The Surge

On June 26th, Trump announced via Executive Order: Executive Order on Protecting American Monuments, Memorials, and Statues and Combating Recent Criminal Violence.

On July 1st, DHS announced the creation of a “task force” to that end: PACT.

On July 8th, William Barr’s DOJ announced their own special task force to that end: Operation Legend.

Whereas the DOJ’s operation seemed to indicate they would be concentrating on investigating criminal activity, as the component law enforcement agencies of this operation always do: FBI, DEA, ATF; the DHS’s task force was clearly going to be a mobilized police force to ‘protect’ America’s monuments, memorials, federal property, so on and so forth. Oddly, the DHS’s component forces have zero experience or training in the field of crowd management, riot control, or the applicable state laws under which they are operating as their main components are: The Federal Protective Service (FPS) and Customs and Border Protection (CBP). They also, apparently, don’t know how to use soap and water to clean off those defaced federal buildings in Portland, that were supposedly the primary reason for their mission. However, they do know how to pay for contractors to come out and erect fences around the federal property for protestors to interact with tonight. The props are set and the marionettes are coming out to dance.

lights. camera. action.

Today we learned the DOJ’s task force would be undertaking the same vague mission as it’s DHS counterpart and include some unknown parts of DHS’s PACT. Heading immediately to Chicago, and clearly other locales are already on the checklist.

“The Dept of Justice will immediately surge law enforcement to the city of Chicago.”

From Barr’s DOJ announcement of “Operation Legend”:

“Operation Legend will combine federal and local resources to combat the disturbing uptick in violence by surging federal agents and other federal assets into cities like Kansas City.”

From Chad Wolf’s DHS declaration of the creation of PACT:

“This may involve potential surge activity to ensure the continuing protection of critical locations.”

Isn’t it odd, this choice of words? Doesn’t appear to be a coincidence, does it. It’s as if the legal justification is bound in the action implied, which extends beyond statutes trampled along the way. The self-declared super power is an explanation for super-judicial actions in the ‘theater of war’. It’s a telegraphed blitzkrieg coming to a city near you.

Now, I’d like to revisit the inclusion of some unknown, unnamed components of DHS being involved with DOJ’s Operation Legend. How many? Whom? Are they going to wear FBI or DEA vests as if they have been deputized to act as such? is Operation Legend actually PACT in sheep’s clothes?

As I posted earlier, we have no way of knowing if PACT is partially or predominantly private contractors. They could be. They might not be at all, but we have no way of knowing that, do we. There is no identification or badge or documents handed out to those whom PACT encounter.

I think that William Barr is masterminding all of this. He knows that there will be court injunctions coming, so he figured out how to get as much mileage out of the incitement to violence he is creating for propaganda purposes. Two separate forces under different Govt departments that are a mishmash of a whole list of federal agencies. Making untangling- who is doing what, who can legally do what, who is where exactly, who the fuck are these people, into a giant legal mess.

If the forces rolling out in Chicago all appear in FBI, DEA, and ATF gear, the jig is up. They are lying. We know “who are these people” is the temporary strength and Achilles heal of Barr’s plan. If they all appear as another nondescript band of mercenaries, well that’s more of the same with supposedly additional characters.

Untangling this web boils down to the apparent issue: Who are these people. We need to identify these people and their direct reports. Not just their agency, but how they came to be employed with that agency. Not just their current status in the field, but how they came to be selected for that status.

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