GOP’s Failure with Covid19 Will Accelerate the “Browning” of America, or else

I had written a post, almost 2 years ago now: “What Trump’s Backers Need From You: Have More White Babies”, outlining one certain, basic, unspoken tenant shared by Trump’s key, disparate coalition of supporters. I had recognized three particular groups forming this coalition:

Racists/nationalists, the donor/dividend class, and Evangelicals. They work behind the scenes and in front of the spotlight. They are the propagandists, the financiers, the puller-of-strings, twister-of-arms, and headline news grabbing, creepy ideologues that cause rational people fits of concern.

Sometimes these groups overlap and it is possible for any one person to be a member of all three groups. Sometimes they have nothing to do with each other at all but are merely happy bedfellows. In one area, there is an overlapping vital interest: US population shift- the coloring of America.

What they need from you is simple: have more white babies. Lots and lots of white babies. Is that so hard?

We do not know the long term effects of Covid19. How could we? We’re in the middle of it. It will take years to authoritatively state its many long term consequences, from health issues to economic impact. There is an interesting projection made by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) that will concern greatly the above three groups, and frankly, should concern all of us.

That is a difference of 10 million people.

I want to restate what I had pointed out in my Have More White Babies post: the area already having the largest difficulty repopulating itself, is the red wall in the middle of the country. When this falls to intraregional migration and immigration, which it must, so shall the ideological divide powerfully wielded in the electoral college fall.

Repopulation chart before covid19:

Also from the Have More White Babies post:

Here’s a mind-blowing quote from the Pew Charitable Trust’s study on US population shift: “Immigrants are already disproportionately represented in the labor force with a share of about 16%, while they make up about 13% of the overall population. The Pew Research Center has determined that if current immigration trends and birthrates continue, by 2050 virtually all (93%) of the nation’s working age population growth will come from immigrants and their US born children.”

New, restrictive abortion laws aren’t going to save those states. Too little, too late. It would take herculean gerrymandering and voter disenfranchisement to put a dent in the inexorable tendency towards our natural state of a true liberal democracy and an inclusive government of the people, by the people, for the people.

We will become more brown, or else.

We’ve always needed immigrants. We’ve always wanted immigrants. Now, we have no choice.

The GOP needs to do a 180 on immigration, with a well considered indoctrination campaign. Something super far reaching, much like their 10 year plan to legislate their minority rule from the courts. This would require an overt effort, similar to the scope of actual governance. The GOP is not capable of that.

This CBO report is full of bleak forecasts.

These forecasts are not something a President Biden “fixes”. He shall seek to mitigate the worst impact and hopefully set a course for future presidents to wholly, unequivocally reshape the nation.

We are in a time where drastic change is unavoidable.

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