Is Donny Going to Sell State Secrets?

Probably. I mean, he’ll probably try. The thing is, Donny never really paid attention in intel briefings, or in any other briefings. He is a habitual liar, and if pressed on specifics, he would probably inflate or deflate numbers requested, depending on what he though the recipient was most interested. Right? He doesn’t really read, he doesn’t absorb information…unless it is about himself. He doesn’t know how to use computers. I doubt he has ever purposefully saved a paper or report of value in his life.

Donny would probably be the worst leaker of all times. Everyone knows you couldn’t trust a single thing he says, because he doesn’t even know what the truth is himself, and he wouldn’t have saved any information or even have understood what the best information to save might be, since he never paid fucking attention.

That doesn’t mean foreign actors wouldn’t reward him, whether through “speaking fees” or “business deals” or “exceptional loan terms” for whatever he can squeeze out of his noggin. That also doesn’t discount the fact he will probably commit all kinds of illegal activities with his time remaining within the White House. We probably won’t know all the things he does in the next two months for years, let alone all of the things he has done over the past four years. Nope.

However, it should not come as a surprise to us, that Ivanka and Jared will sell out this country for handsome rewards in short order. Are we going to be surprised by the trips they make to Dubai, Riyadh, and Jerusalem? Maybe a pitstop in Beijing.

These two are corruption savvy, white-collar criminals extraordinaire, and no doubt, they will work every angle. Jared, with his Commercial Real Estate Company interest in Cadre, which received $90 million in foreign money from unknown offshore accounts, and his involvement in the blockade of Qatar which was reversed after Qatar was shocked, SHOCKED to discover they had bailed out his shitty 1.4 Billion dollar headache at 666 Fifth Avenue. This Jared Kushner, that had to amend his security clearance app multiple times and was considered too high risk to receive high clearance, but was ordered given it by Donny anyway. And we still don’t know exactly what the hell is going on with Jared’s dealings with Saudi Arabia and the push to have the US assist their Nuclear program.

Ivanka came to the White House from the shady-dealings of the Trump organization. That is her international experience that made her a top security clearance part of the US government. For that reason, don’t be surprised if a visit to Azerbaijan, where the still-incomplete money laundering enterprise, Trump Tower Baku is awaiting her guidance. Maybe a relaunch of her clothing lines made in China? Could be, certainly the patents she continues to acquire from China, Japan, Canada and Argentina while serving in the US government, and are being held by her supposedly shuttered Lifestyle brand, are going to be used for something, right?

More indepth coverage of the grifting children’s corruption here.

The point is, We should certainly be worried about Donny, but it is Ivanka and Jarek that will do incalculable damage to US interests. The widest, unchecked, governmental crime spree in American history will become an international syndicate.

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