All Protestors are Antifa

On May 31st, shortly after massive protests sprung up nationwide to highlight police brutality and the inequities in many US systems in regards to race, Trump proclaims the US will be declaring Antifa a terrorist organization.

He never did. It is entirely unclear how he thought he was going to go about enacting this designation. The only current means by which it could be done, is inserting this “organization’s” name into the Foreign Terrorist Organizations (FTO) list. Since Antifa, so far as the implication of being a US group, is not foreign, it doesn’t meet that criteria. Since there is no means by which to declare they are terrorists in any organized, or indeed, ongoing legal framework, it doesn’t meet that criteria. Since they are not in any way recognizable as an organization, it does not meet that criteria. There isn’t any part of the F the T or the O, that this “organization” rises to.

Antifa is a political ideology. Its roots go back to anti-fascist groups of WW2. We know that. It continues as an ideology to “stand against fascism,” not an appropriated moniker for a national organization of terrorists. There is no such organization. There is a small organized group in Portland and a very casual, online one in NY (this could be an organization of one person as far as I can tell) that use the name Antifa, that’s it. Most famously, that Portland group organized citizenry to counter protest Portland’s Alt-right protestors in 2018; their involvement in the proceeding alt-right marches is not clarified. Outside of these examples, there is no affiliation, or chapters, or organization of any kind. There is no act of violence attributed to any organized “Antifa” except for a few instances where the person who committed isolated criminal acts, affirmed they ascribed to the ideas of anti-fascism, not allegiance to a nonexistent organization.

The administration and all of it’s arms, have failed to show what Antifa is, where Antifa is, or who Antifa is, and yet, despite this, the Administration and their proxies have declared Antifa to be the driving force in protests whom are responsible for anything ranging from- only the violent aspects of protests to the entire nationwide activity of protesting in general. One thing is for certain, if there are any aspects of ongoing protests that the Administration and their proxies dislike, Antifa is responsible. And this is firmly supported with zero evidence. It’s simply just a known fact, period.

How important is Antifa to Donny? I think a small sample of Donny’s recent tweets and retweets answers the question.

How important is declaring Antifa to be the driving force in the Portland protests to Homeland Security?

It is of utmost import, so important that the rational for finding a way to blame Antifa is outlined in this leaked Homeland Security memo:

It is no longer violent opportunists (VO) that commit illegal activities, it’s been decided we’ll call them “inspired by…,” Violent Antifa Anarchists Inspired (VAAI). Note- this dreadful memo’s logic is supposed to be applied to Portland only…but don’t let that stop you.

The results of the flawed logic in this memo is mind-boggling:

Overall the violence in Portland is not opportunistic violence, it’s ideological violence. That ideology is roughly the same as anti-fascist ideology. That similarity is the same as a nonexistent organization callled Antifa. We realize we can’t lump all violence into this newly defined class, but for sake of unified labeling, we’ll call them VAAI anyway. In practical use, no one is going to use the acronym VAAI, so let’s call them Antifa.

Therefore, all violence in Portland is Antifa, and here is your justification to call all violence nationwide Antifa, and if you’re super-propagandist certified, just go ahead and call all protests Antifa, violent or not.

Example of this illogical framework as played out in the recent William Barr hearing before the House Judiciary Committee:

Rep. Ken Buck (R-Colorado)- “Now the American left is actively cheering as it’s fascist(?) militia Antifa rages in the streets. Antifa is a domestic terrorist organization that hijacks peaceful rallies, organizes armed riots, attacks peaceful protestors, burns buildings, loots stores, and spreads hate.”

“Reports of Antifalinked attacks began in 2017.”

<At Berkely…Antifa.>

<Andy Ngo…Antifa.>

Antifa fascists totalitarian activities are now oozing into other Democrat run cities.”

“What’s worse, Denver’s cowardly liberal leadership ordered police to retreat once they saw Antifa entering the fray.”

“The best our Chairman can do is call Antifa a myth. General Barr, this has to stop, we can’t let Antifa continue terrorizing our country. Can you please tell us about the appropriate use of civil and criminal RICO statutes to address violent criminal groups like Antifa?”

Paraphrasing Barr’s short answer: We could possibly use RICO, that doesn’t mean we have a RICO case pending.

WTF Rep. Buck? Why do you go through this exercise of defining Antifa, delineating its supposed actions of violence as cheered on by Democrats, and then at the end, ask how RICO can be used for organizations like the nonexistent organization Antifa, instead of fucking asking Barr what is going on with the DOJ in regards to their investigations of the “Domestic Terrorist Organization” Antifa? You did not mention any other group like Antifa. It sure sounded like you were super duper interested in Antifa as you spent almost your whole 5 minutes talking about them and then instead of asking about all investigations into this shadowy organization, you asked about RICO as applied to groups like Antifa. To which, there are no cases pending and we both know why Rep. Buck. For that, you need “organized” crime, and Antifa isn’t an organization by any definition, and it is doubtful there exists any group like them that can be classified as such either.

Dear lord.

Mixed amidst this administrations word-game subterfuge is a larger, much larger issue of intelligence gathering by the administration as hinted at in the above leaked memo: the inclusion of the word “cards” refers to intelligence gathered on individuals. There are other such reports for later discussion, but drawing from them for this context, it is noted that intelligence gathered, specifically in Portland as to the nature of the protestors is:

“The DHS memo described the conflict as connected to a years-long history of violence against government personnel and facilities in the Pacific Northwest by “anarchist extremists.” But it acknowledged that “we have low confidence in our assessment” when it comes to understanding the current protests in Oregon’s largest city.

‘We lack insight into the motives for the most recent attacks,’ the memo said.”

From the NY Times; anonymous sources:

“Officials who are familiar with the reports, and who spoke on the condition of anonymity to candidly discuss them, said they are consistent with the department’s aggressive tactics in Portland, and in particular the work of the Intelligence and Analysis Office, which they worried is exceeding the boundaries of its authority in an effort to crack down on “antifa” protesters to please President Trump. He and other senior administration officials have used that “anti-fascist” label to describe people in Portland and other cities who are protesting police violence, as well as others who have vandalized statues and memorials to Confederate officers that they consider racist.”

What we see with our own eyes, is that the narrative is pervasive. To any cult follower, it’s all Antifa. Everything is explained with the term. Antifa. All motivation, every march, every action…especially any criminal one, is directly attributed to the shadow organization Antifa.

There simply wouldn’t be any protests following the death of George Floyd if it weren’t for Antifa. Therefore, since this is a terrorist group, all calls for reform, justice, or equality are not valid. There isn’t any legitimacy.

What Antifa actually is, is the latest incarnation of the boogeyman coming to get you. The Democrats are coming for your guns,your suburbs, and your apple pie. Those damn Democrats and their social platforms that clearly means they are socialists, and since some socialist principles are in Communism or Marxism, then it only naturally follows that Democrats are Communists and Marxists.


The Muslims are coming, The Mexican rapist, drug dealers are coming. OMG the caravans. The communist Democrats will pick them up at the border and drive them to California where they will vote God-fearing Christians out of office. The Post office is coming for you. Liberal commie Hollywood is coming for you. The fake news media is coming for you. STAY ALERT! Everywhere you look, someone is coming for you.

Antifa is the worst of them all! The entire country is burning right before our eyes. Don’t you see? Be ever vigilant for the clear signs.

If you are protesting in Portland, you’re in the Antifa organization.

If you support BLM, you’re in the Antifa organization.

If you wear black, you’re in the Antifa organization.

If you support anti-fascism, you’re in the Antifa organization.

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  1. Reblogged this on Scotties Toy Box and commented:
    Hello Sean. Great post. You do wonderful work. I wonder if you have seen this article . I won’t bother your comment sections with quotes because this is one of the least damaging accounting to the right wing violence machine. The facts are the right has used violence and the threats of violence as a political tool for a long time. If the right can not use a current racist issue they will invent one. Thank you. Hugs

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