed at sowing doubt about the election results if Democrats ultimately prevailed.

In a series of tweets Friday, the president alleged without evidence that Democrats and election officials in the state were conspiring to steal the election and commit “fraud.” Speaking to reporters at the White House as he prepared to leave for Europe, Trump said Florida was “all of the sudden” finding “votes out of nowhere,” which Trump called a “disgrace.”

Sound familiar?

Following, would be Trump’s well-documented, months long attempt to cast the 2020 elections as similarly fraudulent before the fact, and frivolous, juvenile court actions incapable of proving those allegation, after the fact.

For some time the GOP has been committed to voter disenfranchisement and suppression as available and reliable tools to keep themselves in some form of minority power. It has been necessary to keep their constituents in lockstep with the righteousness of these efforts through whichever manufactured narrative necessary. To the point where, as I blogged earlier, even a little authoritarianism to that end is acceptable. Despite the fact there is no such thing as a little.

The GOP is perpetually aggrieved at the injustice visited upon them by the nonexistent boogeymen. The non-fact that there exists voter fraud that robs them of their minority representation, is in there DNA. It just is. What we also must understand, is acting en masse and protesting against these perceived threats, is also now in their DNA, tracing back to the most famous incarnation, in the 2000 Bush Gore presidential election, through the pivotal, and completely fabricated, “Brooks Brothers Riot“. They successfully halted recounting of votes, long enough for the Supreme Court action to legally end what would have most likely been an accurate Al Gore presidential victory.

If it works, it must be just.

The GOP thought leaders and politicians have successfully brainwashed their followers with the fable of voter fraud. Unfortunately we have reached such high levels of distrust in the system, with no fucking actual proof at all(!!!), that there is no clear endgame for the GOP. Where do they go from here? 61% now have heightened or complete levels of distrust.

If voter-ID laws are the endgame, they won’t get them in the states in which they’d like them enforced. And I have to admit, I doubt enacting any new laws would sate their hunger, until all elections were 100%-0% for whomever their figurehead might be at that time.

How un-fucking-believable is it, that in the latest Reuters poll, 52% of Republicans believe Trump “rightfully” won this 2020 election, because it was stolen from him by widespread voter fraud. !!! Not only did he not lose to widespread voter fraud, there was practically no voter fraud. Despite the difficulties of new mail in voting systems in many states, a fucking pandemic, and an initial shortage of poll workers, the US may have just pulled off its cleanest presidential election in recent history. Yet, 52% of Republicans are convinced of the opposite, with ZERO evidence to support the conclusion. Zero.

They just believe it.

What’s Going to Happen?

I had blogged long ago, I thought Putin would wait until the 2020 election to disseminate information the Russians had stolen from the RNC (when they had also successfully stolen DNC data in 2016) if it appeared that Trump would lose. Well, it appears Trump will lose, but there is no upside to releasing that information. No peepee tapes either. It remains ideal to let Donny run amok across the country, in government or out of government.

I think it is important to point out, 19% of the entire US population actively supported (voted for) Trump in 2016. We can assume the Trump train has lost some of those people, but also encouraged some that did not vote in 2016, to vote this time, through their messaging of fear. Therefore, for sake of argument, let’s assume this number is close to the same. 20%. Not half of the country. Half of the country is not crazy, neither is this entire 20%. Okay? I would suggest that 20% is not equally distributed, but instead, more concentrated and facing a larger number than Clinton had won. He will lose the popular vote and the electoral college.

Trump’s only option was to create the boogieman of tampered/illegal mail in ballots, so those could be discarded through court action, the problem with this gambit is, not everyone that would prefer to vote for Trump is crazy, so with the Covid19 infection rate closing in on 100,000 per day, this ploy will result in some people deciding to not vote on election day. A quick look at the weather map indicates virtually smooth sailing, so weather will probably not influence the vote.

I do not believe we will see widespread violence at polling sites. Probably small, isolated incidents of no great effect. The great majority of people just want to cast their vote, and/or watch the process from home, much like a sporting event.

What we do know is that the Trump Campaign, the RNC, and state run GOP groups across the country are losing case after case to suppress voting and discard votes already cast. We also know, immediately after the polls close, these parties will recommit to court actions to discount legitimate votes. That’s the only way Trump can stay in power. Trump’s hardcore base has now been trained to expect this. They know that the GOP plans on stealing this election, but have swallowed whole the tortured reasoning and rationalization as to how this is acceptable for this election or our democracy.

Therefore, if we are to be concerned about violence, that will manifest itself in the days following the election, when Donny will signal whom the offending party is. The Governor of Pennsylvania, or the Governor of Michigan. The division of elections of Florida. The cities of Houston, Dallas, Austin, or San Antonio. Particular lawyers in particular courthouses. “The media.” Even if he clearly has overwhelmingly lost, he will pick out enemies.

He will no doubt make generalized statements about the “rigged” election, and how unfair and fraudulent everything is, but we’re used to that aren’t we? So are his followers. It’s the particular declarations for which we need to look out. He will let his followers know which parties need to have justice visited upon them, and we shall have to wait and see if a small minority of that 20% heed the call. He’ll do the usual “people are saying…,” and “if you take a look at…”

If he does not overwhelmingly lose, we can expect protracted unrest. Any case he is allowed to win by his own selected jurors, we can expect the left to take to the streets in DC. The re-erection of a third wall around the White House, does not inspire confidence that Donny will not manufacture as much dissent as possible. Not only does he not care about the well being of any of his followers, or any US citizen, he clearly delights in anarchy. I am not certain the new fence around the WH is entirely Donny’s idea, but may be SS and staff deciding, for sure, Donny is going to make this worse, let’s put up that fence so we all don’t die.

So I am presenting 2 “ifs”:

If he is allowed to steal a state, or,

If his followers decide to heed the call.

No matter what form the election takes, it is clear Donny has already begun sabotaging the federal government for the incoming administration. If and when he loses, he will insist on no federal plan for the virus and ramp up a “going out of business sale” of corruption and influence peddling we never imagined.

He won’t go out pretty. We know that. He is going to leave as much anguish and anarchy in his wake as possible. Just like all of his business disasters.

He will already be planning his next ego-feeding business of Trump TV or some weird WWE/Trump co-platform. Selling their rage, destruction, and vanquishing of imaginary adversaries which is packaged for the created disaffected mob; the mindless, slack-jawed followers, keen on “owning the libs” by punching themselves in the face. He will immediately file to run for 2024 and continue his cult pep rallies that never ended. Donny will create enmity with every town he stiffs, thinking he is still protected by the weight of the Federal government. Eventually Donny will find the end of the road in the open doors of courthouses, awaiting his final show.

That city whose justice he has evaded for decades, will finally have their day.


What do you think is going to happen?

Donny’s Corona Battle: Let the (Dis)information Wars Begin, running thread

Yeah, this is the reason I scribbled down “What we know so far to be true” yesterday. Because, for sure, new information and disinformation would be added to that codex.

-Chris Christie has now tested possible for the virus. He had helped Trump prepare for the Presidential debate earlier in the week. Exactly where Christie’s prep time lines up with the Rose Garden Event on 9/26 is not yet apparent.

-Senator Ron Johnson(R) is also positive for the virus. That now makes 3 GOP members of the Senate Judiciary Committee stricken with the virus.

And…we’re off

Walter Reed medical staff held the long await primer on Trump’s condition, and straight away contradicting information became apparent as to the timeline, which now indicated Donny knew he had the virus on WEDNESDAY. That information was immediately countermanded by the White House as a “misstatement.”

Chris Hayes rightly points out in later tweets, there is no reason to believe the White House. Distrust in their statements is something the White House has been cultivating from Day 1 of this administration.

Blow up of that subtweet:

How could the above contending timeline information battle be made worse? This is the Trump White House, hold the beer.