Running list of Political Consequences of Attempted Coup

For posterity. In order as they happen.

  1. Stephanie Grisham, First Lady Chief of Staff- resigns. I guess when things catch on fire, you run. No responsibility.
  2. Vermont Gov. Phil Scott (R) asks for Trump to resign, The National Association of Manufacturers asks Mike Pence to invoke 25th amendment.
  3. Trump’s twitter account is now locked. Probably perma-ban incoming. I know that seems trivial, but it isn’t. That’s his primary way to direct the coup.
  4. You’d think after all this- these 4 years, 1 person….anyone would have learned, quitting to save your ass, or remaining silent to preserve your job, has never been the solution to what you KNOW is pure evil poisoning the land.

5. The White House social secretary Rickie Niceta-resigns.

6. National security adviser Robert O’Brien, deputy national security adviser Matt Pottinger and deputy chief of staff Chris Liddell are all considering resigning.

7. Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Matthews-resigns.

8. Josh Hawley (asshole who plays a major part in the attempted coup), literally still running with a “both sides” story, and declaring that in fact, it is congress that reviews elections super-constitutionally. McCarthy over in the house is reportedly taking a “both sides” approach as well.

9. Maddow says Elaine Chao is considering resigning. That you can take as very serious, not because she’s transportation secretary, but because she is McConnell’s wife. (Maggie Haberman and Jonathan Swan say this isn’t correct, I’d go with them)

10. Trump banned Pence chief of staff Marc Short from the WH today.

11. Ana Cabrera@AnaCabrera· In a statement, House Judiciary Committee Dems urge VP Pence and members from President Trump’s cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment to the US Constitution and remove Trump from office.

12. Mick Mulvaney-resigns

13. Ryan Tully, NSC-resigns

14. John Costello, Commerce Dept-resigns

15. Mark Pottinger, NSC-resigns

16. Adam Kinzinger (one of the sane House GOP) asks for 25th amendment.

17. Elaine Chao does resign. This isn’t helpful. When the shit hit’s the fan, as a culmination of all the batshit-craziness that cabinet members enabled, leaving doesn’t help the cause. Now is the time they are supposed to stay and try to aright democracy for 2 weeks. Leaving now is just as unamerican as aiding and abetting a mob boss for 4 years.

18. Betsy Devos resigns. Oh, gold star for you Betsy, enabler of a dictator-wannabe and arsonist of our educational system. Standing up for what’s right (for you), when you get a little shit on your $10,000 shoes. You’re the best.

19. Chad Wolf resigns- acting homeland security douchenozzle.

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