Donny Has The ‘Rona

What is going on anyway? We really don’t know, do we. Transparency is not the strong suit the Trump administration. Neither is telling the truth.

So let’s just note what we currently know to be true and consider this post is for later reference, because if we know anything about this administration, we know there are facts missing; purposefully obscured, that will later become apparent.

Here is the current list of those recently infected:

Donny Trump

Melania Trump, Wifey

Senator Mike Lee (R)

Senator Thom Tillis (R)

Hope Hicks, Senior advisor

Ronna McDaniel, RNC party Chairwoman

Kellyanne Conway, Former Senior Advisor

*added- Bill Stepien, Campaign Manager

Also, Notre Dame University president Father John Jenkins whom was present at the event below.

It appears the particular super-spreader event responsible for this cluster was 9/26 Rose Garden, virtually mask-free, event for Supreme Court Nominee, Amy Coney Barrett. Which is ironic, in that it is this nominee the GOP hope will help finally overturn the ACA, the very health insurance legislation that many US citizens rely on, particularly in the face of a pandemic. Also ironically, Both Senators Lee and Tillis are members of the Senate Judiciary Committee that would hold hearings on Barrett’s nomination.

This event was followed three days later, 9/29, by the disastrous Biden/Trump debate in which the entire GOP contingent was asked to wear masks as mandated, and the entire contingent refused. The GOP group was exactly 1/2 of those gathered. The other half, Biden’s Democratic contingent, all wore their masks. This event could be related but that is not known at this time. It is noteworthy how Trump mocked Biden, during the debate, for wearing masks often.

Hope Hicks was made aware of her condition 10/1, Thursday morning. Despite this, Trump attended an indoor fundraiser in NJ at 1pm the same day. It is unclear if we would even have found out about Hope Hicks positive results had it not been for Bloomberg News reporting on the scoop. The initial information did not come from the White House. The White House still does not appear to be doing contact tracing from the 9/26 event, as public health officials scramble to trace where the Trump campaign has recently visited. The White House has been reportedly lax on testing people entering the White House as well as maintaining a largely mask-free environment because of the political statement that needs to be re-enforced for Donny’s pleasure.

Three White House reporters tested positive for Covid19 Friday morning, following testing because of the revelation of the outbreak.

Five Secret Service Agents recently diagnosed with Covid19, due to the constant cult rally events.

Eleven Secret Service Agents test positive in August at their training facility. I point this out, not in relation to the recent outbreak, but because of the clear ongoing stress to the system.

Trump did make a short, extremely awkward video statement before leaving for Walter Reed Hospital:

Trump has received an experimental treatment. It isn’t hydroxychloroquine, or bleach, or sunlight…yet.

There is, of course, conspiracy theories on all sides, which there are no current reasons to entertain. That Donny has rapidly moved from: no official announcement, to yes, Hope Hicks has it, to yes, Donny has it, to yes, he’s receiving experimental treatment, does cause concern. Nonetheless, there is no firm ground from which to generate a solid hypothesis as to exactly what the fuck is going on.

On social media, GOP members/talking heads are generally waging their fingers daring anyone to mock the poor president or wish him ill. Of course this is the Democrat’s fault if they point out…all the fucking obvious things that could be pointed out about this utter trainwreck of an administration in their mismanagement, their history of downplaying the virus, mocking reasonable procedures, and all the Trump followers that gleefully enable misinformation concerning the virus. All of which has led to subsequent long-term health issues and deaths in the populace.

Don’t mock Donny!

Most incredible, All-Galaxy level self-own, attempting to masquerade as a Q conspiracy theory:

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