Why Not?

Donald Trump’s 2020 State of the Union Address was crafted for 1/2 of Congress and a minority of the electorate. It wasn’t a speech for me and you. What we may think of it doesn’t matter to Donny, to the GOP, or to Trump’s base. They could not care less.

His speech was full of inaccuracies and childish boastfulness. That is par for the course, right? It was a crafted reality show with special guest appearances. There were many outright lies that are now commonplace in political discourse. We can fact-check Donny until we are blue in the face. No one cares. No one is going to change their mind.

But then an odd thing happened.

She did it.

Why not?

We are shocked! Or are we pleased? Are we wringing our hands in that special, knee-jerk, overly reflective way that only liberals can?

The hysterical cries of foul! were immediate and uniform across what used to be the conservative electorate and their chosen talking heads.

“How dare you Madam!” …and the charges and counter charges flew in mighty battle.

“But he didn’t shake her hand!” “But he lied, he’s always lying!”

So what. No one cares. No needle is moved, except…

Take this as a wake-up call. There is one enemy. One.

The enemy isn’t Bernie Sanders or the Bernie Bros or Pete Buttigieg for his brazen proclamation or Warren not saying the right thing or Joe because he’s lame sauce or Klobuchar’s middle-of-the-road-iness, or any of the other fucking shit that liberals are so desperate to self-destruct with.

The only thing we have to do is get out and vote for our candidate. Everyone. That’s it. That is all.

There is one enemy. Stop trying to find a way to fuck this up.

She did it, and that’s totally cool. Don’t apologize. There is neither a defense that needs to be formulated nor a relative subject requiring your engagement. The whataboutisms in relationship to it, mean exactly nothing. Not an argument worth having.

Stick out your tongue if you feel like it. Just don’t fuck this up.

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