Trump’s 2021 Proposed Budget

Each year I have read through the Trump administration’s proposed budget and various proposals at reshaping the government to their desires. Every proposal by this administration has been more of an ideological device than sound, realistic policy. The proposed 2021 fiscal year budget is no exception.

The Trump administration continues to promote policies whose goals are to create a dumber, sicker, less secure populace; viewed more as a cog in an idealized, 50’s era, workforce deployment, that reflects an unquestioning, patriarchal society which could never again exist. We should be more beholden to private enterprise, and less concerned with social well-being. We should be vocationally trained, and less inquisitive or enriched by higher education. We are ideally represented by hard-hat wearing men without a social safety net; pulling ourselves up by our bootstraps. Our social needs are replaced with “synergies,” “cost savings,” and “less redundancies.”

We should work long, sweaty days in a resource based economy in which industry is unconstrained by regulation or social concern. Deregulation and privatization are the name of the game wherein the extraction of oil and gas on the backs of human labor, generates huge income for the dynastic family wealth already ensured in “tax reform.” The movers and shakers on Wall Street will smoke cigars in back rooms and make one-off deals with a handshake, as they ogle the young flesh for their entertainment.

We shall continue to be less concerned with the state of the world, except as it affects us. We don’t care for the causes of anything; we respond with well-funded threats. Population displacement-a wall, unbalanced trade- unilateral tariffs, political differences-how about a war? How does that sound.

As usual, there are cuts to everything except to the military, veterans, and the new and exciting space-force!

Unrealistic and not at all reflective of what will take place in Congress. I expect the usual horse trading of military for social programs as Congress will once again ignore the administration’s input.

Keep in mind, in 2016, ol’ Mitch baby held up the budget for the incoming “President.” This resulted in immediately highlighting what an inept administration the US had and how unprepared the GOP was to be the governing party instead of the obstructionist party as they could not come up with a budget the *entire* year in which they were already operating. The US survived on perpetual continuing resolutions.

Democrats could do the same thing if they wanted. Could use continuing resolutions for October, November, and December (Fiscal year starts Oct.1). I don’t think they will, because McConnell would probably not blink and force the Democrats to shut down the government before elections. Right? Right.

Trump’s 2019 Budget, first look

A top line from the newly released Administration’s proposed FY 2019 Budget:


Guess what. The US is carrying a lot of debt. We just now figured that out. To that end we’re going to have to go ahead and cut spending everywhere, because the current model is unsustainable.

You’re not going to believe this. Tax reform isn’t paying for itself. As a matter of fact, although it may have juiced the GDP for a couple of quarters, it’s incurring more debt. Gone are the days when Mick Mulvaney stepped in front of the mics on the White House lawn and declared, “See, what we think is going to happen is…” And that was the extent of why tax reform would work, because Mick had an idea it might. We didn’t get any expert testimony in Congress for the bill. We didn’t get any review or normal procedural order. No hearings. Nothing.

What we did receive was a massive bill thrown together in a couple weeks by staffers and lobbyists on K Street, the largest such bill in 30 years, that had zero basis to believe it would work. A bill, of which, not a single congressperson had any mastery or cursory command.

What we did know for a fact, was that this bill certainly would make the rich, much richer. That was the only certainty and Oh! how fantastically that has come to pass and carry itself into the future with the promise of dynastic wealth as far as the eye can see.


Therefore, we must needs cut everywhere, except where it would infringe of Donny’s plans to create a mercenary military, whose foreign placement is not hinged on higher ideals, political interests, or mutual interests. No. The military is for war or posturing for the eventuality. Similarly, nuclear agreements are useless. There are no higher ideals and certainly no reason for foresight.

The Trump regime will continue to push the notion that growth in GDP=a better standard of living for the common man and posit future rates of growth entirely similar to Mick standing on the lawn and saying, “what we think is going to happen is…,” in the face of reasonable projections that the economy will slow and recession could very well be underway by the end of the year. The truth is, all of these clowns won’t even be in the government when the evil they have wrought is grown to it’s full size, so what do they care? They donor/dividend class got their dough. Fuck it. Who cares.

According to this opening statement from the Administration, what matter most in a government’s budgeting? “Protecting the nation.” Hell, it might crumble on the inside under the weight of mismanagement and tax reform, but I’ll be damned if them Euros shouldn’t pay their own way and the marauding mass off drug dealing, disease ridden hombres are gonna get in and rape all of our women and bum-rush the voting booths.


All of the ideological low-lights this administration has presented before, rear their ugly heads again:

The importance of having babies.

The wall.

Vo-tech training+skills training replaces higher education.

advancing for-profit schools.

Continuing to remove all regulations possible.

Clearing the welfare rolls.

You know where this is going, right?

If the poor don’t pay for the uber-rich, what kind of awful world would this be. Education and health are vastly over-rated anyway.

Battle Plans

The insertion of Matt Whitaker as acting Attorney General has thus far not furthered Trump’s desire to stifle the Mueller investigation.  Since this administration prefers to operate on its “gut” rather than on background checks, vetting, and common sense, Trump has once again shot himself in the foot.  It is clear that this knucklehead grifter Whitaker realizes his desire for wealth and power at all costs, has placed himself in an untenable position.  Any interest Whitaker may have had himself in sabotaging the Mueller investigation is superseded by a desire for self-preservation.

It is also clear that it was not the insertion of Whitaker that moved the Mueller investigation into enacting their penultimate legal strategy and set-up for the final, albeit slowly unwinding chess moves, for what is as of yet an unclear check-mate.  No.  It was simply the long awaited and doubtlessly useless response from Trump’s lawyers to Mueller’s questions regarding Trump’s involvement in Russian interference in the 2016 election that cemented Trump’s standing and allowed for all of the forthcoming motions, unsealings, indictments and partial daylight on where this whole damn thing is going.

I am still of the belief that I have held all along that the Mueller investigation will not be a direct indictment of Trump either literally or figuratively.  I am still of the belief that the end result will be an actual, real life constitutional crisis that Congress, and truthfully the electorate, will need to find the will to sort through one way or the other.  I believe we will have further proof that Trump and his administration are the self-serving turds we always knew they were and continue to be.

With that in mind, the House of Representatives would do well to concentrate on fact finding the ways in which this administration continues to operate the government in their own interests.  Follow the money.

It is against this backdrop that we need to keep our focus in the present and near future.  Battle plans are drawn up and being enacted.

The government is once again facing the prospect of a partial and possibly full shutdown. 

This is a uniquely unqualified, dumpster-fire of an administration/Congress to be responsible for stewardship of the nation’s finances.  Its a mishmash of competing idiot ideologies, incompetence, and willful ignorance.  There are seven bipartisan bills to fund the government available, all of which are being ignored.  With a partial shutdown on the horizon on Dec. 7, Trump could easily accept the existing $1.7 billion available for his idiot wall, but he is holding out for $5 billion.  It seems it is even possible Democrats would cave for the $5 billion if Congress and Trump would sign off on protecting the Mueller investigation…a non-starter.

It is possible that this will once again result in a continuing resolution to fund the government at existing levels.  In other words, another one of the “kicking the can down the road” approach that is all this fucking government is capable of.

Mike Pence is setting the groundwork for, ‘I didn’t know anything,” and we all know why.

Mark Meadows Secret Plan to Undermine a Democrat Controlled House.

Over in the House, GOP Rep. Mark Meadows has come up with a plan for how Republicans should operate as the minority.  It is being referred to as a secret plan with nefarious intent.  I think the nefarious intent is true but it’s really not a secret, because we all know what the plan is.  But to see it’s bullet points delineated, really makes me wonder why so called “conservatives” desire to govern, when they literally have no fucking desire to actually govern, but only to be in power.

There are no plans to further any policies conservative or otherwise.  Nothing about healthcare or wealth distribution inequity or money in politics or infrastructure, border security, budgeting, education, welfare reform…or any fucking topic that government should be concerned about.  No.

What there is in this plan, is guidelines for how the Republicans could most efficiently obstruct and negatively propagandize Democratic attempts at governance and oversight.

In the opening page, Meadows writes he is “confident that with the right team and member engagement, our conference will be able to tactically play the Democrats’ politicized activities to our advantage.” He adds, “I believe I can position the committee as an effective platform to win back the House.”

The singular concern for House Republicans is how to win back the majority for 2020.  That’s it.

May 7, 2018

First Lady and gold-digger-in-chief announces her ambitious “Be Best” <sic> campaign from the White House lawn.  This is a more comprehensive approach than her wildly successful anti-cyber bullying program, and supposedly encompasses: overall well-being, social media, and opioid abuse.

Exactly what she is going to do, I have no idea.  What did she do to stop cyber-bullying?  I dunno.  Trump is still on twitter, so there’s that.

Meanwhile, her husband, the guy with the title “president”, had simultaneously sent a proposed plan of rescission to Congress to address the wildly popular budget that recently passed through Congress, in an attempt to address the massive deficit it creates.

The plan calls for removing 15 billion dollars that were already approved in the budget and supported by the omnibus spending package.

“Almost half of the proposed cuts would come from two accounts within the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) that White House officials said expired last year or are not expected to be drawn upon. An additional $800 million in cuts would come from money created by the Affordable Care Act in 2010 to test innovative payment and service delivery models.”

“Democrats have said they are watching the process with skepticism. Many Democrats have called for expanding programs such as CHIP, not cutting them, and they are often fiercely protective of anything related to the Affordable Care Act.

“Let’s be honest about what this is: President Trump and Republicans in Congress are looking to tear apart the bipartisan [CHIP], hurting middle-class families and low-income children, to appease the most conservative special interests and feel better about blowing up the deficit to give the wealthiest few and biggest corporations huge tax breaks,” Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) said Monday.”

Rub your eyes and read that again.  Yeah, that’s right.  I can’t think of any better way to help our Children “Be Best,” then to continue to strip away anything comes close to resembling universal health coverage.

Be Best!  Unless it impedes the ability of the super rich, to get some more righteous piles of cash.

February 9, 2018

A budget has finally been passed and as I’ve been forecasting for months now, It was spending increases across the board as the Democrats would concede expanded military spending in exchange for increases on social programs. I suggested it would likely take the form of dollar for dollar spending, it was close- about $165 billion would go to the Pentagon and $131 billion to non-defense programs.

The debt ceiling was raised to accommodate this and funding for the budget was extended to March, when someone is going to have to go ahead and author the omnibus spending package that will see us deeper and deeper in the hole through debt financing.  Add to this the idea of an infrastructure bill that will add untold more to the national debt and we’re looking at serious serious financial problems in 2019.

All of this was so unnecessary.   Had we started with an infrastructure bill in 2017 and then modest, reasonable tax reform, we’d be in a different world.  But nah.  We didn’t need to supercharge the economy, it was already supercharged.  We’re already operating at capacity, there aren’t any more people to work on more projects and there aren’t any more consumers to buy any increased production.  This is it.

Now if we wanted to open up the floodgates to immigration, that would help…but the racists in the White House have different ideas about immigration, don’t they.  They want to cut legal immigration by 44%.  Or say if we wanted to explore new trade deals with foreign nations and open up new international markets, that would help, but the administration is doing exactly the opposite and removing the US from trade deals.

Fucking insane.  So even more debt with no offsetting income except make believe, wishful-thinking, voodoo economics, while our main financial supporter in China, is now downgrading the credit-worthiness of that very debt.

“In its latest reminder that China is a (for now) happy holder of some $1.2 trillion in US Treasurys, Chinese credit rating agency Dagong downgraded US sovereign ratings from A- to BBB+ overnight, citing “deficiencies in US political ecology” and tax cuts that “directly reduce the federal government’s sources of debt repayment” weakening the base of the government’s debt repayment.

Projecting US funding needs in the coming years, Dagong said a deterioration in the government’s fiscal revenue-to-debt ratio to 12.1% in 2022 from 14.9% and 14.2% in 2018 and 2019, respectively, would demand frequent increases in the government’s debt ceiling.

“The virtual solvency of the federal government would be likely to become the detonator of the next financial crisis,” the Chinese ratings firm said.”

We could invest in future technologies for domestic and foreign sales, but nah.  Let’s go ahead and try to push coal and hey..didn’t the Chinese just buy a metric shitton of coal?  Yeah they did because fucking Ukraine is in political turmoil so they weren’t producing it and the Chinese needed some useful idiots, any idiots to back-fill their temporary need for coal as they exited fossil fuel production for the more lucrative and forward looking renewable energies market.  What fucking idiots could they find to do the dirty work?  Oh, the US!!! yeah, those fucking idiots.

What the US is doing, is planning to rip up our lands and coastlines for more fossil fuel production so the oil companies can make some righteous bucks and simultaneously fucking destroy the solar energy economy in the US.  GREAT PLAN!

This is so idiotic.  The Trump administration isn’t burning the candle at both ends so much as it is throwing a glob of wax into a raging inferno.  The Federal Reserve is going to have to fight against the administrations policies and attempt to cool down the economy by increasing rates repeatedly and we’re looking at hardcore inflation for 2019 regardless.

I can’t highlight how idiotic this Administration’s policies are and how foolish Congress is and we saw this all coming a long long way off.

On a not at all happier note, Rachel Brand is stepping down from the DOJ for some super-duper, spectacular, unnamed private sector job.  She could be a floor manager at a Ruby Tuesday’s, and as shitty as that job is, it’s probably a hella lot less stressful than working as the #3 in the DOJ.  I don’t think we need to read into this.  I’d leave too, wouldn’t you?

Does this look like the picture of a happy lady?