Making Sense OF Barr’s Directive to Investigate the Election and Pilger’s Resignation

Today, William Barr issued a memo stating the DOJ may investigate allegations of vote and voting tabulation irregularities, seemingly on behalf of Donny Trump’s interests. Inserting the DOJ into what is primarily the arena of states. This move is well beyond the normally accepted role of the DOJ in possible election fraud, which would normally investigate after election certifications as an arm of the federal government.

Although the memo does point out, this should not be for frivolous reasons, there was something within the memo that caused the head of the DOJ Elections Crime Unit, Richard Pilger, to immediately resign.

Stronger legal minds than mine, have pointed out the wording, which is specific as to guidance of what type of allegation a US prosecutor should investigate:

The problem with the memo, is it doesn’t designate exactly who in the DOJ should investigate what, so that’s any of 93 US attorneys, and I suppose anyone within the DOJ whom Barr directs to investigate. Also, even though the wording describes what type of allegation should be investigated, the wording is subjective and at Barr’s or any Attorney’s discretion. So, one could start an investigation on any type of allegation at all, and then decide it was, in the exact language of the memo: specious or far-fetched …or not.

Futhermore, and I suspect this is the reason why Pilger quit, it allows for this investigation to take place outside of the DOJ Election Crime Unit’s purview. So it would not be bound by their oversight or guidance.

This section is standard Willy Barr wishy-washiness that allows a new standard to be made on-the-fly.

I don’t view this as pleasantly as McFaul does. We don’t know what conversations occurred between Pilger and Barr. It could potentially be that Barr sought Pilger’s buy-in. It could be that Barr told Pilger, he wants him to approve whatever kind of nonsense was dug up and rubberstamp it for further investigation that could potentially come close to State’s certification. They might not have spoken at all.

In conjunction with Defense Secretary Esper’s firing today, and the reports that the Director of the CIA and FBI are next, I’m not feeling great.

We knew Donny was going to go scorched earth, we didn’t really think he’d try to go full on dictator. He isn’t, yet. But this would be how you get there.

Get rid of whatever stability in government you can. Line up the controlling party’s support, arrange for the million of followers total buy-in. Then, the second to last piece, is multiple investigations grinding through court, like the fishing expedition above and from Donny’s private henchmen, to push up against Dec. 14 States Election Certification deadline, and then have State assemblies pick the President on the electorate’s behalf.

This is super far-fetched, but I mean..the steps taken so far are how you go there.

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