Trump Wins in Portland

What happened was, the federal forces stopped interacting with protestors. That’s what happened at the Federal Courthouse. Whatever stormtroopers still remain, are the FPS employees that already had jobs at the courthouse before the rollout, and the unknown, unseen amount of PACT forces that stay holed-up at the Edith Green – Wendell Wyatt Federal Building the next block up.

What happened was, the State troopers, whom were supposed to take-up the arduous task of battling with the violent anarchists, haven’t been spotted in front of the courthouse in the 5 days since the Feds left…because there is nothing for them to police. Unless, you count the badass game of pickup basketball in front of the Courthouse last night.

The protests have reverted to what they were, which was small peaceful protest. Most of the action now, is with the local police over at the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office, the original organization that was the focus of the Portland protest’s ire.

As a refresher, the protests in front of the Justice Center, which is next to the Federal Courthouse, were practically nonexistent when the stormtroopers rolled in. The actions of those federal forces is what drew attention to the Federal Courthouse. No one cared about the Federal Courthouse prior to their arrival, as detailed in this post.

What “Trump won” wasn’t in Portland. It was a small piece of a national narrative he created along with his DHS political operative and campaign employees, Acting Secretary Chad Wolf and Acting Deputy Secretary Ken Cuccinelli. That is, the nonsensical belief that the the BLM movement is synonymous with the shadowy organization Antifa, as outlined in this post.

Similarly, what has also been semi-successful as a narrative, is that BLM is a large, national, Marxist organization, with the stated beliefs in violent confrontation, removing all symbols of national “heritage”, and disintegration of all police forces. Which will of course lead to loss of “our” identity, and total anarchy.

Whereas the founders of the BlackLivesMatter hashtag, may in fact have had some Marxist beliefs, they don’t run a national organization. They created a loose network with some chapters, which are run entirely independent with basic, similar ideologies, but no comparable statements or tenants. Of the 13 listed US chapters:

1. 2+the founders organization, list defund the police (which is not abolish police).

2. 5 chapters haven’t update their sites in forever: DC-2018, Denver-2015, Nashville-2016, Philly-2018. Southbend-2019. I’m going to guess they aren’t particularly active.

3. Only 2 list a series of specific goals/demands: Chicago’s are all exclusively about local Chicago issues (housing, funding, policing, etc), and LA’s list is exclusively in response to local Covid-19 issues.

4. Memphis, State of Michigan, and NYC are just Facebook pages.

Somewhere between 15 million and 26 million people took part in Black Lives Matter movement protests since the death of George Floyd. These would be the largest protests in the history of the United States. How many of those people could guess at the existence of an actual, legal, entity called Black Lives Matter Global Foundation, Inc., would probably be an incredibly small fraction. How many of those have any affiliation with any of its chapters would also be incredibly small and few could even guess chapters exist.

The closest the vast majority of people come to an organization, is a generalized understanding of the hashtag and the “movement”. They know literally nothing about any organization. Only a few could profess to champion whatever beliefs, code, or list of demands a chapter might have, if any. The protestors no more represent a national organization than the creators of the hashtag are familiar with any random person who is protesting.

To ascribe whatever actions a protestor or group of protestors might take “in the name of a BLM movement’s march”, to a national organization (that doesn’t exist), is as ridiculous and logic-defying as scolding an anti-abortionist with, “I can’t believe the Roman Catholic Church, via the Illuminati, stands behind firebombing abortion clinics. The shame! I HATE THE POPE!”

It makes no sense.

Hopefully, the current marches result in some police reform at the local level, if nothing else. This may prove to be fruitful. It would be sad if the majority of the impact is merely removal of statues, which although important, is not the overarching goal of the BLM movement as we understand it, or as outlined by any chapter of the loose coalition, or original entity BLM.

The BLM movement, in the form of recent protests, wanted important local and serious national reform. Reform that seemed, for a moment, obtainable in the House passed HR7120. A bill which Debbie Lesko (R. Arizona), the Roseanne Barr of the House, could only respond to with “All lives matter,” and a bill which the Senate promises to never pick up. Even the Senate’s watered-down bill appears to be DOA.

So you see, what Trump did win, was the GOP goal the whole time. The death of any progressive advancement in the issue, similar to every single progressive bill that dies to Senate indifference, competing narratives, confusion, and decay caused by the passing of time.

Donald Trump said: “If nothing happens with it, it’s one of those things. We have different philosophies.”

One thought on “Trump Wins in Portland

  1. Reblogged this on Scotties Toy Box and commented:
    Hello Sean. Thank you for another great post on this situation. I want to thank you for all your reporting through this situation, you have presented evidence of the real situation vrs the tRump administration hype and distortion.

    For my Toy Box readers, please check out the entire reporting Sean has done on this situation, it has been eye opening compared to the national news media. In my opinion the people won in this conflict. Be well. Hugs

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