The Strange Case of John Paul Mac Isaac: Hour Long Interview

John Paul Mac Isaac, is the computer repair store owner in Delaware, whom is the source of the New York Post’s story on the secret Hunter Biden emails which alleges corruption in the Biden family and their dealings in Ukraine with the company Burisma. Grats to the Daily Beast for tracking this dude down and getting an hour long interview on tape.

Conclusion in advance: Mac Isaac contacted Giuliani to help generate the story of secret Biden emails. He does not want to answer the many questions of which party made the initial contact. It’s clear he doesn’t want to self-incriminate. He says, several times, “I’m screwed anyway.” Whether an actual Biden laptop even exists is a question, as deduced through Mac Isaac’s nonsensical statements about its condition and delivery. Any FBI involvement is unclear outside of the NY post’s inclusion of subpoena for somebody for something, which they state is for the store owner for the Biden laptop. I’m not certain there is any FBI involvement at all, as far as an investigation into Hunter Biden (could be an entirely different investigation). The FBI’s involvement is clearly *not* as big as Mac Isaac’s ever-increasing stated contacts, which are created merely to answer questions with something seemingly plausible.

Mac Isaac’s muddled explanations in the justifying compulsion for this entire mess of “needing to be safe,” makes zero sense. It’s not clear who or how he felt threatened at any point, and he never explicitly says. He had been safe, except for now, this day, when he has played a central part in his own targeting as an object of scrutiny.

No sense.

The Daily Beast did a shitty job in sending in 4 reporters. Should have been two at most; preferably one. They interrupt each other’s line of questioning. They halt what would have been very important answers when a pause becomes too long. Not good.


It is clear this interview is in Mac Isaac’s Mac shop. The phone is constantly ringing. It feels as if the walls are close. Listening to the interview. There are one, then two, three, four people asking Mac Isaac questions. It is easy to visualize a demoralized, frightened dude sitting behind a small counter with four people standing over him.

He begins with “no comment,” then there are long……..long……long uncomfortable pauses after questions. I can sense that he wants to talk but he is also calculating the probabilities that once he starts answering questions, he is very likely to mess up, but he does it anyway. There are 4 reporters asking him questions and most of the questions are asked in a lawyerly “box in” kind of fashion, or a street cop, leading, “positioning,” fashion. This guy clearly isn’t dumb, but he does it anyway.

In reference to the materials on this laptop, Mac Isaac states, he was afraid, afraid of repercussions, and he “Just wanted it to go away.” He states, the FBI approached him about the laptop. Later he says, that is because he asked friends to contact the FBI that he was in possession of a laptop. “I was afraid, I reached out to some people I trusted, that could get me in contact with the FBI.” This quickly morphs into one friend. One friend, the identity of which, the reporters constantly try to nail him down, unsuccessfully.

There was “personal information” on the laptop, that lead him to believe it was Hunter Biden’s computer. A minute later, he says, he realized it was Hunter Biden’s computer when Hunter originally filed out the paperwork to hand in the computer in person. The two of them- Biden and Mac Isaac.

When asked, why would Hunter Biden bring his laptop into a Mac repair shop in Delaware, when we have reason to believe he didn’t live in this state at that time? Long, long pause…..story is now, this “customer”, actually brought in 3 Macbooks that were all water damaged. Mac Isaac successfully avoids answering the original question with this super-spicy, entirely fabricated red herring. Nicely done.

Now things start to get hairy.

“Have you ever in the past, seen content on a device you were repairing and contacted the authorities?”

“Absolutely.” Mac Isaac goes on to describe an incident in which he turned on someone’s laptop, and since the owner left images of child pornography up on the desktop, Mac Isaac saw the images and contacted police. He did not dig into the computer and find the image(s). He implied, in regards to the child porn, the only reason he found the porn, is because it was open on the desktop when he booted it up, he didn’t pry into the contents to find that.

So why didn’t you call the police about Biden’s computer. “I didn’t see child porn.”

“I thought if people knew what I knew, that my life would be endangered.”

“If people knew what you knew…’people’ as in Biden? I mean because now people know what you knew.” There’s the rub, isn’t it.

Then the conversation devolves into exactly who Mac Isaac is afraid ‘of’ and who he is afraid ‘for’. It makes no sense. There are “hitmen” and the possibility that others might think Mac Isaac is trying to extort someone. He wants everyone protected, and to do that he needed to contact the FBI and then Giuliani.

Next he goes on to describe the standard procedure for unclaimed items, is to disassemble them and use the parts. Which begs the questions: why wasn’t that the case this time? If he doesn’t pry into content, why did he this time? If the content discovered caused him such concern in his own safety, why did he do the opposite of what would keep him “safe”?

Reporters make several mistakes in a row next. One asks him, in so many words, if safety was your concern, why would you make yourself less safe? Mac Isaac begins to stew, and the answer would have come out, but other reporter asks him a different question.

Reporter asks him, paraphrasing- so did you think this was important information people needed to know before the election? Mac Isaac is going to answer this question, which blows out of the water all previous comments about concerns for safety, Mac Isaas says, “everything was fine up until the impeachment…” Then reporter interrupts him, for chrissake, and is all worried about the timeline, along the lines of: “well the impeachment was after you turned it into the FBI, so that doesn’t make sense,” and they go on to discuss what the timeline was. Dude was going to admit to ulterior motive. Thread lost entirely; new question asked. Shitty job guys.

“How did you find the emails?”

“No comment.”

“No comment.”

“Did Rudy Giuliani reach out to you, or did you reach out to him?”

“No comment.”

“Why do you think you’re in trouble, what trouble do you think you are in?”

“They told me that nothing ever happens to people that don’t talk.”

“Who told you that?”

“The FBI.”

“You’re now alleging there’s an FBI coverup. That’s what you had indicated earlier.”

“Yeah that’s how I feel about it. Aw shit. No comment.”

It is entirely unclear what involvement the FBI has in this. The guy is lying about every question asked regarding the FBI. And there are tons of questions. Mac Isaac states multiple times that FBI calls him for technical advice on the laptop, a laptop that is supposedly repaired. The FBI called him to ask him what cable to buy to use to power up the laptop. The FBI is from Baltimore, or Wilmington, or he’s not sure. It’s all nonsense.

“I thought the FBI was going to help me, and then I got the sense they weren’t going to help me, and so I needed to do something else.” Help him what? This makes no sense. All of the being afraid stuff, okay, so he handed it over to the FBI, end of story. What further issue does he need help with? It’s really unclear if his story is that the FBI is out to get him, or the Bidens are out to get him. But, oddly, he has, “No opinion on the matter” that Giuliani gave the story to the Post who published it for all to see.

“So you have no problem with Joe Biden being President.”

“As long as he doesn’t have a vendetta.” There wouldn’t be any cause for a ‘vendetta’ except for the one he created. FFS.

“I just wanted it out of my store, I wanted some level of safety and security.” Then why did he keep a copy of the hard drive?

“But why wasn’t that level of safety and security achieved after you went to the FBI, why did you go to Giuliani?” long long pause.

“I don’t feel comfortable explaining the details of what transpired between Dec 9th and the beginning of September.” End of recording.

After listening to this twice, and taking notes:

It is not believable that anyone legitimately delivered a Hunter Biden owned laptop to Mac Isaac’s shop.

It is not certain he has ever possessed a Hunter Biden laptop legitimately, but possible.

It is not certain he has ever possessed the alleged Biden emails by any legitimate means.

There is no way of knowing exactly what the FBI’s involvement is at this time.

Mac Isaac was prepared to voice a motive for his involvement beyond ‘safety’.

Whereas it is possible that the emails did originated with Hunter Biden, in part or whole, It is 100% certain that Mac Isaac is aware this entire scheme with Giuliani is about to unravel and Mac Isaac shall be the patsy.

It is very clear, that the truth will emerge, and the GOP’s interest in running this as political interference/propaganda distraction has largely been thwarted by Facebook and Twitter. The Party of Trump was always prepared to deal with the fallout after the election.

It is clear the Party of Trump must now, and will, shift the distraction propaganda to attacking Facebook and Twitter through their mangled interpretations of First amendment rights.

One thought on “The Strange Case of John Paul Mac Isaac: Hour Long Interview

  1. In defense of Mac Isaac and his concern for his safety I would assert that anyone connected in any way to the criminal cohorts of the Obama Administration has a right to be concerned for their safety. How many people died connected in any way to the Hillary corruption? How many people died connected to revelations of deception by the DNC, voter fraud, Obama phony birth certificate, emails, Benghazi, etc., etc.? 12 years of suspicious deaths and no one charged with any crimes. The FBI and the DOJ was so corrupt as to make them non entities in justice for the guilty. We have watched as Trump connections were sent to prison in rigged schemes by the very people who were supposed to be stopping corruption. The innocent get punished while the horribly guilty keep walking free. That scenario has been going on in our courts for a century with ever increasing deception and corruption squeezing the patriots while the treasonous continue to dance!


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