Who are the PACT Stormtroopers in Portland?

Where did the personnel for PACT come from? who are they? According to DHS:

“The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and its components will continue to work tirelessly to reestablish law and order.  The Federal Protective Service (FPS) is the lead government agency that Customs and Border Protection (CBP) personnel are supporting.  CBP personnel have been deployed to Portland in direct support of the Presidential Executive Order and the newly established DHS Protecting American Communities Task Force (PACT).  CBP law enforcement personnel have been trained and cross designated under FPS legal authority 40 U.S.C. ยง 1315.”

The CBP have been trained under FPS legal authority? Were they trained in crowd management, riot control, and the applicable statues in Oregon law they must act under in the 21 days from Trump’s EO creating this ragtag force, until the night they seriously injured and detained people in Portland? Are they trained in State law in the other states this road show of horror is going to be visiting?

And where do these FPS people come from exactly? -Federal Protective Service, the lead agency in PACT which employs 900 law enforcement officers and 13,000 contract Armed Protective Security Officers whom are *not* law enforcement officers. Were those selected for PACT, drawn exclusively from the 900 actual law enforcement officers? Or did some of those 13,000 private contractors get mixed in there?

US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has had employment/recruitment problems for years. Resulting in fast-tracking unqualified employees and in a massive increase in civil and criminal misconduct. They also employ thousands of outside contractors and vendors. How were CBP employees trained for protecting Federal properties, interacting with groups of protestors, and knowledge in applicable State laws in 21 days? Was there a handbook? A seminar? A Youtube video?

The Bureau of Prisons is also part of PACT and reportedly has employees active in this newly created force. 10 of the listed 122 Federal prisons are privately run and exclusively for “criminal aliens.” Noted- many more facilities for BOP are privately run outside of these listed Federal prisons. Which of these people were selected for PACT?

For certain, some of the most (un)qualified people for visiting harm onto the citizens in the interior of the nation are those already advanced in visiting harm at the exterior of the nation, or on those made to be “the others” from foreign nations. CBP and BoP certainly have those types of individuals within their ranks.

There are many other agencies that could be involved in PACT, but we have no idea who those people are or where they came from. ICE, the FBI, ATF, the Secret Service even- are all listed as “support”…who the fuck knows. I don’t believe this will last more than a couple of weeks before a federal injunction stops this madness, but what if I’m wrong?

What are the rules of engagement for PACT? What is their actual “mission,” because they haven’t cleaned up any of the graffiti. What is their training, that by Oregon law this must have received in order to operate as federal law enforcement officers within the state of Oregon? What if any training at all have they received, or are they the clueless, hostile, slapped-together band of mercenaries they appear to be?

Why are they not a recognizable federal force? Are they covert, special ops, on a secret mission out in broad daylight in front of a 1000 cameras? How many of the PACT mercenary squad, are actually outside contractors to the Federal government? How many.

We know this is merely a political stunt- an orchestrated, made-for-TV, brutal assault on our democracy that will result in Trump campaign propaganda. But surely there is some type of attempt at reason behind it: a preparation for incoming suits. Surely the Trump Admin realizes the truth will be sussed out, right?

Who are these people.

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