PACT Stormtroopers Withdrawing from Portland?

Governor Kate Brown of Oregon came to some type of agreement with, “VP Pence and others” that the PACT forces in Portland would begin withdrawing from Portland. This doesn’t mean that all of the Federal Protective Service (FPS) which spearhead the task force PACT, would leave. Just as they were there before the creation of the task force, they would remain within their core mission after the withdraw of PACT.

“Agree to begin to withdraw,” means practically nothing. How many, when? Would any remain as operators of PACT, or just revert back to their standard duties?

Governor Brown takes a purposeful swipe at the administration by framing the arrival of State troopers as being present to protect first amendment rights and not the Courthouse.

Except, whatever the agreement was between Governor Brown and “Mike Pence and others,” is already spun into alternate universes before the ink is even dry.

Federal law enforcement officers where there before this created crisis began, of course they would remain. But is he saying he is going to keep PACT there until it’s back to the way it was on July 8th, before the administration purposefully created the crisis?

Honestly, none of this means anything as of yet.

If State troopers are added to the mix straight away, I’d say this crisis is not on its way to a resolution. The result could be exactly the opposite, it could be an expansion of the crisis.

You’d have to picture the environment. If the protestors continue to face the fence as the new object of their displeasure, which they will, we will now have the stormtroopers in front of them, and State troopers on their sides. To me, this doesn’t sound ideal.

This story will obviously have to be updated as I don’t trust or pretend to understand it’s parameters.

The entire federal operation has been a typical Trump administration action:

1. Create a problem.

2. Propagandize the existence of the problem.

3. Attempt to correct the problem of their own creation.

4. Declare victory.


An interesting sidenote:

Last night the protests were noticeably refocused. organized chanting and protest was the overwhelming priority. The wall of moms and vets were well organized and well represented. There was an inclusion of a new sub-segment within their ranks- Native Americans came out and ritualistically chanted as a featured, organized group. It was really nice.

Overall, the evening is becoming organized into segments. The Speakers did a great job, followed by the organized chants. The number of journalists and legal observers is growing….noticeably. The barricade and the federal building enjoyed vastly decreased attention. I have no idea if this can be a trend, depends on what state troopers do.

Last night, I was really happy with the protests. Very good.

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