Democrats Are Passing Meaningful Legislation (it just dies in the Senate)

Similar to the GOP pledge to block, obstruct and slow down every effort by the Obama Administration to enact initiatives, The current Mitch McConnell led Senate will not even allow the great majority of laws passed by the Democrat led House to see a vote in the Senate. The same Senate which occupies most of it’s time installing underqualified “conservative” judges or approving of Trump appointees if it does anything at all.

In the Senate, barely a dozen roll-call votes have been held this year on bills, amendments and legislation, and around 20 bills have been signed into law since January. Senator Christopher S. Murphy, Democrat of Connecticut, vented that Mr. McConnell had “effectively turned the United States Senate into a very expensive lunch club that occasionally votes on a judge or two.”

Here is Mitch baby letting us all know any of the “socialist” bills that come out of the House, will not be allowed a vote by the self declared “grim reaper.”

Mitch isn’t stopping “socialist” bills from reaching the floor of the Senate, he’s stopping nearly every bill from reaching the floor despite the fact that most of them are wildly popular with both conservatives and liberals. Mitch’s plan is purely a political one, as all of his plans are. The plan is: to not allow Democrats to pass any meaningful legislation despite how popular they may be, and to not force GOP Senators to have to vote on legislation they find ideologically unpalatable before an election year. Because when you think about it, nothing is more important for our elected officials than keeping their jobs. What could be more important than that?

So despite the cries from all of the cult talking heads that, “Democrats aren’t doing anything but trying to impeach Trump,” the fact is, House Democrats are churning out very meaningful legislation to which Mitch McConnell’s Senate merely refuses to grant attention.

It is true that the first term of the previous GOP controlled House will most likely end up having more legislation passed…

Then the current first term of the Dem controlled House at about the halfway point…

but it won’t be a great margin, and it won’t be due to lack of bills being considered, of which the Dem controlled House is handling, what will most likely be, a much larger portfolio of bills then the previous first term GOP controlled House. The truth is, the House always has a ton of bills to consider every session and this House is no exception to that trend. So when someone yells, “Dems don’t do anything!” you tell them to go fuck themselves and copy/paste the above chart.

What is worth noting is the sweeping changes the House bills propose. Changes which are, by and large, perennially popular with the electorate, but somehow never manage to be crafted into law.

Below are some of the highlights of the bills that died in the Senate this year:

Two nationally popular gun control bills that would increase the time for background checks to ten days and expand background checks as a necessity to loophole sales such as gun shows, were passed at the end of February. There still are no scheduled votes in the Senate.

On January 5th, McConnell blocks two House bills to reopen the government that had been shutdown by Trump’s temper tantrum over his idiot wall. McConnell had also blocked Senate Democrats move to reopen the government on the 10th.

On January 6th, McConnell gets enough support to vote down the passage of a bill disapproving of the Treasury’s actions to lift sanctions on Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska. A bill which 136 GOP House members joined Democrats in drafting and which initially had enough GOP support in the Senate to pass, but was ultimately turned back by just enough GOP Senators as directed by McConnell. Not coincidentally, Deripaska firm, Rusal, announced in May that it would be spending over $2oo Million in investment in McConnell’s home state of Kentucky.

Despite all of the bells, whistles, alarms, and air-raid sirens going off, Mitch McConnell will not allow bipartisan bills to protect the 2020 elections to receive a vote.

HR1: McConnell states he will not allow the expansive and necessary election reform bill to see the light of day. HR1 is a massive anti-corruption, single bill package of individual bills to: bring clarity to the effects of dark money in elections, remove gerrymandering, require tax filings of the President and Vice President be made public, enforce stricter lobbying requirements, make election day a national holiday, and address the many voter fraud/suppression issues of the last election cycle. McConnell stated he will not allow a vote on this bill, “because I get to decide what we vote on.”

ACA (Obamacare): The House creates a bill to protect the ACA and lower costs even as the Trump administration seeks to overturn the bill with nothing to replace it. There will be no vote on this bill in the Senate.

McConnell blocks a vote on the release of the Mueller report twice in the same week.

The House passes the “Equality Act” to extend federal anti-discriminatory protection to LBGQT Americans. Despite the fear mongering from House GOP that it would, of course, mean that women’s sports would be invaded by transgendered women through this protection. No scheduled vote in the Senate…nor shall there be.

According to McConnell, the Senate will “probably not,” vote on the house “Dreamers” bill to create a path to citizenship for them.

The Unbelievable Truth

Attorney General Bill Barr implied in his confirmation hearings that he didn’t really need the job. He had already done it. He said, “I feel that I’m in a position in life where I can provide the leadership necessary to protect the independence and reputation of the department.” Whether we take that at face value or not, do you think he is oblivious to the fact, either now or then, that one way or the other, the Mueller report’s core issues will find their way into the hands of Congress? Do you doubt he knows this was always meant to be an issue for Congress to take up?

Bill Barr merely wanted to insert himself into US history and will make decisions based on how many chapters of that history in which his name will be mentioned for good or bad.


Pete Buttigieg will never be the Democratic presidential nominee because his name is ridiculous and also lends itself to dreadful gay jokes. Dude, really…you should have changed that name years ago. That sucks because he’d make a decent president and an excellent administrator.

Kirsten Gillibrand will never be the Democratic presidential nominee because she doesn’t have a single atom of testosterone in her body. Ironically, the woman best known for women’s rights will be subconsciously snubbed by the masses because she cannot orate or debate without sounding like a shrill, hysterical woman because she’s so goddamn feminine.

Tulsi Gabbard will never be the Democratic presidential nominee because she’s fucking evil.

Corey Booker is a guy you just got to feel is going to run himself into some kind of scandal by the time debates come around.

John Hickenlooper is another guy with a ridiculous name. No.

It’s only a matter of days before Donny Trump is alerted to some newly formed “caravan” heading to the border to rape and pillage the land by Fox News. They need it to happen in a bad way, so Fox News will find some group of people to label a “caravan” no matter what.


Have you seen the movie The Unbelievable Truth? It’s a small, quirky, cute movie. Budget was like 75k. Here are some hysterical lines from the movie. Adrienne Shelly is the woman on the right of the above picture. She was adorable in the movie… and she was murdered at her office in NY in 2006 by an illegal alien.

Jexodus: the Jepocalypse Jenarrative

Jexodus! It’s like the Exodus, but this time it has Jews in it.

Jexodus, a group that has been in existence since Democrats failed to denounce a Muslim for her well-documented inferred hate of Jews, will begin it’s official rollout of whatever it is they stand for, in NY and Florida sometime in April.

Elizabeth Pipko, a former model, former Trump campaign staffer and spokesperson for Jexodus, appeared on Fox News to state the historical significance of this newly formed group, “We left Egypt, and now we’re leaving the Democratic party,” and she pointed out the evident, “They (the Democrats) are a party of anti-Semitism.” Pipko went on to state that even though the Democrats have a large representation of Jews among their numbers, the goal is to swing votes, “We know the Jews have overwhelmingly supported Democrats…under President Trump, literally anything is possible.”

It is unclear how someone not in the Democratic party is going to lead the Jexodus from the Democratic party, but one cannot discount the remarkable historical similarities to Moses, the former busty fashion model turned sycophant that went on to lead the chosen people to the promised land.

March 27, 2017

John Paul Stevens writes an Op-Ed for the NY Times: Repeal the Second Amendment.

“In 2008, the Supreme Court overturned Chief Justice Burger’s and others’ long-settled understanding of the Second Amendment’s limited reach by ruling, in District of Columbia v. Heller, that there was an individual right to bear arms. I was among the four dissenters.

That decision — which I remain convinced was wrong and certainly was debatable — has provided the N.R.A. with a propaganda weapon of immense power. Overturning that decision via a constitutional amendment to get rid of the Second Amendment would be simple and would do more to weaken the N.R.A.’s ability to stymie legislative debate and block constructive gun control legislation than any other available option.”

I agree with all of this but, “would be simple…”  Even though it is potentially possible to get to a 2/3 of Congress voting to amend the constitution somewhere in the future, there is no foreseeable time where 3/4 of the states, or state ratifying conventions would vote positively for any such change to the constitution.  Doesn’t mean this should not be a goal.

I do believe that Democrats should start flooding the zone with candidates proposing anything from altering the second amendment to abolishment of the second amendment.  I would prefer those people to be primaried out, but who knows, maybe someone like that could get elected and be a voice in Congress.  I do believe liberal donors, superpacs, thinktanks, etc.,  should start selecting active cases to attempt to push any case to the Supreme Court that might force a revisiting of that awful decision in the 2008 District of Columbia v Heller.  The case in which the NRA won it’s long fought battle of semantics to have “a well regulated militia,” and, “the people,” come to mean “any single person, with little if any regulation.”

All of this is good and reasonable but it entirely misses the crux of the problem.

The problem is money.  It’s always been money.  It will always be money.

Citizens United v the FEC, granted that corporations are, in effect, people…and thereby may spend all the money they like to support candidates or political causes.

“The reason for this exponential leap in political spending, if you talk to most Democrats or read most news reports, comes down to two words: Citizens United. The term is shorthand for a Supreme Court decision that gave corporations much of the same right to political speech as individuals have, thus removing virtually any restriction on corporate money in politics. The oft-repeated narrative of 2012 goes like this: Citizens United unleashed a torrent of money from businesses and the multimillionaires who run them, and as a result we are now seeing the corporate takeover of American politics.”

I noted in my short review of the 2018 Omnibus spending package, the GOP has stealthily written into law more ways by which they can get their hands on some righteous corporate cash, and also less ways the government can do anything to stop them.  Until we stop this flow of money into politics, we will continue to have potential candidates who will say anything to get the money, and do anything to keep their seat to get more money.

This has to be stopped.  Nothing will change until this is stopped.  Our Congressional representatives are only going to become more despicable until this is stopped.  Corporations will only have greater power over our government until this is stopped.  The legislation our government produces shall increasingly reflect and represent the desires and needs of corporations until this is stopped.


If the Supreme Court is incapable of reason, Congress needs to be self-policing in Campaign finance regulations and continual donor-class access to both them and the legislative process.  There is nothing more important than Democratic hopefuls running on this issue.  No one is talking about it and honestly it’s the only thing that matters.

Corporate money run amok is how we wind up with the useful idiot Trump.  It’s why we have Congresspeople that more closely resemble deranged Fox News talking heads than a politician.  It’s how an insider/operator like Nancy Pelosi becomes indispensable.

From this time forward, all hopeful Democratic candidates must have this as a basic pillar of political ideology and the keystone of their platform.  Nothing will change until this happens.  Nothing.

THEN, we can get back to a greatly diminished NRA.

IF we can’t abolish the Second Amendment, alter the damn thing to be highly regulated.  I would rather abolish it and send it to the states to do as they please within reason:

  1. 21.  Yes 21.
  2. All firearms must be licensed, registered biannually, and insured.
  3. proof of education for proper storage, handling, and maintenance of weapons.
  4. Universal background check.
  5. Federal laws for the continual ownership and legal responsibility of gun owners and resellers.
  6. No fucking weapons of war.

January 23, 2018

Trump acting like he has no idea what could possibly happen with the Dreamers, but he’s certain money needs to be put aside for the military and his wall.

This is purposeful messaging, to start the damage control narrative now.

I was talking yesterday about the odds of anything being passed to protect the dreamers if a bill managed to get to the floor in either house.  The odds are against this happening due to time constraints and the multitude of different ideological camps in both the GOP and Democratic parties.

At this point, my presumption is, both the GOP and Democrat’s stance on how this plays out is primarily driven by concerns over optics and the effect on the midterm elections more than it is driven by interest in the Dreamers themselves.  Sad, but I believe this to be true.

I believe the most likely legislation to pass involving protection for the dreamers, would be a Trump campaign-style, border wall-centric bill with most if not all of it’s original qualifications.  This would also be the least popular among the Republican base as it would dissatisfy the hard right for not going far enough, and the more moderate for charging them for it’s construction.

I’d like to point out, as far as optics and the effect on the midterms is concerned, the best legislation the GOP could put up for vote concerning the Dreamers,  would be the most far right, restrictive, and unreasonable piece they could manufacture.  I mean, so long as it did not explicitly say, “Only 100 scientists from Norway and 1000 Swedish bikini models per year.”  This would certainly displease a few congressional GOP moderates but I don’t think the GOP electorate would much care.  In creating poison pill legislation, the Democrats and these few moderate Republicans would argue against it and then ultimately vote against it, thereby ostensibly shifting the blame for the death of DACA on to Democrats.

That would not be difficult messaging to sell to semi-interested Republicans: “Democrats Kill DACA Deal!”

All of this is academic.  Congress hasn’t been able to formulate a bill on immigration reform for years, it’s not probable that they are going to get their shit together between now and March 5th.

Very soon, the Budget war will begin and that will push most of the talk about the Dreamers to the background until we’re right up against it.

I am sorry and ashamed that our nation cannot live up to it’s promises, and that in all things, has become unreliable, untrustworthy, and ignoble.