Portland Protests Feed 7/30. State cops coming?

Tonight’s supposedly the night the State cops are to assume the role of the Feds, in some form. We’ll see what form that takes. Times are in local time.

Current stream(s) I am watching:

My favorite stream Eric Greatwood (VeteransForPeace)

Blunt, aggressive stream: https://www.twitch.tv/radarbeam

calm stream: https://www.twitch.tv/anitanoellegreen

12:30: Crowd did their thing, now the size is noticeably shrinking. No one did anything bad. How hilarious would it be if nothing happens here on out? Would be great. Not something to have faith in yet, until we get through a weekend. But man, how awesome would it be. Big middle finger to the feds, it was just you all along.

12 midnight: Some people seem bummed there’s no anarchy going on.

11:55pm: Speeches, organized chants. Zero police. Zero activity on fence.

here’s a shot of the new spotlights from Fed building. Damn strong.

11:20pm: Would not be a good time for any police force to start the festivities. Half the Fed building fence doesn’t even have people in front of it. Crowd is total focused on protests, not building. Pro-grade cameras out there, maybe broadcasters. Would look real bad if police started now, which is the time Feds started last night.

11:10pm: Eric Greatwood describes it as, “A lot of nice cameras out here.” Tons of professional press. Streamers are standing on the fence pilons, facing the crowd, not the building. Crowd is turned away from Fed building, concentrating on organized protest.

Streamers standing on the fence facing crowd

Facing away from Fed building.

10:50pm. Crowd is starting to cover most of front of Fed Courthouse fence, having moved over from Justice Center. Weird energy. A couple guys are rattling the fence, seeming to want to get the festivities going an hour early, but Feds got it going early last night, so who knows.

Spot light from Fed building is on crowd .

Some brief fight occurred in park in front of Fed building. Broke up fast.

10:30pm: Seems like there are way more press/streamers in front of Federal building than protestors at this point. There is some broadcast news and international news. Everyone is waiting to see who is going to be policing the protests and how are they going to police.


Wall of vets-

ACLU observers-

10pm: Crowd is growing to it’s normal size. Everyone facing the Justice center, *not* the federal building. Still see no cops of any flavor.

9:45pm: Eric Greatwood is taking his followers around downtown for perspective into exactly how much damage, if any, there is around the immediate surrounding area to fed building. Not much. You will see boarded up windows (to prevent damage) and graffiti. That’s about it. Not only is Portland *not* on fire, neither is the immediate downtown area.

9:15pm: I can’t describe to you how tough this has been on press people; Semi-pro or amateur. They carry their gear, wear protective clothes, a face mask, a gas mask, watch to make sure protestors don’t set them on fire, while getting blanketed with gas and shot with rubber bullets and still try to document what they are seeing. It’s been pretty brutal.

9:00pm. the evenings speakers have started in front of the Portland Justice Center (next to Fed building, per usual). Couple hundred people, mostly in park. totally mellow. Don’t see any police, feds, anything on either side of park now or evident anywhere. Wonder what the plan is.

8:35pm. Portland Police completely cleared out vendors from the park in front of Fed building. It appears as if they are holed up on one half of the park. Earlier they had the whole thing cordoned off, as if the plan was going to be to work with State cop or Feds (who knows at this point) to completely choke the crowd. We’ll see if this happens. That would be scary.

Btw, the streamer I’m watching AnitaNoelle conveniently just panned up the fed building to the top where the Feds hang out to photo protestors. The residue from all the chemicals from past days is making people gag, cough…they aren’t well. The park grass is completely dead and the trees don’t look to good.

Can see a couple Feds up there already

8:30 pm I want to say, last night, the feds were super aggressive in herding the protestors around, for whatever reason. They rushed the crowd an hour earlier than they usually would, for no particular reason, had massive forces out behind the crowd, pushing people down towards the 4 block area where the action is (Fed courthouse, Portland Police center, and 2 block park facing those buildings).

It looked to be around 100 feds at least. Most I’ve seen. They literally looked like they were trying out some crowd control herding as an exercise. Not kidding. They were toying with crowd. Force-to-crowd, they were not aggressive, only their underlying tactics were. They tried not to engage and really let people get in their faces on multiple occasions with no consequences. They did make 2 arrests that I’m going to mention in a bit.

ACLU has filed a new suit, this time against Portland police. This in response to Police live streaming the protest and seeming to spend a good deal of time highlighting individual people for what would appear to be identification. Long story short, that is against Oregon law. ACLU already “won” suit of Portland Police in this regard some time ago. This should be pretty cut and dry. I might do a post on this later.

Last night the Feds had installed a massive spotlight on top of the awning of the Federal Courthouse. This appeared to be to better highlight the crowd for the Fed photographers/videographers on the roof of the Federal Courthouse. The two arrests captured by streamers last night did not appear to be because of an incident interacting with the feds during the roundup. Pure conjecture, but I’m wondering if it was because of activity in the crowd some time earlier as picked up by the rooftop camera operators. Might be an interesting angle for ACLU.

You can’t see how massive the spot light is from this angle, but you can see it’s area of effect on the crowd.

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