Trump’s Elite Strikeforce Attorney, Sidney Powell, Names Names and Numbers, lots

Today, when Team Trump has suffered a humiliating defeat in Pennsylvania, one of his lead attorneys, Sidney Powell of Elite Strikeforce One, has taken to the new, uber-Trumpy news outlet, Newsmax, to name names and cite astronomical numbers of fraudulent activity. Here it is.

Truly impressive.

Who are the conspiring parties in this international conspiracy of monumental scope and depth? Let’s see if we can follow the ever-increasing circle as Sidney names names. In order:

Many in the government. They. Hilary Clinton (bribed Bernie Sanders). There are “smoking guns” that need witness protection. Software companies. Dominion and similar companies. The Democratic operation. Joe Biden (dimensia), can be proven any minute now. “They” cut off their machines for hours. One of the high people in Dominion Voting Systems. Could also be: The CIA, DOJ, NSA, DHS, FBI. Gina Haskel, Christopher Wray. A person in the Dept. of Defense. AOC. A couple hundred people in the government. Eric Coomer from Dominion called Antifa (WTF. “Hello, Mr.Antifa? this is Eric.”). Eric Coomer disappeared. Dominion closed their operations, shredded documents and moved. China, Iran, Serbia, Lichtenstein, multiple places.

How many votes changed?

Roughly 7 million. Millions of dead people voted. People were payed to ballot harvest. Probably at least 10 million. Probably, maybe more. Several million dead people.

Hilarious, there’s a newer Sidney interview on Newsmax. Can’t believe Mark Halperin is working for this shit. I guess you gotta work. Awful. Anyway here’s the new counts:

How many votes changed now:

186,000. 86,000. 35,000 votes added to every Democratic candidate. All over one state, but probably everywhere.

A new list of conspirators to add to the one above: DOJ has turned a blind eye. CIA started the program. It’s so big. She can’t un-see what she has seen. Multiple generations of corruption. People. So much it’s hard to pull it all together. 1000’s of people. Hugo Chavez. Foreign actors. Georgia Governor Kemp and the Georgia Secretary of State were bribed. Georgia is bad: shredded, thrown out ballots, and people lying. Votes switched. Algorithms being run. Algorithm ran probably across the country. “They” in Michigan are stuffing ballots, except on the computer.


Trump turned the GOP into a wacky cult, and there is no bottom to their insatiable hunger for total batshit crazy. No bottom.

Mueller’s Testimony Tomorrow

What do we expect from Robert Mueller’s testimony in front of the House Judiciary and Intelligence committees tomorrow? He’s already said he would not travel outside of the four corners of the Mueller report, and then, was directed by the Trump administration to not to travel outside of the four corners, which is a particularly crappy chess (checkers) move.

For the most part, we shouldn’t expect any more than that. We know that. So those of us whom have already read the report aren’t likely to glean any further insight or explanation as to why Trump is not already in the middle of an impeachment hearing, despite the obvious crimes that would be brought to trial were he not the “president.” And, even though we fully understand that impeachment is a political process and not a legal one, We are left to wonder which “high crimes” or “misdemeanors” must be committed in order to pass into that type of political scrutiny. Must Donny shoot someone on Fifth venue? Is that what it takes?

So what is this? Must we presume the intention of this “read out” or “movie version of the book” is designed to bolster the anemic numbers of registered voters that would prefer to start an impeachment proceeding or continue to investigate, all the way up to a barely lukewarm 50%?

That’s the best we could hope for, short of Mueller throwing out his predetermined boundaries, which he won’t.

Is the plan to slow roll from 50% into impeachment hearings and watch that shitty number melt away due to exhaustion? Do the democrats think starting an impeachment proceeding now, is going to yield building results as compared to when they should have started it, as soon as the report came out, with Mueller being the first fact witness?

Therefore, I think this is little more than just “putting it out there,” and “I’m not saying, I’m just saying,” because, short of a miracle, this is all there is from this very important information source, due to shitting planning. It’s not like there is any plan to immediately build on top of Mueller’s testimony.

The GOP numbers are not going to change a bit. Sure, the truth will be laid out in a live reading, so what? That shit has already been relegated to “not interested.” In fact, the numbers, as far as the GOP are concerned, are more likely to only get worse than 12% total, because the spin team is going to be replaying 24/7 the line of questioning about FISA warrants, Strzok-Page, Carter Page, the 12 angry democrats, and Robert Mueller’s goddamn golf membership. And some of the registered democrats and independents will remember the testimony fondly as they turn their attention to the 2020 election. End of story.

But a majority of the congresspeople need to be convinced in order to start an impeachment proceeding! The political leanings of congresspeople are directly informed by the likeliness of their continued employment. That is all. The only people that ever needed convincing was the electorate and that time has passed.

I had said, until such a time as money is taken out of politics, Nancy Pelosi was as good a speaker as the democrats were going to have for the 116th Congress. I continue to believe that. We have exactly the dysfunctional system we deserve.

We can hope that the GOP in their profound stupidity, will so rile up Mueller, that he decides to snap back and take some particularly pointed questions head on, but we know that isn’t going to happen. We do know for a fact that the GOP will, once again, not be interested in the inconvenient facts outlined in the Mueller report. Their interests will be solely: spin, obfuscation, misdirection, waxing poetic about the “money wasted” and misuse of congressional oversight, and the creation of new conspiracy theories for Hannity and Carlson to discuss for the next 6 months.

The Storm is Coming?

Some interesting conspiracy theories floating around the twitterverse today following Trump’s ditching of a scheduled visit to WWI War memorial due to “rain”and his subsequent late arrival to a World Leader dinner hosted by Macron, while simultaneously being silent on twitter.  In total something like 5-6 hours of missing time from scheduled events of no small import has lead some people to wonder…

…that maybe Mueller indictments have arrived.   One inside person is even wondering if the Fox News silence on Twitter has to do with a gag order as the twitter silence strangely coincides with a Rupert Murdoch meeting with  Mitch McConnell in an otherwise empty capitol.

Which is really interesting and fun!  But come on, Fox social media wouldn’t go entirely dark.  They might be directed not to post on particular topics.  I would understand that.  The “retribution for the treatment of poor old Tucker,” I posted yesterday, is the most plausible story, but that has not been confirmed by Fox.

I don’t know if we’ll ever know why Murdoch is visiting McConnell at such an unusual time after the elections and while Congress is out of session.  What I would postulate with very limited knowledge, is perhaps conspiracy theory #2 could actually be correct.

With Flake making his intentions known about protecting special counsel, and with Susan Collins making a similar statement:

Perhaps it’s time for Mitch to let Murdoch know, maybe you want to get in front of this over on the propaganda channel so you don’t look like a bunch of fools for what is about to happen.

Could some indictments have come down?  Maybe.

What seems more likely is maybe the GOP is getting closer to stabbing the goose that laid the golden Tax Reform.  Maybe it’s time to start reining in the crazy man.  It could be.

In Trump’s world, whatever the hell just happened over at the Justice Dept. is a long gone memory.  That shit already happened, who cares.  If Trump doesn’t see something in front of his bloodshot eyes, it doesn’t exist.  Unfortunately for him, there are people capable of reason and capable of concern back in Washington and maybe those people gave Trump a call over in France while he was trying to enjoy his military parades and meeting with the world’s most accomplished dictators, and those people let him know, “We’re going to have to change things around a bit when you come back Donny.”

We may never know what happened to Trump’s missing time, why Mitch met Rupert at such a strange time, or why Fox went silent on twitter.  All three answers could be benign.  I do like the idea of GOP Senators pulling an Et tu Brute on the twitterer-in-chief.  It’s a lovely image.

Of course protecting Mueller wouldn’t be a giant fracture in the subservience of Congress to Trump, but it would drive him crazy.  Let’s see what they do when Congress is back in session.


Trump-Russian Grand Conspiracy

What we need is someone to put together the whole “Grand Conspiracy” for us, like Sean Hannity would…if he were a liberal.  Something over-arching, ridiculous and yet plausible.  The only person we know for sure is working on connecting the dots, is Robert Mueller and unfortunately he’s not going to show his work any time soon.  Rachel Maddow does a good job in collecting (not connecting) the “dots” but her job never was to attempt to connect them into a seamless if irrational “Grand Conspiracy.”

We need to have working theories though, and we need them now because:

  1. Trump’s apparent obstruction is heating up and we need to know why.
  2. The midterm elections are approaching and we’ve done zero to ensure their safety.

We assume there is something of value being exchanged between Trump (and associates) and the Kremlin.   Problem is, we don’t truly know where and when the deal originates.  We assume there must be something hinged upon financing/financial deals earlier in the 2000’s, but we can’t point to anything in particular.  We assume there is some compromising information generated by the Russians that they dangle over Trump and maybe that peepee tape does exist or something similar.  I’ve maintained all along, I believe the Russians have something in the bag and we won’t know about it unless it appears Trump will be impeached before the midterms, or more likely they will release something through third parties for the 2020 election to throw it into complete chaos, unless Trump is still a useful stooge.  There’s no real reason to believe that, the only reason it exists in my mind is because there has to be something.

Something of value is being exchanged.

In this necessary assumption, even if we don’t know what is it’s origination, we can start to tally what proceeded to be exchanged.

for Russia: Changing the Republican platform to go soft on the Russians at the Republican convention.

for Trump: release DNC emails through WikiLeaks.

for Trump: active Russian interference in social media to tarnish the Clinton Campaign.

for Russia: ceding involvement in Syria entirely to the Russian sphere of influence.

for Russia: promised return of their US compounds in exchange for nothing.

for Russia: purposefully not imposing new US sanctions.

I’m sure I’m missing some points, but it’s clear something is being exchanged.  The real question is, ultimately what is the purpose?  Where is this going?

For Trump himself, it’s not difficult to deduce he wants ultimate power to do as he pleases and any means to that end is acceptable.  Any means.  Total power isn’t going to happen in a two year time frame.  Trump wouldn’t be able to imagine how long it takes, but certainly he knows that two years is not enough.  Clearly he needs to get past a midterm and a re-election.  For Trump, there is also the need to protect against the release of the “original sin” regarding Russia.   I wish we knew what this was.  Maybe Mueller has pinpointed where this all starts…God I hope so.

I think it is at this point, that the Kremlin’s ultimate desire and Trump’s narcissism intersect.  Control over the electorate.  Control over manipulating the national narrative and if necessary, manipulating election results.

Russian attempts to actually hack our election systems were purely exploratory in the 2016 election.  They just wanted to see what the separate systems looked like and in what ways it may be possible to hack them in the future.  To this point, nothing has been done with our physical systems to safeguard them for the 2018 midterms, so we’re flying into the midterms blind.

Outside of physical election systems, there certainly had been an attempt to collect and mine data on the electorate both in the 2016 election through Cambridge Analytica and directly afterwards from the Trump administration in their Election Integrity Commission.  Also to this end, it is worth noting Trump’s hiring of Thomas Brunell to manipulate federal census data for 2020.

“The Wall Street Journal reported on Friday that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has requested that a data analytics company called Cambridge Analytica turn over internal documents as part of its investigation into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia during the 2016 election.”

Jared Kushner is responsible for bringing Cambridge Analytica in to the Trump campaign and Steve Bannon is a former VP of that company as well.

What, if any of the newly mined information has been shared by the Trump administration with the Russians, we don’t know.  It is super creepy that some of the meetings between the Trump administration and the Russians, secret or otherwise, we wouldn’t even know about, except for the Russian’s state run media reports on the fact of their occurrence.

How many meetings have there been that we don’t know about?  What is also super creepy is the number of Russian connected folks that ended up in the Trump administration.

If we go back to the selection process for members of the forthcoming Trump administration, the transition team was comprised of corporate insiders and lobbying firms.  53 of the 75 original transition team members would have had ulterior motives for their selections.  Seriously, studying this list of people could generate a big ol’ tome of questionable involvement.  It certainly wasn’t a sign of “draining the swamp,” quite the contrary.  what we ended up with in the administration, was a ragtag gaggle of idiots, ideologues, and those with Russian connections.

I want to look at just one influential member of the executive transition team whom certainly would have ulterior motives for any of his candidates to serve in the executive branch of the federal government: Peter Thiel.  Peter Thiel was in the final executive transition team of 20 people.

“Trump’s team contacted Nunes the day after the election and soon after announced his appointment to the executive committee, along with three of Trump’s adult children, five other House Republicans and California entrepreneur and venture capitalist Peter Thiel, among others.”

His is a complicated story of involvement with the US federal government.  Let’s just try to summarize it with this:

“Donald Trump has inherited the most powerful machine for spying ever devised. How this petty, vengeful man might wield and expand the sprawling American spy apparatus, already vulnerable to abuse, is disturbing enough on its own. But the outlook is even worse considering Trump’s vast preference for private sector expertise and new strategic friendship with Silicon Valley billionaire investor Peter Thiel, whose controversial (and opaque) company Palantir has long sought to sell governments an unmatched power to sift and exploit information of any kind.”

Thiel’s company Palantir is pretty damned secretive, as you would expect it to be considering what it sells.  It’s kinda frightening what they have managed to create, one component of which is XKEYSCORE.

“According to Snowden documents published by The Guardian in 2013, XKEYSCORE is by the NSA’s own admission its “widest reaching” program, capturing “nearly everything a typical user does on the internet.” A subsequent report by The Intercept showed that XKEYSCORE’s “collected communications not only include emails, chats, and web-browsing traffic, but also pictures, documents, voice calls, webcam photos, web searches, advertising analytics traffic, social media traffic, botnet traffic, logged keystrokes, computer network exploitation targeting, intercepted username and password pairs, file uploads to online services, Skype sessions, and more.” For the NSA and its global partners, XKEYSCORE makes all of this as searchable as a hotel reservation site.”

Now, there’s no reason to assume Thiel’s company in and of itself would double deal with US interests, but there is every reason to believe that Trump might have some ideas about it’s usage.  Thiel wants money; Trump want’s unbridled power.

What I’m concluding, is that by design, Trump’s interests and Russian interests intersect with control of the electorate and election process.  We know the Russians want to interfere with the US election process.  What we’re missing is: this isn’t short term.  Their plans extend well beyond the life-cycle of their convenient arrangement with the useful idiot Trump.

Trump likewise is interested in taking whatever steps are necessary to consolidate his power, including manipulation of data to ensure his re-election and control the National narrative so that he may be appropriately adored.   He has tools in place to do just that.

What we do not know yet, is the original sin.


PS: E A G L E S!!! GOOOOOO EAGLES!   Woooooooo hooooooooooo!!!




December 9, 2017 #2

Rod Rosenstein shall testify before the House Judiciary Committee this coming Tuesday, Dec. 13th.  He’s being called in to talk, to the extent that he can, about the ongoing Russian interference investigation and presumable to shed light on any anti-Trump bias in the FBI.  This is kinda important to at least dampening the justification for the feigned hysteria with some members of Congress.

some of the key points for the hysteria, are:

Peter Strzok, sent a couple tweets out about his disdain for Trump, CLEARLY showing an inability to do his job in investigating Russian interference.  Strozk was fired from the investigation as soon as Mueller found out last summer.  It wasn’t like he was writing editorials about how awful Trump was, it was a goddamn text message to a private person.  Nevertheless, because it could be perceived as bias, he was fired.  Story over…but no it isn’t, is it.

Because the same Peter Strzok, edited James Comey’s statement about the FBI’s conclusion of the investigation into Hillary Clinton.  A statement that never should have been made in the first place.  He edited the phrase “grossly negligent,” to instead say, “extremely careless.”  OBVIOUSLY someone looking out for Clinton’s interests!

Let’s put on our thinking caps here and parse this out.

  1. James Comey wanted to relay the message that even though Hillary Clinton acted like a total idiot, she did not act illegally.
  2. “Gross Negligence” is a term of illegality.
  3.  “Grossly Negligent” can be bent to infer the legal term “Gross negligence.”
  4.  Peter Strzok saw the phrase and edited it to not imply illegality because that was the whole fucking point of the Comey statement.

Is that really so hard to logically work through?  Is the presumption that Comey intended to state that Clinton had acted illegally despite the fact that the whole point was to say she had not?   ????

Strzok wasn’t looking out for Clinton’s interests, he was looking out for Comey’s stated intention.  FFS.

Rosenstein can do our Democracy a world of good by being forceful and strong with protecting the integrity of the FBI and Mueller’s investigation.  He would do well to quell this bubbling insanity.  His own place in history will largely be due to how he conducts himself.  Although it shall only be a footnote if he does the right thing.  If he acts otherwise, it shall be much more than a footnote.

The other boiling points are the whole Fox news narrative, which honestly is an utter mess.  Uranium One (again,) Clinton (again), this whole deranged connect-the-dot conspiracy theory that certainly points to the fact that the entire investigation should be shut down because the FBI is biased towards Hillary Clinton and firmly against Donald Trump.

Are our Congresspeople so daft as to buy this, or so convinced the public is daft enough to believe it when they regurgitate the propaganda?  If the FBI had it out for Trump and wanted to see Clinton President, they would have leaked all of the leads they were following against multiple people in Trumps campaign during and when they were active.  But they didn’t.

They would have been more forceful in relaying the obvious Russian attempts at interference on behalf of Donald Trump during the election, but they didn’t.  Obama would have openly stated it, but he didn’t for fear of it’s effects.

What the FBI did do, was shorty before the election make a public statement (yet again, not necessary) about the discovery of more hidden Clinton emails on a Huma Abedin computer, which certainly did have an effect on the election.  One against Hillary Clinton and in favor of Donald Trump.

Does anyone use common sense any longer?  Or is the only thing that matters ideology?  Facts are fairly easy to come by and largely ignored.  Common sense is apparently an even more elusive commodity.  Not to mention the fact that both Mueller and Comey are life long Republicans.  Why look at all of the obvious when examining a far-fetched conspiracy is much more entertaining and aligns with one’s political desires?

Now, I’ve been looking into FEC regulations to see if there is any clear wrong-doing so far as Fox News and the Trump-centric propaganda they are creating is concerned.  I gots bad news for you.  All the First Amendment stuff aside, not only is what they are doing legit, it’s practically endorsed by campaign finance laws, which my presumption is, extends to sitting officials.

It is totally okay for say, the owners of a large media company to not only state their political bias, but it’s also completely legal to coordinate messaging with those campaigning.  They can coordinate content, delivery, timing…everything.   Which makes that whole  Donna Brazille leaking a question to Hillary Clinton small potatoes by comparison to what can be done and is being done by the current Administration and Fox.

Media companies have extremely broad and liberal protections.   No matter which avenue you travel down to attempt to hold them responsible for their content, they are pretty much self governing.  Here is a really good explanation of how it is impossible to hold them accountable so far as political agendas are concerned.

That in mind, this is the exact reason why we have come to this: