12 More Days, How Bad Can it Be?

How much trouble are we in for?

Donny has been booted from Twitter, which *has* to be driving him mad like nothing else. Supposedly he has made his way to Parler, but his account is not yet verified. If he manages to actually figure out how to accomplish that, I presume he will vent about social media, tech, twitter, Facebook, etc. etc., as those needing immediately retribution. Fact is, many of the true believers are storming into Parler right now in anticipation of their marching orders. They are arriving in such volume, it is too great for Parler to handle. It appears to be inoperative. Not to mention, Google already dropped Parler, and Apple had let Parler know earlier today, either they come up with a moderation policy within 24 hours, or the Parler App will no longer be listed by Apple.

Google Kicks Parler Off Its Play Store, And An Apple Ban Could Be Next (forbes.com)

We understand Speaker Pelosi is making an attempt to cobble together guardrails to keep Trump in check, at least so far as nuclear weapons are concerned. Are we really talking about this? We are.

The 25th Amendment is not going to happen. Impeachment is not going to happen, but it should still be carried out. Donald Trump is going to be president for 12 days.

12 days is not enough time for him to coordinate another attempted coup like the last attempt. But, but…12 days is plenty of time for Donny to list those that need retribution and his cult is already signed up. They are ready to go. They already know what type of action is necessary.

Do we understand that.

Having watched more hours than most human beings of the Seattle protests and BLM marches, I am very comfortable with the ebb and flow of mob/police interaction. Especially with the Seattle protests. I know all of the subsections of the mass of protestors. Their different callings. Their different objectives and how they came to be aligned in action, but not in motives. There was always a minority presence of goofballs in the Seattle protest. And within the class of goofballs, an even smaller minority of people I would call dangerous. I’m talking about a handful of people, out of thousands and thousands.

Now, if we take a look at the mob that formed the insurrection within the Capitol building, I can tell you, from experience, these aren’t a handful of dangerous people. Nearly ALL of these people were dangerous. These are wild eyed, hopped-up-on-rhetoric, lunatics who would have killed all of the members of Congress, were it not for the fact that a woman was shot and killed, and a frightening last stand was held by a few cops, buying the members of Congress enough time to scramble away.

It was that close.

If anyone tells you these were “Antifa” implants…that is ridiculous. They were exactly who they appeared to be. Look for yourself. In this full video you will see one truly insane MAGA monster after another. You can understand why cops merely tried to delay them and then walked away. These are crazy people. You don’t reason with crazy people, except as a ploy to delay.

By the way, this is the same video, a piece of which was featured in a Chris Hayes piece. The self proclaimed “witness” and “observer” was no such thing, except whenever he was face to face with a cop. This clown was very much a frontline part of this attack on our capitol.

At this point, the monster has already crawled out of the pit. Donny doesn’t need to create a plan here on out. The cult has already had a successful attack on the heart of Democracy. They are ready. They only require the targets. Donny doesn’t even need to say what needs to be done. They know. Some will, no doubt, select targets of their own. State capitols are a very serious concern. I hope Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, and Arizona have plans in place, for both their places of government and their legislators.

Then, of course, there’s the inauguration itself. I would not make a prediction about that. If any cult member attempts to interrupt that, even in any numbers, they will die martyrs, which, is what “revolutionaries” and “freedom fighters” do.

Twitter themselves have targeted Jan. 17, 2021 as a date for some type of event.

This is the point. We are going to be living with the homegrown terrorists, that the FBI has been warning us about, for years.

I would not discount the possibility that Donny tries to undertake some further deviltry of his own. What do you think?

Interesting. Donny Trump’s online grift shop has been closed by the provider. He is apparently cut off from his email provider, to his lists…so no more fundraising. Full court press by internet companies where our government is unable to do anything.

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