Donny’s Corona Battle: Let the (Dis)information Wars Begin, running thread

Yeah, this is the reason I scribbled down “What we know so far to be true” yesterday. Because, for sure, new information and disinformation would be added to that codex.

-Chris Christie has now tested possible for the virus. He had helped Trump prepare for the Presidential debate earlier in the week. Exactly where Christie’s prep time lines up with the Rose Garden Event on 9/26 is not yet apparent.

-Senator Ron Johnson(R) is also positive for the virus. That now makes 3 GOP members of the Senate Judiciary Committee stricken with the virus.

And…we’re off

Walter Reed medical staff held the long await primer on Trump’s condition, and straight away contradicting information became apparent as to the timeline, which now indicated Donny knew he had the virus on WEDNESDAY. That information was immediately countermanded by the White House as a “misstatement.”

Chris Hayes rightly points out in later tweets, there is no reason to believe the White House. Distrust in their statements is something the White House has been cultivating from Day 1 of this administration.

Blow up of that subtweet:

How could the above contending timeline information battle be made worse? This is the Trump White House, hold the beer.

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